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  1. I for the life of me can't figure out if this guy is a troll or not. If he is, he's amazing!
  2. I honestly think it's on the OC and DC to make the adjustments at half isn't it? I think broad stroke thing like let's run more, let's pass more, let's blitz more ETC are more what his adjustment's would be right? Maybe I' m way off base but that's how I picture it. Half starts Marvin makes a team speech on how the game is going then they break into groups with OC and DC to go over 2nd half changes.
  3. The whole NFL is the WWF argument cracks me up. I always thought it was just trolling but I'm starting to think they actually believe it LOL. I guess the Church of Scientology as a shit ton of members so there is an ass for every seat as they say....
  4. LOL, Ya the Cleveland plan for QB's is the one we should follow. Get a grip man........
  5. Jeff Blake throwing the deep ball to Scott and Pickens was always fun to watch.
  6. mt-bengal


  7. Anyone have a link to watch the game tonight?
  8. Hope Titians are ready for the 3rd and forever shovel pass.
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