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  1. Marv seems to have a pretty sweet gig right now so I don't see him changing. He never struck me as one of those "I need to be the head coach forever" or "NFL or bust" kinda guys. He seems more like the "settle into something comfortable" type. I'm not trying to be critical, just a perception observation on my part.
  2. You're just mad that it took so long to find something about Dalton to bitch about today.
  3. Of course Stealer fans are at the top of that inbred list.
  4. I was gonna say that would really piss off the guy sitting behind you...then reality set in....HAHAHAHAHAHA, like anybody would be sitting behind you in an empty stadium. I had penciled the Jets game as a win for us earlier in the year...but they are on a roll now, so I think our first win has to wait.
  5. "Oh What a Tangled Webb" award? or "The Cincinnati Bengals" award?
  6. Date Night, Stand Up Guys, Zombeavers, Daddy's Home, etc...just to name a few.
  7. Speaking of Cordy Glenn...Hobs article and the local news both reporting that he's starting at LT on Sunday? I guess I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. Just read an article stating that the Bengals are now slightly in the lead as the odds-on favorite among 5 teams that "could/would" sign Kap. WTF?!?!? Seriously??!? I thought we were just joking around here? Oh wait, that's all we can do anymore, right? After awhile all you can do is laugh since you've exhausted all the other emotions.
  9. I guess we know what game Catfish will be watching.
  10. I've been watching it on and off...honestly I don't see either QB being an overnight sensation in the NFL. I must be missing something, although I admittedly don't watch much college football.
  11. Was a big fan of him back in the day. RIP #55 and condolences to his family/friends/etc.
  12. Wow, very impressive, thanks for sharing. BTW, what's on the fish n chips plate in the upper right? Tarter sauce? and ???
  13. Interestingly, Tom House is the one who caught the Hank Aaron record breaking homerun in Atlanta and presented it to him. House was a pitcher for the Braves and was in the bullpen at the time. Hey, it's more interestingly than talking about the Bengals, right?
  14. I think the QB guru dude was Tom House. Has worked with lots of big name QB's over the years (Brady, Brees, etc) in regards to throwing mechanics/techniques. I think he does similar with Baseball pitchers too IIRC.
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