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  1. While I agree that AJ doesn't seem to be what we've seen in the past, I am going to cut him some slack...at least for now. He's not played much football in how long now? No preseason, very limited in training camp, etc. Also, other teams seem to disagree that he's no longer a threat. Philly put arguably one of the best cover CB's in the entire NFL on him all day this past Sunday. AJ was pretty much blanketed all game from what I saw. Maybe it was partly from AJ not being "AJ", but I also give the Philly CB a ton of credit, that dude is really good. It would have been interesting to see
  2. I think if JB got rid of the ball any quicker, he'd be hitting guys in the back at the line of scrimmage. Honestly there were a couple times where he could have at least gotten rid of it, but as Jamie said, I think he's already desperate enough with lack of surrounding talent that he's trying to get blood from a rock.
  3. IMHO this is another negative indicator of our coaching and scouting departments. So they could have had either of these guys on the active roster from the beginning of the season and they picked Calhoun...that obviously didn't work out like they hoped, so now they're going to flip the coin to the "other guy". I'm also thinking this doesn't bode well for XSF coming back anytime soon. I know quality OLine personnel don't grow on trees, but this just screams failure and desperation to me. I guess we all should feel honored that the team is at least doing some
  4. Gawd this Oline is SOOOOOO frustratingly bad. JFC if this kid had just a second or two....uggghhhhhhhh!!!
  5. I think he's just wishfully thinking there is more than one?
  6. I get 4.57 when I google. Seems about right. I see no pre-draft numbers for him, but I didn't really spend much time looking either. OOPSIE: Upon closer examination, I see that time was for Michael Thomas (Saints) and not Mike Thomas (Bengals). It showed up under Bengals since it was from an article comparing recent draft pick Tee Higgins and how he compares to Michael Thomas (Saints). The only reference I see to Mike Thomas and a 4.30 time was one quote from a Cincy Jungle article from a few days ago.
  7. Zac is on a very short leash at this point...which in Bengals terms means that he better have an 8 win season sometime in the next 5 years or so...give or take...depending on extenuating circumstances of course...prolly more cause he's such a nice guy.
  8. Some valid points. However, I think where most people are coming from with Tate is that he was 2nd on the team last year in receiving yards (575) behind only Boyd who had a nice year. Tate also only played 12 games compared to 16 for Boyd and others. Tate's got good size, he's got attitude, and he just go's and gets the ball. He was also arguably the receiver that got the most accolades in preseason for what that's worth. I'd also say 5th to 8th on the depth chart is way out of line, but apparently the coaches agree with you based on the healthy scratch.
  9. Oh please...you're comparing T-Dub to Tibor? Lighten Up Francis.
  10. Good one! Sadly, in reality, Ross is the type that would be just as satisfied sitting on the bench drinking gatorade, getting a sweet sideline pass to watch his teammates play, and collecting an awesome NFL paycheck.
  11. Surprised at that Jonah number. I don't really watch OLine play specifically, but I thought he looked pretty darn good the few times I actually focused on him. I'm curious what others that pay better attention to OLine play have to say. In contrast Hart's number looks ridiculous. I know its not possible but there should be a negative sign in front of his "64" value.
  12. Wow, that Ross stat sure doesn't help the sting. WTF? I get not cutting him, but giving him the most WR snaps? I guess he does succeed somewhat as a decoy. Give me more Tate...give me more Higgins.
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