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  1. I'd love to see him do a TD celebration where he fake slaps a cheerleader. The headlines would be epic.
  2. 53 man roster talk

    Thought I heard he gets 8 games. He's a multiple multiple time offender and part of the incident is on video. Willis is a 3rd round pick I'd be shocked if he went on the practice squad. Williams I could see.
  3. QB - Dalton, McCarron RB - Hill, Mixon (R), Peerman FB - Hewitt WR - Green, LaFell, Boyd, Ross (R), Core, Erickson, Malone (R) TE - Eifert, Uzomah, Kroft LT - Ogbuehi LG - Boling, Johnson C - Bodine, Dielman (R) RG - Smith, Westerman RT - Fisher, Winston DE - Dunlap, Johnson, Clarke, Willis (R), Smith DT - Atkins, Billings, Glasgow (R), Hardison WLB - Burfict, Evans (R) MLB - Minter, Rey SLB - Vigil, Lawson (R) CB - Kirkpatrick, Jackson, Shaw, Dennard, Benwikere FS - Williams, Smith, Williams (R) SS - Iloka, Fejedelem K - Elliot P - Huber LS - Harris PUP - Bernard Suspended - Jones Biggest question to me looking at the roster is who the F plays LT if Ced continues to suck or gets hurt? Fisher I guess with Winston playing RT?
  4. Well I'm done

    I think BlackBengal was the Bengal.com video guy and he's done
  5. Day 3 wishlist

    Not the kicker I expected but cool
  6. Day 3 wishlist

    F it who needs OL?!
  7. Bengals selected Carl Lawson
  8. Day 3 wishlist

    OT Jermaine Elumenor from A&M. Mayock had him as one of his top 5 tackles. He's big and strong (6'4 332 34 reps) and athletic. Born in London and grew up playing rugby. Has experience at guard and tackle.
  9. Day 3 wishlist

    Address all 3 positions of OL in round 4: Dorian Johnsons, Orlovsky and Davenport
  10. Day 2 draft talk

    I'll take Basham or Willis here
  11. Most talented back we've had since Dillon
  12. Day 2 draft talk

    I like it. He has top 5 back talent. Don't have to take him off the field. Legit stud receiver out of the backfield.
  13. Day 2 draft talk

    Here we go!!!

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