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  1. Honestly, I was surprised he even acknowledged it...I was expecting him to immediately discount it and/or make excuses for the Ravens or some such crap.
  2. Props to Huber too...we didn't have to punt much, but he averaged over 54 yds, 60yd long, and one inside the 20. I do look forward to both Higgins and Boyd having bigger games as teams spend even more attention to the "chosen 1". Not really complaining, but Tibor may kinda have a point.
  3. HA! good one! Not a fan of Harbaugh at all...every time they ever show him he's whining to the ref about something...JEESSHHHH!
  4. Relax. I honestly didn't hear them say the "for the next 2 weeks" thing...and that was not the point I was trying to make. Announcers said at least 3 times that we'd be #1 in AFC North at various times...was just wondering why they weren't saying #1 in the AFC instead of limiting to just the North. Anyway...all good...we win...all that matters. AND BOOMER JUST SAID IT!!!! THANK YOU BOOMER!!!!
  5. But I thought I heard somewhere that we'll be #1 in the entire AFC (not just AFC North) based on tiebreakers, etc? No?
  6. Announcers keep saying we'll be #1 in AFC North...but isn't it #1 in the entire AFC or am I just imagining that?
  7. I didn't really watch enough of the game to comment accurately, but I will say at the end of the game, their RB was getting yards and first downs based mostly on his impressive personal effort, i.e. yards after contact, etc.
  8. That's simply awesome that those guys have that kind of relationship to bust on eachother like that. I just can't imagine mega ego's like Brady and AB and others being able to do that.
  9. Dayum dude, you've put up some really solid posts lately. I'd like to see you hang around and post more...good stuff IMHO. FWIW, I consider myself a positive homer type, and was initially against Tibor and this thread in particular, but honestly, it can be somewhat amusing/entertaining and at times, and a nice frustration outlet when things go bad...if taken with a huge grain of "Tibor Salt" of course...he's an acquired taste. You have been missed. Wish you'd come back more often and post more.
  10. Chase was so wide open on that play that I was wondering if Burrow was just being conservative to make sure he didn't overthrow him? Just a thought.
  11. Honestly I was originally kinda worried he was going to be a stat-whore prima-donna after some of his initial post-draft comments. So happy I was dead wrong. The way the kid competes, the fire, the team focus, the block today, the fact that he regrouped and hustled after the interception and was in on the tackle, he and Joe and teammates on the sidelines, etc, etc, etc. He is special indeed.
  12. Plus it looked like it was a guy from the press corps or some other specialty group in a small/separate seating area (had a special lanyard & placard)...not like he was gonna get away with it in that context.
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