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  1. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick a server and a nick, room is #gobengals
  2. I thought he was still bobbling the ball when he hit the ground (out of bounds).
  3. I think Zac is in love with Burrows accuracy/intelligence and wants to use t to the hilt. Problem is he keeps doing it against great d's and is getting Joe killed. Maybe this will be a wakeup call? Yeah right.😶
  4. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick a server and a nick, room is #gobengals
  5. I LOL'd. Thanks. 😅 I actually thought about Big Willie when I was typing that. Glad I wasn't alone.
  6. As I posted in another thread, I think the Bengals OL problem is mainly coaching. Pollack has not developed anyone that I'm aware of and it can't all be bad luck Maybe the scheme doesn't fit the players or it is too complicated (missed assignments, Volson knocking down the C because he went the wrong way, etc..). A coaching change might not make them all Pro Bowlers but it can't make them any worse. Bengals draft priority should be to protect Burrow because without him they are going nowhere.
  7. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick a server and a nick, room is #gobengals
  8. When you're in the Bengals front office, you take the wide receiver. It's what you do.
  9. Understood and no problem. 🙂 I swear, sometimes watching the front office is like watching a slasher flick. Instead of screaming "Don't go into the basement" it's "Don't take the wide receiver!".
  10. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Seriously, if they tag Tee I hope it's for a trade. As much as I'd like to keep him the money could be better spent elsewhere. How mush is a new OL coach running these days? Asking for a friend.
  11. With Joe out, maybe we can work on our running game for the rest of the season. It'd be nice not to see Burrow dropping back 35-40 times a game every week next year.
  12. With all our problems, if we draft a WR before the 4th round or so I'm going to blow a gasket. Take a waiver on a speedster in the later rounds, or better yet, get Jones and Yoshi involved.
  13. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick a server and a nick, room is #gobengals
  14. If I'm Harbaugh I run the ball until Cincy proves they can stop it.
  15. I often wonder if was only drafted because there were no olinemen they like in his slot
  16. I vaguely remember a quote about Bill Walsh (?) about excellent (but aging) vets. He had a knack of getting rid of them a year before they hit the skids bad.
  17. This, tho I'm not sure we'd get a first (depends on the WR class). Of course we seem to have better luck with 2nd round picks so..... Speaking of first rounders, what's the news on Murphy?
  18. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick a server and a nick, room is #gobengals
  19. Pratt (and Wilson) have both earned their extensions this year. Very happy for both.
  20. You make very good points, but I think I do also. Throwing out the beginning of this season because of the Joe not being able to scramble, he's still been running for his life since he got here. Considering 60% of our starting o-line are free agent signings and the Bengals have spent exactly 1 premium pick on o-linemen (Carmen), that seems to me a tacit admission that either the front office sucks at scouting or the coaching staff sucks at...well...coaching. Maybe using free agents is a strategy but eventually you have to hit on draft picks so you can use your limited cap money in other places. And I the article said that drafting oline is a crapshoot at best, but Jesus you still have to TRY. I was team Sewell back in 2021 (ok ok ok...I was wrong) but that's how serious I think the problem is. Heck, Paul Brown's first draft pick was a center ffs so I'm at least wrong in good company. 😁
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