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  1. He had one good game. I think it was against Seattle. The two TD game. He dropped a wheel route pass the would have been a TD. Andy goes right back to him the very next play where he out leaps two DBs and scores. He could catch but he was very inconsistent. And he was hurt quite a bit. Marv also healthy scratch him ALOT
  2. Honestly, Ross was never the same after Marv benched him because of that fumble. He played on eggshells after that. Same thing can be said for Jeremy Hill.
  3. If Burrow gets any time to throw, this team will be put up A LOT of points. No more stacking the box to stop the run and double teams on Boyd or Higgins. There will ALWAYS be a mismatch somewhere
  4. If Atlanta is already taking calls for Julio, they will probably take Chase.
  5. I thought having numbers on the shoulders were a NFL requirement
  6. Still wished that they would have gone with a pair of orange pants and black stripes
  7. Here are 9 color combinations. And this isn't including the all white color rush unis.
  8. Bengals wanted him last year, but he said Washington called him first. I actually like this signing, if he can stay healthy.
  9. Really hope the pick at 5 is Pitts. He is going to be a matchup nightmare. Especially if his 4.46 40 time is legit. And for those doubting is route running, check out the move at the 4:20 mark.
  10. I guessing Darnay Scott. Chad had a couple of 150 yard games, but he doesn't drink Peter Warrick never came close to 150 yards in a game
  11. Wasn't it RB coach Jim Anderson who really wanted Chris Perry? If I'm not mistaken, the thing that impressed Jim Anderson the most was Perry's 51 carries and 219 yards game against Michigan State. Sadly, the wheels literally fell off by the time he became a Bengal
  12. If they draft Sewell, this has the potential to become a serious issue. Jonah Williams wants to stay at LT for the obvious next big contract payday. I actually haven't been impressed with him at LT since he has been here. He knows RT make less than the LT. If the Bengals draft Sewell and put him at RT, will they decide to move him to LT, if Williams doesn't pan out at LT? If they do decide move Sewell to LT after playing RT, he will command LT money (see Ravens LT/RT Orlando Brown Jr.) Williams would probably be a better guard, but he already knows this organizati
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