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  1. This team isn’t going anywhere with Dalton under center. Enough already.
  2. Yep, I did too Jupiter. That was exactly what I was looking for. It just didn't start until about 1-2 hours post game.
  3. I’m not looking for the game to be streamed, I already get that with TuneIn Premium. im just looking for regular radio broadcasts of frustrated fans.
  4. I’m in Iowa, so I can’t tune in old school with a radio. Anyone know of reputable 3rd party streamers for OTA?
  5. Does anyone know of any local post game radio in Cincinnati for fans to vent after the games? Im a tune in premium subscriber to listen to the Bengals games, but I’d like to hear the voice of the fans. I tried 700wlw but it was just streaming older content.
  6. Had they not actually put him on IR, I would have expected him back for week 4 after a season ending injury.
  7. Bengals play nickel over 75% of snaps, so their will only be 2 linebackers on the field most of the time - Brown and Vigil. With those two guys injured last year that depth was exposed.
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