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  1. Wow....If you hit the nail on the head harder, you'll crack the face of Mount Rushmore...that comment is so correct for the situation. And it also shows the about-face of the locker room we have now with a team that is battle-tested and will never quit. I kinda wonder how they would turn out if Burfict and Pac were here now--though odd-on favorite they couldnt make the squad or Zac wouldnt even consider it...
  2. Cowherd actually PRAISING our boys and Burrow?? Man, winter thid year is gonna suck so much more since apparently Hell is gonna freeze over...
  3. So are we eventually get to the thread that slams every second-round bust the Bengals had. Already there is so much hate on Jackson Carmen already... ...yes, I'm being sarcastic.
  4. I like Krumrie and Wille. Cory to us is like Carson--burned bridges and then got success elsewhere while still sitting on Cincy. Fuck him. I'm a vengeful bastard...
  5. Possibly a unexpected benefit of being the defending AFC champions, perhaps?
  6. Just retire already...if you are that ducked up because your play led your team to the exits, you don't need to play...besides that Willis kid is obviously gonna take his job; I don't care if he's a rookie. Edit: why did the f word auto-edited to duck? Is that new??
  7. And now we have Pratt and Wilson, which can be Pro Bowler as well as a strength of our team...finally. ADG and Baccie are solid backups as well.
  8. I respect that, but in the end its all about the money; i dont think these generations will not stand conditions like the Ice Bowl or the Freezer Bowl. Most will sit their asses home watching live on their 4K HDTVs in tbe heat. Hence no butts in seats.
  9. If Honey Badger is chasing the money, he's gonna sign with a bad team. Playoff teams like the Bengals arent gonna pay an arm and leg if the potential replacement can mirror the production from him for a fraction of the cost, plus they (like the Browns and Deshawn Watson) have to grossly overpay to even have a shot at someone like Mathieu... Honestly, the same is gonna happen to Bates; some bad team is gonna meet his demands, and its not gonna be the Bengals. Burrow's future contract as well as others will force the Bengals to turn the page on Bates.
  10. The only way the Bengals will Finally be accepted into the mainstream is if they do what Pittsburgh and NE have done--have six titles. I respect NE a hell of a lot than the Shitters because despite the obvious cheating and bias, they did it in a time where players come and go in the 2000s, and theo other bastards constantly talk about their glory at a time nobody gives a damn about anymore and that I wouldn't be born until about at least five to six years later. Bengals got yhe team, the next great QB that compounded in the playoffs where legends are made, and significantly upgraded team which should been our first title and working on title #2. Honestly I think we need seven titles, as well as being the first team to three-peat; that has never happened. Then grudgingly mainstream will accept it. Obviously this is my opinion, but I just had to get this out of my head at this moment.
  11. How does make the Collins deal look better, other than the observation the Dolphins probably aren't even a playoff team much less a Superbowl contender?? I know our deal is a good one...
  12. Seems like you take the good with the bad, but that's with any F/O, not just the Bengals. Nice insight, Jamie.
  13. That may be true, but we understand this thing started happening the day Zac Taylor took over. We all know none of what happened would occur if conservative ass Marvin Lewis was the head coach still...
  14. Too many cooks...between Mahones, Kelseyville, and Hill, one had to go. Hill started being a batch so he's gone. Have fun in the sun in Miami--probably the only good thing he will see in a while...
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