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  1. LOL, Ya the Cleveland plan for QB's is the one we should follow. Get a grip man........
  2. Jeff Blake throwing the deep ball to Scott and Pickens was always fun to watch.
  3. Lets talk about where he was mocked some more!!!!!
  4. Hope he's there for our 2nd pick!
  5. mt-bengal

  6. Anyone have a link to watch the game tonight?
  7. Bob Bratkowski gets a job

    Hope Titians are ready for the 3rd and forever shovel pass.
  8. Anyone have a good link for the game?
  9. Marvin Jones out until week 5

    Thanks for the early heads up on this Pattern!
  10. For that link is it just colored bars right now for you guys to?
  11. Tried Crome same error?
  12. It wont even let me pay keeps coming up with an error?? Hope we get can find a feed??
  13. NFL Sunday Ticket

    I have the regular sunday ticket and ya they raised the rates again like they do every year but I will pay and bitch like I do every year because I can't do with out it...I'm an addict lol

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