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  1. Not a fan of the design, but I'd wear it if Rick bought it for me...at least once anyway.
  2. HA! The pic is eye-catching though GRAPHIC BY Michael Shamburger
  3. Too soon?

    Now that UC, XU, Buffalo, and UMBC have been eliminated, these are my new favorite teams: 1) Purdue 2) Any teams that play UK
  4. Too soon?

    Man I still can't even talk about that game.
  5. "Swaggy" is quite the contrast to Geno.
  6. I assume the Bengals biggest decision will be what toppings to get on their pizza delivery order as they are watching the TV broadcast of all the other teams making strategic moves to improve their teams for a super bowl run. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. I thought he just misspelled "fit"...i.e. since most broadcasters are nothing more than "say nothing, but figuratively sing and dance"...anyway, I guess my brain read/interpreted it as "fit" since I've never heard of that other term before in a negative sense...oh well.
  8. Coaching Staff Changes

    It looks like he's already well versed in the Marvin "Clap", so this looks to be a really good fit
  9. Coaching Staff Changes

    Bengals in negotiations to hire Lions DC Teryl Austin http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000904178/article/bengals-in-negotiations-to-hire-teryl-austin-as-dc
  10. Oh, I'd love me some homemade pasta salad right now...but don't eat that potato salad over there, it's been out too long.
  11. Whit is coming back?!?!?! PTL!!!!
  12. FINALLY!!! An entertaining thread for a change! I'm putting my money on either Mark or Shirley...can't decide which just yet. Good times.

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