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  1. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    Exactly, at least for our lives. Someday, my Grandkids are going to say, "what the fuck were they thinking!"
  2. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    You totally misunderstood my point. I was not suggesting that all conservatives are Nazi's( although I would imagine that almost every Nazi is conservative), I was and still wholeheartedly feel that they have been indoctrinated by the conservative entertainment complex. From the moment that Reagan and the trickle down republicans repealed the Fairness Doctrine, they have been trickling down this Neo Patriotism wrapped in the shroud of Turin by the likes of Rushbo and the Fauxites, this idea that the only truths are those that are found within the confines of conservative apparatus. This has led to a country divided into two groups, those who believe in reality and facts, and those who believe in the "Facts" they are told by the Conservative Entertainment Complex. That's how a Black Christian Family man became a Muslim, how Hillary and Bill ran a pedophile porno ring out of a pizza shop in DC, and that 3-5 million folks voted illegally in the last election, along with many others too numerous to list. I have plenty of republican acquaintances that saw the sham that is Drumf, but voted for him anyway because he was running as the republican and that's who they have always voted for.
  3. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    And that, Therein, lies the difference between liberals and conservatives. You, Jamie and many others, voted from an area of " Personal Consciousness". An idea that even if the world goes to Hell, you have maintained your moral values. Conservatives would vote for Satan, if he had an "R" behind his name. They understand that even with the most ignorant bastard, which I dare say we elected, they will have an opportunity to push the thin line of justice further right from its intended path, and closer to the "theocratic-Fascist" goals that have been instilled in them by the conservative entertainment complex. These 4 years, could and probably will, affect the country as a whole for Decades. Great!
  4. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    Well then, maybe you should stop bitching about "Not Status Quo", just because it isn't the "Not Status Quo" you wanted. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Helen Keller could see what this "Not Status Quo" was going to be.
  5. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    No, Dumbass, that doesn't recap it. Only one of two people could win. You could vote for someone that might not move past the status quo much, or a fucking nightmare, and your dumbass said "SQUIRREL"! That's the recap, Jamie.
  6. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    Actually, the simpleton is the moron you see in the mirror.
  7. Inequality and the rise of Authoritarianism

    People like you are why we got dumbass.
  8. Well he also talked up Anderson and Whitworth and Steinbach and Braham and a lot of others. And in Livings case, didn't some else pay him big money? Wonder what they saw?
  9. John ross hurt

    Good to see we're in regular season whining mode.
  10. They're getting confederate monuments?
  11. That looked pretty DAMN GOOD.
  12. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    USN, you are absolutely right, I did not go back through the thread to look at what you posted earlier. I reacted to your post that i quoted, which seemed to imply that because Rick served, his opinion was more valid, and that his service entitled him to a pass from being criticized on his views. I don't think his service entitles him to that, not do I think that Fred deserved being berated for saying what he said. Just my two cents.
  13. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Don't you have popcorn to pop, while the grownups are having a discussion? We all realize that you don't have the intellectual acumen to understand or conceptualize things that require an IQ over 70. Go on back to the kiddies table.
  14. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    USN, I respect the fact that you and Rick served. I didn't. But my Father did, my father in law did. My brother did, multiple cousins did. I've got soldiers, airmen and officers in my family including a Brigadier General whose currently serving. But you know what? They are all black men first, and when they Don't have on that uniform, they often have found that they get the same respect other black men get, which is little to none. So until you have walked in our shoes, let's stop telling us how we should protest the injustice that are a Daily concern in our lives, regardless of our service to country or economic status.
  15. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Bye, Felicia!

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