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  1. I was actually wondering how long it would take for the "QB controversy" to emerge here...was also thinking there would be a good chance that Catfish would start it.
  2. Wow, that's terrible. RIP and condolences.
  3. I actually think the only problem was AB didn't feel like he was in the news enough. Helmet issue was convenient.
  4. To me it's more the lack of the ability to hit the broad side of a barn.
  5. No, vegetables are sensual. People are sensuous. ~ Marion Wormer
  6. Thanks Inigo!...I always enjoy reading recaps from folks that attend training camp in person. Speaking of that...does anyone know if Patmo is still around? He was awesome this time of year...sadly I've not seen any posts from him in a looonnnngggg time.
  7. I still can't get that combine image outta my head all these years later.
  8. esjbh2

    O-line poll

    I said a little better because I'm a hopeless optimistic homer who wants to believe somehow. I actually do think the coaches see something in Hart and feel they can coach him up some. Westerman finally gets a real shot. We brought it a couple guys who needed a change of scenery. Other guys are arguably given a chance to snag a spot that otherwise would have been filled without the injury/retirement issues, so maybe they make the best of it. I also feel like even if the talent is the same, there will be improvement just based on all enthusiasm of changed coaching and attitudes. I know LeTigre will have a field day with that statement. I know, wishing in one hand...
  9. Different eras, different styles of play, different team talent levels, obviously different QB's and pass vs rush priorities, etc, etc. But...if forced to choose I can really only narrow it down to 3...Chad, AJ, Ike.
  10. Yes...Erlanger, Newport, and Covington. Good stuff. Still an Empress Chili or two also I think. Speaking of food and Cincinnati...it's Burger Week! https://www.cincinnatiburgerweek.com/
  11. Yeah, but the Domino's pizza shoulda never been on the field in the first place!
  12. Wow, that's waaaaayyyyy too young. RIP big guy.
  13. Who's up for some Pacman Pizza??? https://www.wcpo.com/entertainment/local-a-e/former-bengal-and-wife-open-endzone-pizza-in-covington
  14. Is there ANYBODY left in free agency? Any teams with OL to trade? They have to at least try to do something here IMHO.

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