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  1. Or he throws a shitty pick and breaks his thumb trying to tackle a fat ass.
  2. They won 7 with Ced at LT and Bodine at C and they blew 3-4 other games they should have won. They aren't getting a top 5 pick unless Dalton goes down.
  3. They just use the Vegas SB odds. Bengals have 2nd worst odds in Vegas to win. So you reverse it and it is what most people use for their 2019 mock draft order.
  4. A non shit stain at center alone makes the OL average. The team won 7 games last year and blew 4 other wins. That was all with an all time bad OL. Upgrades at LT and C is significant. I also had big hopes for Westerman and Redmond and they didn't play them until the end of the year but they both did very well with that PT.
  5. Brown's first step is insane. Sims and Thompson had a great first steps but they didn't have the athleticism to back it up. Brown does and has the look of someone who could be special.
  6. He got overpaid for what he brings imo. Good for him, get that $$$.
  7. TimKrumrieFan

    Bengals 2018 draft grades

    I would have loved to have Wynn or Hernandez in this draft but the difference of Price to bum FA or later round draft pick is so significant compared to Wynn/Hernandez and Westerman/Redmond.
  8. TimKrumrieFan

    Grading Bengals 2018 Draft

    I'm not sure why the Walton pick would get a D. The team needed a RB and needed to upgrade what was a very piss poor STs unit last year. He provides both and is a very high upside pick. If Walton played the full 2017 season he's likely a 2nd round pick and instead fell...you gotta jump on guys like that. I heard Tyrell Crosby was removed from the teams board for medicals. There is a reason he kept falling. I'm glad they didn't take him. This draft had 2 tackles worth drafting.
  9. OT, CB, DT, QB, RB, WR are all positions that have opportunities to make the team.
  10. TimKrumrieFan

    Division Rivals Drafts

    Browns: Baker Ravens: Lamar Jackson Stealers: Alexander or Jackson (CBs)
  11. Agents dont look as good to players with Bengals deals. Agents only like ppl who make them look good. Haynesworth didn't see much of his 100 mill contract but the agent can state he got a DT 100+ mill.
  12. Funniest thing about trust the least is if you sign a deal with the Bengals you are seeing almost all of it. The Bengals are one of the top teams I'd trust the most but I would also go in knowing I don't expect to be a market setter at my position.

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