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  1. I get that schemes change from game to game, but why in the world would you take WJIII off Antonio Brown? WJIII is a man to man corner who has given most number 1's fits. Can't understand why Teryl has him playing any type of zone. It's just not his cup of tea, which has somewhat led him to having a slightly down year. Also seems like the D-line isn't running enough stunts. Lawson needs to be more involved. More him around to take advantages of any mismatches.
  2. Good: 2nd half adjustments Joe Mixon AJ Uzomah Bad: Special Teams, Hardy Nickerson Jr. (nice kid, but he is a slower than Christmas Mass on Sunday) Ugly: 1st half offense and the blocked FG
  3. Good: Boyd - Probably my favorite player right. Dude is so money right now. Definitely Andy's security blanket O-line - They are actually playing decent right now with Price hurt. Hopkins filling in at center has done very well. I actually thinks he plays better at center than he does at guard A.J. Andy Gio Ross 2nd half adjustments Bad. Run defense - Hopefully this will change once Burfict returns. Seems like so many guys are not lined up correctly. Especially the LBs. Missed tackles Pass defense - We are playing too much zone. Leave WJ III on an island and roll extra help (Bates) to Dre K side. WJ III doesn't seem comfortable in the new scheme The RTP penalty on Carl Lawson was the 2nd worse call in the game The hands to the face penalty on Hart that brought back the AJ TD was the worse. Ugly: Eifert ankle The refs
  4. The Browns running game is going to give us problems. Nick Chubb and Carlos Hyde are both bruising backs with speed
  5. Good: Tyler Boyd - He game is reminiscent of Housh. Not very fast, but he somehow manages to get open quite often What's crazy is that John Ross worked out with Housh over the summer, but Boyd looks like he has TJ's game traits more than Ross does. Bad: Dre K - Mentioned this in another thread, if it's 3rd and long, the ball is going to whoever Dre is covering Ugly: Blow coverages and Run defense, 3rd down defense (see above)
  6. SmoothD

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    I think they said he was 4th most targeted, which is atrocious, considering the amount of money he is being paid. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cincinnati-bengals/dre-kirkpatrick-9827/ Oh, yeah, he also dropped another INT 😒
  7. SmoothD

    Bengals vs Panthers analysis

    3rd and whatever, ball is always going to whoever Dre Kirkpatrick is covering. Every single time. He is Pacman 2.0 Shawn Williams is also good for one 15 yard personal foul every game
  8. Joe Flacco, quarterback: 7-7 record, 2,674 passing yards, 13 touchdowns, 18 interceptions in 14 career games vs. Bengals We have pretty much had his number since he has been in the league. 18 picks in 14 games. Could not find a stat on how many times we have sacked him. Also, our receivers (not just A.J.) always seems to find a way to a make a huge play
  9. If our D-line gets to Luck early, (which they should, after reviewing the Colts O-line injuries) it could get ugly quick. Defense is always ahead of the offense during the early part of the season. Look for the defense to get a couple picks and multiple sacks
  10. Cedric Ogbuehi will not make the final 53. He has not shown any improvement. Matter of fact, he seems to be getting worse
  11. I'm probably the only person outside of Cleveland that believes the Browns will be the Stealers in week 1.
  12. SmoothD

    Lafell released

    He will definitely catch on somewhere else. Like someone mentioned, he saw the writing on the wall. Especially when Marvin stated that the young guys were making it tough for him, or something to that nature. Lafell is a pro's pro. He will be just fine
  13. SmoothD

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    He isn't getting cut. He will make the 53. Core or Erickson will be released

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