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  1. https://www.espn.com.au/nfl/story/_/id/28498442/what-patriots-filming-punishment-means-franchise-nfl-legacies Swept under the rug, the news story broke 18 minutes after the Cam Newton announcement.
  2. Me agree too. This is a good deal for Dalton during Covid19. Not much market right now, get a good deal, hang around the hood and wait for a starting job opening next season.
  3. NFL.Com reports. My say- good riddance if they let him walk at the end of this year. It's not about the injuries, he's simply a shit catch.
  4. This is a smart move, with this season being a compromised one, in reality it will be a very long preseason for the new squad to gel and be ready for the next real season of football. Good Luck to Andy, nice bloke, kept this team together but just not quite good enough to carry the team to wins in primetime or playoffs.
  5. A An A+ is perfect and no team will be. Good solid picks whom all will contribute if they stay healthy.
  6. All day 1 & 2 prospects got sent a care package from the NFL. Included 32 hats and the camera setup so they could stream their living room.
  7. Where did our OL rank in the last 8 games. They played good, AJ replacement is a good pick.
  8. He's our new AJ. For me AJ is not on our roster until he actually competes again and IF he does, will he play more than 8 games.
  9. Let's save some money, a 7th Round CB is better than Dre.
  10. The OL was better with Glenn, keep him if he's not a cancer in the locker room.
  11. ZT I feel is the right coach for this club, but the play calling at the moment is awful. If that improves we have a good possibly great coach.
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