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  1. Before long, it might be un-livable-level-hot in the South. Roof = AC.
  2. I was pretty clear in the 2023 draft on how much I think J. Gibbs could transform this team. Even when Gio was here, I thought this team never really exploited the concept of the air back, to the degree that they could. IF Brown can fill this role, legitimately, I could be the piece that would have the greatest effect on taking this O to the next level. Put on top of that the possibility of a true receiver at TE (Giesecki), and possibly having non-terrible players at both tackle spots, and we might really be getting somewhere. Oh, and the addition by subtraction of replacing the worst contact RB in the league with, well, ANYBODY... There's hope.
  3. Don't sleep on Josh Newton y'all. I ALWAYS look at pre-season player rankings before the college season of each year's draft, and Newton was often pegged as a 1st rounder, and generally top-50 pick before last season. If Hill can step up and Newton can fulfill that potential, we might have really gotten away with it in this draft.
  4. I'm sure I'm in the minority but I think it's a big risk. With QB, you say roll the dice, because the difference of a truly elite guy like Burrow is proven and obvious. People can argue that Burrow has always had elite WRs, but I might also argue that he's never had a remotely decent OL. Would $35M per year be better spent on 1 elite WR or a competent platoon on the IOL and a great RB? Now, if the cap keeps booming and you can fit these kind of salaries, ok. But is the second most impactful position on the team WR? Aside from OL, which I consider the most important position group because it both protects the QB as well as establishes a running game that also helps the QB (by taking stress of him), I like to think of football players/positions in terms of which ones can truly change a game (other than QB)? Even talking about the very top guy in the league at every position... WR1 or CB1 who can shut that WR1 down? DE1 or OT1 who can shut that DE down? A DT1 who can't be shut down? Chase is great, no elite, but he has gotten shut down. But if I have Joe Burrow, who's going to find the open guy the scheme gives him on every play if he has time - no matter who that is - if he's got a competent OL, I'd personally be vying for that guy who can't be stopped at another position. If he doesn't have a competent OL, well, then you know where I'd be spending my big bucks
  5. Next year looking to be a bumper crop at DL, both EDGE and DT (both types, though I hope one of our two new guys really surprises this year and pushes down the need). I'd really love for Trent Brown or OBJr to take a big step forward this year to make it clear that we have bookends (with Mims, yeah, I'm assuming) for the next 3-5 years, so we can concentrate on interior OL and the defense next year.
  6. Wow, that's crazy that the youngest guy on the team is only 4 months younger than Murphy who has already been here a year. Let's hope Murphy has a lot of growth in front of him.
  7. Pretty sure the plan is Jones to replace Boyd, Burton to replace Tee. And hopefully Yoshi surprises and becomes Tee, and Burton because that 2nd/3rd guy X factor we've never really had. But those 4 on the field is pretty exciting, and I do like Irwin as a guy who can meaningfully provide additional opportunities.
  8. For what it's worth, Miller, the FA OT they signed from Louisville, is 1/8 of an inch shy of being 6'8" himself.
  9. Calling it now. Aaron Casey makes the team. For those who don't want to watch the highlights, around 4:20 is a good time to start. What jumps off if his read/react skills, but particularly the acceleration he shows the moment he decides/commits. Led the nation in solo TFLs (Latus was 2nd)? You can see why right here. Zero highlights of pass coverage, but his run stopping and ST skills alone should help upgrade the group.
  10. This was the genius of the FO signing of Trent Brown. We don't now have that dire need. We might need him soon, but Mims is not going to go into opening day with the pressure of having to start, it's something he gets to earn. We also now have a swing backup of a high caliber at both Tackle positions, something we haven't had in what seems like forever.
  11. I've looked at it for a while now, when this looked how the chips would fall (Murphy vs Mimms) as getting a shot to win the Super Bowl this year (with Murphy, and hoping like hell for a healthy Trent Brown) to winning several in the coming years. I'm a patient man. After all, I'm a Bengals fan.
  12. That's not smoke. That's a very clear message: All had a major/scary issue, and the UM medical staff wanted to control it and it seems recommended a course of action that All disagreed with. What the Dr. above is suggesting is that UM didn't give him a lot of choice. The specific mention of "ego" has Harbaugh all over it, I'd say. But regardless, Alt wanted to do something that was almost certainly regarded as riskier, and also may have been rejected by UM medical staff and or All's student/athlete health insurance. But he took the route that he thought would give him a chance to play, and it turns out to have been a smashing success. Trust was broken or bridges were burnt or however you want to say it, however, and so All transferred. Am I the only one that thinks that's pretty clear?
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