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  1. I hope someone will make a seperate thread and add this info and more for out of state fans.
  2. Jupiter Fan

    Amazon Prime to watch game

    Right, such bullshit to miss one of the best matchups of TNF. Welp, NFLN still gets not 1 cent from me.
  3. Jupiter Fan

    Amazon Prime to watch game

    Welp, looks like not all games are sold to AmazonPrime for $millions and this ain't one of them...fuck you NFLN.
  4. Jupiter Fan

    Amazon Prime to watch game

    Nice to know the NLF hasn't crushed the local broadcasts but I really think they are cutting their own throats making TNF difficult to watch.
  5. Anybody else going to try it if you don't have NFL Network? It's a little confusing so far, I'm hoping to see a link on Amazon Prime thru Apple TV. I assume you local guys have coverage without NFLN? I'll watch on my laptop but I'd rater have it on my TV...any tips I need to know? Thanks in advance.
  6. Luck is out of it facing our D-line, he's going to need some time to get back into the game and he's not going to do it against our D. They have nothing else and I expect a 10-17 pt win. Looking forward to it so we can get ready for a short week after.
  7. Jupiter Fan

    Iloka cut

    Why? If you have any confidence in how the new staff is performing, why not let them be free to bring in new talent they want to replace the status quo? If the guys being cut are not the best option for the system/roster, I like how they move ahead positively to benefit the team and cut the guy early so he might catch on elsewhere.
  8. Awesome read, our country could take a lesson.
  9. Yep, absolutely agree, time to take one more chance and go.
  10. Jupiter Fan

    Season over/under

    Well guess I'l go with the $414 to win $300 at the over. Watch Marvin fuck me with another tie, I'm certain he's the only HC with 2 ties in the last 7 years. LOL. Hope PT Barnum was wrong about me :-)
  11. Jupiter Fan

    Price fully cleared

    I had a partial pec tear and it was painful as hell for 6 months but eventually it healed without surgery. These guys have the best treatment and rehab so I have no doubt they have taken care of their #1 pick and he's 100% ready to go. I'm ready for Billy to anchor the OL for the next 15 years :-0
  12. Jupiter Fan

    Season over/under

    I think they may have changed, can't find 5.5 anywhere, it's all 6.5 with +125-138...Oh well I still think it's a solid bet. Of course I'm only a bottom feeder willing to risk a whopping $275 to win $200, LOL. Browns at 4.5 is very intriguing. Can that misguided mess with a very dangerous defense win 5 games? They have a pretty tough schedule though so better leave that alone.
  13. Jupiter Fan

    Season over/under

    What's the line they are offering?
  14. Jupiter Fan

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    Who is Morrison? You mean Hobson?
  15. I'm looking for the best odds I can get this season on total wins by the Bengals. Thought I saw 5.5 at one time which was free money but cant find it now. What are some of the go to sites for legit online betting you guys favor? Also, what's your prediction? I'm hovering between 7/8 depending on health and availability of players. Obviously Burfict fucked us again but even without him for the first 4 I think 8 should be reasonable but will bet on 9 :-)

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