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  1. Note to self...be careful if/when high-fiving Karras...looks painful.
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience with Pickens...and thank you for continuing to share your pictures/contributions/etc, especially with the season ticket holder events like you always do...but mostly...Thank You For Your Service!
  3. Hmmmm...would have liked to see Huber exit on his own terms at the end of the year as planned, but yeah, he's been a liability and this team needs every yard of field advantage it can find at this point. Always a favorite of mine, but probably time. Same with Clark Harris for that matter...shame he got injured and that he and Huber couldn't have exited stage right together at the end of the year without issue. The best laid plans of mice and men...
  4. For anyone still interested... I picked up a bag of Uno's BBQ chips at the older Kroger in Milford (OH) yesterday...and no I didn't see Harry there but it was game-day and he was prolly already at the stadium :). They were $3.49 a bag for a medium size bag (7 or 8 oz?) at a big end cap display near the back of the store. Really tasty with a sweet mesquite BBQ flavoring. I know I've had those same chips but called something else...maybe the chips at Jimmy Johns? Anyway, not as expensive as I thought they'd be, good consistency/crisp, and very tasty IMHO. I'd like to think my timely purchase helped fuel yesterday's victory against the Panthers.
  5. Are they ever gonna get a helmet that fits Mahomme's head? Always seems like it's only 1/2 way down on his head. Is his head shaped like Megamind or do the Chiefs need an upgrade at equipment mgr?
  6. Hats off to Mixon and the OLine today...awesome effort...I need to eat some crow...and happy to do it.
  7. Not just that one game this year either...Browns just seem to have our number. I dunno if its a matchup issue, just a timing issue, a rivalry that they take more serious that we do, or just one of those twilight zone things (theme song now playing in my head).
  8. Sucks that we are squandering the "Joe is a Bengal and in his prime" opportunity with seemingly the same issues we've had for years. It's also just been a weird year in the NFL in general IMHO with different teams results vs expectations.
  9. Yeah, good questions...and maybe none of our business but its human nature to want details. I wonder if he traveled with the team? I could see someone in an "Analyst" role could go either way, i.e. doesn't necessarily need the real-time data.
  10. WTF?!?!?! Isn't/wasn't he one of our current coaches? Not finding any details...WOW!!!! So sad, especially with the history of his Mom dying unexpectedly. Thoughts/prayers.
  11. Missed the game discussion so stop me if you've heard this before...I just need to vent a bit. Why did the refs let Garrett and their other DE line up offsides on 1/2 of plays...hands were on the other side of the line LOTS of times and only called once? Unless the superimposed scrimmage line on my TV is way wrong, it sure looked like the Browns could have been called dozens of times. On the flip side, why does it look like our DLine spots the other team a full yard in their lineup? How was that spearing on Hendrickson's back injury not called a personal foul/intent to injure? He's tied up with a blocker and some dude just nails him in the back with his helmet from behind. WTF? I caught just a little bit of Taylor's post-game presser...was there something about how Awuzie got hurt that I missed? What a difference watching Mixon vs Chubb...even when Chubb was caught dead to rights, he still gets another at least 3 yards or lots more. Mixon had lots of opportunities one-on-one vs LB's/etc and went down like a sack of taters every single time. I know the pathetic OLine isn't doing Mixon any favors, but still. Not that it matters but I don't think the Cleveland WR got his 2nd foot down after juggling on the TD pass...water under the bridge at that point in the game but not even mini-reviewed or challenged. As has been mentioned already by others...I cannot stand to lose to Cleveland but we sure do a good job of it lately. It's just football game I guess...still aggravating/frustrating.
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