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  1. Schemes and blocking assignments. Tampa Bay had some success stopping Parsons last week (he had 2 sacks, but the rest of the team had none) and their line is considered worse than ours.
  2. Ever since Pollack left Dallas, he has had minimal success. The Jets released him after two years, and his last year with the Jets, their record was 2-14. The leading rusher was Frank Gore with 700 yards. I'm really starting to think that its a scheme, or terminology problem. Or possibly his methods no longer work with today's NFL No way all 5 linemen can be the issue. Something is amiss here and The Bengals need to find out in hurry what it is.
  3. Either he is the problem, or the person calling the protections. No way in hell should Micah Parsons have multiple free shots on Burrow. The O-line just looks completely out of sync
  4. That was the dumbest call all day. They blew 4 chances to move less than foot for the score. I would have ran 2 sneaks and on 3rd down fake the run and threw it to Hurst.
  5. Jonah needs to add about 20 lbs to play RT. He would probably make a better guard than RT, similar to how Jackson Carman would make a better LT than guard.
  6. This X100000000 We should have never picked up that 5th year option. He has not shown any improvement since he has been here. Always looks slow and off balance
  7. In all honesty, we needed this lost, and beating, to come back to reality. Things will be much better next week in Dallas
  8. Why trade away assets, knowing the Raiders were going to cut him.
  9. When the Bengals said he wasn't even considered, I knew something had to up. 😑
  10. I think he has to sign the franchise tag in order to be traded. I believe once the July 15 deadline passed, he can no longer be signed to a longer deal until November or December, or maybe until after the season. If I'm wrong, someone please explain.
  11. If Green Bay offered a 2nd rounder for Tyler Boyd, should the Bengals accept it?
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