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  1. Any word on how the team is doing with covid vaccinations? I know they aren't the 2 worst (where were leaked I think) and they aren't at the top, but I haven't heard anything else other than the ignorant comments by Mixon
  2. Have you been to Stuggy's? The one at Camden isn't anything special but their dogs at Fells Point are amazing. Best Camden food I've had is crab dip waffle fries.
  3. The food is shit. The hot dogs and brats are among the most disgusting I've ever eaten. The fact that people think Jeff Ruby's is anything shows how horrible Cincinnati is. Ruby's would be considered crap in most real cities. But you are right, unlike baseball, food at a football game isn't as important. But it still sucks and reinforces that there is nothing positive about the Paul Brown Stadium experience. Bad food, bad scoreboard, bad team, bad city. Easy one of the worst travel destinations. But not the very worst as at least you can be outdoors and experience the elements.
  4. Loved in when she couldn't handle ol tibor. Comical. She couldn't dish it back. On the Ohio State board, somebody mentioned a family member of Graham showed upon VT boards back when he was in college - posted under HokieMom or HokieSIS.
  5. Cincinnati is one of the worst NFL cities out there. The team isn't that great so you aren't going to be watching any superstars on another team, the stadium food is garbage, and the city is fairly boring. If you don't spend a day of your life in Cincinnati, have you really missed anything? Nope. That being said, the following are likely worse: Indianapolis - indoors and dull city Jacksonville - horrible city Cleveland - a crappier version of Cincinnati Atlanta - indoors problem and a sterile city Charlotte - boring city That's about it
  6. LOL, Pyrite Graham was a typical Bengal choker. Who can forget the bum shanking two easy kicks in the Jets playoff game and then not having the guts to face the media afterwards. Ring of Honor? Laughable.
  7. Playoff wins Mahomes > Bengals entire franchise history Brown family is an embarrassment. And that includes Paul Brown, a Cincinnati failure.
  8. If Burrow is an all-time great, maybe we have done enough. That's what it takes to overcome the hurdles of a team headed by one of the worst owners/GMs in American sports history. He is that horrible and awful. Not good enough for Burrow to be very good like Dullton and Plamer were at times. He has to be Mahomes/Brady level. Not sure if being as good as Brees is good enough. Mike Brown is the epitome of the idea that 90% of success may depend upon who your parents were. Because he has accomplished nothing in his life and is still a millionaire and the o
  9. There have been many good players at "THE". Unfortunately most are Bengal disappointments. Big Fatty and Price is Wrong come to mind.
  10. They intercepted Favre 5 times and barely won that game. Their defense was garbage.
  11. Agreed. They were starting Wasteverharn and Ohehateme at safety that game. A big play was the botched FG early in the second half. If they made that, they go up 20-14 and then the next 2 Stiller TDs would not have made it a two score game. Marvin playoff games are full of these crappy moments: 1. Botched FG against Stillers - fail to go up 20-14 2. Gio fumble - fail to go up 14-7 3. Benson goes for 150 yards, but Garbage Graham screws up two easy kicks 4. Hill fumble. Enuff said
  12. If anybody has noticed, I've actually done a better job in the last several months with toning down the negativity. Then again, it's the off-season which is usually the most optimistic time for Bengal fans as they have the same record as anybody else. It also helped that Andy Dullard is no longer with the team. The fact that such a big game loser was praised by the fans in Cincinnati is just insane. Last year people actually thought NE would make a play for him and go to the playoffs. Comical.
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