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  1. I'm probably the only person outside of Cleveland that believes the Browns will be the Stealers in week 1.
  2. SmoothD

    Lafell released

    He will definitely catch on somewhere else. Like someone mentioned, he saw the writing on the wall. Especially when Marvin stated that the young guys were making it tough for him, or something to that nature. Lafell is a pro's pro. He will be just fine
  3. SmoothD

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    He isn't getting cut. He will make the 53. Core or Erickson will be released
  4. This guy will turn a lot of heads this year, similar to what Carl Lawson did last year
  5. Bengals love those Georgia Bulldogs. This makes no. 5
  6. Jarvis Lanndry to the Browns for 2 picks
  7. SmoothD

    LB Brian Cushing, anyone?

    Absolutely not.
  8. This isn't the first time I've heard Kitna is a shitty and fake person
  9. SmoothD

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Isn't Hue already calling the plays for the Browns?
  10. SmoothD

    Coaching Staff Changes

    I think Marv and the Bengals are waiting to see what happens with Vance Joseph. Marv has always thought highly of him. If the Broncos let him go, he will probably end up back in Cincy, as the DC. That's only if Guenther goes to the Raiders.
  11. This is the only statistic I need to see http://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2017/12/06/william-jackson-iii-shuts-down-antonio-brown-yet-again/ The second-year corner who missed all of his rookie season was outstanding yet again when covering one of the best wide receivers in the league, Antonio Brown. According to Pro Football Focus, Brown was targeted three times when Jackson was covering him, and the result was two passes defended and zero receptions. Jackson was phenomenal overall, allowing just two receptions for a total of five yards. The previous time the two teams met, Jackson held Brown to zero catches and defended two passes as well. Thus in two games against the Stealers, Jackson has not allowed Brown a reception and has four pass breakups. His play has been one of the highlights of the season, and a reason to believe in the future.
  12. I agree. He has always had an asshole mentality. At first I thought it was just him dealing with the media, but it's not. I have a relative who works at the country club, where he is a member. He told me he is the biggest ass and always thinks he is better than everyone else. On that note he did say former Reds first baseman Paul O'Neill was a really cool dude, even after he spilled his drink on him.
  13. I agree. He will find sympathy in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

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