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  1. But who would want his fat ass being out of football shape and a problem at this point? This really sucks.
  2. Sounds great but even Mikey knows it takes 2 to trade but if the Bengals get a first round pick offer for Geno they would be insane to pass. I just don't see any team willing to do it. Same thoughts on AJ.
  3. Wow, 2 acres of mowing is big time! Damn, that must be a ball buster, or do you have a self propelled mower?
  4. That encapsulates it quite well. I'm still pissed Whitworth should still be here to minimize the shitshow that is our O-Line.
  5. Trading all our talent away to rebuild is good conversation til we go to the next phase of using those picks to the best potential. We don't seem to be very good at that the last few years, unfortunately
  6. I don't know what the paid attendance (not announced) was Sunday, but that stadium crowd was pathetic. Do they ever come close to a sell out if Browns or pitt fans don't buy up the seats?
  7. All the humor is missing for me when I consider that Price and Johnson had a big hand in the failure.
  8. Phins already purged their rosterfor picks. We should too except nobody wants them.
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