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  1. Agreed, his heart and guts to rehab and return have never been a question and they are not now. Hoping he has a huge season. We shall see.
  2. Jupiter Fan

    Bengals re-sign C.J. Uzomah

    Browns situation is different...they are way ahead of us and the NFCN unfortunately.
  3. Jupiter Fan

    Bengals re-sign C.J. Uzomah

    It's OK, makes more sense than Hart anyway. Now sign a Tyler but be very careful to include incentives with one of them.
  4. Your math is off or you read it wrong...I'm fuckin shocked.
  5. We shall see. I'm ready to deal with it.
  6. Jupiter Fan

    Bengals DC

    Carried over to the old PBS board as well IIRC. Dude stuck to his guns, LOL.
  7. Jupiter Fan

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    Palm Gate? This thing really took off and he's supossedly not the biggest name. I don't think the Trumpster was in town, but my money says Tiger Woods.
  8. Jupiter Fan

    2019 Draft Talk

    I've pretty much accepted the fact Burfict is done. I hope somebody else can convince me differently.
  9. Jupiter Fan

    2019 Draft Talk

    Damn, a guy who takes off a whole series at times? Spells quitter to me, no matter who he is playing for. Very risky pick.
  10. Jupiter Fan

    2019 Draft Talk

    Definitely want to see Kroft or/and Uz back if TyE doesn't agree to a incentive contract. Jame's probably wants too much but I'd talk to him.
  11. Jupiter Fan

    2019 Draft Talk

    Now that's about the most opposite 2 views I've seen on a draft choice to date. Bengals need an absolute B- draft or better to keep up in the div. Unless we unleash the beast in FA but not likely LOL.
  12. Awesome ladder drill, nothing broke so that's good. Sign Tyler to league minimum deal with a shit ton of incentives, that's the only way I'd be interested in having him back.
  13. Jupiter Fan

    Bengals DC

    After Del Rio went away I kinda just sat back and watched with little enthusiasm. I think he would have given us a bunch of experience, and had a certain bonafide as a former HC that Zac could draw on. Clearly that ship has sailed 😒, so on to Anarumo who I saw in Miami and really have little opinion. Next step, do we get any more aggressive in FA under the new regime? Wishing for too much?
  14. Jupiter Fan

    Bengals DC

    It's more than a molehill, most other teams are digesting and improving their defense while we sit on our hands. We don't have a lead guy watching tape for the whole fucking defense, we are behind the curve, especially how bad we were/are defensively. How is that a molehill?

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