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  1. Are you joking? Brian "Richard" Simmons was never ever good. He was a total bum.
  2. But huge respect for our offense. Because he knew that keeping the ball was the only shot they had.
  3. Almost as much as Dre DIckpatrick looking like a total waste on the game clinching touchdown
  4. 49ers just lost. they look like crap. Clinching TD by the Colts scored over Dre Dickpatrick. Heh heh. How can a shitty player like him last so long in the league?
  5. Today I saw the Bengals/Ravens, Bucs/Bears, and Colts/49ers And I saw so many stupid and embarrassing plays by every team. Everybody except the Bengals. Just now, the 49ers had a Colts player stopped on 3rd down, but another 49er defender joined the tackle and pushed the ball carrier forward. And I'm not even mentioning all the horrible PI penalties by the 49ers. Oh yeah, and Wentz and Crappafallacio are both trash.
  6. Surprised he didn't make some comment about the Stillers lurking.
  7. One bad: Failed sneak on 2nd and 1. Who the hell goes for a sneak on 2nd and 1? You have Burrow - pass the ball. And if you do it, how can it fail miserably?
  8. I think Burrow on the INT was thinking the same thing Bengal fans were: 13 point lead is nothing, not much better than 10 points. And in fact, if you are winning by 10, the other team will play for a FG + TD and a tie. But a 13 point lead forces the other team to get 2 TDs and the win. But 17 is basically the ball game. So I'm ok with taking a risk to get a TD. But not on that play. That had zero chance to succeed. Just throw it out of bounds.
  9. Well I guess you could say if we don't make the playoffs, it's a huge disappointment. Because if they don't win the division, 10 wins should get a wild card and they are half way there. Clowns, Rats, Stillers - all are worse than we thought they were. Broncos stink. Raiders are good 49ers...eh. Chiefs are imploding Jets suck. If they don't get to 10 wins, it's because they suffered a bunch of injuries, Zak Taylor reverts to Zak Shula, or Burrow tanks.
  10. Reminds me of that great Simpsons episode when a group of Germans take over the nuclear plant: We regret to annouce the following layoffs which I will now read in alphabetical order.... Simpson, Homer. That is all.
  11. Not bad or ugly, but anybody else been a little disappointed in the play of Tee Hee Higgins this year? I can't think of one great play he's made. And he's dropped a few. Disappointing for a 2nd year 2nd round pick.
  12. LOL. Guysuck. Always good for a Brewer or two on a yearly basis.
  13. Crazy thing is that I still remember the game we watched. Giants and Bengals. Bengals actually did well but choked in the end. That week was notable for the Dolphins unveiling the wildcat against the Patriots. No idea how I remember that too
  14. The other dumb shit from the Ravens was they "pretended" to go for it on 4th and 10 from midfield and then called a TO instead of just taking the delay of game. You know it's something when other team reminds you more of Rotten Apple than the real thing. All 3 passing TDs were pretty pathetic D by the Rats.
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