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  1. Gotta have a killer offer to trade out of Young IMO, Tua is too much of a medical risk but I'm all over your FA opinion. Need OL, LB and corner. I'd deal Green too, as much as that sucks, he's not going to fit in financially.
  2. So my Cliff Notes view since I'm sure this subject will blow up and I can add later is take Chase. He's a special player who will get better faster than a QB. Do we put Joe B behind this shitty line? I think not and we can't afford a Carson learning year. The rest of the draft build OL, and over build it...LBs who can cover in the modern NFL and another CB. We will still suck record wise and will be able to get a primo QB next year, let Andy run the team next season, his cap hit is nothing.
  3. Start checking prices, nothing else makes sense and Ditka isn't running any drafts in 2020.
  4. Just hope they really can build off this game, guess we'll see next week at home against a very beatable Browns team.
  5. Closer than I figured but we come thru in true Bungle for. I really can't watch Webb anymore, wish we were looking at talent on other teams practice squad over this guy these last few weeks, couldn't be worse.
  6. Right, I doubt NE rests many guys working on the seeding with Balt. You think we may beat Clev and Miami though? I don't see it.
  7. Plus he played 1/2-3/4 of a game in our blowouts. He's better than the Bosa bros and that's saying something. If he's there for us we take him. What's the other choice, a QB behind this shit line? It won't get fixed in a year. He's the player with the lowest chance of bust for a high round, and Dunlap is getting up there.
  8. Without the giant beard. Not as smart as Fitz, but a little better athletically...pretty much even.
  9. Sad, guy had the golden ticket out of Overtown for him and his family and fucked it up not once but twice. I would think a student athlete out of a premier private school such as the University of Miami (AKA the self proclaimed U) would have more sense. Guess not.
  10. Or you could have streamed it...but glad you got stuff done, I've done the same thing.
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