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  1. While both statements are definitely true, I think in this case the Bengals decision was just fine. They got the work they wanted to get done finished. I always hold my breath regarding injuries this early in the process anyway, so I'm fine with it. Yeah, I can relate to that. But...but...something feels much different this year, so I have faith too! Do I often say that too at this time of year? Uhh...ummmmm...maybe?
  2. Thanks for posting the update Mem...was wondering about the status of those two myself recently, but was too lazy to look further.
  3. Just watched some of the rookie camp videos and Evans really stood out to me. Dude is QUICK!...and seems to have really good hands catching the ball. Hard to really tell anything when just watching drills, but on the surface it was impressive.
  4. The Collinsworth stuff got me thinking. What is really the criteria for "Ring Of Honor"? Is it strictly what they did on the football field during their tenure as a Cincinnati Bengal? Or is it a combined consensus of Bengals career, contributions/life outside of football, and being a proponent of all things Bengals post-career? Consider Collinsworth vs Lapham. Collinsworth had a helluva Bengals career and was the star WR of his era, but has since turned into a Stealer lovin', Bengals hatin', blowhard. Lapham on the other hand wasn't even the best Bengals lineman on the field during his e
  5. Yeah, there seems to be some inconsistent info about him. One place says he doesn't have a big leg...others say he has a big leg. Some places say he's not good on long attempts, others say he's one of the better ones on distance and a kickoff specialist with length...WTF?
  6. Congrats Spicoli and thank you Jason for doing this every year...adds a bit more fun and chance to the draft. After 16 yrs, I actually got the player right...so maybe after another 16 yrs I may actually win? Fingers crossed!
  7. What's the explanation for why we are picking 6th in rounds 2 and 4 instead of 5th?
  8. I wasn't sure if that was his wife/gf or his sister. She looks a bit like him and they weren't very affectionate with eachother.
  9. #TeamChaseButFineWithSewellOrEvenPitts More concerned with how they pick in 2nd and 3rd rounds, especially depending on 1st selection.
  10. I agree...but don't forget Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Pete Weber. Unless we're talkin' 'bout Cricket Bowlers...then its a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
  11. Gio always played with heart and motivation which I appreciated/admired. I wish him well.
  12. Paging Rick...paging Rick...anybody got a hotline into The Villages?
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