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  1. Ogletree is slightly above average at best and paid like a stud. The giants are idiots, nothing new. He was sooo good that the Rams wanted to get rid of him quickly after extending him.
  2. Meet Jacoby Munoz.

    What kind of dog is this beautiful beast?
  3. Lewis lies all the time. It was mentioned by KC and multiple talking heads during the draft coverage that KC offered the same deal to 8, 9 and 10 slots in case anyone tried to hop them. But okay. I mean I don't really care if you agree or not...up to you. I'll lose no sleep.
  4. They have money to do moves now even if they keep Pac and MJ. They aren't going to cut either and we all know that, sadly. I wouldn't touch Eifert. This team needs to move on and focus all time and develop on TE talents they can rely on. Eifert is immature and injury prone, he can go.
  5. Biggest decision will be if they decide to actually participate in the 2nd tier of players.
  6. LB Brian Cushing, anyone?

    He is terrible. Has been for quite some time. And we don't need another LB that gets suspended every year lol
  7. There will be a CB or S at our pick that someone will gladly move up for. Maybe even a QB that slides. There are teams always interested in moving up for DL and I'm not sure taking a DL at 12 makes our team much better unless it is a Pro Bowl on day 1 DL. Plus someone always falls that you find out later had garnered trade interest and no one wanted to move back. Typically, we like moving back except for last year when we received a great offer and were idiots for not moving.
  8. I almost completely agree with everything written above. I think everything points to the team trading out of the 12th pick to get extra picks. Unless a shocker falls the 12th pick doesn't really provide the team much value. However, trading back to get another pick or 2 helps them a lot and puts them in a spot to draft a fit without reaching.
  9. I think the bigger deal is that they had a deal for Whit and Mike Brown backed out at the last minute. By discussing a contract with him that shows the team didn't have faith in Ced O heading into the season as the LT but then Mike did Mike things and backed out of a deal.
  10. A good chunk of the cap hit would fall on the Bills. And yes clearly signing Whit would have been better. Blame good ole Mikey B for that one.
  11. A tale of two teams.....

    I've backed Andy on this board for 7 years. He's still good, but he has big flaws. He's also not even 20% of the QB Rodgers is and the quickest way the Bengals can get better is if they upgrade at QB as it has a much bigger impact and room for big upgrade potential. Shit rosters win with HOF QBs. Packers fans go on about how much their roster sucks and how much Ted Thompson and McCarthy suck. They've been bitching for his firing for a long time. The Colts roster is worst but is it a similar situation with how their roster is mostly trash but Luck makes them a contender when he plays.
  12. A tale of two teams.....

    It basically has which is why neither Marvin nor McCarthy should have HC jobs. Position by position the Bengals have typically been better at most besides QB which is/was a significant advantage to GB.
  13. A tale of two teams.....

    The packers roster during Rodgers career has been mostly pretty blah. Rodgers takes a below avg roster and makes it a contender every year. Packers OLs have sucked most of Rodgers career but his mobility and threat to throw or run has bought him time and kept their O alive. I'm guessing you've never watched the Packers regularly?
  14. New here

    He's going to be really good and he got in trouble once for being a drunken jackass with public intox (a shit ton of ppl do in college). He's not exactly going across the state getting DUI's every night.

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