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  1. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Sorry, but that's Bullshit. Kaepernick's skills haven't eroded, his actions pissed off a lot of rednecks who believe 'Murica is 1930's Munich.
  2. Dillon

    Do you feel the same way about cp?
  3. Because not one single ref in the league has the same definition of what a catch is!
  4. Those are probably better shirts than the "I'm a Bengals fan, Ask about my Sandy Vagina" shirts that some of you wear daily.
  5. The last time they had one, the teams picked 5 players who could be drafted, so the point is pretty moot.
  6. Philando Castile

    You do realize he was black, right? The NRA doesn't support the idea that black folks should have gun rights!
  7. You do realize he's there and running routes and going through the plays, right? Sure, they're not throwing him passes, but he's learning the Offense. I think he learned how to catch a few years back.
  8. Kathy Griffin

    Exactly, haven't seen any Hillary supporters kill any trump supporters, can't say the same on the other side.
  9. Blast, Dash and slapahoes ass.
  10. The General In Stripes

    Agreed. His stories on players are always both interesting and revealing.
  11. Poor people

    Bro, you ain't a republican! They would say that scientists have differing thoughts on the clean air debate, and that there is no proven undisputed science proving you live longer lifespans with cleaner air!
  12. Yeah, Fred, who you gonna believe, your statistics or his statistics and eyeballs?
  13. Trump and the Pope

    That was like a "damn, so this is Satan"!