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  1. I think coaching at Oregon is a lot of the reason for his lack of chances. When Oregon started losing Herbert seemed to take more chances because the coaches had to open it up. He's got a lower floor but a much higher ceiling than Dalton though. It is Burrow time though so Herbert is someone elses problem to figure out.
  2. His MI movies are the only ones I can watch. Everything else I wish didn't exist, especially him. What a waste of human resources.
  3. I enjoyed the first episode. Great ending it really caused the twitter explosion that night. It went pretty much as expected to kind of catch everyone back up. I was just disappointed they didn't even show Bran. It was bad enough we didn't see him once last season.
  4. Six Feet Under has been good so far. We just finished season 2 today before the game. I'd recommend if you have HBO Go to just knock out all of their shows. It is beyond worth it.
  5. Oh I will be watching it no doubt. I'm also excited to get to the bit near the end when Manson is on it. I'm a big Manson fan and heard he did a good job in his little role.
  6. I'm very excited for this show. I hope it doesn't disappoint. I have yet to watch SOA. When we finish binge-ing Six Feet Under I think that is next.
  7. That was a Paul Brown move though not Mike and company. Great trade though.
  8. I think Fear of the Walking Dead will be better than The Walking Dead. They have better acting talent and can do their own story line how they want. I also like that they are starting moments before the breakout started.
  9. Fitzpatrick honestly deserves to be mentioned. He may not have been great but he helped a lot as a backup. Brian Leonard too.
  10. They will NOT give Carter a single snap at LB. He is shitty as a LB. They would keep him as a rush end. They will count him as an extra LB/one of the DL and make a cut on the DL. Dimanche has no shot at this roster imo.
  11. I agree as well, but I don't see any way that Carter isn't one of the inactives every week. Plus he is too small and only has one ability. I'd much rather have Pat Sims behind Brandon Thompson to help stop the run and Deshawn Williams sitting inactive each week for the future than having Chris Carter waste a 53 man spot and we lose Sims or Williams.
  12. I just hope to God Carter does not make this team and steal a spot from a guy who actually has a future.
  13. http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2015/06/jon-snow-dead-game-of-thrones-azor-ahai-melisandre-warg   Also reddit has some people spotting him filming. Also think they are having him lie about being done to help make it as much of a surprise as possible.
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