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  1. Nahhhh...Jerome scored a touchdown once...I know this because they show it like 12 times a game. Still fun to watch though. And those HANDS!, have you seen how big Jerome's hands are?
  2. I voted "Yes"...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Usually election day sucks, but this one was AWESOME! Maybe just skip the "arrested" part and go straight to convicted? Would save us taxpayers time/money/etc.
  3. 1) LT 2) LG 3) C 4) RG 5) RT
  4. This is what my heart says...although I'd think more field goals and less TD's due to both defenses playing well. Unfortunately, this is what my head says.
  5. That was my understanding as well. Most see the fact that "someone fleed" as a good thing and deflects blame away from Boyd...to me it just makes it worse for him and makes him responsible since he's the owner. I guess a "scapegoat" person has now been named, so another tangent.
  6. So much this unfortunately. Although I wasn't laughing too much this morning, but rather still shaking my head.
  7. You really want to see that first option?...Honestly?...I'm surprised.
  8. Good player, better person. I wish him the best in his future endeavors. I love players that play with heart/passion, and he was certainly one of those.
  9. 'New' Truck

    Looks like one helluva deal to me, congrats. Nice score on a great looking truck. I have an older body style '97 Silverado 4x4 that has served me really, really well. It's starting to rust badly though, both externally and fun stuff like brake lines, fuel lines, trans cooler lines, tailgate mechanism, etc., so it's getting to me with maintenance costs. I'd love to upgrade to a newer model, but prices on used 4x4 trucks are high around here and it's not a primary vehicle so I can't justify much.
  10. I'm late to the party, but aside from the thermostat, I'd check the fan clutch or controller depending on cooling system design. Clutch/controller tells the fan when to be fully engaged and when it can freewheel some. The fan should do the heavy lifting in the scenario you described, i.e. clutch/controller should be fully engaged at low RPM, hot, car sitting with no airflow since car is not moving, etc and fan spinning fully...then when temps drop during cruise with good airflow from car moving the clutch/controller disengages the fan at least partially and fan freewheels some. http://www.ehow.com/how_5086903_test-fan-clutch.html
  11. Assuming you are referring to the other driver involved as "the kid" above, I could not disagree more. The kid handled himself very well IMHO. He has every right to decline an invitation that the rest of us would have stumbled over ourselves to accept regardless of how we felt about Adam and his behavior. And contrary to Adam, I don't think the kid had any interest in "5 minutes of fame". ...and while I'm replying... I still don't get the double standard of how black people can go around and call others the "N" word and people think it's perfectly acceptable and often times seemingly encouraged. I mean, I think I get it when its in a comedic or rap music context, but when you're being serious I don't get it. Imagine if the cars/drivers were reversed in this scenario and those words were said. That's an offense worthy of being fired at my place of employment. I guess I'm just too old and don't know all the details and subtleties of the rules.
  12. Thanks for your post and perspective Mexas. I have to admit that I was one who was quick to be "consumed" by the video...and initially hated "my team" for drafting him. I'm starting to come around to the reality of the situation now though. I guess we'll see how it plays out, but I can already hear the Sunday commentators every time he's on camera..."that was a nice 8 yd run by Mixon...but, as you recall, he was involved in...". I hope the kid is given a real chance and that he doesn't have to pay the price forever. We'll see. Let's play some football already.
  13. Replacing my HVAC

    I replaced my central air system a few years back with Tempstar and have been very happy with it. I used that brand because that's what my "brother-in-law in the business" installer had discount access to at the time. Otherwise I like Bryant and Carrier and have always thought of them as being at the top of quality chain. In reality, the internal heart of the system is probably an Copeland compressor (an Emerson company) regardless of the A/C brand, so I'm not sure how much the brand really matters in terms of A/C. If I had it to do over again, I'd definitely do the heat pump instead of just the standard A/C. This gives you the best of both worlds, i.e. very efficient heat pump heat for when temps are not frigid...and then the gas furnace for when the temps get lower or are low over a more extended period when the heat pump is less effective. I really regret not paying the extra for a heat pump when I replaced my central A/C. I don't really have any input on the gas furnace as I've never had to replace one of those yet. They seem to vary less in quality and so much more efficient than they used to be, it's probably hard to go wrong with that regardless. Hope that helps some.

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