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  1. The cost of upgrades and these new additions might make more sense to build new stadium. Build dome for burrow. I do love snow games though And having tough team.
  2. I am sure it was just random rams play super bowl in their house and win. I try not to think those things but then I see this. I hear we could be bills 5 Super Bowls. I think burrow could win one with 5 chances. I love to be in 5 Super Bowls with burrow chase . https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nfl-takes-7-5-million-212717553.html
  3. I noticed joe not wearing brace. Also curious if he went to Panama for stem cells to get those joints healthy again?
  4. I love defensive drafts and drafting offensive linemen for depth. . Core of good team. I hope bates plays this year on tag he might just choose to sit out. There were some franchise guys that got hurt playing on one year deals. I hope we sign bates long term but from all these safeties being chosen in draft could be his last year with bengals
  5. He can clean up after games, I guess. He can live at stadium, too. No ty baker, good luck on your future plans.
  6. I saw highlights. I think it be good developmental league for lineman. There was a lengthy te I saw I liked. Doubt these guys would even make practice squad but was higher level than that league last year that folded. Did marvin get a job possibly?
  7. Interesting read. I get sense from reading article and temporary use the bengals will ask for bubble in next stadium deal possibly. Should be interesting to see what happens. If I were cincy I pave entire downtown make reds move to blue ash use mock stadium of Crosley. There are probably enough seats 500 or so . Sucks what baseball done to reds. No parity at all
  8. Bubble bengals who dey . Burrow changed everything hope he starts motivational speeches for us recovering long time bengals fans.
  9. True they all probably have planes as much as these guys make. Burrow gonna make 55 per chase 25 mil yr. Comparing to this year Adam’s and Aaron’s contracts. Crazy we have two of best players in league. Enjoying every day I can.
  10. I went to flats or whatever they call it. Rock and roll hall of fame what else does Cleveland have. Is this the lebron replacement . Just kidding good luck they did have perfect preseason few years ago.
  11. Good luck to cj. When jets cut salary end of this year hopefully we can get him back as a veteran leader.
  12. Bj made biggest play in bengals history over last 30 years picking Patrick maholmes off. I love keeping him and keep as much of this team around. They can teach younger players what they want. Backups make millions in nfl,so we need to bring up quality rotation. This keeps your team healthy and in playoff hunt. I love the draft but for some reason we seem to take Ohio state players. Big daddy and price. Whoever looks at lines must just call Ohio state. There are good players from there but it seems we take more of them than most. New era old news. Great signings can’t go wrong with lineman ever.
  13. I would keep hopkins cheap for lineman provide depth he can play guard too. . He has been through hell back with us, restructure his deal keep him. Build it right depth . If he leaves I understand. This is chump change for what burrows going to get next year. Protect your investment
  14. The #Bengals are signing OL Ted Karras to a 3-year, $18M deal, source said.
  15. Old school non emojis using user was alive before and during creation of internet. Al gore apparently invented internet too.
  16. Yeah sorry, about that the smiley face was meant to show sarcasism. Anyways, this bone bruise comment goes back to Richie Brahm our center back in Palmer days. Marvin kept saying bone bruise and I think braham missed rest of season. Our medical staff didn’t have best rep back then. My bad everyone, just an old bengals fan. I would boo santa at game like Philly did.
  17. Just a bone bruise. I hope he heals quickly or gets some bionic parts installed.
  18. Best breakdown of officials in super bowl sucked obviously. I didn’t see some of these
  19. the whole is greater than the sum of all parts. Whatever it was with this team keep it together. I would sign bell, can’t replace the leadership. He proved it during super bowl run. I am done with all talent players just starting. experienced leadership to protect back end. these guys haven’t played together real long . Hopefully whoever they draft gets schooled from the vets before seeing the field. The players run the team, so they should be able to tell who can play or is fronting. I would draft late rounds maybe prove yourself on special teams. High rounds we need depth and up front lineman . I love to trade that late first round pick for another 2nd or 2 3rd picks. on draft I was around when we picked very high Mike traded up to take kijana carter, if I remember. With this team we need a couple offensive lineman free agents. Whatever they been doing last couple years just follow same game plan. I would love to get bruising full back that can catch lead block for this offense, like sf has. We run similar systems and need a fb that can pass protest cj on one leg in Super Bowl pass blocking Donald was a joke. Is there anyone like Lamar that would drop we could trade to get more picks? Lamar is pretty special was a steal late first round.
  20. Remember fourth down 1st half linebacker knocks it down. P lined up on wrong side so the linebacker is in there to knock ball down. Prime on the other side I still don’t think we get the first. It’s on inside the nfl
  21. Saying that was a neutral field is like saying Big Ben a great family man. Sofi is rams home field. They knew where to go when winds got heavy . We had to stay at ucla. Rams kept their home locker room.
  22. The media is just trying to give everyone else hope . We are small market so they hate talking about even rich eisen which I was shocked at.
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