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  1. I have no problem with Burfict, too bad Marvin couldn't coach him to be a true pro. Pacman was cheap and played like it. Helped a little and hurt alot when it mattered, total waste. My choice is still Odell Thurman, ML reaching at pick # 50 to find his new franchise LB and missed on an addict he couldn't save. Such a waste.
  2. Hilarious, should have given him the fake handshake to hair smooth move...fuckin Goodie out there smoozin...suck up your millions while you can prick.
  3. Absolutely agree, as soon as the two too lbs were gone due to pitt giving up too much, we got a gift. We'll never know who the pick would have been had pitt not traded but I'm very happy with the pick.
  4. Should have bought 4 for a buck, you dont know how to gamble.
  5. Mike could have done a 2-3 year extension for less than LA and he would have stayed, just my opinion from what I've read.
  6. I guess this is as good a place as any for this question. I saw a guy commenting that the draft is a crapshoot, and compared couch draft pundits as the same guys who answer Jeopardy questions (after the right answer is shown), saying 'yeah, that's it". Anybody know who that guy was or have a link to that exchange? It was hilarious and very close to the truth.
  7. Marvin had Ozzie drafting for him, that's all I'll say in this thread.
  8. Problem is he can get a freak injury by landing wrong with no one around him. Love him as a player but just fuckin snake bit unlucky and maybe brittle.
  9. Right, meant wrong Stanley Morgan, brainfart.
  10. Wrong Stanley Wilson guys, but I'm surprised this guy wasn't drafted. He makes the #2 pick easier to swallow if he makes the team.
  11. Jupiter Fan

    Trade with Pitt?

    2 picks it seems, 2nd this year, 3rd next year.
  12. Well props to the Skins staying put and getting their guy without trading up.
  13. Good, they paid dearly, hope our picks at those slots are hits.
  14. Yeah, agree. I don't know what they gave up to move but the chart shows damn near a 2nd.
  15. OK, a replacement for Whit, he's solid. Hope we didn't get any calls for a trade and I'll be pissed if Haskins goes in the next couple rounds via trade.

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