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  1. No to Hill at CB. Why didn't they play Davis at CB, don't think that was fair on Hill who has had no practice at the position.
  2. You left and it all seemed ok, but I think after the half all our devices had gone asleep and thus we couldn't rejoin. Lucky for you, sleep would have been more fun that watching the second half!
  3. I wonder if Jonah woould be better at RT. Other than that, back to the draft?
  4. The media are gonna go nuts this week. Over reaction from some for sure; but maybe their expectations were too high!
  5. The way this season is going that will happen, but I don't see us winning the division.
  6. Mix is not overrate, but he's not 100% of what he has been the last two years and our O-Line is not playing well in the run game. Or the pass game in fact.
  7. Bugger, so dissapointed in losing. We had a few holes, tonight with some new injuries we have more and bigger holes. I hope we address what we need, must win next 3 games to hppe for a Wildcard. I believe, but do the players?
  8. We are a mess tonight. Being 3-0 down in the division hurts. I don't see us sweeping 3-0 oin the division in the next 3. We just don't look like divisional winners this season.
  9. No game this year is easy. And then we can play like this, all games are harder!
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