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  1. Fuck Dunlap, he was a malcontent and whiner, and we traded his ass. And fuck all the online couch potato analysts sucking on Mahomes's jock--we are the same motherfuckers that beat them to get the division and then beat them again when it counted infinitely more. We will go into next week and show that history will repeat itself.
  2. I don't like this... EDIT: HOLY SHIT, THEY DID IT!!!D SUCK IT BALTIMORE!!
  3. Let's go for four in a row!! Could we be saying we have KC's number if we beat them and #15? That would be three consecutive wims against Mahones and crew...
  4. Here's the stumble by the Rats that the Bengals needed. Provided that JAX finishes the job, it will have us in a tie atop the North with BAL. Like many on here before, Bengals do their job, and let others do theirs and it takes care of itself. EDIT: never mind...damnit...
  5. That's excellent--it will take care of the one game deficit between us an the Rats thanks to Week 5. Bengals still need to take care of their own business though. I believe we can take the division again--its just gonna be much tougher.
  6. The more Burrow grows in reverence, the more obscure Dalton becomes. Take faith, the Red Rifle will be a hazy memory...
  7. We need a rematch of the AFC Divisional from last year with the Titans, even returning to Nashville like in January, same result, but obviously less sacks and hits on Burrow. Get us to 7-5. All things considered, the playoffs start now.
  8. Obviously it is too early, but does anyone feel that we could have shades of our 2021 postseason the way our season is turning out?? I mean, if the playoffs stated today, we would play Miami, which we already beat (like the Raiders), and then provided we advanced, we play KC again. Just a couple of thoughts in my head--again I understand its probably way too early even thinking about it.
  9. Here comes the first second half opposing touchdown...Fuck. Im going to bed--obvious we aint gonna come back from it. See you all tomorrow.
  10. Yep, we have shat the bed...actually stood Brissett up but the able to get the first down...and now they are moving freely...WTF...
  11. Im gonna get flamed for this later, bit I think this game is a lost cause...the day we learned Chase is gone, combined with a 4-game losing streak againt the Elves should told this we aint gonna get this one. Edit: Just when I make this post, Bengals get a turnover...go figure...
  12. Burrow apparently has a perfect QB rating (158.3) at the half with 21/25 for 325 yards and 3 TDs. Despite the sudden resurgence by the Dirty Birds making the score closer that it is, ATL still has no shot winning--Bengals need to slam the door immediately.
  13. You figure Callahan gets his shot?? Honestly I dont know is Taylor is the playcaller or Callahan--you would think the OC is the playcaller. I understand Taylor was an OC before he became HC, so maybe its too many cooks in the Offensive kitchen...
  14. I'm surprised someone actually considers Taylor as an excellent head coach, considering all the "Taylor is a bum" and "Fire Zac" posts...not being sarcastic either.
  15. Taylor lost this game, end of story. Lesson of this is take the points 100% of the time Wirh that said, every one needs to shut the fuck up already. All this talk of Taylor needing to go already because of this is maddening, yes, but we we in this game and should have won it--we didnt take the shot when needed and this is the result. Maybe Im too soft and willing to let this go and this will be a lesson going forward. So sue me--after all the Marvin Lewis conservative approach im glad ZT had the balls to even go with the questionable calls even if the result was not what we want. If anything, we have people bitching about being predictable; the Bengals adjusted by being a little less predictable and we still have people bitching. Just shut up already--damned if you do and damned if you dont apparently... If you want ZT to be gone already, tnen give me a suitable replacement and then sit sit down and observe. More than likely the same shit will happen. I just want to take from this game, adjust to it like how the Bengals apparently restarted the running game and adapt and move forward. Allright, my rant's over. If I have pissed some of you off, im sorry, but this is how i feel at this moment. Good night all, lets hope we fix the mistakes and be on the winning side next time.
  16. This may seem a little off, but why havent we tried to try Carmen at LT?? He was that at Clemson and seemed to be ok there, why have we have to force him into another position where he is so problematic??
  17. As much as I agree, my main thought is f*** the other teams and make sure our guys do their jobs and beat BAL. Take care of what we can control and the others will work out accordingly. With that said, Chargers, give us some good breaks
  18. The cosmos is correcting its errors--all will be right in the universe once again. We are the defending AFC conference champs after all and we are slowly but steadily getting back into form.
  19. Also, Jets are 2nd and Goal at the PIT 2 with a shot to go ahead... Edit: TOUCHDOWN JETS!! SUCK IT SQUEELS!!!
  20. Ravens about to lose...and they play us in week 5...anyone looking forward to repeat of week 7 from last year??
  21. Trubisky has been benched; looks like Pickett is gonna be the man from here on out...maybe too early to judge, but need to know all info for our opponents and prepare accordingly...
  22. Fuck rhar, I will still sue...they tried to fuck me, I would try to fuck them back (with some protection). What can I say, I would be a very vengeful bastard...
  23. We are .500 for the season fellas. I think we can relax a bit now. 😁
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