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  1. Lincoln was a great president, but obviously not much of a speller (it's STEALER!)...oh wait...I just noticed who posted this...NEVERMIND!
  2. Interesting...sleeper indeed...was reading some BS NFL prediction article at lunch today. They had Cleveland and SanFran in the Top10 as their "turnaround" teams. They had the Bengals at #30 since we are woefully and deeply rebuilding this year. Good times.
  3. oh crap! Hopefully minor and just precautionary...but paired with getting another OLine body recently...hmmmm.
  4. Yeah, sorry Amish, I used to really, really respect you and your contributions here...used to...then you posted that gawd-forsaken 2nd paragraph above. SMH.
  5. FWIW, it does look kinda painful
  6. It's almost impossible to compare QB's from different NFL eras due to the many changes in the game. Selection is always going to be subjective and personal. The age of the person giving the opinion also plays a big part. All of that said, I'd say Kenny Anderson, although Greg Cook is also a good choice IMHO. Kenny (and others) not in the NFL HOF still pisses me off...and oh what coulda been with Cook. Anyway...those guys were older than me so it was a case of looking up to them and being heroes which factors into the equation.
  7. A day late and a dollar short, but a sincere thanks none the less.
  8. I asked my buddy who volunteers at the Dayton USAFM if he remembers seeing this memorial on display. Unfortunately it didn't ring any bells with him and he gave me the following link which doesn't seem to list it either, but who knows how up-to-date and complete it is. https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Museum-Exhibits/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/195823/other-memorials/ You got some really good advice otherwise above. Enjoy your visit!
  9. Agree with Jason. Downtown stuff is expensive as with any decent sized city, but there are lots of affordable alternatives in suburbs in any direction including south into Northern Ky. Just depends on what/where your activities are located for convenience sake. Dayton is pretty far unless you planned activities in the north end of Cincy. More info would be helpful in suggesting a lodging location as well as areas to avoid that seem cheap, and also whether you are just looking for a place to stay or looking for things to do too.
  10. Call me "Hunter Gallant"...I like yours better, wanna trade???
  11. It may have been lip service, but I thought one of the coaches recently went on record saying Jonah was their pick regardless of Devin. I voted Jonah all the way, but sadly I also think Devin will be really, really good for the Stealers which sucks the big one.
  12. I guess Amanduh didn't try out this year. Oh well, there's always next year.
  13. I just glanced at it when this thread was first opened and IIRC it was a "Letters to the Editor" piece...so written by a reader not a journalist. None the less, whether she is hot or not is still a critical piece of information though, and if she is, we'd obviously also need pics posted.
  14. I hope that's the case at some point either later this season or next since that means Williams is a stud and Glenn can make the switch effectively. However, the question was specific to the Seattle game, so I'm guessing it's only changes to the right side at first (Miller & Williams) and see how things gel and progress. In any case, as has been said, it's nice to have some decent options for a change.

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