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  1. Back in 2003, it was odd for a rookie QB to be starting, so Palmer sitting behind kINTa was expected. The dumber thing was in 2004. Marvin announced Palmer the starter preseason and several media types (I remember Peter King) were saying that's horrible, Palmer has to earn it, blah blah blah Of course national media didn't realize what we fans know about kINTa as we watched him every week - he may give you a win or two, but eventually his small hands and noodle arm catches up to you. He was never a playoff caliber QB. At least Dullton can get you to the playoffs. Just cant win there. kINTa can't even do that
  2. Well, it's a franchise problem. Only playoff wins EVER: 2 in 1981 2 in 1988 1 in 1990 That's it. Paul Brown won everywhere he went - except Cincinnati (and stupidly didn't hire Bill Walsh to succeed him)
  3. Explains perfectly why the clown who said that couldn't win a playoff game.
  4. First of all you don't pay somebody because of their legacy. That's a good way to ruin your franchise (a lesson Bill B never fell victim to). Well, the Cardinals did that with Fitzgerald. And Fitz is a HOF-er, franchise icon. Dullton is neither. Zero play off wins. 1 playoff TD. He's earned a ticket out of town.
  5. Bengals were 5-9 and won last 2 games including that game against Ravens. "Garage time," "Dead Cat Bounce" whatever you want to call it. Bengal fans have been used to this since the 1990s. That game was on New Years Eve. Good luck for the Bills, because we all know what happens to Dullton after January 1. The greatest play of Dullton's Bengal career got somebody else into the playoffs. That is probably fitting for him. I would vote the last minute TD to AJ Green against the Falcons as the 2nd greatest.
  6. Very true. Thanks for reminding me. Dullton's biggest win in the last 4 years was getting the Bills into the playoffs. Garbage time Andy - when he shines.
  7. Well, it appears the QB musical chairs has ended and the only one without a seat is Andy Dullton. What has Dullton accomplished since breaking his thumb (on a typical bone-headed play against the Stillers)? Nothing. He has been a mediocre QB who has consistently shown he cannot make a play on his own and cannot win a game to save his life. Laugh thinking about the twitter and message board people who wondered if Bill B wanted him to lead his team. Maybe if his plan is to get the #1 pick in the draft in 2021.
  8. Well if you had to pick 2-3 franchises that equal the Bengals in futility...one of the them would be??? Hint - it's also a member of the cat family.
  9. Negative comments when discussing one of the worst franchises in American sports history? Amusing that people are genuinely surprised Dullton hasn't been picked up. I guess the same fans who praised Jon kINTa
  10. Wallow in negativity? Now why would I do that? Oh wait it's a Bengals board. But keep praising garbage Dullton.
  11. Dullton better than Foles? Bww haha ha. The ignorance of Bengal fans never stops being funny. Foles was garbage last year. And guess what? So was Dullton. Of course only one got a standing ovation when he left the field from the dumbest fans in the country
  12. Yes, Dalton had a very good OL AND AJ Green AND Marvin Jones AND Mohamed Sanu AND a decent RB. We know how this story ended. Carson Plamer is so negative he is too stupid to realize that he should have stayed a Bengal. Imagine him with those weapons. They are better than Chad, TJ, and Henry.
  13. Ugh. Why is this hard for Bengal fans to understand? Dullton sucks now. He was a decent QB in his prime. I didn't want to get rid of him then. I kept hoping he would take the next step. And it never happened. What if he didn't injure his thumb? We will never know. But remember, he injured his thumb after throwing an INT in the red zone. So you can't even say it was bad luck. He made a shitty play (like he usually does against Pittsburgh) and it cost him the year. And during his prime he failed miserably in the playoffs. ONE TD pass. So if your argument is that Dullton should be a starting QB in the NFL in 2020 you should realize: 1. He sucks now 2. Even at his best, he sucked when it counted.
  14. Given the current problems in the country, that's no guar Bengal fans don't know that he sucks. His biggest win in the last 3 years was getting the Bills into the playoffs. His playoff highlight is fumbling like a fool without even being touched. 5 playoff games eh? 1 TD pass. ONE Garbage Dullton
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