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  1. On paper, we have just as much talent, if not more, at the skill positions as the Browns. However, I do feel that their running game with give us major problems.
  2. Next time I'll just refer to him as #13 for the Browns
  3. Everybody has jokes today ODB is O'Dell Beckham
  4. Since that pick 6 against Aaron Rodgers, and his shutting down of Antonio Brown, teams have been very reluctant to throw his way. His greatest assets are tight man to man coverage, and his closing speed after being beat. It will be interesting to see how he handles ODB this upcoming season
  5. SmoothD

    Burfict released

    He has had 7 concussions in the past 3 years. 7 that we know about. Might be time to call it a career
  6. Good or bad, at least he can stay on the field. Pretty sure he has been the healthiest lineman we have
  7. To quote the late rapper, Mac Miller, "It is what it is, till it ain't"
  8. If he plays this year, Chubb and Hunt will be the best backfield in the NFL.
  9. In 1981, I tore ligaments my big toe as a freshman in high school. It still gives me an occasional jolt of pain if I step, or make a sudden move the wrong way. Just saying 😐
  10. The Raiders on still on the hook for Del Rio's salary for two more years. He will probably just watch Netflix and chill until the Raiders finish paying him off. His final "F$#@ you" to Gruden and the black and silver.
  11. None taken. I'd still take Foles over Dalton if the price was right

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