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  1. For Le Tigre. "What The Bengals Will Actually Do" thread. It's an easy one: 2019 Roster Decisions Retain Dre Kirkpatrick and make him a Team Captain Sign AJ Green to a mega four year deal Offer Joe Mixon an insulting contract extension and point to the first half of the season to assess his value Hold on to Andy Dalton Get outbid for Darqueze Dennard Resign Tyler Eifert, Nick Vigil, Brandon Wilson, Clayton Fejedelem, LaRoy Reynolds, Josh Tupou, Tony McRae, Cethan Carter and Andrew Billings Have Hobson churn out articles about the above being essential "in-the-building" building blocks and that their resignings put the Bengals in cap jeopardy Free Agency In typical Bengals fashion, overpay for an over-the-hill somewhat name tackle or guard (Mike Iupati) and a LB (Wesley Woodyard). Sprinkle in a few never heard of additions and have Hobson write puff pieces extolling their character in telling a story how they once helped an elderly lady cross the street or rescued a kitten from a tree. Draft Draft Burrow in the first and the best, oft-injured combine project on the board in the second. Extreme reaches in all other rounds.
  2. Here's what I'd do... 2019 Roster Decisions Cut Dre Kirkpatrick-Eat the $2.8 Million in Dead Cap Space and avoid paying him $22 Million over the next two seasons. Let AJ Green walk Extend Joe Mixon Try to trade Andy Dalton. Cut him if you can't (which is likely) Resign Darqueze Dennard to a long term deal. He's the most important Bengals free agent this offseason. Also resign Eifert and Billings. Retain Cordy Glenn Free Agency In unlikely Bengals fashion, pay the price for a tackle or guard (Scherff, Thuney, Conklin or Castonzo) and a LB (Littleton or Van Noy). My preferences would be Thuney and Littleton. Draft Draft Burrow in the first and the best WR on the board in the second. Take a kicker in the late rounds. BPA in all other rounds.
  3. Andy Dalton has been a decent to good regular season QB, Unfortunately, when it came to prime time games, games against rivals or the playoffs he traditionally pissed his pants. So did Marvin Lewis. I hold no ill will for Andy but, his time here has come and gone.
  4. I'm not sure what makes people think Ron Rivera is such a great coach. He has three winning seasons in nine years. Not sure why he's considered so special.
  5. I highly doubt this. And, just because he's better than BW Webb doesn't make him good. The guy is garbage.
  6. If AJ thinks he's earned a long term deal over the past two seasons, he's nuts. At most I'd use the Franchise Tag on him. Way too risky.
  7. Who wore it worst? 1999 Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 3 3 Akili Smith Quarterback Oregon 2 2 33 Charles Fisher Cornerback West Virginia 3 4 65 Cory Hall Strong safety Fresno State 4 3 98 Craig Yeast Wide receiver Kentucky 5 2 135 Nick Luchey Running back Miami (FL) 6 4 173 Kelly Gregg Defensive tackle Oklahoma 7 3 209 Tony Coats Guard Washington 7 39 245 Scott Covington Quarterback Miami (FL) 7 43 249 Donald Broomfield Defensive tackle Clemson 2015 Round Pick # Overall Name Position College 1 21 21 Cedric Ogbuehi Offensive tackle Texas A&M 2 21 53 Jake Fisher Offensive tackle Oregon 3 21 85 Tyler Kroft Tight end Rutgers 3 35 99 Paul Dawson Linebacker TCU 4 21 120 Josh Shaw Cornerback USC 4 36 135 Marcus Hardison Defensive tackle Arizona State 5 21 157 C. J. Uzomah Tight end Auburn 6 21 197 Derron Smith Safety Fresno State 7 21 238 Mario Alford Wide receiver West Virginia
  8. Myles Jack, Brandon Scherff, Anthony Castonzo, Rodney Hudson, Bryan Bulaga, Shaq Thompson and Deion Jones should all be on the list to explore.
  9. According to Spotrac, Andre Smith has made $51 million in his career. Think about that for a minute.
  10. You can add Clint Boling and Christian Westerman retiring to the list of shame. The offseason was a shit show. Particularly the complete absence of free agent moves. The Bengals entered the season prepared for failure and the end result should be of no surprise to anyone.
  11. Yeah, from a pure optics standpoint, it's Webb all day. It was laughable. Throw in William Jackson on the same play who basically ran over to cover and just fell on the ground. Boyd is an interesting candidate too. We pulls a Keyshawn Johnson "Give Me The Damn Ball" and then fumbles in a close game in scoring position.
  12. Announcer: The Bengals are trying to determine what they have with Ryan Finley NOTHING!!!
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