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  1. Hopefully Bill Callhan comes on as OLine coach...and Del Rio has always had decent defenses so he would not be a bad choice!
  2. Walton, Brown and Phillips were steals...very good draft...Looking forward to see how it plays out
  3. Like all these guys....Phillips is the new return man...Harris will help at CB and special teams and Brown was the best DT at the Senior Bolw..3 very good 5th round picks where we always seem to get good player..and Walton was definitely a steal Will be a great special teamer and 3rd down back
  4. OT..Like Crosby from Oregon and Jamarco Jomes from OSU...Need at least 2 more O Lineman
  5. Price is a good player and a very good pick....He would not have lasted until the 46th pick..Looks like Daniels might
  6. Ragnow seems Pollack's type of an O Lineman to me.. he is definitely the closest to travis Frederick of the centers available..
  7. Bucky Brooks made a good point on NFL Network when discussing why we may select Lamar Jackson. Lazor likes a fast paced up tempo offense and that's why he worked well with Chip Kelly....and we would have a dynamic offense with AJ,Mixon, and Lamar Jackson...and if Ross works out.........
  8. To me Ragnow seems closest to travis frederick the Center who was picked by the Cowboys when Pollack was there but I'd be happy with either of the 3...
  9. You are right Old...He would be a good pick also....no doubt...You don't start 55 games @ OSU if you are not a good football player...he reminds me of Nick Mangold who started 4 years at OSU also..Only thing is we need him to start from day 1..I hope if we draft him that he does...
  10. I'd like to come out of the first 2 rounds with Mcglinchey and Ragnow but would'nt mind Orlando Brown i n the 2nd either...
  11. Hopefully they get one...I would be happy with any one of the 3 centers you mentioned in the first if Mcglinchey is gone....
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