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  1. Corey Dillon not getting much love here. For me, in my era he would have to be close to getting on the new ring of honour. Maybe the second intake?
  2. 6 weeks ago Dunlap was at fault. 404 yds against the D is not all the coaches fault, most of the team both sides of the ball were already on vacation.
  3. Just give me a fresh start with the OL and RBs coaches. That'll fix a lot. As for Lou, I'd keep him. I think the D performance is unfairly picked on. The D kept us in games with 2nd and 3rd strings. Let's hope the FA defensive pickups last offseason get a injury free run in 2021.
  4. I think ZT should be fired from play calling. I'd give him one more year to show & prove that he can HC. Focus on being a HC. ZT and Callahan can still draw up the plays, but the latter needs the gameday responsibility. ZT needs to focus on all sides of the ball.
  5. So Gase is now fired. IF we do move on coaches, get it out there publicily now. If we look like we're serious about improving and getting the right people in; you have to market yourselves that way.
  6. Agreed. It's important to win at all costs every week. That's sport. Otherwise, you're cheating.
  7. I want players who want to win. Tanking serves no purpose.
  8. When we rallied against the Seahawks and won in OT? You called it that game at the end of the 3rd, that we could win!
  9. Sorry I missed the chat, was driving 16 hours to Central Australia. I got to listen to the game though! I'm sure the chat would have been fun for sure! WHO DEY!
  10. There is something right. Only 2 players are against him in public. I know we're not winning but we're a chance to win every game with this shit herd of cattle. We had a great offseason, yet nearly all are injured. But... something has to change, this shit show is depressing.
  11. We should call Hart " The Hinge", assists in opening doors for sacks! Never needs oiling, works open every time without squeaks.
  12. It's tough, there are 3 scenarios.... Zac and his whole staff return to give them 1 more chance when Burrow returns to see if it works out or not. Only Zac comes back, still his last chance and lot's of new assistants. The FO silence is deafening, he is fired! To attract the next coach, we need to fire Zac now! This will show future candidates that times are changing and we want to win. If we out of respect keep Zac now and fire him after the season, we will have some good candidates not wanting to come... unless of course they are piss ants and only come to Cincy f
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