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  1. Certainly not Waddle, he had no business being on the field last night and limping bad off the field on TV in very limited use didn't help his draft position at all. I'll refrain from my opinion on Satan about that. Oops I mean Saban.
  2. Damn, too late now to watch him unfortunately. Hoping for the best for him.
  3. Trey Sermon will be be gone well before our pick in the 4th round.
  4. Fuckin Tenn doinked the FG thru with no time left. Whatever...
  5. So that's the long way of saying BPA, right? Sounds good to me as long as they pad the roster with more FAs that will contribute.
  6. LOL, wish it was that easy. But we are the Bengals so maybe just go with what has worked be it luck or skill.
  7. And a broken down Geno and injured Reader. DL room has been fucked the whole season.
  8. Not sure how short the lease is but point taken. I think we are limited to young coaches or rewinds of guys looking to stay in the league. FA are different, they are more mercenary in nature.
  9. And not to beat a dead horse but Geno, DJ and other injuries really mattered. Yeah, yeah...all teams have injuries but with our depth it was too much to overcome to look at least somewhat respectable.
  10. Love all the chatter but the QBs may or may not clear up through the playoffs and that's the hinge the first 5 picks swing on as far as ratings. Keep in mind pro draft boards may not align with sports media ratings, LOL.
  11. Yeah I have that same feeling. The halftime adjustments and motivation shown by the Phins was so much beyond what Taylor and his staff is capable of is laughable.
  12. Can Fatboy ever, ever perform under the slightest of pressure? Bring on Siebert and see what he's got.
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