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  1. As long as Captain Obvious keeps making those Subaru Dog commercials, he's good in my book. BTW, my favorite part about the pic above is the fine print that says "Professional driver...".
  2. esjbh2

    Hue is Back

    The "Homer" in me loves this, and agrees for the most part. The "Repeatedly Scorned Fan" in me is still shaking his head at this move and the potential future to look forward to. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm schizophrenic and so am I"
  3. Now that's funny! Nice touch on the misspelling of Archie too...that was on purpose, right?
  4. esjbh2

    Hue is Back

    I'm at a loss for words on this one.
  5. Sadly I don't think that's anywhere near "the duh statement of the year". I'll believe ANY improvement when I see it. I just don't see how Marvin is gonna have time to: 1) stare off like a deer in headlights 2) clap, clap, clap 3) continue with his awesome time/game management skills ...AND... 4) be the defensive coordinator Unfortunately I see status quo for the rest of the year and holding my breath on real changes during the off season. Well maybe a "dead cat bounce" towards the end of the year if we're out of contention by then. And I'd consider myself a "HOMER".
  6. BTW, it's hard to find a pic of Teryl in Bengals gear.
  7. Well, they do look pretty similar FWIW.
  9. I didn't understand why they could not have used BOTH...even in the 1st half before the game got comical. Both catch the ball extremely well...why not put one in motion or lined up in the slot? Both can be be difference makers with the ball in space. IDGI. Put ALL your best players on the field at the same time, especially with lack of depth/quality otherwise due to injuries.
  10. Wait...is it April 1st already??? This can't be actually true, right???
  11. Thank you all for your service!
  12. esjbh2

    Injury updates

    Agreed. Pics and Vids please!!!
  13. esjbh2

    Bye Week Thread

    Agreed, no argument on that. I was mostly just venting about the irony and timing of the situation.
  14. esjbh2

    Bye Week Thread

    So we lost our #1 receiver and most potent offensive weapon, while our very next opponent signs Dez. OUCHIE!!!! What a slap in the face!

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