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  1. INTs are one of the worst statistics to judge play by. Probably the only thing worse is PFF grades.
  2. Our entire safety group is underrated. We are stacked at safety and Fej is definitely underrated.
  3. This is the opposite. Williams is the much better center fielder and coverage safety. He is much more of the playmaker than Iloka. Iloka is a way better open field tackler than Williams. They actually let Williams take coverage 1 on 1 at times and do everything they can to avoid Iloka getting put into those positions.
  4. I don't understand this at all. Been out partying on a saturday?
  5. The only positions I'm worried about at all are LB and RT. Other areas could use upgrades and we even have guys that could be good at LB and RT but they are the most unknown.
  6. I would hope so. We have 2 very good safeties signed to friendly deals and then drafted a guy I really like. If Bates reaches his potential then he likely replaces Iloka sooner rather than later unless they go back to 3 safeties. Signing a FA isn't going to do anything but take snaps away from Bates.
  7. They won 7 with Ced at LT and Bodine at C and they blew 3-4 other games they should have won. They aren't getting a top 5 pick unless Dalton goes down.
  8. They just use the Vegas SB odds. Bengals have 2nd worst odds in Vegas to win. So you reverse it and it is what most people use for their 2019 mock draft order.
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