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  1. My wife bought me tickets to this game for my birthday back in May. Looks like it's going to be a long day for me...
  2. If he survives this season, Andy Dalton will the most sacked QB in the league. Yes, he was lackluster yesterday but he has ZERO time to throw and the running game is totally non-existent. I'm happy to pile on Dalton when he deserves it but the guy has zero chance right now and is still limping by. The sad reality is that the WR, RB and TE group is looking very solid but simply will have no chance to really have a true impact.
  3. Dre Kirkpatrick is absolutely atrocious. He got thrown down like a little bitch by Kittle and then fell down while unblocked trying to make a tackle.
  4. There's nothing about this team that is surprising any of us... Andy Dalton is average at best and prone to make at least one boneheaded game altering gaffe per week The offensive line is porous and not even up to NFL caliber The LB group is the worst in the league Dre Kirkpatrick is hot garbage
  5. This team looks exactly the same as last year. A bag sack of shit.
  6. Germaine Pratt, Preston Brown and Nick Vigil appear to be the starting LB group. We fucked.
  7. I'm not telling you they're necessarily going to be better, I am telling you that it's likely what they are going to do. Williams, Glenn, Price, Boling, Hart. Back up Guards will be probably Miller, Westerman and Jordan.
  8. Sadly, I'd bet money he will go to the Browns. Genital warts to you Mr. McCoy, genital warts to you.
  9. They actually do. Clint Boling. Word is Cordy Glenn is moving to LG with Boling to RG. Tackles will be Hart and Williams. Back up Guards are Miller, Westerman and Jordan. Redmond is expendable and this would absolutely be addition by subtraction.
  10. I was initially displeased with the Drew Sample pick but, Taylor reported they needed a combination TE and got him. Two of the first picks to shore up a serious hole in the offense and build support for our most talented young player. I would have preferred Juan Thornhill but, I'm on side. My biggest disappointment was actually with the Germaine Pratt pick. A LB that reportedly sucks in coverage? Doesn't seem like a good selection for today's NFL. But, at the end of the day, the LB class was awful. I wasn't even sold on Bush. White was the only one I really wanted. The Bengals failure to land a LB in free agency knowing how weak this class was, was a huge error. They should have gone out and got Jordan Hicks. I'd love them to sign Zach Brown now that the draft is in the books but, I'm not holding my breath.
  11. I didn't want Mack Wilson because he would have been a reach in the 2nd. I wish they had picked Mack Wilson. Round two was poo.
  12. Just watched the piece on Dalton Risner on NFL Network. The guy has character coming out of every pore. I'd be totally onside with going offensive line back to back and taking him. So many good options currently available with this next pick. Let's get another good one.
  13. Just looking at the first round again. I think we can thank Josh Allen for landing in the lap of the Jaguars who likely would have taken Jonah Williams at #7.
  14. There appears to be a lot of solid value on the offensive line and at cornerback that will be available. I'd be OK with a pick in either area. Crazy how piss poor this draft class is at LB. I think they should wait until the third round to address the position as a pick in the second feels like it would be a reach. I really wish they were more proactive in free agency here. A player like Jordan Hicks could have made a world of difference.
  15. The current day NFL is all about offense. The Bengals have a solid core of "skill" players and this pick dramatically improves the weakest unit on offense.
  16. Awwwww shit! I just read he's got short arms! The fucking things are like flippers!
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