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  1. I'm not going to try to put sprinkles on a pile of dog shit and call it a cupcake. I don't see any positives from what's happening, but what the hell do I know? Depressing.
  2. My gut agrees with you, but my peripheral vision also sees a love of bling and flash that concerns me. I hope he outgrows that.
  3. I get your point LT, but what's the alternative? Locking in Burrow for several years seems like something we have to do, and should do. Unless Burrow is one of those rare breeds who understands that once you reach a certain level of wealth, winning becomes the most important thing, and he works with the team to keep, and get the players that make winning happen. Otherwise burying him in money is just how the insanity of the business side of football works. Is he over-hyped? Not really worth betting the house on? I still think he has a little maturing to do, but honestly there's no other QB out there that I would take over him.
  4. I don't want to get into what happened with Palmer, but the way it ended is a damn shame. Good video, thanks.
  5. I couldn't make out exactly what Pratt was saying. Can anyone translate?
  6. Well, I'm going to put on some headphones and pour myself some Fireball and drown my sorrows.
  7. They need to sacrifice a virgin in the locker room at halftime or something.
  8. We moved the ball that series, got some points. Now let's get a turnover and do it again.
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