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  1. What are you playing?

    Digging into Destiny 2 on PS4 now. Loving it so far. I didn't play the first one.
  2. The OL has been pretty strong here for a long time. If Ced flops it would be his first bad pick in early rounds that I can remember. The only position he seems to be clueless in how to scout is center. This team has been blessed for a really long time with really good tackles.

    If the Eric Davis deal falls through let me know.
  4. I think Guenther blitzes a lot more this year. He actually has some LBs with athleticism/speed that can successfully blitz and CB is the deepest it has been in a while. And we have multiple DEs who can get to the QB if the OL screws up their blitz pickups.
  5. Twitter docs were going on that Williams should miss very little regular season time if any.
  6. Free Agent Safeties

    Safety is probably our deepest position. Williams should miss very little time based on the twitter docs who are like 95% accurate. Even if Williams was going to miss a couple months we have 4 safeties the team likes a lot and a 5th in Cox who seems to be impressing the coaches a lot.
  7. And Dede Westbrook will probably end up better than Hurns or Lee.
  8. And he is coming into a season without injury or drama. It is very likely his knee is much better now than it even was a year ago. When I ran into him last year at Voelker's art show a guy asked him about it and he said it didn't cause him pain anymore but it was still a hurdle at times.
  9. Marvin Theory

    I do too. If he had Tom Brady at QB for the last 15 years everyone would think his dry humor was brilliant.
  10. Marvin Theory

  11. Marvin Theory

    Because Marvin is an insanely good coach and DC and has done a ton with a major handicap (Mike Brown). Marvin has never been able to have his 53 guys, only his draft picks, retain guys he wanted to pay or go out and get FA's he wanted to get. He's done a hell of a lot with a lot of crap that other coaches don't have to deal with. He's not perfect and has his faults but there is a reason he's thought of highly by the other coaches and organizations. I don't think he'd go to Cleveland though.
  12. Just would like to thank the bengals organization....

    What? PFF sucks but comparing defenders based on stats like tackles and such is really bad too.
  13. It would take $500,000 for me. $100,000 isn't going to do enough for me to outweigh the joy of that SB.
  14. Pac's Plea Deal

    Jones is a jackass and he's a good CB. The biggest joke is the NFL pretending like they care about the types of players they have employed. There should be NO punishment for anything a player does off the field. We have a legal system for that. The legal system may be broken (that isn't for debate here) but the NFL is not above the Judicial system and should know their role and just provide entertainment. I don't need Roger Goodell deciding if guys should be suspended or not. If they want to permanently ban guys if they have a felony or something then fine but this bullshit made up suspension system up to the discretion of a total piece of shit commish is not right.
  15. Pac's Plea Deal

    The media makes a way bigger deal out of things than Pacman has done since in Cincy. Dude has a drinking problem and an anger problem but the media makes you think he's running around the city punching people out and pulling guns on someone a few times a year. I was thinking he'd get 2 games.

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