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  1. You mean a quiet scene--just like Casey in Mudville, the Bill's have struck out.
  2. Damn---never expected to be an ass-kicking like this, usually it's us that is getting ass-kicked and not the other way around and never in the playoffs. Stellar job everyone...the Bengals took the Ball and essentially never gave it back. Domination from beginning to end. Carmen looked like a stud from play 1, and I enjoyed so many runs were going in Jackson and Cordells side where a lot of those rushing yards came from. Just complete dominance...some hot shit. I may need a few minutes to myself after a performance like that...
  3. Fuck it, I'm obviously gonna piss everyone off--I will just stop commenting until the games done...gonna sit back and just enjoy the second half...
  4. I'm gonna say this once--i get that we are fighting the NFL as well as the Billsn with all the political crap, but can everyone shut up about it??? As far as I'm concerned the easiest thing to do is that the Bengals finish the job and win. We are fucking winning after all....just tired of all that neutral game shit...
  5. Loving the balance--13 runs, 19 passes. And already at the two min warning with Bengals threatening again....loving this.
  6. We knew it's not gonna be a shutout. Just get another drive gor a TD, Bengals.
  7. I was concerned it was gonna be censored--should have known better it wasnt gonna be....I will probably edit it when I get the chance...
  8. Im gonna get booed and flamed/flagged for it, but can we just stop with all the bitching about the NFL's reaction for the Hamlin situation already??? The shit is over, lets move on. So damn what--we dont get a extra home game. Big fracking deal (i know the system is gonna censor the f word...whatever) Just beat the teams that come to us, no matter the location. Shut everyone up by getting back to the SB, and it starts tonight against the Ravens. That's my opinion, again Im sorry if this offends anyone. I just wish we can just move on. Very releived for Hamlin, but there is other stupp happening.
  9. All things considered, this is a good spot. We have a full week to get ready, we are a home, and our opponent is someone we know pretty well. All we need to do is win, and then probably get the game with Buffalo we should had on MNF....just my opinion though.
  10. Very informative, Jamie. Thanks for the video. I am impressed how quickly you got it...
  11. Jesus....how terrifying. I sincerely pray Daman Hamlin recovers....his life is in God's hands at the moment.
  12. What about a year after the shots? My last shots for COVID were in December 2021, original were in May and June 2021. Just wondering.
  13. Game is suspended for tonight--according bto Joe Buck, more details will be forthcoming as they get them, but for the time being, there is no football for tonight.
  14. I dont think there is gonna a tie--this is unprecedented situation. We could have the game postponed if anything. And there is no chance the game is rewarded to the Bengals because they lead 7 to 3. The game would probably need to go after halftime before a result like rhat could even be called.
  15. Game is currently suspended....I feel rhat is the best course, after what has happened, no one is in the mood to play. God...i really hope he is OK...
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