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  1. Bengals History week #5

    Oh, I misread it, my mistake. Context is your friend, DanvilleBengal....I failed to see that the trivia bits were because of week 5...that would be the significant since we would be having Week 5 this coming Sunday against Buffalo...I didn't realize that Bengals beat Baltimore in '09 in week 5. Still, nice work on the trivia, Fred.
  2. Bengals History week #5

    Nice new info, though I'm surprised that when you were mentioning 2009, you didn't mention how the Bengals got back against Pittsburgh, at home and won it with a Palmer strike to Caldwell in the endzone for the win. I think it was the first time ever in Lewis's tenure that the Bengals beat Steeltown in Cincy. That season we swept the division, going 6-0 against the other AFC North foes.
  3. Lawson loses teefth

    Is it just me or does it seems to me that Lawson really flourishes when he's just rushing the passer? I mean we have Geno in the middle and Carlos on the edge for most all three downs, and I'm assuming someone else plays on 1st and 2nd down. I know he's just a rookie, but just like with Gio as a third-down back, maybe we can keep him in his natural role of a situational pass rusher instead of trying to make him a complete DE... And I have to say that it really looks like the change to Lazor was really the trick, we've gotten 24 and 31 points respectively after a goose egg and just a trey of FGs after the first two weeks....Granted it was from the Packers and the Browns but still....Baltimore's starting to look like they just got lucky in the opener, and considering that Houston has been playing since Watson's been named the starter, it's kinda reasurring that even though they beat us on Thursday night, it was just a 13-9 win, because w/o that TD run they didn't do jack against us. I just hope that they figure out how to beat Buffalo--for some reason it's like the Bills have recently got Cincy's number...
  4. #5 Defense

    I'm actually really surprised that the defense is that good but really number two overall? Also going out of left field how can we expect this laser guy to work since I have found out that we fired Zampese?
  5. Texans Tonight

    So we can stop bitching about what happened Sunday, NFL.com states that Ross is actually playing tonight, after missing the opener with a hamstring...apparently it was more of a precautionary decision as to why Ross didn't play. Not only that, they are even staying that he is starting....Now, it sounds more like a typo or error, since if Ross really is starting, then there is something very wrong with either AJ (heavens forbid) or Brandon LaFell....more than lifely it could be that Ross is the number one option for slot, but it says a bit about the others if Ross is expected to show some significant playing time. So My question is, how much of that is real and how much is completel BS??
  6. I can understand that, but if we go to it, and AJ McCareaon goes well, there is no way that we could go back to Dalton.... Actually, if AJ comes out during a game that actually counts, and it's not because DAlton was hurt, the cat's metaphorically out of the bag, and you cant put the cat back in...
  7. Jersey #'s

    I'm pretty sure that Hewitt's official position is TE, but it's more like H-Back/FB, because most of the time he's the lead blocker for Hill and Bernard. Cincy doesn't want a traditional fullback because it would use up a roster spot, so it goes to Hewlitt for that job.
  8. 2017 Rookie Class

    Ditto. He's quite consistent. I definitely like that in those drills where the field goal team have to scamble onto the field to line up for potential game-tying or game winning kicks, it doesn't seem to affect his rhythm or accuracy... And that power definitely is a plus, especially in a place like Cincy where Nov-Jan it's gonna be stupidly cold to the point that you are kicking a rock. Kickoffs are above average as well, consistent touchbacks, good hangtime as well which is needed for our cover teams. At some of those kickoffs, it seemed to actually explode from his kicks. Now mind you, it's just probably still the honeymoon period, but I definitely see upgrade from Nugent and Bullock, maybe even so that we were at least 8-8 with our new guy. But still it's a long way from the University of Memphis to the NFL. And even though Elliot probably is gonna be compared so much to Stephen Gostkowski because they both kicked for the Tigers, other than performance I would like to see Elliot make a name for himself other than Gostkowski's successor.
  9. Paul Doucherty is DEAD to me.

    All this shit is still there until we make a Championship Game at least, with the majority key players in a run like that, Mixon in the conversation for OROY because despite the off-field stuff, production translates in all languages, and Ross looks like the next coming of Antonio Brown... A Superbowl appearance would shut up a good chunk of them, a Superbowl win would shut everyone else up forever because then we can figurately show them the ring. And if Doc was to bitch on the Bengals so damn much, he should move to Cleveland.
  10. Well played....very well played... I needed a good chuckle...
  11. Now it's looking like a Bengals draft....there are question marks, but the people that Bengals target and draft have positive reputations, and for the most part they are productive...Not to mention that probably in a year or two, I'm pretty sure that at least three of them can turn out to be starters, to offset letting other players go via free agency, like Sanu and Jones last offseason...
  12. I swear, this board is schizo as fuck half the time, especially this time of year with the draft. And believe me, I'm as schizo as the rest because of the times I'm changed opinions. I do laud you for being constant in your opinions though, no matter what the media or other sources say, you always seem to find that elusive silver lining in pretty much everything.
  13. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Get over the Ray Lewis thing already... anyway, we have Antonio Brown (Ross) and now we got Leveion Bell (Nixon)...gee I wonder who's next? Ryan Shazier??? All of a sudden we're trying to mimic PissPuke??/!?!?!?! What in the fucking hell....
  14. Day 2 draft talk

    Well, the majority of you all are going get their wish...Marvin Lewis is not coming back next season. First Ross, and now Nixon. Obviously they are stacking up the offense so that the next head coach is offensive-minded and actually hit the ground running....
  15. I'm feeling better about the pick now. Apparently he's as good as expected, and definitely liking the intangibles... Also loving the comparison that Ross could be "Chad Johnson with speed", meaning if Ross is like Chad from 2001-2006 with the sleeping in the office and the work ethic, all of a sudden, he could be the steal of the draft... Not to mention he does help 2 out of three phases of the team, offense AND special teams/returns. He may not be a regular on offense, but better believe it that we will see him more on returns than offense--unless he blows up preseason... This is gonna be intriguing at least...

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