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  1. Good: We win, we win, we win!!! D Line pressure; Hendrikson was being held all day and he still won his battles. O Line; kept Joe safe, bigger lanes in the run game and no F'ups in the centre of the line. Bad: The refs Changed the game with those flags on roughing the passer Changed the game with their lack of a flag, if Hendrikson is not held Ben does not make some of those bigger completions. Ugly: Zac's play calling and game management. Always burns a timeout at the begining of halves That timeout when we got them to jump offside. Calling 2 plass plays when we need to pound the ball and burn the clock. An turnover there shifts momentum and give Shittsburgh a sniff at a win. Stoopid.
  2. One thing for sure this week is the flags won't be thrown our way. We have to be prepared well this week, otherwise the game will be too stacked against us
  3. Not fun here, nearly been locked down for a whole year since Feb 2020. But football is back so things are on the up. Hopefully Bengals as well.
  4. The HC has one job. Prepare the team which includes leading all coordinators and position coaches to their jobs well. It's about time Zac steps back and does HIS JOB. I'm repeating this from last year. Last year I hoped Zac could see his isn't delivering as he is not focussed on the WHOLE team. A rookie HC learning curve. This year, I now just think he is an arrogant putz. That offensive game plan against Da'Bears was offensive!
  5. Good: D Line! They are keeping us in games despite Eli Apple. Bad: Players returning from injury. Trey Hopkins is not ready; he's killing the O Line play; and Joe Burrow is as expected, lacks movement and is killing play action. Ugly: Game plan. Really??? We threw that shit out there after week one. Why not at least repeat the week 1 plan, it worked.
  6. I agree with preperation. Is Zac to slack on this team. Gave them a quiet week, only had a walkthrough. Going back to preseason, sent them home a day early. We are a bottom team, we need every lit bit of help.
  7. You know Andy is gonna dink and dunk at Eli Apple; he wont have a good game if he doesn't.
  8. The Good: We won; man the heart was racing! The Bad: Alowing 5 sacks on Joe 2.0. The Ugly: That 4th down play call. The Lucky (for us): Vikings penalties - 12 for 116yds.
  9. Nice one She! Hopefully we can have a chat going again on gameday! Or game morning for me, the season opener is always a tough one... a 3am kick-off.
  10. I'm happy to give Chase a break but he should've played with the second team during preseason as well. He's a rookie that needs NFL reps.
  11. Sample versus Moss. Think of it that way. Sample may not be brilliant but he can block and can catch. Moss is only good at one of those skills. I use Sample as the example as we're talking about a 3rd TE. Moss would have to be a destuctive force in receiving to make the team, that he is not.
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