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  1. Jupiter Fan

    Free agents to sign

    Unfortunately I think you are right and it probably should have happened earlier.
  2. Jupiter Fan

    2019 Draft Talk

    Haskins had the best receiver group in the country? Not sure about that. If he's there at 11, take him and build around him.
  3. LOL, AFCN is a joke this season and we can't compete. I see us losing out or best case beating Oak and getting swept by Browns and Pitt. Sad that it wont make any difference.
  4. Jupiter Fan

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    Wow, is it ever 😩
  5. Jupiter Fan

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    I have alot less enthusiasm for ML in a front office position than I did 3 years ago. Honestly I just want him gone and take Hue with him. Need to clear the stink out of this franchise and Marvin can't do it. He has no respect from the players who quit on him, MB would be insane to promote him to the FO. Whatever.
  6. Jupiter Fan

    Hue is Back

    I doubt they are paying him much at all, the Browns are doing the heavy lifting on his salary. Actually, just the way MB likes it.
  7. Jupiter Fan

    Hue is Back

    How well does he clap?😓
  8. Jupiter Fan

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Maybe next Sunday, watch the sidelines in Baltimore 😅
  9. Jupiter Fan

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Won't be able to clap as he'll have a playsheet in his hands so that's one less thing to distract him :-)
  10. Talk about no accountability, how many refs get canned per year. You hear of a couple being disciplined here and there but that's it. These guys are supposed to be graded every game but nothing gets better even with state of the art video methods.
  11. Saints are a quality team who are hitting on all cylinders right now but still no reason to get steamrolled like we did. I appreciate what ML did for us but we can't stand pat like we have the last 5 years with him if we ever want to really compete.
  12. It was pretty much over then unfortunately. I'm so sick of being a 2nd tier team after 15 years with this clown. Semi good was Mixon when they let him play. Bad is the rest of the game. Ugly is ML still trying to compete in the 2018 NFL.
  13. I can't remember ML ever getting into a player's face for a bonehead move...ever. Nice guys who MB likes don't do that. I still wonder what Zimmer could have done for this franchise. I think he was MB's dad's Bill Walsh...only old guys will get that I guess.
  14. Yep but comes a time you hold the OC accountable for bad personal decisions, unless your HC sucks and is lost on gameday. ML is ultimately responsible for this team, injuries be damned. A big part of building a roster is competent backups, we have very few.
  15. There were definitely bad calls against the Bengals today and anyone who thinks all teams are refereed the same don't see what's going on in today's NFL. Getting closer to WWF every year but I guess it is sports entertainment.

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