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  1. Good: Joe Mixon (started him on my fantasy team, along with Austin Ekeler in the FLEX ) Ist half run defense Randy Bullock Bad: 2nd half run defense stupid penalties Andy's throws that are behind receivers Andy's pick six Ugly: 1st and goal from the 2 and not one run play. Shotgun formations on 4th down Zac's playing calling in the 2nd half
  2. I'm actually thinking about starting the Bengals defense this weekend against the Browns.
  3. If he does come back to the NFL, I'd say the Jags. They are in the weakest division, and are only a solid QB away from being contenders again. Their defense has holes but are fixable. They also lack discipline, which Marv would introduce.
  4. Didn't Brandon Tate fair catch a punt inside the 5 yard line? I remember Marv being furious on the sideline.
  5. When you lose to a 3rd string QB, minus their starting center, #1 RB and #1 WR, all hope is completely lost. This was as close to a sure win that they were going to get. If Boyd's doesn't make that one handed catch, we probably would have been shut out. Finley is worst than Driskell and should be released in the off season.
  6. Jack Del Rio in particular didn't want to work with Zac. The "It wasn't a good fit" quote from JDR, spoke volumes. A red flag should have went up when no bonafide coaches didn't want to work with Zac
  7. For those that want Chase Young, ask yourself this. What impact could he make in this current scheme? The answer is none. Unless, they go out a get a proven defensive minded coach who would know how to utilize his skills, picking him would be a waste. Tua's injuries are a red flag, plus Alabama players seem to have A LOT of wear and tear on their body when the enter the league. I'd pick Joe Burrow.
  8. 1. Agree. I would like Jack Del Rio, paired with someone who has some kind of offensive strategy 2. Probably won't happen. Gotta build this through the draft 3. Let AJ walk 4. Mixon will resign only if there is a change in philosophy in the run game. Where is Jeremi Johnson these days? 5. I'd rather them take Joe Burrow
  9. JDR was probably thinking, why would he work for someone who is less qualified than he is, and why is Zac being considered for the HC position and he is not?
  10. What is Jack Del Rio doing these days? The team needs a no nonsense, no bullshit type of leader. I also think he might be the only one out there who is capable of convincing MB that changes are a must. Say what you want about Marv, but he did change the culture (new weight room, updated dining facilities, and such) and brought some respectability back to the organization
  11. And they still couldn't muster a TD in garbage time. The leading rusher in the AFC last year has ZERO rushing touchdowns. ZERO!!! How is this even possible?
  12. At least I have Lamar Jackson as my starting QB on my fantasy team. And we passed on him to take Billy Price. 3rd and 1, and 4th and 1 with the QB in shotgun. Can't tell you how many times this has happened. Even Rich Gannon mentioned this. Multiple times. This is all you need to know about Zac's coaching philosophy
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