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  1. A definite NO to Quinn. His defenses in ATL have been horrible since he got there. Does Kyle Shanahan have anyone in his coaching tree? His offensive schemes are outstanding, and opposing defenses always seem to be on their heels while playing him.
  2. Last time I checked, we still had 4 guys on the roster who are (were) Pro Bowlers (Atkins, Eifert, Mixon, AJ) We have a outstanding No. 2 receiver in Boyd. We have a shut down corner in WJII. These are nice pieces in place to build upon. A friend of mine who played in the NFL, told me that every team pretty much has equal talent (in most cases), but what separates great teams from good teams, and bad teams, is coaching, schemes and play calling
  3. His looks totally lost on the sidelines. Confused, bad challenges, no challenges, limited TE involvement in his offense. How about putting Tate and Eifert on the same side of the field, just once, please. He continues to run Gio up the middle for unknown reasons. Not having a spy on Lamar Jackson. I could go on and on.
  4. If it takes you damn near 8 quarters to score a TD, it's time to do some self evaluation.
  5. The NFL is all about schemes and match ups. Zac's offense doesn't fit our personnel. And he doesn't make adjustments on the fly. Mixon was killing them early, Vance made an adjustment, and Zac didn't. If you know the line sucks, call more quick slants and bubble screens. No more shotgun with one RB. Especially on 4th and less than 1. Lou's defense requires team speed, especially at the LB spot which we do not have. They should NEVER EVER have WJII playing zone. Bates is trying to do too much by covering up for the LBs mistakes. Preston Brown is simply horrible and slow.
  6. True, but ask any WR about ankle and toe injuries. They are never the same afterwards
  7. Who would accept a trade for him? His last two injuries, have been significant. He has a surgery repaired big toe on one foot, and a surgery repaired ankle on the other. No one will trade for him. Sadly, this is probably him and Dalton's year together.
  8. I'm not a Xs and Os guy, but can someone explain why they don't run more 2 TE packages? Seems like you could run, pass. or play action from them. Wouldn't there always be a mismatch with LB or DB on the extra TE?
  9. Seems like he is struggling with this defense. Remember he was a Teryl Austin guy. I know it's early, but he hasn't shown much confidence back there. Looks like he is trying to make up from miss coverages by the LBs, and playing completely out of position. Same for Shawn Williams, whose name I haven't heard much in the first two games.
  10. If I'm Mike Brown, first call I make this morning will be to Trent Williams and the Redskins. I'd be willing to part with 2nd and 4th round picks
  11. Can someone please tell me what do they have against starting Trey Hopkins at center and putting Billy Price at LG? Seems like such a logical move. Clearly Hopkins plays center much better than he plays guard
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