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  1. It's also famously referred to as "The Peter Principle" and not restricted to government.
  2. Really? Let me guess...Sales and/or Marketing? In a technical field, I think HSH nailed it. <Dilbert cartoons in my head now>
  3. FYI...Brad & Michelle circa ~2009 Kinda funny/sad about the kid receiving a naked snap vid from her while the cops were looking at his phone...also interesting that the Mom didn't notice/question the new L-shaped desk, the new office chair, etc...but figured it out based on a laptop?
  4. Well said...nailed it IMHO.
  5. YES!!! That was awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rK5nQ2j4XM
  6. Sadly, Peter moved back to Nashville several years ago.
  7. "BECOMING" silly? I thought that's what it was from the start?
  8. Why? He can't even win a playoff game! BAZINGA! That Patriots loss was right up there with the Stealers not making the playoffs.
  9. Sam was simply the best. What a great human being. RIP Coach.
  10. Would love to see Bills vs Vikings...but... I think the #1's make it to the final game...Ravens vs 49ers
  11. Ahhhh, come on man, I never said he sucked...just suggesting that *some* of this may also be due to Sooners issues.
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