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  1. He had Lasik surgery during the off season which I truly believe contributed to his high number of INTs. I remember when he was in college and couldn't see the sidelines from the field. How he ever made it this far without at least contacts is an amazing feat in itself.
  2. I still say they release right before training camps begin. Side bar: Jamesis Winston going to the Stealers would be a great fit for him and bad for us.
  3. I know. I was including his last year's salary which was 11.2 million. Not the 15 million that Old Schooler posted. So actually he will receive 30 million for one year's work (2020). Don't think the Bengals didn't take this into consideration when they put the tag on him. Now the real question is, will the Bengals still sign him to a 3 year deal at market value, next year, if he is healthy? My answer is, probably not
  4. A lot of people seem to forget this part. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the main reason he didn't go on IR. To receive his full salary. So, technically he will receive 33 million for one year's worth of play. And that's a big IF, pending on whether or not he plays the full 2020 season. If someone can find the language about being on the IR and salaries being paid, I'd be very grateful
  5. To me, this is the most logical thing to do. They have to see if he is healthy enough to play the whole season. Only thing is that he will valuable OTA time with his new QB
  6. He beat 7 top ten ten teams this year against players who he will probably be playing against again on Sundays. I'll take my chances on him.
  7. I can almost guarantee they ain't signing him for 5 more years. If that what he wants, they have to let him go.
  8. The problem with back loading the deal is that it would hurt them for the next 2-3 years, if he gets hurt early in the deal That's why I say tagging him this year is pretty much the only solution
  9. I want the WR from Colorado Laviska Shenault Jr. We have had damn good luck drafting WRs in the second round
  10. I really like the kid from Colorado Laviska Shenault Jr. He already has a pro WR body at 6'2" 220 lbs. Great hands, nice speed and extremely physical. Definitely built for the AFC North. I don't think we need another speed guy. We need WRs who can get open and catch the ball.
  11. Big toe and ankle injuries are the kiss of death to wide receivers. And he has one of those injuries on each foot. They have to tag him and see how things play out. My money says he will only play in 8-10 games this year. Either way, I'm still drafting his replacement with the 33rd pick.
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