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  1. I saw this earlier too and it ties in with some of the thoughts I (and others) have been sharing: Joe holds the ball too long (this isn't really new) Joe won't throw the ball away when the coverage is too good and/or the play is broken (also not new) Joe has not been mobile in the pocket (damn near a statue in the Bears game) What I am not certain of is how Ben Baby thinks this pertains to his return after the injury (other than possibly the mobility). Pity had some solid observations on this pointing out that Joe has changed some mechanics coming back from the injury that explain some of this too (including the timing). Do I think Burrow sucks and/or am I picking on our "guy"? Absolutely not but, these observations are true. Does the Pass Block Win Rate really show that the offensive line isn't a problem? Next Gen stats would like you to believe that. Your eyes will tell you otherwise. If you can find anyone that will tell you that the line has been a Top 10 pass blocking unit for the first two games, get them checked for a head injury. Is coaching scheme an issue and do they need to adapt to where Burrow is and for the talent level of the line and other blockers (RBS/TEs/WRs)? Abso-fucking-lutely! We all have to also realize that despite how awesome he is, Joe Burrow has played 11.5 NFL games and he’s coming back from a serious knee injury (faster than many believed he could). He's got work to do. He's going to be glorious but he's still on his way there.
  2. The big problem with empty sets is it puts pressure on two things, the offensive line and the QB. Problem is, our offensive line is crappy and our QB is inexperienced. Joe also needs to start moving in the pocket and throwing the ball away sometimes. This is not just in empty sets, it's all the time. Against the Bears he was a statue. Again, the play calling should be working to the strengths and away from the weaknesses of the offense. This isn't happening and it's not working. With the talent this team has on offense, they should be flying despite the offensive line.
  3. They were making fun of him on Good Morning Football just before the season regarding this.
  4. I totally agree. This game is absolutely winnable. The Stealers offense sucks. The Bengals can cover and pressure the QB and stop the run. Let's go stuff it right up these turds' ass on Sunday!
  5. Stop going with empty sets. I don't care if Joe likes them are not. The offensive line cannot handle the rush without help. You're not at LSU anymore. RB, TE and 3 WRs. Also, try using the same sets for running and passing so it's not so damn obvious. A screen pass maybe?!? Have they even thrown one this year? And, make Burrow move...roll out...give him more time.
  6. The Stealers ended the game Sunday without: TJ Watt Stephon Tuitt Joe Haden Devin Bush Tyson Alualu For Joe Burrow's safety, let's hope they all miss this Sunday's game too.
  7. The sad part is, you know it's coming too. If Burrow throws an incompletion on first down or they have a minimal gain, you know the next play is going to be a run.
  8. GOOD The defense only allowed 13 points of which, two of the FGs were off of turnovers in the area that put the Bears in FG range. Larry Ogunjobi was very disruptive again today. Trey Hendrickson had good pressure and grabbed 1.5 sacks. Too bad he couldn’t bring down Fields when we needed him to. Chidobe Awuzie despite whiffing on a key tackle played some really good defense today. Evan McPherson nailed a 53 yard FG. Logan Wilson’s INT was huge. Too bad we couldn’t finish them. BAD Tee Higgins fumble was really tough and ill timed. The momentum swung hard. 4 turnovers in the 2nd half. Essentially four turnovers in 20 minutes. Brandon Wilson continually bringing the ball out of the endzone with poor results. Vonn Bell’s taunting penalty was completely unnecessary. Eli Apple with another costly penalty on the Bears opening drive. Ja’marr Chase fails at trying to block Eddie Jackson costing the Bengals a key first down Samaje Perine is a horseshit blocker. I remember so many people on this board that didn’t want Gio Bernard. Still think that way? UGLY Offensive line is dogshit. They can’t run block or pass block. Burrow is going to get killed. The first round pick and considerably more focus in free agency should have gone in to this key area. Play calling was so terrible. At one point the Bears stopped a swing pass to CJ Uzomah so they turned around and tried it again and got stopped. I get the need to run the ball but they have to take the reins off the offense earlier. Burrow throws back-to-back-to-back INTs.
  9. The play calling is so vanilla that it’s like they’re not even trying. Let Burrow start playing.
  10. Glad to see all the offseason “investments” on the offensive line have paid off.
  11. In my opinion Darius Phillips is way better than Eli Apple or any other CB option outside of Waynes and I would sooner have him there than returning kicks. Too bad about Ricardo Allen. He looked good when he was on the field. Hopefully it's just the three weeks.
  12. Being in Canada Sunday Ticket is the only way to go. It's about $11 per weekend which I can easily justify.
  13. He got totally embarrassed on that play. He's not very good. I was saying it during the offseason. So many people think he's good because he's typically been the least terrible lineman. The least stinky turd, if you will.
  14. GOOD Joe Burrow is the man. 261 yards, 74% completion rate and 2 TDs in his first game in 294 days. Joe Mixon. Good hard running by Mixon today. He was a real asset to the offense. His game allowed the Bengals to make the play action pass work effectively. Ja'Marr Chase had a great debut. 5 catches on 7 targets for 101 yards and a TD. Germaine Pratt with a game changing forced fumble. He also had 8 tackles and a tackle for a loss. Not a bad day. Chidobe Awuzie. I thought he played well. If Waynes gets back healthy they will be a solid CB duo. Mike Hilton is going to be a great addition at slot corner. Jessie Bates (pay him now) and Vonn Bell were laying wood today. Really liked it. BJ Hill was a force. 2 sacks and 2 TFLs It seemed like Larry Ogunjobi was in the backfield all game. Even though the numbers don't really reflect it, I thought the defense played well. McPherson...it's so nice to have a kicker! BAD Brandon Wilson's horrible return late in the fourth quarter Offensive line allowed five sacks. In the early going it appears they didn't do enough in the offseason to address the area which isn't a surprise to many on here. Fourth quarter. The game got a real "same old Bengals" feel in the fourth quarter. We got lucky. Vanilla offense in the first and fourth quarters. It was awful. Playing not to lose. Terrible. Apple looked like Apple UGLY Zac Taylor's ridiculous call to go for it on fourth down in the 3rd quarter. What the actual fuck.
  15. These three guys for these reasons. I'd say it goes to Rotten Apple.
  16. I remember people being happy to get rid of Bernard. This is where you really miss him.
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