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  1. Hang out at a sports bar with members of my fantasy football league I'm in. Eat some wings and drink a few beers
  2. Good: William Jackson III - If he isn't the 2nd fastest guy on the the team, I don't know who is. Please replace Pacman with WJIII. PLEASE!! Joe Mixon - Very patient and sneaky strong. Pretty sure he won the starting RB position Andy - Did well with no turnovers 1st half Defense (Especially Lawson) Bad: Not one holding call on the Packers offensive line Pacman - Time to send this horse to the glue factory. He has no legs Bullock missed FG. Sucks because Elliot hit a 61 yarder for the Eagles win today Ugly: Marv's halftime adjustments Pacman giving up the huge play in OT
  3. WJIII has some serious serious speed. And Lawson looks unblockable
  4. Please put down the bath salts
  5. Agree 100%. I also have a feeling Mixon will be used quite a bit in this game, so I started him in my FLEX position this week.
  6. If Andy throws less than 22 times, and Mixon has at least 20 carries, we win easily. Our run to pass ratio should be right around 65/35.
  7. The thing that worries me is not the missed throws, but how bad he is missing. Throws that are short by 5-10 yards and overthrows by 10+ yards are definitely worrisome. It almost looks like he has a "dead arm". Take a look at this picture and his throwing motion
  8. I truly believe that if Denver doesn't offer him their head coach position, he would be coaching the Bengals next year. Article written Jan 2015 http://www.espn.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/post/_/id/15391/bengals-marvin-lewis-vance-joseph-mike-brown-star-assistant Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis made the media rounds in Arizona on Thursday as he fulfilled various Super Bowl Week appearances. It was during a seven-minute appearance on ESPN's "NFL Insiders" in the afternoon that Lewis spoke publicly for the second time about the standoff the Bengals and Broncos had this month over assistant coach Vance Joseph. Last week during the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, Lewis told Bengals.com and the Cincinnati Enquirer that the decision to block Joseph, one of the Bengals' co-defensive backs coaches, from leaving for Denver was "a hard one." It was so hard because team president Mike Brown recognizes Joseph's value, Lewis said on the television show Thursday. "My boss and owner sees him as a star," Lewis said, "and a guy that, as I told Vance, he could be sitting in my chair very quickly." Lewis then added, laughing: "It could be next year." Viewed in several NFL circles as an up-and-comer in the coaching ranks, the 42-year-old Joseph had been granted permission by the Bengals to interview for the Broncos' head-coaching vacancy that came open when John Fox was fired following Denver's divisional-round playoff loss to Indianapolis. Four days after Joseph's interview, former Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak was announced as Fox's replacement. Not long after, word leaked that Kubiak and his new bosses favored bringing Joseph on board as they tried to fill their empty defensive coordinator position. Before joining the Bengals last offseason, Joseph had served as Kubiak's defensive backs coach for three years when Kubiak was the head coach of the Houston Texans. Once they discovered the Broncos' intentions, the Bengals blocked Joseph from voiding his contract in order to leave for the coordinator position. Had he instead been offered the head-coaching job, perhaps their stance would have been different. Denver on Wednesday hired longtime coach Wade Phillips to run the defense. "Vance understands how things work. All coaches do," Lewis said Thursday. "Anytime you're in that situation as a coach, the very first thing should be if I can be released from my contract. As we know, as you look across the league, some are and some aren't, and that's part of the process.
  9. Don't know if anyone has been paying attention to the Broncos. They look pretty good with an average QB and a dominating defense. Really wished that the Bengals could have kept him for one more year, and possibly made him the next head coach
  10. Zampese Out

    If Mike Brown approved of this firing, that says a lot.
  11. Was the status on Andre Smith? Can he play RT anymore?
  12. This three headed hydra running back situation is getting us no where. Our offense cannot get in any rhythm whatsoever because of it. Trade Jeremy to Philly and give Mixon his 20+ rushes per game. Marvin has even said he didn't realize how good Mixon is, but yet he is only getting minimal touches. To quote Chad Johnson, "DMNDS" (Don't make no damn sense)
  13. The play calling and the constant switching of the RBs is shitty.
  14. I agree with everything you said. Especially about choosing between Hill or Mixon. Not giving Cedric any help on Suggs was foolish. Both Cedric and Fisher looked horrible

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