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  1. That Chubb hit was nasty. Reminded me when Willis MacGhee got his knee shredded vs. Ohio State
  2. It will be my 2nd time at PBS/Paycor. First time was when the infamous Corey Dillion threw his pads in the stands.
  3. Sweet!! Flying in Thursday afternoon. Believe it or not, I'm taking my 4 year old nephew to the Reds game too!! He doesn't know it though. Section 127. Between home plate and the Reds dugout. Gonna be my first time at GABP.
  4. Me too 😁. Section 128 I'll be at the Reds game Saturday evening too.
  5. Last year, every team in the division finished with a 3-3 division record. Two tough division games right out the gate spelled doom. Especially with 9 not having any preseason reps. 9 looks likes he is reluctant to throw it downfield
  6. Jump to 0:30 Bengals are paying 12 million to Jonah Williams to block a LB, and leaving your new TE to block Za'Darius Smith.
  7. To my eyes, it seems like the rain really caught them off guard. Which is crazy, seeing how well we have played in bad weather. The team never looked comfortable, especially Burrow. Multiple times, him and the receivers were not on the same page.
  8. Its being reported that Ravens RB JK Dobbins might have torn his Achilles
  9. Deshaun Watson career record versus the Bengals is 1-2. Only win was in 2017, when he was with the Texans. A 13-9 yawner 🥱 https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/deshaun-watson-career-record-versus-bengals
  10. With Watson starting, Chubb might get 15-18 carries. Browns want to make Watson a pocket passer (which he isn't), to justify that huge contract. If the squad holds Chubb to under 100 yards, Bengals win. Also like our chances if Ward is out.
  11. Word on the street is that Colt McCoy has a "dead arm" and is considering retirement. I always wondered why Donta Foreman hasn't stuck with a team. He gave the Bengals fits when he came in for Derrick Henry in that playoff game. Same thing when he played for the Texans, and Panthers He is physical, runs extremely hard, and has nice speed. And he is only 27. A poor man's Nick Chubb. If Denver releases TE Albert Okwuegbunam, I'd take a look at him.
  12. Andrei Iosivas is built like a tank, has superb size, and deceiving quickness and speed. I really hope he makes the roster.
  13. What's the word on Dax Hill? Haven't seen any news on him lately. For him to be penciled in as one of the starting safeties, he's been awfully quiet.
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