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  1. It can't be that hard, let's trade next year's no 1 pick; use the extra picks on the line... either side of the ball.
  2. DJ Reader is calling out the D; maybe a player culture shift is about to wave through the locker room.
  3. I would try anything on the right side to save our QB.
  4. Jonah dropped off a little against the Browns, could be the fact his second NFL start was only 4 days after his first. He's still a rookie, if he and JB look only average in their first year with no preseason, I'll take that as a positive.
  5. I'm devo about this, I had him pegged for the most receptions this season.
  6. Lou is in charge of the D.... And we can't tackle, something had to change. I love Bates, but two huge missed tackles yesterday when he was in the right position, that's crap. Where's the intensity, I say this seriously... Are they being over coached? Thinking too much on the field?
  7. None of our WRs can get separation whilst we can't run the ball. Tate's height would help move the chains.
  8. So what your saying is that the Bengals scouting department has more chance of landing quality draft day picks with their eyes closed?
  9. I wouldn't call the run defense too solid, we gave up chunks when we knew Tyrod Taylor wasn't a threat.
  10. That man is in control, we'll still see the rookie errors but his presence is awesome!
  11. Bates will get ejected. Shocked, the Refs gave us something.
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