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  1. For me, let's get Adabowre and Rakim Jarrett and I'm happy. Oh, a punter, RB, and OL depth/competition. I'd like a TE as well, but I feel like I'm getting greedy.
  2. Maybe we’ll go with more 3 safety looks this year? Or maybe Nick Scott doesn’t make the team?
  3. DJ and Dax better bring their lunch pales if they have the tackle this guy.
  4. I was hoping no one would say his name to not jinx anything. I’d love if we got him here.
  5. Not a bad pick. Looks like we’re going with the “draft defense, pay offense strategy”, which is smart.
  6. Really this biggest thing is the RB thing. I feel like we need to get more dynamic on offense and while I think he’ll be solid, I don’t think he’ll be special. I don’t think he really adds anything to our offense, maybe just allows us to get rid of Mixon. Looks like Seattle just took him. For the record, I was all in on Gibbs at 28 though…I thought he’d really unlock this offense.
  7. I don’t want Charbonnet (sp?), so I’m going to assume that’s who we draft at 60.
  8. This is the key right here. We have a ton of money invested in the d-line right now and really only one impact player when it comes to sacking the QB, Hendrickson. Get guys in there that bring the average cost of the line down and sack numbers up. Murphy starts that. If Adabore (NW) falls, have AJ sprint to the podium to announce the pick.
  9. Just don't have our every other year "WTF" 2nd round pick. 2022- Good - CTB 2021 - WTF - Jackson Carmen -- most had him pegged for the 3rd or 4th round 2020 - Good - Tee Higgins 2019 - WTF - Drew Sample -- most thought he was going in the 6th round I'd love if Mayer, Benton, Adebawore, Brents, Stevenson, Porter Jr., Cam Smith, John Michael Schmitz, LaPorta or even Washington fell to us.
  10. If we could trade Jonah +60 to get to the top of the 2nd, I'd consider that...maybe not for MM, but Cam Smith maybe? There's a chance he falls to us anyway, but why not go get a guy you think can be really good?
  11. We have too many needs and not enough picks to move up for a TE. Yes, I believe MM would help our running game and our cover 2 offense, but I don't think he's worth potentially losing a CB (or other position) that we may use with the pick(s) we'd have to give up.
  12. I wouldn't be mad if he won Super Bowl MVP this year and people wonder how he fell to 28.
  13. From a positional perspective, I like it. The bottom line last year was our pass rush wasn't good enough. If you can add Murphy into the mix at DE with Hubbard, Hendrickson and Ossai, I think you can have a nice four-man rotation that keeps everyone fresh. This also can allow us to take Hubbard off of the field on 3rd downs or kick him inside.
  14. For me, I'd stand on a table to Rakim Jarrett...WR from Rutgers. He was a 5* recruit so he's got talent, and he produced at Maryland. He doesn't have great size, but he'd be a perfect slot. I think he's got more long speed than quickness, but he would bring some explosiveness to this team.
  15. I told myself after I almost gave up my fandom over the Levi Jones pick that I'd never be upset about O or D linemen picks. However, reiterating my post above, Breese and Jones at 28 would be a borderline disaster IMO.
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