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  1. mgbrown66

    2019 Draft Talk

    Until Jawaan Taylor wrestles Tim Krumrie and demonstrates his ability to retrieve ketchup I'm not willing to get behind this pick.
  2. mgbrown66

    Josh Rosen

    No. I don't trust that kid in a cold Midwest city. But I'd offer a 2nd.
  3. mgbrown66

    2019 Draft Talk

    Fix the holes through free agency and draft BPA in every round. This roster isn’t good enough to target positions in the draft.
  4. This isn’t nearly as bad a job as some of you make it out to be: You have an owner that will let you serve out your contract and will stick by you regardless of performance. The owner does not want limelight. The media uses really soft pillows. You can just work. The roster has a quarterback that can win games if you scheme around his deficiencies. You have a lot of say in who you draft. If you believe in yourself, this is a pretty good gig.
  5. I'm old enough to remember Anderson well. his duels against the Chargers in prime time were great.
  6. And even with all of Carson's God given ability... Andy Dalton has led the Bengals to more playoff appearances. We shouldn't ever forget that.
  7. This was an interesting view. It reminded me of how freakishly accurate Carson was on a 20 yard out. Other than John Elway, I still have not witnessed someone throw that kind of ball. but this neglected to show how incredibly inaccurate Carson was on a 5 yard hitch or crossing route. It was mind bogglingly frustrating to witness. and this is from a guy who watched all of Jeff Blake's games.
  8. Once he puts pads on he will get bull rushed like he's on skates again. #bust
  9. Never happen. The only WR the Bengals ever signed to a multi year deal over the age of 30 was Carl Pickens, and that was a loyalty contract only.
  10. mgbrown66

    Zampese Out

    having played college football I could not disagree more with your thoughts. The "lingo" from different systems is daunting. 9 days is not enough time. There aren't great OC's just walking the streets. Most already have jobs. Why would anyone leave their current job for a lame duck coach with a volatile locker room? The hire had to come from in house. Hopefully this guy will simplify, and establish an identity. He needs to figure out how to get AJ the ball. Put him in the slot, motion, SOMETHING. Get Mixon the ball in space. And most importantly, find a way to hide the terrible one on one pass protection of the offensive tackles.
  11. mgbrown66


    This guy has a prolonged history of being incapable of controlling his temper, with no respect for authority. We can argue/discuss whether or not the individuals placed in that authoritative position deserve respect until we are blue in the face, but our society currently relies on them to keep the peace. He will have his day in court to prove his innocence. He seemed to have become a woefully average NFL cornerback in the last 12 months, rendering his leash shorter than years past.
  12. I didn't watch the game but noticed that Burkhead seems to rush the ball for 4-6 yards a carry when Hill is managing 2. He's no home run threat, but it keeps you out of 3rd and long. Their 3rd down conversion percentage was 50% today last I looked. ive been wondering if Bernard and Hill are overrated by the Bengal faithful.
  13. Ced can put on 100 lbs of muscle and it won't help. He's soft in the head and it carries over to his body. guys that weigh 60 lbs less than he does are tossing him around like a rag doll.
  14. mgbrown66

    Bengals keeping Nugent

    Nugent is 90's Bengals bad.
  15. mgbrown66

    Bengals sign Gilberry

    The Browns are $50 million under the cap and want to give that guy 12 million a year. If he doesn't sign long term, they get back a 4th round pick.

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