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  1. I truly believe our starting LT is not on the roster yet.
  2. I really like this pick a lot. Dude is built like a tank, hard to bring down, great hands, and decent speed. WR cuts this year are going to be very tough.
  3. Burkead a Patriot

    Isn't he coming off ACL surgery?
  4. Burkead a Patriot

    Pretty sure now that they will pick Mixon in the 3rd if he is there. If not him, then some RB. There is a plethora of good RBs in this year's draft.
  5. Who would you draft?

    You have to take Reuben Foster, if he is there in the first. Our LB core must get stronger. OL or DE must be picked in the second. Preferably the best rated T still on the board. RB or DE in the 3rd. From the looks of it, this pick will probably be Mixon.
  6. The kid from Villanova is impressive. I don't think he makes it to the 2nd round. He is built like a tank, fast, and look likes he plays with a mean streak.
  7. Burkhead will probably end up in San Diego (or wherever they move to) or New England
  8. Vance Joseph will be a head coach somewhere this year. Don't know about Denver though because Wade Phillips is there running their defense. And I wouldn't be surprised if Wade Phillips took over as head coach
  9. I'll just leave this here. Take it for what it is worth http://dailydolphin.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2016/02/26/marvin-lewis-dolphins-dc-vance-joseph-on-his-way-to-head-coach/ INDIANAPOLIS — If Vance Joseph had his way a year ago, he might be a Super Bowl champion defensive coordinator. It’s impossible to say whether Denver would have won the Super Bowl with Joseph, and not Wade Phillips, leading the defense. But that’s what the Broncos and Joseph wanted a year ago. There was just one problem. Cincinnati coach Marvin Lewis wasn’t ready to let Joseph free. Joseph, who had spent just one season as the Bengals defensive backs coach, was a hot commodity after the 2014 season. He was interviewed by the Broncos for their head coaching job that ultimately went to Gary Kubiak. Kubiak then tried hiring Joseph as his defensive coordinator, but the Bengals blocked the move. This year, Lewis let Joseph out of his contract when new Dolphins coach Adam Gase came knocking. “It’s part of coaching,” Lewis said Friday from the NFL scouting combine. “Everybody wants the security of a contract and sometimes it’s hard to have it both ways. But Vance was very professional throughout the process and understood and he got an opportunity.” Lewis expected Joseph to eventually land a defensive coordinator position, but Joseph couldn’t know for sure if he’d have another opportunity to move up. “I was confident he’d have the opportunity but you don’t know,” Lewis said. “And obviously he did. With success from people comes opportunity. “My point to him always is when you have opportunity to make sure you’re going for the right opportunity, the right reason. Not all jobs are good jobs.” So is leading the Dolphins defense a good job? Lewis seems to think so. “I would expect them to be aggressive and play sound eight-man football, put the pressure on the outside guys,” Lewis said. “They’ve got some good guys up front and he’ll utilize them well.” The Dolphins, like the Bengals, will run a 4-3 defense. But before he was with the Bengals, Joseph learned from 3-4 coaches. Lewis said the transition for Joseph was smooth. “Our principals are still a lot of 3-4 principals because they come out of my time in Pittsburgh and then later to our evolution to defense in Baltimore,” Lewis said. Lewis said he received rave reviews about Joseph from cornerback Johnathan Joseph, who began his career in Cincinnati and played under Vance Joseph in Houston. “Johnathan went there and Johnathan spoke so highly of him,” Lewis said. “I knew about Vance, people had told me about him, but Johnathan was the confirmation for him as a coach. And talking with Rick Smith and everybody that had ever worked with Vance, Mike Nolan and so forth, they just spoke so highly of him and his abilities.” Lewis believes Joseph is on his way to becoming an NFL head coach. “When you sit in staff meetings and in game plan meetings and his ability to interject and have an opinion on things — a well thought of and researched opinion — I think there’s no question in my mind that he has the ability to lead the room and lead men and get them pointed in the right direction and take those steps to be a head coach,” Lewis said. Dolphins players weren’t always on board with former defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who is replacing Joseph as Cincinnati’s defensive backs coach. But Lewis said Joseph has a good relationship with his players. “He’s got a great wealth of football knowledge,” Lewis said. “And I think he’s got a great ability to communicate with the players and get it done.”
  10. Has he stated that he will coach next year? Retiring and coaching the team are two completely different things.
  11. I was at the game. 2nd row, section 110. Kept my eye specifically on Ced O. I'm here to tell everyone, he does not have it. His body language is that of a man who has zero confidence and ability. The reason we can not run is because he is constantly getting beat and his man is tackling our RBs from behind the LOS on almost every play. Doesn't matter if you have Whit or any other Pro Bowl caliber player next to him. He simply isn't good. He can't handle speed or power rushers. On a good note, I'm really impressed with Brandon LaFell. Would really like for him to come back next year.
  12. I am not impressed with Shawn Williams at all. Don't understand why we gave him an extension. He misses FAR TOO MANY tackles, takes bad angles, and is always out of position. I'd rather see Josh Shaw in there
  13. Rams fire Jeff Fisher

    Gus Bradley with the Jaguars will be the next coached fired