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  1. Coaching Staff Changes

    It looks like he's already well versed in the Marvin "Clap", so this looks to be a really good fit
  2. Coaching Staff Changes

    Bengals in negotiations to hire Lions DC Teryl Austin http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000904178/article/bengals-in-negotiations-to-hire-teryl-austin-as-dc
  3. Oh, I'd love me some homemade pasta salad right now...but don't eat that potato salad over there, it's been out too long.
  4. Whit is coming back?!?!?! PTL!!!!
  5. FINALLY!!! An entertaining thread for a change! I'm putting my money on either Mark or Shirley...can't decide which just yet. Good times.
  6. Sidepiece?

    The Vikes have already been my sidepiece for a while now. However...sadly... the Bengals will always remain my "true love" regardless of how challenging they make it.
  7. They must have some pretty sophisticated testing methods since they've evaluated some of the Stealer's players.
  8. My offseason

    Beautiful...I'm so jelly.
  9. Yep, you're so right. I had one such "average NFL fan" run into me at work..."I heard the Bengals injured Shazier and then the Stealers injured Burfict"....uhhhh, no!!! Shazier injured HIMSELF on what should have been a trivial play if he wasn't spearing! Yep.
  10. Unfukingbelievable...I feel sick to my stomach. As has already been said, i can't hate this team any more than I already do.
  11. This. Spot on. I was shocked there wasn't a flag or even any discussion of a flag.
  12. Nahhhh...Jerome scored a touchdown once...I know this because they show it like 12 times a game. Still fun to watch though. And those HANDS!, have you seen how big Jerome's hands are?
  13. I voted "Yes"...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Usually election day sucks, but this one was AWESOME! Maybe just skip the "arrested" part and go straight to convicted? Would save us taxpayers time/money/etc.

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