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  1. Apparently her boyfriend just made the All-Star team for the Pirates. https://www.foxsports.com/stories/mlb/paul-skenes-makes-all-star-roster-livvy-dune-celebrates
  2. She's rejoining the LSU gymnastics team, has a 5th year of eligibility left.
  3. Didn't want to start a new thread for this, sort of fits here, sort of doesn't. They're selling TVs from Paycor if anyone is interested. https://www.whio.com/news/local/over-100-televisions-paycor-stadium-being-sold-amid-multi-million-dollar-renovations/RAOZZUSMW5E4JIWZUYHZSCJ3LE/
  4. Olivia Dunne has millions of followers on social media. Do a search for videos and you'll see why. Hawt!
  5. How am I supposed to make fun of Kelce if you're doing this shit?
  6. I've been here longer than almost all of you, and actually recruited several of you to come here from other boards. Just sayin' Time flies.
  7. Stumbled across this video, thought some might enjoy it.
  8. I was surprised they said Trey Hendrickson is a huge shit-talker. 😂
  9. I tend to agree with this. No doubt he's been great, but his back issues at his age concerns me. If he wasn't making these demands I'd keep him, but I'd be okay with trading him now.
  10. Any way to contact Katie? She might do something for you. Owning and running a Bengals message board for so long might count for something. Proves your legit loyalty to the team.
  11. We had a better year than we had any right to expect, all things considered.
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