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  1. The real question here of course is what condition were your cutouts in? I forget how many games they used them in? Pics?
  2. I thought exactly the same thing. The hypocrisy of the Stealers just kills me. Love it when they get a taste of their own medicine but it usually backfires for us.
  3. I gotta admit I was no fan of this weekly thread (and Tibor for that matter), but as UncleEarl says, it does have its moments if taken with the proper attitude. I've grown to accept the threads and even Tibor to some extent. That said, here is my winner and an honorable mention... The clear winner for me was JuJu Dumpster Fire...hate his antics...no other team except for the Stealers would tolerate his pregame midfield antics. Why would you ever want to give the other team motivation like that? Pure Dumbass. Hate those kinda selfish personalities like him, AB, etc.
  4. Yeah, I don't care the circumstances, ANYTIME we beat the Stealers is an absolutely great day. I feel like there was some actual coaching, strategy, and scheming in this game for a change.
  5. Mully checked in on the RIP Onyx thread a few months back and maybe another thread or two. That thread was the last I heard from Bung too if I recall. Haven't heard from Schotzee in a loooonnnnnng time. Haven't heard from Oldschooler in quite some time either, anyone hear from him?
  6. Not unexpected of course, but still another "Bengals - Shake My Head" moment. I'll still watch, but with zero expectations. I also doubt they win another game except to "bunglize" the draft pick as Harry suggests.
  7. These two are closest to where I am at on all this. Not sure where to draw the line on change, but it has to be something significant. But honestly, I think there needs to be some front office changes/additions/attitudeAdjustments/etc for anything to make a real difference. I'm inclined to think bringing a completely new head coach/staff might help with those front office changes, but it would have to be an aggressive person that demands these changes. Not sure the Browns would ever hire somebody like that though and/or if someone of that regard would even be inclined to come he
  8. Any word on Jonah? TV coverage was really weird...kinda just glossed over it after coming back from commercial. Carted off can't be good, but just how bad is the question?
  9. I didn't notice a coach getting punched...but one of our coaches was in the pile, got pushed and ended up on the ground, and got trampled a bit. I actually like that call...BUT...and this is a big but...only when it catches the defense off guard and the receiver is wide open...and only when there's a short yardage safety valve backup plan for when said deep receiver is well covered. Probably not enough time/talent for all that to happen on one play with this team/OLine.
  10. Minor point...and I could be wrong...but I thought that Hamilton County was in charge of concessions and parking and got any profits? No? Mike would obviously get proceeds from gift shop, merchandise, etc.
  11. Fair enough on the depth chart point. The commentators mentioned Green continuing to be double teamed in general, not just today. They didn't actually show him on camera much because he didn't do much, so I can't say for sure how often he actually sees double teams. When they did show him, he was clearly frustrated, covered, slow, and uninspired.
  12. I've been a homer fan for the Bengals most of my life...I always try to see the good from the bad...even in the dark periods. But like you said, today's game really did feel different. What a shitshow. I'll try to see the bright side in the future...but I'm not ready for that today...maybe tomorrow.
  13. After all the hype that Thomas was getting in training camp, it's quite telling that he didn't even make it on the field as a WR after Boyd was ejected and with an already depleted WR corps. Can't even beat out Erickson for playing time? Speaking of WR's...it was sad watching AJ today. Surprised that teams ever double team him anymore.
  14. Somebody needs to teach him to flop like a fish when he gets hit in the helmet like he did too. The refs were flag happy and he might have drawn one on that play had he reacted accordingly. Still stewing about the Boyd one-sided penalty that cost us 6 points and the momentum for the rest of the game.
  15. Yeah, I can't remember seeing anything official anywhere, but Ryan/GB has mentioned a couple times now that Geno is still injured and trying to play thru the season.
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