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  1. On this board, "Troll" generally means you have "critical thinking skills"!
  2. Mike Mitchell can eat a Bowl of Dicks! The only bad thing about the shazier injury, was that it wasn't Mitchell!
  3. The 2nd Great Depression?

    Good article, but understanding it requires logically minded people. A large percentage of folks lack critical thought processes.
  4. I was boycotting, but it wasn't because players were kneeling. It's because Tom Savage starts, and a NFC Championship and Super Bowl starting QB isn't even on a roster. SMDH!
  5. Top 5 Draft Needs at Midseason

    I think you are probably right, to be truthful.
  6. Top 5 Draft Needs at Midseason

    1) a fan base.😂
  7. John Ross

    You so funny!👺
  8. John Ross

    Most of you bitch about everything, and then crow if you're right, but sit silent as fuck when you're wrong. SMDH!
  9. Boycott

    If the owners vote for forced patriotism, I will be boycotting myself. AND protesting with many at PBS.
  10. Now we can see how Tillerson's Moron came about.
  11. Boycott

  12. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    You need Jesus. Or an education.
  13. Boycott

    Not whites. Dumbasses. Hi.

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