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  1. 2018 Coaching prospects

    This is certainly depressing but he is going to lose a lot of fans if a good hire is not made.... w he familiar with Marvin when he hired him ? new blood is needed no doubt
  2. Agree but it would not have mattered even if we had won...No way we beat Minnesota at Minnesota in a few weeks which we would have had to do...
  3. Marvin Lewis Poll

    10000% agree...How Alexander still has a job is incredible
  4. Sorry I offended you man...My apologies...
  5. DO u actually think we our offensive line we can beat a decent team?
  6. Steelers Fans At Kroger....

    What did u expect from Stealers fans
  7. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Good point!!
  8. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Patricia.. Definitely not Haley..he is a decnt OC was not too good as a Head Coach with the Chiefs..Above all though a disciplinarian
  9. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Good Point It's better for the NFL period including their revenue which is taking a bit of a hit this season
  10. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Would have been a good deal for both sides. I for one want to see what Maccaron can do over a good stretch of games but not with the Browns. With the season we are having he deserves a shot here but with our O Line He's better off on the bench
  11. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Supposedly a Restricted Free agent as per PFT...If so we can put a 1st round tender on him....If he was unrestricted the Bengals would look very foolish on this one..But again who knows who fault this was..and why wait until the last minute?
  12. Bengals and Browns tried...

    The Browns are going nowhere this season anyway. We can make this same exact deal when the new NFL year begins in April...
  13. ..as for Garoppolo I think we can get something in return for Macarron. He is going to walk at years end anyway.I think he's worth a 2nd rounder no doubt.

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