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  1. Just would like to thank the bengals organization....

    What? PFF sucks but comparing defenders based on stats like tackles and such is really bad too.
  2. It would take $500,000 for me. $100,000 isn't going to do enough for me to outweigh the joy of that SB.
  3. Pac's Plea Deal

    Jones is a jackass and he's a good CB. The biggest joke is the NFL pretending like they care about the types of players they have employed. There should be NO punishment for anything a player does off the field. We have a legal system for that. The legal system may be broken (that isn't for debate here) but the NFL is not above the Judicial system and should know their role and just provide entertainment. I don't need Roger Goodell deciding if guys should be suspended or not. If they want to permanently ban guys if they have a felony or something then fine but this bullshit made up suspension system up to the discretion of a total piece of shit commish is not right.
  4. Pac's Plea Deal

    The media makes a way bigger deal out of things than Pacman has done since in Cincy. Dude has a drinking problem and an anger problem but the media makes you think he's running around the city punching people out and pulling guns on someone a few times a year. I was thinking he'd get 2 games.
  5. Peko Bad Mouth's Bengals

    It is really funny considering he was one of the "leaders" who pushed the talk in the locker room. He was also one of the guys who made a lot of idiotic mental errors in the playoff games too.
  6. It wasn't just the TOP, but the timing of it. The O would go through long stretches of 3 and outs exposing the defense for many series in a row with no breaks. Then the O would have a few good series in a row to offset TOP but the numbers didn't really tell the story. That was the feel the people sitting in our section had at the games. Also the weapons available to the offense was constantly changing due to injuries that it would help explain the inconsistencies in the offense.
  7. Lack of pass rush, lack of consistent offense and TOP battle. Our D got used and abused for long stretches because the O was a disaster.
  8. Bengals defense.

    I bet we run Nickel 85% of the time. lol
  9. He's not good anymore and is a headcase. I really didn't think this thread was going to exist lol
  10. They could have had him 2 months ago. He was released and doesn't impact comp picks. He wants a lot of money and a guaranteed starting job. He's 33, not as good anymore. I'd rather let Bodine fail and move on next year.
  11. Just saw this. Yep, dead on. Repped.
  12. He is but I can't see Erickson making the team. He had 1 skill of being a returner and they traded up for the guy from Houston who is a KR stud as is John Ross and Mixon capable too. They also talked about having Gio possible getting into returning once he returns.
  13. Paul Doucherty is DEAD to me.

    You'd think he'd be more about 2nd chances and more considering he is an alcoholic that keeps getting chance after chance after chance at the Enquirer even though he's fucking horrible at his job.
  14. Team Grades around the web.....

    Yeah, Hill did when they played more i-formation and gave him a FB to follow and eliminating the need to rely on his vision. Bernard has never been a lead back and his career high is just over 700 yards rushing. He got to be the speedier guy and used intermittently to take advantage of the defense. They also had more deadly WR corps in those years and it puts less guys in the box reducing the amount of vision needed to get into the open field. The OL was better than it was in 2016 but I haven't thought the OL has been good in quite some time. LT was great, LG was solid, C was always terrible, RG was mostly good though early on Zeitler had some issues and he did miss 4 & 5 games in back to back years in 13 & 14 and his replacement wasn't good and Andre Smith was hit or miss and his replacements were not good. The OL "looked good" because Dalton and the designed attack got rid of the ball really fast so their sack numbers were low.
  15. He had a shot to be a day 2 pick if he doesn't break his foot and finished his year strong. Pretty happy to get a guy that might have slipped just because he didn't get to play. Also love the potential versatility.