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  1. Dude is made of glass, sooner we forget him the better unfortunately. Time to move on.
  2. more than a couple i think...bad reads were worse. Whatever, another terrible loss that shouldn't have been due to Marvin :-(
  3. Joe Haden

    We shouldn't be surprised at all, winning franchises look to get better wherever and wherever they can, Mike sits on his hands til players hit the clearance rack then gets somewhat interested in improving the team. Obviously he's still got his hands on the checkbook :-(
  4. Burfict Suspended five games

    A few things at work here. Nfl (Goodell) will use situations like this to show they are in control, it's easy after the Brady decision. Bengals and Burfect will never get a break and both have to realize that they are easily chastised (read fucked) with little repercussion. Burfect is a fuckin idiot, one dot higher than Pacman on the common sense ladder. I'm very sick of Pac and getting close with Burfect. Our defense will be terrible starting the season.
  5. I think Marvin's stones tingle every time he can help an ex Steeler along. Makes me gag every time he does it.
  6. Pacman in car accident

    Man, I hope you're being sarcastic or trolling cause you got me to bite. This idiot needs to hit the road from his last arrest and just reinforced that with his "media skills" in this latest indecent. :-(
  7. Unless its a total waste like Pacman... ditch this guy and move on finally.
  8. Then hit the fuckin hole called so they know who to can...this has been stupid.
  9. Bringing Zimmer Home

    LOL, yep. you get one shot at a guy on the rise as a great coach...miss and you regret it later
  10. F* the Bengals

    Agreed, only good teams and organizations consistently adjust and change after halftime, we never do and haven't since Marvin got here to rebuild. Thanks for everything Marvin but time to move on if we ever intend to compete for the SB.
  11. JC I agree the AFCN is in reach but there is no such thing as an easy part of an NFL schedule, especially in the AFCN. The fuckin Browns might blow us up next week.
  12. The whole damn AFCN lost, a great chance to flip the standings but Marvin cant do it. We might give the Browns their first win next week.
  13. Why in the world would Zim ever consider coming back to the Bengals?
  14. Damn, did you expect anything less from the NFL and Goodell for Tommy's homecoming game? This was a thank you for not fighting on after the appeal. Seriously, if pussy Marvin doesn't step up and address it I'm done supporting his ass...eventually he has to understand he's making us a whipping boy for the other 31 teams and open his fuckin mouth about the blatant bullshit calls. I don't give a fuck or not he's on the rules committee, step up and have some balls! That damn facemask was a disgrace, Blunt eye gouges Williams and a no call? Fuck you NFL if you don't suspend that ref.

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