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  1. I really hope Ja'Marr rips off one of his long touchdowns and leaves Sneed on his ass.
  2. I was expecting a total crap game from us. Hope we keep this up.
  3. All things considered I think we've played above anything we had a right to expect this season. I've enjoyed it. Looks like we aren't going to get to the promised land, but we've put up a hell of a fight. I'm not throwing any of the players or coaches under the bus. Hopefully we'll get 'em next year if we are indeed done this year. Still my team. Who Dey!
  4. I wonder if Jake from State Farm can play. This Jake looks like shit today.
  5. It really sucks if you're sitting behind one of those towel waving assholes. It would piss me off even if it was a Bengals thing and a towel was waving in my face all game.
  6. Goes without saying, but this is another must win. They all are now.
  7. He's still looking for a job. He makes videos and puts them on X, usually once a week. Some are pretty funny, seems like a good guy. https://twitter.com/DChrisman91
  8. What about Tee's touchdown where he reached backwards to cross the goal line!!!!
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