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  1. Should we be interested? He's upset that they're teaching him multiple positions (slot CB, boundary CB, LB). They may only be asking for a 2nd rounder or a 3rd + late rounder. Multiple teams are interested, Bengals don't seem to be one of them. Was a really good slot CB last year, our CBs instantly become one of the better groups in the league IMO. Thoughts?
  2. We don't need AJ. This doesn't mean we don't need another receiver, but after paying Gio, Boyd and potentially Joe Mixon, it might not be wise to extend AJ. If John Ross keeps improving, at this point in their careers, Ross is the bigger weapon. We still need another good WR, but not one that commands a top-10 WR salary We need to trade for Trent Williams. The offensive line is terrible. They held up OK in pass pro, but run blocking was atrocious. If you can trade AJ and a pick for some o-line help, you have to do it. Maybe it's time to try Billy Price at RG as well. That 4th and 1 fail behind John Miller was embarrassing. We may be OK if we bring Andy back. He's not great, but he's not terrible either. Surround him with talent and a good scheme and we can win. As long as he doesn't command and huge raise over what he's making now, no need to tank this year or next for Trevor Lawrence.
  3. I'm ok with the screen there. Too much of a risk to throw it into the end zone. Get 3, play D, get 3 more an win the game.
  4. The DB has his left arm pinned, how is that not PI?
  5. He's out w/ an ankle injury. Maybe a good spot for Perine.
  6. Agreed, but our run blocking is atrocious. Glad we're running the ball more, that should help the play action.
  7. I get it, but ultimately it's up to the o line to block someone and hold it. It's not a perfect defense, it can be run on. Maybe not by our o line, but we have to try or else every team will run it and Andy will average 55 pass attempts per game.
  8. We have to try to run the ball. As fun as the passing game is to watch, we have to at least try to run it.
  9. On the fumble, Pratt and the dude from Seattle both had the ball and Pratt ends up with it...how does Seattle get possession?
  10. The first thing I’m noticing, is that we break the huddle without a lot of time left on the play clock. That takes away Andy’s best trait in my opinion, his ability to read the defense pre-snap
  11. Interesting move, and I don’t love it. Assuming we extend Mixon, we’ll have way too much money tied up in positions that teams who win Super Bowls don’t normally spend that type of money on: wide receiver and running back. I like Gio, but don’t know that I understand this move yet.
  12. I thought the 1st string o-line played well, Hart included. His problem is consistency and he wasn't out there long enough to see if he can be consistent.
  13. I think you're talking about the rookie FA QB, Jake Dolegada or something like that.
  14. Driskell is horrible, go with Finley the rest of the preseason please
  15. The offensive line has looked decent so far. The defense has looked like last year....
  16. I wasn't a huge fan of hers. She didn't seem to really be into the team. Hopefully the new person is better.
  17. Yes please. We haven't done much to upgrade the worst defense in the NFL from last year. We re-signed Dennard (an average corner), sign BW Webb (an average corner) and drafted a 3rd round LB. This defense needs talent and McCoy would be a huge catch. Pros: - Need more talent on D - Disruptive force on the D line - Would potentially be the best or 2nd best player on the D - Nice DT rotation with Atkins, McCoy, Glas, Wren, Billings Cons: - Probably going to cost a lot of $$ and we recently invested in Dunlap and Atkins. I think you have to be judicious about spending by position and if we sign McCoy that's a TON of money invested in the D Line. That wouldn't be so bad, but we'll probably be tops in the league in WR spending (and I don't think WR is a premium position where you want to spend tons of $$) as well if we re-sign AJ and Boyd. That doesn't leave a lot of capital for other positions.
  18. The thing we have to remember is this won't be EXACTLY like the Ram's offense. Will a lot of the concepts be the same? Probably. We have totally different personnel and if we have a threat at TE, they'll use him that way. We've got other offensive minds on this staff other than Taylor and they'll all have some sort of input.
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