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  1. We had 100 snaps so it’s a low ratio. We need more runs and Evans needs to play more . My opinion means 0 .
  2. How about using Evans some out of back field? Run 50 times based on all the turnover I am not big fan of spread no one In to help chip. They had 100 snaps on offens, so we ran 30 percent? Run run run no turn overs . Play marv ball. Joking yeah it’s one game hopefully joe is good to go . I am all in just interesting how he wasn’t seeing things he normally sees in his sleep. It was his first time playing without brace, too .
  3. This is a great breakdown from Kurt Warner of the game against Stealers. I think we should have been running more based on how joe was seeing the field and all yards we had last year on ground against pitt.
  4. Joe said he is a cat guy. What a perfect answer!!
  5. He said if they reviewed it it would be a td. The pic of the ref starring at chase foot and ball right in front of him is bit obvious what they wanted.
  6. Also how do you have a sideline shot of the catch by Pittsburg. But act like it 1960 and only have one camera on that chase catch. I I think booth for these tv networks hide shots that impact games. Put in pilon cam and 50 other cameras they are pretty cheap now. Send Katie to micro center or something.
  7. Watching Denver Seattle game officials called it tight. Stealers get away with murder against us.
  8. I thought first half the entire offense thought they were doing seven on seven drills. Very rusty, but give and take risking injury in the preseason understand. Burrow just seemed off normally he feels backside blitz from corner. He seemed to stare down receivers, as well. I wish the coaches would tell him to check ball down on side tj watt isn’t playing. Running herst right behind defensive player of year, seemed pretty questionable. Like tj will not see this. Just line up and pound on them for while. They couldn’t stop chase I would have force fed him early often. He is your number 1 treat him like that get him more involved early. Onto Jerry’s world stay healthy we should be good.
  9. Ramsey seemed disinterested. He let people run right past him. I saw some of that in super bowl but Allen with time, shredded him. Overall bills are loaded Allen needs to protect himself little better say they play Stealers. Von miller looked really good too.
  10. Nfl network replaying super bowl watched few minutes. If perine goes other way on middle screen different game. We kicked field goal went up 7. I had to turn it off to painful.
  11. Rams have bug going around hope that we don’t catch something from them . Sean mcvay said they were monitoring things .
  12. Protect joe at all cost. Sell everything for franchise. Burrow needs to gain weight he said trying to gain 20 pounds he lost. Take his time coming back this isn’t healthy
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