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  1. Yeah that's true, most embarrising and worthless Bengal singing ever...fukin pos.
  2. They had the best Bengal coaching staff for names and the worst staff for winning NFL games
  3. Man has there been bigger scumbag LBs than Harrison or Porter? Romanowski comes close, but Harrison really outdid himself with that comment. Brain damage/CTE gettin worse with age?
  4. I sure hope so, I'm sorely disappointed so far but hoping injuries were the problem and he takes a big step up this season.
  5. You dont think playoff teams scheme to deal with their biggest threat? Everybody focused on Geno, our other guys never could step up.
  6. Exactly, Bengals had to position the team with this move but I still hope he has a hell of a year.
  7. Yep, all true so I guess I'll go read the reason for this post...Andy never did less than his best for the team.
  8. I'm real OK with the apparent criteria of leadership and intelligence with this draft, we'll know in a couple of years for sure but I like it for now.
  9. Yes, but he was a Stealer, that's a whole different thing than being a Bengal in Roger's eyes. As much a slimeball as Porter was, he gets very little attention to concuct as shown in the famous playoff game (decided by idiots). Do you really think Pac and Burfict get the same consideration from Roger as coaches? I don't.
  10. OK, I understand your motivation angle but these 2 as coaches in my mind are even worse than Porter. King Roger would have to convene a committee to watch them.
  11. Are you being serious? Both personalities are what we should avoid going forward IMO.
  12. Damn, what did you do the last 10 years of your life?
  13. Damn, if that 2nd one is legit we are suckin hind tit
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