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  1. They train them well dirtiest team in sports that can be summed up when Tonkin tried to trip a ravens player after an interception a few years back
  2. His father was a great player but a head case for sure that cheap shot deserves at least a fine or 1 game suspension
  3. The only player to up Irwin was a few years back back up QB Josh Johnson took my son behind the block off rope while I took a photo of them my son was 9 at the time and will never forget that really nice guy and I am so happy that he has lasted as a Back up QB for many years in the NFL
  4. He actually signed autographs until every kid was gone and did it gladly
  5. Besides having great hands he is a super nice gentleman at training camp he was one of the few Bengals to sign for my son along with Khalid Kareem they both stayed extra time to sign for kids class acts
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