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  1. He is a 5th year senior. I think I recall hearing he’s 2 years older than Lamar Jackson
  2. I was probably a smart move to start Finley at that point in the season. We were out of the playoffs and you need to see if there's any potential in your 4th round QB. If not, you can look at QBs in the draft. If he showed any potential, that would have opened up the draft.
  3. I think we should put the narrative out there that we're taking Young, whether we want him or not. He's the "best" player in this draft and every team could use him. If one of the teams in the top 5 want him, come get him and we probably would still get Burrow. Of the other top five teams right now, Skins (Haskins), Lions (Stafford), Giant (Jones), Fins (Fitz), only the Lions and Fins would possibly take Burrow. Fins may still take Tua even if Burrow is there and who knows how the Lions feels about Stafford. We could probably move to five and still get Burrow and if he's gone, you take the tackle from Georgia and hopefully you've got a bunch of other picks to play with.
  4. I think this is part of what's wrong with this franchise, we've been too loyal. While AJ is probably the greatest Bengals WR of all-time, he's been injured and missed significant time 4 out of the past 5 years, and he's over 30. Paying him at a position that hasn't traditionally won Superbowls seems crazy to me (who's the last great WR to win a SB?). WR is one of those positions where, IMO, you get quality depth and you find guys that can do different things. If we went into next season with Boyd, Tate, Ross, another speed guy b/c you can't count on Ross, like a John Brown and another good WR that can do a little of everything like a Nelson Agular (I'm not really a fan of his), I think you could win a lot of football games.
  5. I think the Browns now draft 12th...that's prime real estate for them to get Isaiah Simmons....I'd rather not have to face him twice a year. I really want us to beat the Browns Sunday, but if they win they could move a few spots back in the draft and that would be good for us. Plus, a victory for them COULD make the roll the dice on Kitchens for another year, plus they're already eliminated from the playoffs. A win for us does no good...
  6. McShay didn't really expand on what the scouts who compared him to AD said. McShay compared Burrow to Carson Wentz based on his running ability and toughness. If I had to guess, the AD comparisons are in arm strength and pre snap reads.
  7. McShay was on First Take this morning and said lots of scouts are comparing Joe Burrow to...Andy Dalton. He says he sees more of Carson Wentz, but lots of scouts see Andy. McShay also said there's one elite talent in this draft and it's Chase Young...who he thinks is better than both of the Bosa brothers. He thinks Burrow will be the best QB in this draft. It's just one opinion, but hearing Burrow compared to AD, not Anthony Davis, but Andy Dalton, give me a little pause.
  8. Everything starts up front. If you can stop the run and put pressure on the QB, that makes everyone's job easier. It speeds up the clock in the QBs head and changes the offensive play calling. The Giants showed you can't have too many pass rushers -- They had Strahan, Osi and Justin Tuck (who they moved inside a lot). A line with Dunlap, Hubbard, Chase and Geno would be pretty good next year and setup for life without Geno and Carlos. I haven't made my mind up on Joe vs. Chase, but I don't think it's cut and dry for either side of the argument.
  9. Charles Fisher looked promising, but I think an injury ended his career. 2015 is an NFL all-time bad draft.
  10. At this point it's silly NOT to at least consider it. A great DE will make an offense change their game plan and a great D will keep you in most games. As for QBs, they're being school and groomed from an early age and it seems to be a little easier to find a good QB than it once was. On top of that, college offenses are running pro concepts and vice versa so the learning curve isn't as steep as it once was. You still have busts, but most of us were able to see those from a mile away (Lynch, Trubisky). Let's look at some 1st round QBs lately: 2016: Goff - average Wentz - good (still lots of upside) Paxton Lynch - bust 2017: Trubisky - bust Mahomes - great Watson - great 2018: Baker - solid (it's a cluster up there, but Baker is a good QB) Darnold - below average, but still a chance Josh Allen - good Rosen - bust (2 bad organizations) Lamar - great 2019: Kyler - average, but a ton of upside Haskins - below average, but a horrible situation in DC -- and it's his rookie year Of the 13 first round QBs taken in the first round over the last four years, 10 feel like they have their franchise guy and aren't looking for a QB any time soon. With those odds, it may make more sense to build a good team and then add the QB last if possible. Of the three QBs that I don't think will make it (Lynch, Trubisky, Rosen), two of the had bad teams around them or the franchise was in disarray.
  11. To end this season with the #3 pick and then if Chase Young decided to go back to school would be a terrible way to end this season. I guess that would mean we would draft Isaiah Simmons (LB Clemson) or Andrew Thomas (OT Georgia). Either one of those wouldn't be a terrible consolation prize I guess. #3 may be a little high for a LB, but he's a good one.
  12. With the technology today, do you need to have tons of scouts? I’m sure they have video of every player from every game minutes after the games are completed. I would think the value of scouts now is talking to college coaches and others that interact with the players (as well as player interviews if that’s allowed).
  13. Is there a such things as drafting bad for an entire decade? We could really go from 2014-2024 with terrible drafts. We're over half of the way there. We have to get lucky at some point, right? Six down, four to go.
  14. I'm sure everyone knows this, but our drafts have been terrible since 2014. Of the six draft classes, up to this point we've drafted a total of eight average to above average NFL players (Dennard, WJIII, Boyd, Billings, Fej, Mixon, Bates, Hubbard). Within those eight, we have one building block in Mixon who plays the most disposable position. For a team that doesn't significantly participate in free agency, I'm stating the obvious here, we really need to do better in the draft and to start Duke Tobin needs to be replaced.
  15. Stop posting these videos...you're going to make me want to draft Burrow instead of Chase Young! My mind says adding a QB to this mess we call the Bengals is like putting lipstick on a pig. We need to build up both lines...right? We need a great D so we can be in every game, right? Can Joe B. be a one year wonder and a great NFL QB? I'm glad I'm not the one making decisions for the Bengals...well...how much worse could I do than the ones currently making decisions?
  16. I want #1 just so we can have the top pick in each round. That 2nd round there should be lots of trade opportunities as teams reset their board. It may even be enough to sneak back into the end of the 1st round if there's someone there and we want them to have that 5th year option.
  17. How to Fix the Bengals in the offseason: https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/how-to-fix-the-cincinnati-bengals-over-the-2020-offseason The Cincinnati Bengals currently have the worst record in football and that’s exactly how Bengals’ fans should hope the season finishes. At the end of the road, the reward of receiving the first-overall pick in the 2020 draft means receiving LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, which should make Who Dey Nation very excited. Burrow has exceptional accuracy to all levels of the field, field vision, football IQ, the ability to handle pressure, athleticism and intangibles. The season he has put together at LSU is arguably the greatest year an SEC quarterback has ever had. He’s met every moment and proven to be the difference-maker for the undefeated Tigers. He’s an Ohio native and he is perfect for Zac Taylor’s offense. And when you consider the Nebraska ties for both Burrow and Taylor, it’s truly an ideal marriage. Entering the offseason, Cincinnati has the resources in terms of available cap space and draft capital at its disposal to make significant strides to improve the talent on the roster. Here’s what they should do. Fire Lou Anarumo Rarely do head coaches or coordinators deserve to be one-and-done but Anarumo’s unit has performed at a level that warrants the idea. The search to settle on Anarumo as the guy to lead Zac Taylor’s defense was exhausting. After the Bengals’ passed on Jack Del Rio, Florida’s Todd Grantham turned down the gig and the Bengals failed to secure an interview with Ohio State’s Jeff Hafley. We have seen other young offensive-minded head coaches land gigs and each of them secured an established defensive mind to coordinate the defense. Sean McVay hired Wade Phillips. Matt LeFleur retained Mike Pettine. Kliff Kingsbury has Vance Joseph. And while Anarumo may be in his early 50s, his experience coordinating NFL defense is lacking. Outside of a stint in 2015 as the interim defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, Anarumo’s experience comes as a defensive backs coach with the Giants (2018), Dolphins (2012-17), Purdue (20014-11), Marshall (2001-03) and Harvard (1995-2000). As detailed yesterday, the Bengals defense has been among the worst in the NFL and did nothing to lift a struggling offense. It was gashed in the run game, yielded big plays in the passing game, couldn’t get to the quarterback and didn’t create takeaways. The Bengals are among the bottom five in each of the following categories: Sacks (21) Yards Per Passing Attempt Allowed (8.4) Yards Per Rushing Attempt Allowed (4.9) Takeaways (12) There is enough defensive talent on the Bengals’ rosters to reasonably expect better from this unit. The worst thing a team can do is cling to mistakes and Anarumo is proving to be an underperforming coach. It’s time for Taylor to try again to find the right lead man for his defense. Three Contracts to Renew With a projected $64 million in salary-cap space, Cincinnati does have several of its own free agents to consider for extensions. These three will need to come back. A.J. Green The A.J. Green situation has been a weird one to follow. Rostered for the entire season, Green never got healthy enough to play in a game. Green is on the wrong side of 30 and has missed 29 out of a possible 64 games since 2016 due to injury. With that said, Green’s production once healthy and what he can mean to a rookie quarterback is reason enough to keep him in Cincinnati. Darqueze Dennard A first-round pick in 2014, Darqueze Dennard hasn’t emerged into a lockdown corner but he is versatile, experienced and more than serviceable. While the Bengals shouldn’t break the bank (don’t worry, Mike Brown would never), being careful to not create more holes by letting Dennard walk would be wise. Andrew Billings Cincinnati has surrendered the most rushing yards in the NFL, so, on the one hand, it may appear odd to suggest re-signing Andrew Billings who literally exists on the roster to stuff the run. With that said, Billings is an ascending player who has played well in each of the last two seasons serving his role as an interior gap plugger. Poor linebacker play and a lack of depth have attributed more to the Bengals’ issues defending the run. A fourth-round pick in 2016, Billings has earned an extension. One to let go: Andy Dalton Andy Dalton helped the Bengals achieve uncommon success, but his run in Cincinnati should be over. The team has clearly peaked with him as the starter and he can be released after the season for a cap savings of $17.7 million while accumulating no dead cap space. Those savings will be helpful for the construction of the roster moving forward and Dalton may get a legitimate chance to compete to be another team’s starter. Three Key Free Agents The Bengals are typically quite passive when it comes to the free-agent market but the cap space is available for Cincinnati to add talent to a roster in need of it. The Bengals would be wise to consider these three additions. Jack Conklin (TDN Analyst Ben Solak) The Bengals offensive line needs major upgrades, especially at right tackle. The 25-year-old Jack Conklin has been an above-average starter since the Titans made him the eighth overall pick in the 2016 draft and would represent a massive improvement for Cincinnati. He is an athletic blocker that would fit well with the concepts of Taylor’s offense. Beau Allen (TDN Analyst Kyle Crabbs) The Bengals have to do a better job winning the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and Beau Allen is one of the more stout run defenders in the league. Whether Andrew Billings is extended or not, Allen would help beef up the interior defensive line and help fix the problematic run defense. Cory Littleton (TDN Analyst Joe Marino) An undrafted free agent in 2016, Cory Littleton has developed over the last four seasons into one of the better off-ball linebackers in the NFL. He is a sure tackler that has been excellent in coverage while showcasing impressive processing skills. Taylor is familiar with Littleton from his time in Los Angeles and he would go a long way in shoring up the second level of the Bengals’ defense that figures to be overhauled this offseason. Draft Joe Burrow Chase Young is a rare talent that is deserving of the first-overall pick, but he isn’t a quarterback. Burrow is a quarterback, also deserving of the top pick and this shouldn’t be a difficult decision for the Bengals.
  18. I'm not a fan of Jim Turner the person. The jury is out on Jim Turner the coach. From game 1 until now, that line has gotten better so I think it's reasonable to expect our young offensive linemen to improve over the offseason.
  19. I think there's a realistic path that we have an average line next year. 1. Jonah Williams has to be average to above average (this is possible) 2. Sign a mid-tier RT in FA...we may have to overpay (this is possible) 3. MJ gets better (this is probable) 4. Keep Hopkins at C (this is probable) 5. Draft another G for depth (this is probable) If this happens, I think we'll be in good shape on the line.
  20. It sounds like the Pats had clearance to tape for a TV show about their advanced scouts, but they were found to be recording the Bengals sideline instead...maybe trying to get our signals??
  21. How crazy would it be if we're the franchise that takes down the Pats dynasty? Maybe that will reverse the Bo Jackson curse and we'll win the Superbowl next year.
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