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  1. Path to the Draft

    Terrell Edmunds the safety
  2. Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    Agree...Would really fix the O Line...
  3. Path to the Draft

    Had us Picking Will Hernandez Mcglinchey Terrell Edmunds or Rashaun Evans
  4. Pick 21 Poll

    Price can play mutiple posotions...and will play center here...I would be ecstatic if we drafted him....We also need a RT though..
  5. Path to the Draft

    Thanks will tape it...Is on on @ 6EST or 7EST?
  6. Burfict in trouble again

    I'm with SF here.....But if they do move on we need an adequate replacement ..Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds would be nice but they'll be gone by the time we pick..I was looking forward to drafting either McGlinchey or James Daniels @ 21 and taking another good O Lineman in Round 2..That may have changed now...
  7. Pick 12 Poll

    Really like smith and we know the Bengals like Georgia players and he definitely fills a need
  8. Kipers first mock draft

    I know its early but I think this would be a great pick..Let Burfict teach him the game and he will be an excellent choice. But we better come out of this draft with at least 2 or 3 good O Lineman
  9. According to Phil Simms Austin should be a head coach..I believe that he is our HC in waiting behind Marvin Lewis..
  10. Coaching Staff Changes

    Hopefully we make a good choice!
  11. Coaching Staff Changes

    I though they were hiring Guenther?
  12. Coaching Staff Changes

  13. Coaching Staff Changes

    Good point!!..And has done a great job with the Bears!..I did hear Phil Simms being interviewed on Friday and he did say he thinks Austin deserves a chance to be a Head Coach..
  14. Guys, I Need Some Help

    I will help fund your GOFUND acct sir and give the little I can give...I was out of work for almost 3 years a few years back and so was my wife ..I know about financial hardship... I always seem to be behind on my bills... Its not fun..I never ever had credit debt until now...Even though you didnt like some of my posts (just kidding)I will do the little I can to help. I know what u feel like and hope things get better for u. I lost my job 3 months after adopting my son. Anyway, May God help you and your family

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