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  1. Has anybody seen the new Madden trailer? There is a great shot of Bobby Hart getting destroyed, as one of the worst OL in the league fully deserves.
  2. Rapistburger is 10X worse than any Bengal of the last 10 years (except Mixon), and the national media will of course give him a pass.
  3. Where oh where are the stupid Dullton fans who said the Cowboys signed him so they would have leverage over Prescott. Dullton will spend the season where he belongs - on his ass not throwing a single wounded duck.
  4. I wouldn't mind a cancelled season at all. The Bengals are rebuilding - they aren't likely to win anyway. A wasted year of Rapistburger would be fine by me.
  5. Yep - long overdue. Just realizing that garbage Dullton won't be on the field for them is the best part. A real leader is what this team needs.
  6. I'd rather bring back the playoff victory from 1990
  7. I'm liking the chanting over the loadspeakers for Bundesliga. Hopefully they simulate booing at PBS when Lamar Jackson is destroying the Bengal defense
  8. tibor75

    POTUS 2020

    What's crazier? That Donald Trump will be re-elected Or that a 77 year old man will be elected President for his first term? The head of state of his 300 million person nation could be 81 years old in 2024. And look at the ages of McConnell, Pelosi, Schurmer Is it any wonder our nation is getting worse? The people running it are of the age that you wouldn't hire them to perform any task other than watching your kids as their grandparent. It's just insane that the Dumbocrats couldn't come up with somebody better than Biden. Then again, it's crazy that both parties couldn't come up with anybody better than Trump / ClinTon.
  9. Here is hoping we finally have real leadership from the QB position. First time since Blake.
  10. Steeler and Ravens fans would love Richard Simmons (if they even remember who he was given how insignificant his career was - more proof I'm a Bengals fan is that I know about the shitty players they have had) How many times did Simmons act like a total fool when playing against them. He was as good as Wasteverharn - another Bengal stooge idolized by clueless fans.
  11. Just an ignorant comment. Simmons would have never seen the field if he played for Ravens or Stealers. The guy just took up space on shitty defenses. Why is it that Bengal fans defend players who suck?
  12. Bengals may have some advantage in a crowd-free environment - seeing they should be used to playing in front of a sparse, lifeless crowd
  13. Is it true that Jeff Blake saved pro football in Cincinnati? If he didn't give the franchise hope, would the voters have voted no on the stadium referendum?
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