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  1. I guess...Katy is a suburb of Houston...almost 4 hrs away from Dallas...but certainly closer that Cincinnati. Close enough for a game day trip I suppose.
  2. Now that's funny!!! Oh and... I really, really, hope Andy doesn't end up there...for his sake as well as mine.
  3. I wish Andy and his family nothing but the best.
  4. In all honesty, UncleEarl does have a valid point. I read the one written by Tee and was really moved by his story. Wow. However, I then looked at a few of the others and it became clear that these are all publicity pieces and all written very well. I doubt all these college football players write that well...they all read like professional books. I'm not doubting Tee's story, his life's struggles, or how he overcame them...but the site as a whole is tainted IMHO.
  5. Pretty cool Kochman...I wish him well...except if/when he plays against us of course.
  6. Denver just took Netane Sudden run on OL/G
  7. I like it...looks like he can be coached up a bit too...good upside! Better late than never, and hopefully we get a released/traded vet to add to the OLine to round it out. Great job on the player picks/bios/highlights/etc. BJ!!! LOVE IT!!! THANKS!!!
  8. Back to their old ways...go to commercial...skip when they come back
  9. Wow, I guess it's bad when my guess for #33 gets picked AFTER the tiebreaker.
  10. Hey Jason thanks again for doing this every year. It adds another fun/competitive dimension to the draft for us.
  11. but...but...but...that's your name! You brought that chit on yourself! Sorry couldn't resist.
  12. So if we pick McKinney tomorrow, who wins the contest?
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