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  1. Bengals draft picks since 2010 Our draft picks of OL since the 2010 draft have been atrocious. We have yet to recover from the picks of Ogbuehi, Fisher, Price. 2 first rounders and a 2nd rounder all flamed out. Throw in John Ross as another first round bust and it's not hard to see why we are in the position we are in. When you constantly miss on first round picks, it sets your franchise back at least 3 years
  2. Has his coaching style run its course? He is a crusty old school coach who looks like the game has passed him by. This line has shown ZERO improvement since he has taken the reigns. I thought at one time Willie Anderson was interested in coaching the O-line.
  3. And this is why Teryl Austin was fired. Not playing your players to their strengths. As far as the passing game goes, it so simple it should be a superpower. JB needs to stop waiting on routes to develop, because the line isn't going to give him enough time. Kill them with slants. Once the defense starts cheating or jumping on the slant routes, have the WRs go to double moves. Tyler Boyd has this down to a science. DBs covering him are always on their heels
  4. I made a thread on this same topic last year. His play calling in the red zone is killing us. Can someone tell me why no quick slants were not called in the red zone? Our WRs are our strongest unit, and it was very obvious they had trouble covering Boyd and Higgins today. The play Mike Thomas scored last week on the Browns, should have been called at least once. Finally, why are we playing prevent in the last 30 seconds of the game? Zone is not our strongest suite (hence, the missed coverage for the TD). We should have been in man coverage the second D
  5. I see us trading him for an OL before our next game. We are deep at WR and he is probably the only bargaining chip we have that some other team (49ers) who are thin at WR are willing to take a shot on.
  6. My sister got me tickets to this game as a Christmas gift. Still don't know why this guy is still our kicker.
  7. Earlier in that same year, he beat us with a TD throw at the end of the game
  8. 11/6/2014 Browns 24 Bengals 3 Thursday night game in Cincy where Dalton goes 10 -33 for 86 yards, throws 3 INT and is sacked twice. 12/24/2016 Texans 12 Bengals 10 Fat Randy misses game winning FG from 43 yards out as time expires
  9. No way he plays more that 10 games this year Why not just put him on the shelf until the season opener?
  10. These are perfect!! Favorite combo is the white jersey, orange pants, and black socks
  11. I definitely will be attending the Texans game. Buying the closest available tickets on the Bengals side Friday morning
  12. We need new jerseys in the worst way. Keep the helmets though A new era has begun in Cincy. Why not let the new uniforms characterize that?
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