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  1. esjbh2

    Season over/under

    16-0!!! 😀 Honestly, I think we're better by comparison to last year and our competition this year...and last year was 7-9. It's too early to say how much better, but I'm optimistic. I guess I'd align with Jason at 10-6 if forced to choose now.
  2. How can a player who hasn't even played a single snap for the Bengals be their most overpaid player? What if he ends up being a significant piece in finally solving the OL issues? I know, wishful thinking, but still. And yeah, did they forget about MJ as TKF said?
  3. Can I get a clarification on "Weird" in regards to that poster? Still trying to decide whether I'm in or not.
  4. Man, that thing would look great tooling around "The Villages" in Florida. Rick, where are you? Represent!
  5. esjbh2

    Carlos is back!

    So glad to see him back. Hope he gets signed to a nice extension soon too. Wow, $300K is a ton of loot to turn your back on for a working schmuck like me, but I'm sure he had his reasons...prolly just "walking around money" to a highly paid football player.
  6. esjbh2

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    Yeah, yeah...yours was funnier...I was just trying for a spinoff/sequel...but they are never as good.
  7. esjbh2

    Party at Dre Dre's!!

    Maybe you just don't have the "stones" for comedy? All week, try the veal, don't forget to tip the waitstaff.
  8. So, would the cheerleaders be robots too? If so, just how realistic would they be?
  9. Yep. It's taking a few refreshes to display any thread.

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