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  1. Let's save some money, a 7th Round CB is better than Dre.
  2. The OL was better with Glenn, keep him if he's not a cancer in the locker room.
  3. ZT I feel is the right coach for this club, but the play calling at the moment is awful. If that improves we have a good possibly great coach.
  4. I really want to stay positive about Taylor, hey we're competitive with a lot of crappy players. That's gotta be some part attributed to culture. Play calling on the other hand concerns me; happy to put it down as rookie errors this year but I hope he get's it right next year, either by self improvement or delegation.
  5. The refs did not do the following: - not run Mixon on the 1st and goal from the 2. - crap pass protection that got AD sacked. - not call the Bengals offensive plays.
  6. GOOD - we win - D line healthy - O line played better (both run & pass) - AD faster release - still no Dre, he would have hurt us today BAD - The Jets, they looked like us 8 games ago UGLY - empty stands
  7. The worst thing since 2006 was the Shazier helmet to helmet on Gio. Without that hit the helmet to helmet rule is not as harsh... and he and the sqeelers got away with it.
  8. Tanking is soul destroying and will set this football club back another 5 years. I want to see us dig our way out, build character, build winners.
  9. Thanks mate, was a great day except for suffering my first loss.
  10. Rip him after the truth is out. Concussion should be taken seriously always.
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