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  1. If Zac want to make it three straight playoff appearances, he better realize that he doesn't have 9, he has 6 for the rest of the season, and to gameplan accordingly. Browning's performance was exceptional because we ran the ball effectively. We do that and stay with the run, the passing to all the ball catchers will bloom and we have a very good shot at running down a play-off spot. You have two solid RBs, honestly three if Williams gets some carries too, plus Browning can scramble pretty good. Stick with the run--that is the best course.
  2. Why werent we doing this on offense when Joe was starting???? Honestly I feel we would be in a better shape, both record-wise and offense wise with what we are doing woth Jake....
  3. Sorry for the very late delay, but its looking more and more that the coaches MAY know we have something in Browning....
  4. May be early, but I have a sinking feeling this loss is what is gonna keep up from getting to the playoffs. Not only we lost to an AFC team, we lose a chance to gain ground on the Ravens since the Clowns actually did something useful and Ravens. We are still 2 games back from BAL, and CLE got a two game lead on us because of Week 1. Frustrating day. Damn Squeels get a win too because the other team is so pathetic.... Dammit....
  5. I hate it when I'm right at this point--we needed this game, did everything to win it, and we choked. Plain and simple. And this is a point where CLE actually do us a favor by beating BAL... We better take this black eye to the face and know we are ready for the Ravens, after the way they lost to the Clowns, we know they we be ready. Damn it--this is a huge problem. Not only does this make us 1-3 in the conference, this almost certainly will force the Bengals to attemp to run the table going forward. Another letdown like this--and particularly to an AFC team--and the season is a wash. Being real here.
  6. I agree with this, i dont want our guys overlooking a single team whatsoever. Our poor start (even if it was primarily because of the calf injury on Burrow) put us behind the 8-ball and every game is a playoff game going forward. One slip-up and that is it for our playoff chances. The only way that we get any leeway going forward is to beat the teams we have to beat. We do that, things will take care of themselves.
  7. Well--that drive sucked. Good punt by Hopkins; pinned Bills at the eight yard line
  8. I did have Irv Smith in a parlay....I had a feeling after the SF game Smith may get a few more targets his way. Burrow probably can see Smith is almost there. No way in hell anyone was gonna predict Sample getting a TD. Now i only need Chase to get a TD--doesnt matter how he gets it.
  9. All three of our TEs have a catch...even Sample. A bit surprised...
  10. Buffalo prepared for Chase, Boyd, and Higgins, but apparently did not account for TEs, ironically. Big mistake.
  11. That is actually dope--talk about home-field advantage...
  12. Hey guys, im here. What a drive!!! Burrow was perfect on the drive, and BUF has to look for our TEs as well as the WRs. Nice TD for Irv Smith Jr.!! Even awesome was on that third down where the home crowd can see that 9 is 100% back with that throw to Higgins.
  13. The world ultimately has its ways to balance things out and expose what is not the normal ways of things. KC gets trounced by Denver. (about time too) Baltimore is beating ARZ (its obvious BAL is leagues better than ARZ, but I do respect how tough they play every team) Brownies lose again.(that Watson contract is more and more a blessing in disguise for everyone else) And Pitts falls to JAX (with PIT left with Mitch after Picked-off-itt gets hurt with a rib injury) And we did our job and made sure the 49ers had not chance at this game at all (we swept the NFC West with this win). Probably still too early, but I am definitely liking our chances going forward.
  14. Offense, we need points to put this away, At least three, preferably seven. Defense, its time to crack down when you are up again and and lock the 49ers out. Can you do that for me??
  15. Dammit....why cant we get peopkle down?? CMC23 in the endzone again...
  16. They are down by 14 against us now. Not counting chickens, but we are in a decent situation.
  17. 9 plus 1 equals 6. Just as certain as death and taxes. Well played.
  18. That FG looked good from 61 yards...damn good Kick, Evan!!
  19. Ive seen enough....get rid of Smith, and do whatever it takes to gets Hurst back. Hell, lets activate Tanner Huchinson, we need to get at least one TE that be a decent outlet.
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