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  1. I like these... despite having to relive the losses. The AJ Green part made me smile.
  2. Tears everywhere. -Sit Joe Burrow for a few weeks campaign 2023
  3. https://x.com/xXAlexirwin1999/status/1703940089221374117?s=20 Nick Chubb injury
  4. He is more likely to be King of the North if he never tears the Achilles vs if he does.
  5. I would pull him out mandatory 3 games and then evaluate for Seattle. I know there is an opinion that since he started the first 2 games he HAS to play, but F that, those same people will bash the team for not pulling him if his Achilles ruptures after. I would rather tank 1 year than lose 5-9, some people have no vision and want satisfaction now.
  6. The D-fence was not up to standard as well, not just on our offense. .
  7. For this game yes, but if it carries on that's good. This is only game 2.
  8. In the end the offense seemed to wake up, but man..... the QB protection is ass.
  9. Joe took hits, but was only sacked twice. At times had 4 seconds. Just sayin
  10. We squashed Buffalo in worse weather, I'm not even going to acknowledge that as the reason.
  11. To those complaining about the Oline, I doubt there are many Oline in the league that will do better against this browns Dline.
  12. Not super important, but since it's the norm, I just noticed we're still in the orange helms.
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