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  1. I agree...but don't forget Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Pete Weber. Unless we're talkin' 'bout Cricket Bowlers...then its a whole 'nother kettle of fish.
  2. Gio always played with heart and motivation which I appreciated/admired. I wish him well.
  3. Paging Rick...paging Rick...anybody got a hotline into The Villages?
  4. AWESOME! Wish it was multi-year, but I guess I get it in this weird year of free agency.
  5. Seems like a Hobknob kinda thing to me. I actually kinda like the "#greatbarrierreiff"...hopefully that's what he ends up being for JB.
  6. I would start here: https://www.kochsports.com/
  7. The real question here of course is what condition were your cutouts in? I forget how many games they used them in? Pics?
  8. I thought exactly the same thing. The hypocrisy of the Stealers just kills me. Love it when they get a taste of their own medicine but it usually backfires for us.
  9. I gotta admit I was no fan of this weekly thread (and Tibor for that matter), but as UncleEarl says, it does have its moments if taken with the proper attitude. I've grown to accept the threads and even Tibor to some extent. That said, here is my winner and an honorable mention... The clear winner for me was JuJu Dumpster Fire...hate his antics...no other team except for the Stealers would tolerate his pregame midfield antics. Why would you ever want to give the other team motivation like that? Pure Dumbass. Hate those kinda selfish personalities like him, AB, etc.
  10. Yeah, I don't care the circumstances, ANYTIME we beat the Stealers is an absolutely great day. I feel like there was some actual coaching, strategy, and scheming in this game for a change.
  11. Mully checked in on the RIP Onyx thread a few months back and maybe another thread or two. That thread was the last I heard from Bung too if I recall. Haven't heard from Schotzee in a loooonnnnnng time. Haven't heard from Oldschooler in quite some time either, anyone hear from him?
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