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  1. Nate Webster should be the first entry and it's not even close Super Bowl Champ Nate Webster Was Convicted of Unlawful Sexual Conduct With the Underage Daughter of a Bengals Assistant Coach (Hue Jackson)
  2. I fear WJII going to Pitt, more than I do JJ Watt going to Pitt
  3. IDK. John Mackey was built like Earl Campbell. Hard to tackle with exceptional speed, and nice hands Pitts probably has better hands than both of them but I don't see him breaking tackles like Mackey and Dikta.
  4. If Sewell is off the board, I'd go with Pitts. His play reminds me of Kellen Winslow Sr. Unfortunately, he will probably be picked by Philly, who picks right after us.
  5. Word on the street, is that he doesn't. Which is surprising since Andy Reid prepares ALL of his assistant coaches to be future head coaches
  6. Black NFL head coaches are a paradoxical conundrum It's pretty much a deep playoff run or bust. And if (when you bust), chances are they will never receive another head coaching position in their career.
  7. Every QB has struggled dealing with with Alabama's blitzing.
  8. Saleh to the Jets is a stunner. I wonder how Detroit screwed this up. He will probably pick Justin Fields with the 2nd pick and let Darnold walk. Then I'd pick the best RB on the board in the 2nd round. And if I was him, I'd call Brian Schottenheimer to the OC
  9. These are perfect. Only change I would make, would be removing the rectangle bars on the pants. Favorite combo is the white jersey, orange pants, black socks
  10. I haven't been impressed with Jonah Williams playing tackle since his arrival. I actually believe he would be a better guard than a tackle. I would move up to 3 to take Sewell and offer our 5th and a mid round pick (3-5) in next year's draft to Miami. I'd replace Hart with Fred Johnson who has shown promise and has great size (6'7 330 lbs) I think he needs better coaching and technique (Willie Anderson) and he would make a fine RT
  11. If this performance doesn't get Zac and Lou fired, nothing will.
  12. His defenses always start out strong, but start to fade as the season go on. Especially his run defense
  13. Attended the game today, and I was completely shocked at how many Bengals fans were at the game. Got the chance to meet Brandon Wilson's parents. Very nice people. His dad told me that Brandon's brother is actually faster than him. Also very surprised to see Texans fans leaving early after the Watson fumble.
  14. I always wondered why they never brought this dude up when Mixon went down. Great size at 6' 3" 236 lbs. Deceptive speed as well. Dude is built for AFC North football At the 3:07 mark, check out the safety who saves the TD.
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