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  1. There goes Elliott

    Another foolish move by the Bengals..I wanted to keep Elliott based on the fact that his kickoffs were a lot better Bullock has choked twice in the clutch since we got him
  2. How we could come into this season with Ced Obuehi as the starting LT is a joke...
  3. Agree..He is 34 and done
  4. and I really hope we have a new coach next year. Ialong with a lot of others here wanted Marvin Lewis gone after the home playoff loss to San Diego
  5. EVen if the Bengals had won today I cannot see them winning more than 5 Games their offensive line is a disaster and I would still like to see what McCarron can do...
  6. We should have drafted OJ Howard to soleve our TE issue even though I really like John Ross
  7. Is Marvin Coming Back....?

    100000% agree...
  8. I agree with you wholeheartedly on losing all the aforementioned players sans Marvin Jones. We offered him the same exact contract as did the Lions Nothing we could do there ..He wasnt go to be out # 1 WR with AJ Green on the roster and was Sanu worth 32 million no...But losing both Whitwrth and Zeitler was inexcusable for sure. We had to kep at least one of those two and should have kept both..I am sick of hearing the Bengals don't pay guards..Look where that philosphy had gotten them..
  9. Couldnt agree more..McCarron deserves a shot and I hope he gets it...Dalton had had his shot Time for a change!!
  10. Zampese Out

    I dont really believe Dalton is all that bad but he definitely wilts under pressure. Idf this continues McCarron needs to be given a shot. Also if we are to have any chance this year we need a new LT for sure...someone to stabilize the OLINE
  11. Good point...He has to go...get someione else in there immediately!!

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