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  1. If Daniels is as good as he can be, then take him at 21. No questions asked. We haven't gotten an above average center since Brahman, and I think we got him in free agency instead of drafting him. Just my opinion.
  2. Coaching Staff Changes

    Well in my case, I honestly didn't know...but I think that pretty much success (i.e winning seasons, and playoffs) tends to make people link them with success. Like you said, Pollack did not scout Smith, Frederick, or Martin, nor did he draft them (I have to admit but Jerry and Stephen Jones really knocked the ball out of the park with them though). However, he made the Pro-Bowlers to All-Pros...not to mention Zeke showed up about 4 years later and we all saw how that's turning out. If there is talent there in the Bengals line--particularly with Cedric and Fisher, I have pretty good faith that Pollack can figure out how to play them to what they were billed as. They were drafted in their respective rounds for a reason. And we know to an extent that the offense more or less goes as the line goes...Andy gets protection and Joe and Gio get holes, all of a sudden point aren't so much of a premium. Not to mention the defense can benefit as well. Yes, it's pretty much simple in my reasoning, but that's just how I see it.
  3. Coaching Staff Changes

    Holy shit...the management actually look like they are LEGITIMATELY putting an above-average coaching staff together??? Especially with all these hires... And no joke, I did not know this was in the works, much less getting them. Seriously, we got the actual O-Line coach that were responsible for the Cowboys sucess up-front?? So maybe Andy can have a legit line similar to what he had back in 2015 ( I know it's a bit much but a guy can dream can't we??)... I have felt that Marvin is more of a GM-type than an actual HC. Sure, he was weaned as a LB coach in PissPuke, got his reputation because he had Ray Lewis and the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, The Redskins had pretty solid defense when he was there for that one year in 2002, and with more success than failure, the Bengals for the majority of his tenure have been solid to borderline elite at times with defense... Not to mention even though there are misses (Chris Perry, Kenny Irons), there have been more than enough above-average starters from the draft (AJ, Geno, Carlos, Mixon, Gio, even Hill [I think he's gonna get traded or released, especially with Mixon out there], and so many others), not to mention solid FA that come here despite being washup by other teams. And let's not forget that despite all the trouble, he's the guy that stayed with Taze even when the rest of the NFL would rather blackball him out of the league a la Colin Kapernick......Hopefully with this group of coaches, Marvin can stay to being a GM and let the actual coaches do the work to make them better. The only way to beat the likes of Pisspuke and the Cheatriots is to out play and outcoach them, and to out discipline them as well (Please no more bullshit 15-yards that occur because of some stupid shit that could have been avoided...
  4. Can't we just move the team to San Antonio already???
  5. Looks like I have to explain myself a bit...And no Bung, this is not a ding on you or anyone else. Yes, we are on accord that Marvin should have been fired years ago, and that he's simply 'stepping down' (i.e. Marvin has fired himself, but Mike Brown is too classy and too good-natured to actually tell him in his face 'I'm pissed off that I gave you 15 years and you haven't done anything but make us a laughingstock'--hell Jones probably would have said that, and for me that's saying something...) As far as the Stephen A. stuff, I simply get tired of that shit over and over again...I mean, we get it, Marv is incompetent, Bengals aint going anwhere with Marv as coach, blah, blah, blah...I just wish he would stop tooting his fucking Steeler horn all over the fucking time. You know what, just disregard what I commented. I was pissed, it looked like a Stephen A. thing again, and I'm kinda of the point of 'Marv got fired, he's gone, don't demonize him'. And the other comment that is saying that either AJ, Andy, or both need to be traded in the offseason still stands. We've gonna be starting over, might as well get something for them while they are still somewhat valuable...
  6. This was a long time coming....and it should have been done much sooner--at least after the Chargers debacle, and should have an exclamation point after 2015. But whether you hate him or not, at least respect the man for what's he done, which is for 2003 to this year, we were relevent for the most part. I really hope that this doesn't mean that we are returning to the Dark Decade because Marvin is stepping down... ....I'm half-expecting a good number on here with that Stephen A. Smith bullshit about that same ole schitck about Marvin w/o a playoff win--I wonder how the powers that be react when they don't have their scapegoat coach anymore.... ...and to really think that the sky is really falling, I really think that since Marvin's leaving, there's the possibility that we could see either Andy or AJ being traded in the coming offseason. Let's face facts--we had our prime opportunity between 2013-2015, and blew it big time. Marvin Jones and Mo Sanu are on teams that use them much better than the Bengals did, not to mention both are on playoff teams, with Sanu getting to the dance (and almost getting a ring--damn you TB12, why won't you just retire already?) We should just gut the team already and start over.....
  7. This is gonna be completely pointless, but does anyone get the feeling that it would be better for Cincy to play in the AFC South, as opposed to the AFC North? I mean, there has to be a complete sea change for this team to be legit. We already know that Marvin has to go, and Mike Brown to actually be a owner (hell maybe be like Jerry Jones--at least he throws money all over the place to get players) that wants to win. Trade Dalton and AJ--let them be with teams that have legit chances at championships, but I really think that there has to be a point where there could be a time that teams can switch divisons. I don't get why the Colts play in the AFC South when it seems that they are better set to be in the AFC North, and yes geography can be a issue. ..and yes, I'm making this, realizing that Dallas in in the NFC East and geographically they are in the Midwest, making the whole thing moot... Maybe I'm wishing that the Colts and the Bengals could switch divisons....maybe there is more success for the Bengals playing the Jags, Titans, and Texans, as opposed to the Browns, Big Ben, and Joe Flacco... ....Just wondering...
  8. Bengals History week #5

    Oh, I misread it, my mistake. Context is your friend, DanvilleBengal....I failed to see that the trivia bits were because of week 5...that would be the significant since we would be having Week 5 this coming Sunday against Buffalo...I didn't realize that Bengals beat Baltimore in '09 in week 5. Still, nice work on the trivia, Fred.
  9. Bengals History week #5

    Nice new info, though I'm surprised that when you were mentioning 2009, you didn't mention how the Bengals got back against Pittsburgh, at home and won it with a Palmer strike to Caldwell in the endzone for the win. I think it was the first time ever in Lewis's tenure that the Bengals beat Steeltown in Cincy. That season we swept the division, going 6-0 against the other AFC North foes.
  10. Lawson loses teefth

    Is it just me or does it seems to me that Lawson really flourishes when he's just rushing the passer? I mean we have Geno in the middle and Carlos on the edge for most all three downs, and I'm assuming someone else plays on 1st and 2nd down. I know he's just a rookie, but just like with Gio as a third-down back, maybe we can keep him in his natural role of a situational pass rusher instead of trying to make him a complete DE... And I have to say that it really looks like the change to Lazor was really the trick, we've gotten 24 and 31 points respectively after a goose egg and just a trey of FGs after the first two weeks....Granted it was from the Packers and the Browns but still....Baltimore's starting to look like they just got lucky in the opener, and considering that Houston has been playing since Watson's been named the starter, it's kinda reasurring that even though they beat us on Thursday night, it was just a 13-9 win, because w/o that TD run they didn't do jack against us. I just hope that they figure out how to beat Buffalo--for some reason it's like the Bills have recently got Cincy's number...
  11. #5 Defense

    I'm actually really surprised that the defense is that good but really number two overall? Also going out of left field how can we expect this laser guy to work since I have found out that we fired Zampese?
  12. Texans Tonight

    So we can stop bitching about what happened Sunday, NFL.com states that Ross is actually playing tonight, after missing the opener with a hamstring...apparently it was more of a precautionary decision as to why Ross didn't play. Not only that, they are even staying that he is starting....Now, it sounds more like a typo or error, since if Ross really is starting, then there is something very wrong with either AJ (heavens forbid) or Brandon LaFell....more than lifely it could be that Ross is the number one option for slot, but it says a bit about the others if Ross is expected to show some significant playing time. So My question is, how much of that is real and how much is completel BS??
  13. I can understand that, but if we go to it, and AJ McCareaon goes well, there is no way that we could go back to Dalton.... Actually, if AJ comes out during a game that actually counts, and it's not because DAlton was hurt, the cat's metaphorically out of the bag, and you cant put the cat back in...
  14. Jersey #'s

    I'm pretty sure that Hewitt's official position is TE, but it's more like H-Back/FB, because most of the time he's the lead blocker for Hill and Bernard. Cincy doesn't want a traditional fullback because it would use up a roster spot, so it goes to Hewlitt for that job.
  15. 2017 Rookie Class

    Ditto. He's quite consistent. I definitely like that in those drills where the field goal team have to scamble onto the field to line up for potential game-tying or game winning kicks, it doesn't seem to affect his rhythm or accuracy... And that power definitely is a plus, especially in a place like Cincy where Nov-Jan it's gonna be stupidly cold to the point that you are kicking a rock. Kickoffs are above average as well, consistent touchbacks, good hangtime as well which is needed for our cover teams. At some of those kickoffs, it seemed to actually explode from his kicks. Now mind you, it's just probably still the honeymoon period, but I definitely see upgrade from Nugent and Bullock, maybe even so that we were at least 8-8 with our new guy. But still it's a long way from the University of Memphis to the NFL. And even though Elliot probably is gonna be compared so much to Stephen Gostkowski because they both kicked for the Tigers, other than performance I would like to see Elliot make a name for himself other than Gostkowski's successor.

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