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  1. The price becomes secondary to the attitude, cant undermine JB. I'd have to be 100% convinced Andy would be here to help and support JB.
  2. Getting up there age wise, and makes me think of Whitworth which makes me mad all over again.
  3. Living in SoFla I don't get the local flavor obviously. What I was trying to ask is there a local (radio, fan talk, sports bars, gas station) excitement about him being local or is it about the same as when CP was on deck being a SoCa guy? Personally I think it's pretty cool, but the bottom line is I want the best for the team no matter where they come from.
  4. Jesus, looks like he just got off a deserted island.
  5. Absolutely and the 3 firsts are a must this draft, 2 don't get it done.
  6. Now I remember why I ignored your dumb ass before here and on other boards. Sad you have to wallow in negativity but enjoy.
  7. Yep, just hope they use them well, could move around a bit and have 4 picks in the top 100. Need to make them all count no matter if it's JB at #1 or not.
  8. I'd be real OK with 3-4 on offense, we're getting to a better position to go BPA in round 2-4 with the defensive FA signings.
  9. But when you are trying to rebuild your shitiest posision group you start with zero/nothing and build with what you can.
  10. I think Id rather be up there eating yours rather than what SoFla can contribute to the final countdown, LOL.
  11. yep and OK with top picks at each positions in those rounds. This should be an easy draft if we don't get stupid with what falls to us.
  12. Definitely need a WR in the first 3 rds IMO, you put your chips an a QB#1 you protect him and give him options.
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