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  1. Pittsburgh Away KC Away Pittsburgh Home Baltimore Away Thanks VB, Same old story
  2. I wish this fuckin idiot could start one season for us, but I guess that's too much to ask even after paying his dumb ass. Oh well, he's 1/2 step above uncontrollable Pacman at least (who I hope is gone for good), but we have to make this team smarter to compete in todays NFL. Hope ML sees that in his last 2 years
  3. Well I meant idiot Burfict but I bet both are fun to party with :-)
  4. Damn, how good this guy could be if he had a brain that worked right.
  5. I have one comment. Burfict knows the standard he faces in the nfl and he's on the radar. He must not cause any issues for 6 months off season including off the field. He fails, how fucking stupid is this guy? I'm glad he may suit up for the team but what an idiot when he could have mega bucks if he had a brain that worked. love to watch him but hoping he could play a full season sometime.
  6. I didn't mean mis-spending this year, I meant last year with Whitworth. As far as new coaches, if ML was so dissatisfied before now why didn't he step up and say so? Isn't that how you tell your owner to make changes if you are are are real HC?
  7. Being cheap is one thing, misspending money is still an issue.
  8. Who else would have him but us?
  9. He's an ignorant dumbfuck for other reasons, the guy has mental issues.
  10. LB Brian Cushing, anyone?

    You forgot too nutcase. As thin as we are this guy won't help. Re minds me of the Shitsburg LBs we are so fond of that never fit.
  11. Yeah but again if they had been more proactive letting Whit know he was wanted with less than this but a serious offer I think it would have happened. You really think Whit wanted to uproot his family to the west coast if another decent option was there?
  12. To be a decent troll you should at least know when our suckage was at the highest point and you don't even mention that era...total amateur.
  13. Yep, call me ghost too. I've been done with Marv for 3 years now so been quiet, except to express my outrage at letting Whitworth walk (which I was chastised for because he wanted to much money, LOL). May or may not post but not a JCL.
  14. Someone who can install enough discipline in a team to not self destruct when it matters. Marvin never had that for 15 fucking years.
  15. Reminds me of Bruce Coslett's last games. Embarrassing to witness.

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