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  1. He can workout all he wants, they can write all the puff pieces too. He's still a bum. Like Ogbhuei, he just doesn't have the power to stop a bull rush from a real defensive lineman. And he's always late at recognizing twists. I pray he never sees the field in stripes again.
  2. This kid's highlight tapes are impressive. But I want to see tape on him being bullrushed by NFL caliber talent. That's the difference between some of these athletic freaks and 'generational' talents like Munoz. Cedric GoByMe had great feat. And he's still awful.
  3. I believe Alexander was saying he’s not sure if he’s as tall as 6’6”? as in if he’s only 6’3” he probably won’t have the length to project as an all-pro tackle. More of a guard.
  4. If they want him that bad, trade down and get more picks. Use those pics for more OL and fast WR
  5. I watched quite a few snaps from that game on the RedZone channel. While Dunlap was trying, he consistently lost contain responsibility. He's a major liability in the run game. But I will say he was trying hard. Which he was not doing here.
  6. Uzamah will be cut. Makes too much money for an Achilles survivor.
  7. He's Corey Coleman 2.0 if you can get a 7th for him, do it. He'll be out of the league in two years.
  8. Andy's performance last night just reiterated to me how incredibly talented our 2015 football team really was. I can't believe it fell apart so fast. The shark was letting Whitworth leave. I hold a small sliver of hope that the front office decisions that built that football team can do it around Joey Covers.
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