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  1. Speaking of that... I'm not sure it was brought up earlier in this thread, but I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Burrow yesterday. I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly) that JB was going to be much more engaged...expected him to be standing right along side Zach and very, very active especially on offensive downs. All of the sideline shots of him yesterday he seemed completely out of it...sitting on the bench, sometimes with earpiece but often without it...often with a gazed look in his eyes. I dunno, I just expected him to be much more "active" and engaged into the game. He didn't seem to be the one talking to Browning after offensive series either...he seemed to stand and be somewhat distanced. Did I expect too much???
  2. Speaking of injuries...who was the Dlineman who went down? Was it BJ? Did he come back in the game? Injury status?
  3. I honestly forgot all about AJ McCarron until the sideline shot of him talking to Burrow after halftime. I know it seems like a cool and invigorating option to have him be the new starter, but I'm guessing there's a reason why he's still the #3 at this point. I mean he's been on the team long enough now that he could have moved up to #2 behind Burrow, but he obviously did not. I guess we shall see what they do...roll with Browning? Elevate AJ? Look outside the organization? Colin Kaepernick anyone? Still holding my breath on how bad the Burrow injury is and how long he'll be out...on the hand, the leaves are piling up in my yard and my garage is a f-ing mess.
  4. I really didn't think I could hate a team as much as the Stealers...but Baltimore is pushing the envelope on that. Harbaugh is such a whiney little bitch...everytime they show him on the sidelines he's complaining/lobbying about/for something...the player remarks about Burrow "faking" injury in the first game while Lamar does his Big Ben act...when there's a bad play he acts all hobbled and hurt, but when he throws a TD he's jumping/hopping/running around like a carefree little kid...and don't get me started on his "hoodie thing". Queen and Smith play like head-hunting stealers. I'm sure there will be more reaction from them against Logan coming in the next few days, but their LB's made the same kind of tackles all game and nothing was ever said.
  5. Small world indeed. Socko stayed local even in death as he is buried in St. Bernard at St Mary's Cemetery along with his wife...just a short walk from the high school.
  6. You got me Harry...I just spent the last 20 minutes googling John "Socko" Weithe... What an amazing story about an amazing local Cincinnati guy. Born/raised in Cincy, Roger Bacon HS, Xavier University, played professional football, baseball, and basketball including the NFL with the Detroit Lions, coached HS and college football and basketball including taking the UC Bearcats to the NIT championship...then was the Chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party later in life. Sad that I never heard of this guy previously.
  7. I love to hear about this kind of stuff especially when it is not publicized. I may be cynical but whenever there's a big media presence at those things I always scratch my head regarding motives just a little bit. Sounds like your son is a pretty good egg too...teachers are undervalued, especially those with challenging placements.
  8. I guess it all comes down to how you look at it and what factors you consider. In my mind, the chances of signing Tee in general is very low...he's a #1 receiver on most NFL teams and arguably deserves to be paid as such...since we already have perhaps the best #1 WR in the game...and since Tee's agent plays hardball...etc, etc...in all reality I just don't see much of a chance of signing him irrespective of the Jonah situation. Jonah on the other hand is playing well at a position and positional group which has been problematic for the Bengals since Whit and others left many years ago. OLine has cost us dearly the past few years including losing a Super Bowl. Bottom line...my heart says somehow please keep both, but given just one choice then pick Tee...but my head says Jonah all day.
  9. I'm sure its been covered in other threads...but the post with Kay reminded me... I watched the game on TV last night and I gotta say I was incredibly impressed...the stadium was rocking...the stripes were a fantastic visual effect and I'm shocked at the level of participation (shout out to all of you that were actually at the game)...the TV production was very good...the shots of the city. All very impressive. Oh yeah, and there was a football game too and that was pretty okay too.
  10. I just remember that it was a cluster all around and a mess of media miscommunication for what seemed like days...Bengals blamed, then Browns blamed, then back and forth, then maybe it was some equipment issue...then finally after the dust settled it was blamed on the Browns but at that point the details were lost on me.
  11. Gives ZERO credit to the Bengals...actually mocks the 49ers to losing to them...oh well...live and learn.
  12. I'm curious about this actually. I'm wondering if Carman is inactive on game days not necessarily because he isn't the first LT off the bench, but rather that Ford is much more versatile and can backup guard or tackle, so he gets to be active on game days instead? If Orlando Brown's injury persists (hope not), I would guess Carman may actually take his place in the interim instead of Ford...just a guess since Carman did look "not too bad" at LT last year. I didn't really watch Ford closely last game after OBJ went down, but if he did play well as you said, I could be all wrong.
  13. Yeah, I really wish they didn't call this greek goulash concoction using the word "chili". Its not chili and that just sets the wrong expectation to those not familiar with the product. People hear the word "chili" and expect some thick, meaty, Texas inspired, heavy entree dish. It is certainly not. As Go noted its a local/regional fast food spaghetti & hot dog topping with Greek origins. The complaints about how thin/watery, having to "cook it down" to make it more appealing, and comparisons to other restaurants chili just makes me shake my head. The crackers are critical to soak up the juices for an added dimension. Skyline messed with cracker differences/recipes/vendors several years ago and received so much backlash they had to revert back ("New Coke" anyone?). There is no doubt that the packaged stuff in the can (or even the frozen variety) isn't as good as sitting in a Skyline restaurant, but it's not entirely different either. If you don't like the stuff in the can, you're probably not going to like the stuff at the restaurant either...at least initially. It is definitely an acquired taste...I've known many people who moved into this area who didn't like it initially but over time have grown to crave it...but others never come around to it. Personal taste and in some cases what you grew up with. I'm native Cincinnati and I can't imagine a world without Skyline (Gold Star is "okay"...big shout out to Price Hill Chili, Camp Washington Chili, Blue Ash Chili, Empress and some others that have since gone by the wayside), LaRosas, Graeters, Frisch's, etc.
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