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  1. I wish I could just quote the title of those thread. The AFC Champions we are! In the SB, we were just not good enough, but close enough to snatch another victory from the jaws of defeat.
  2. Do we want to spend big coin on Bates and have less for the OL? Is safety a more replaceable position, I think so. Would Bates leaving affect our culture?
  3. Yeah, I'm worried about the amount of FA's we have this year. I hope we don't get caught out replacing too many that we want but left. I hope BJ Hill stays, I think Oganjobi will cost to much.
  4. Hats off too all the fans who welcomed the team home. Brought the first tear to my eye after the loss. I still can't believe we made the SB! This will always be a fond year to remember, even when we win it all next year! Who Dey!
  5. Yep, and so long Huber. Love the guy but he legs lost too many yards this year and cost us good field position. Plus, his leg is worn out after that second half!
  6. Good: - we made the SB! - Joey B handled himself well; he'll do his best and I believe in him to get us back there. - Lou and the D, thank you! Bad: - The refs changing the way they flagged the game in the last 2 mins. Ugly: - play calling personnel, why was Mixon not in the game for crucial short yards. He was playing well. - the OL pass protect
  7. Every playoff win has been a flip of a coin, it'll be nice to know that we should just win in the coming years
  8. I've been a Zac questioner for ages, but he made it to the SB. But... I still feel we need better game plan, pay calling.
  9. It was sad that they kept the flags in the pockets for so long, then brought them out. If you gonna let shit slide in the first half, refs CANNOT make half time adjustments like we expect the coaches to do.
  10. Awesome year, offensive line improvement will win multiple SBs with Joey Franchise.
  11. Such a sad day. But I believe we will not fade like our list 2 losses.
  12. I've gone to a mates place, I'll try and pop in on my phone occasionally. I'm there in spirit, don't you worry! Who Dey!
  13. I just hope he is really ready to go. Nothing worse than finding out on the first few plays of the game that he's not healthy enough ton contribute. I want him to play sooo bad, but not to the detriment of the team.
  14. Let's talk about how big money Mahomes choked. Great arm, mentally fragile? Let's talk about how Mixon was absolutely huge all game, stuck with it and changed the way the Chiefs play D.
  15. I wanna play the NFC Champions! Oh yeah, we will in 2 weeks! WHO DEY!
  16. Good: we're going to the SuperBowl!!! Bad: I can't go. Ugly: me crying by myself in my lounge room. WHO DEY!
  17. I know; sometimes I just get a little superstitious.
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