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  1. It seems the Browns are involved in just about all the rumors. I still don't get it on how they continue to be media darlings...social media or otherwise.
  2. I really can't imagine Washington moving off of Haskins already. On the other hand, I never imagined the Bengals would actually be so aggressive and successful in Free Agency either, so WTFDIK?
  3. I'm on board. Vince Lombardi couldn't have won with what they put on the field last year.
  4. Wow, I must be dreaming...it's a NewDey indeed.
  5. My thoughts exactly...I'd probably even add Barry Larkin, as much as I like him, as a GTFO the unanomous list. Several others in the secondary lists are WTF too...I'd move lots of people around. Miami/Oxford is not Cincinnati. Big Ben? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I guess everyone has an opinion based on their windows to the world.
  6. Did somebody kidnap the Brown family and take over the front office?
  7. XSF had a pretty decent rating for pass blocking. That's an upgrade in my book and a clear indication that this team actually wants to protect the chosen one. I'm good with that.
  8. Don't take the bait T...it's not worth it.
  9. Count me as shocked and impressed that the Bengals actually made quite a splash early in free agency. But...but...but...I can't argue with the above either. Maybe they really tried to get those guys or similar and the players just wanted something/somewhere else? We'll probably never know.
  10. I too have vivid remembrances of listening to Phil. He had such a descriptive delivery and soothing voice. Knowledgeable and iconic. I can still hear him say "...the pass out in the flat..."
  11. Technically he's not on the roster at this point. I'm guessing he was too busy celebrating being 10 yds away from a WR who dropped a pass that hit him in the chest to clean out his locker?
  12. I'm hoping for kicker, punter, or blocking TE.
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