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  1. I’d be more comfortable with the Tart “bandaid” than Becton. I don’t want to see Joe being protected by a turnstile. I’d be MUCH happier with Brown than Becton.
  2. I'm hoping no news is good news and it means the Bengals aren't signing either guy. They both suck and signings would tell me they're OK with a bandaid solutions over an actual solution.
  3. I'm not 100% sure. He got in an argument with someone on here and quit the board. He's always been a bit of a hot tempered dude. He's the only message board member I ever met in person. I've probably "known" him for 15+ years. He's still kicking around as I saw his Twitter is still active so, he's OK I am guessing just no longer here.
  4. To me, this isn't even newsworthy. An NFL player is disappointed in being tagged and would rather have a long term deal?!? Shocking. I was one of the few people who were content with Tee Higgins as our #1 WR but, now that Chase is here it's time for Tee to go. I said the day after they drafted Ja'Marr that Higgins was going to be gone. We all knew it. My hope when they tagged him was that they'd find a solid trade offer, move him, draft his replacement and move on. He may be worth $20 million+ per year to some team but, not this one. This isn't a "Fuck You Tee" post. I like the guy. He's a solid WR but he's also a solid #2 here and that's not going to get him the money he wants/needs.
  5. Round 1: Best OT or DT Available Round 2: Best OT, DT or WR Available Round 3: Whatever You Didn't Get In The First Two Rounds Rounds 4-7: BPA
  6. The day the Bengals drafted Ja'Marr Chase is the day it was apparent Tee Higgins would be leaving. To this day, despite what many others think, I feel the Bengals should have taken Penei Sewell. But, they decided that Tee wasn't their #1 WR though and took Chase. All good. Chase is a hell of a player and I'm glad he's here but, on that day, Tee Higgins' long term future was decided. He isn't staying. He'll play out this season, tag him next season and then he's gone. Draft another WR to take his place early in the next draft and go from there. Burrow has all the money now (despite many thinking he was taking a team friendly deal - hilarious) so the rest of the decisions need to be more cautious. Too many positions to pay and to have two WR paid in the Top 10. It isn't feasible. Enjoy him while he's here because Tee Higgins will be elsewhere in maximum, two years.
  7. Burrow was hot garbage today. May have been the worst QB performance of the weekend. Atrocious. He should donate his game check to a charity. I love the guy. My favourite Bengal ever after only a few years but today was awful.
  8. Ok. I’m going to say it. I think Orlando Brown Jr is a Top 3 RT but “only” a Top 15-20 LT. Don’t hate me. I think he’s really good, not great. I’m not trying to piss on the parade. I think this is still a terrific move. I just hope people aren’t expecting Orlando Pace. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy. I’ve wanted an upgrade from Jonah for years and getting a 4 time Pro Bowl tackle who is only 26 at that price is a HUGE win. The Bengals line suddenly looks very, very good. The money that the Falcons gave Bates is essentially what the Bengals just gave OBJ. So, in a weird way the Bengals traded Bates for Brown Jr. Who wouldn’t be good with that?!? The price tag plus his age plus filling a significant deficiency at an important area of need makes this a very good deal.
  9. I hope the entire Stealers team gets a scorching case of syphilis. Beating these dirty fucks to go 7-4 would be a thing of beauty.
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