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  1. Remember, Marvin Lewis didn't get a HC chance after the Ravens defense led their horrible offense to a Super Bowl title. He had to go to Washington for a year as DC and only then did the worst franchise imaginable give him a chance. Nothing has changed since then.
  2. Akili went 2-9. Mitchell 0-5. Yeah, the Bengals completed 2 passes that day. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/200010220cin.htm
  3. I knew people in the USA would be upset over the 30 year drought, but this was over-kill....
  4. Burrow is better than Lamar Jackson. He just doesn't have the benefit of playing against the Bengals.
  5. Brandon Allen today was the 2nd QB this year to have a passer rating of 0.0 while throwing 10 passes. Who was the first?
  6. At least they didn't surpass the Bengals mark from the Corey DIllon days. Bengals had 400 yards rushing on the day Dillon broke Payton's record. Lenscrafters Warrick also had a 70 yard reverse on that day. Edit - Bengals had 407 yards that day. 2nd most all time. Ravens ended up with 404 - 4th most all time. To be fair, the Bengals performance was more impressive as the Broncos were an ok/decent team. Ravens did it against one of the worst NFL coaches/franchises of all time.
  7. Agreed Although I loved watching him fail today, I would have loved it more if it happened in the actual playoffs adding to his 0-4 record of futility
  8. Sometimes they suck so badly a Sewer Brewer doesn't do it justice. Only positive might have been Tee Hee Higgins setting a rookie Bengal record. But no Mike Thomas screwed that up. Brandon Allen - 0.0 rating. Hard to do when you play the entire game. Give it to the bum.
  9. Dullton picked - ball game. Still a choking bum.
  10. Two of the top three corners are out (Alexander and Jackson) so will it be a repeat performance from LeShaun Sims? Week 1: Randy Bullocks Week 2: John Ross Week 3: Billy Price is Wrong Week 4: Drew Urine Sample Week 5: AJ Green Week 6: Darius Wilson Phillips Week 7: Darius Wilson Phillips Week 8: Carl Lawson Week 9: BYE Week 10: Alex Erickson Week 11: Michael Jordan Week 12: Brandon Allen Week 13: Mike Thomas Week 14: Trayveon Williams Week 15: W
  11. The biggest knock on him is his putrid playoff record. You could argue he was the victim of horrible luck: 1. Arguably his two best teams that were each playing at home lost a playoff game b/c they were missing their starting QB (Plamer and Dalton) 2. He lost two at Houston (one with a rookie Dullton) and another at Indianapolis where they had a bunch of injuries But how to explain the eggs against SD and Jets. Purely Palmer and Dalton's fault who each played like total shit? 1. They had the lead in both games 2. Each game was at home. The SD game was pla
  12. Stillers are going to rest their starters so a Clowns win is much more likely. Would be hilarious if they fail against Big Jen’s understudy
  13. Maybe after a Bengal win, we should also look for Brewer-esque performances from other teams. Baker Mayfield Fumbled on a 4th and inches on a sneak. I think Dullton did that once in overtime against Washington. If the Clowns miss the playoffs, that will be a fitting epitaph on the year.
  14. Wow, didn't realize this: Giants beats Cowboys (possible) Eagles beat WFT (likely) The winner of the NFC East would be the..... Giants at 6-10
  15. Don't forget Hubbard pushing the Texans TE into the end-zone
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