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  1. On a side note, every college football fan needs to attend at least one Texas A&M game. The experience is simply unbelievable
  2. The only ugly was that field. It was a hot mess. We are very fortunate to get out of there without a serious injury
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I have to stream the games on my computer here in Houston, so I rarely get the chance to see any instant replays.
  4. Bad and Ugly Eli Apple has been bad since he has been in the league. I have no idea why Lou A keeps putting him in man coverage. He simply isn't fast enough and he doesn't have great technique.
  5. Three straight road games and coming home to play a division rival before your bye week, is a recipe for disaster. Honestly last week's Jets game, the team looked like it had no legs. Chase may be hitting the rookie wall or defenses are blanketing him with coverage, which means both Higgins and Boyd should be receiving more targets.
  6. Pos. Franchise tag Transition tag QB $24,112,000 $21,749,000 DE $17,752,000 $14,811,000 WR $16,430,000 $14,269,000 CB $15,266,000 $13,202,000 LB $15,657,000 $13,406,000 OL $14,507,000 $13,156,000 DT $14,178,000 $11,405,000 S $11,196,000 $9,550,000 RB $11,112,000 $8,942,000 TE $10,167,000 $9,267,000 ST $4,792,000 $4,382,000 Here are the numbers from the 2021 season. They will probably go up next year.
  7. Bates will probably get the franchise tag next year and a new deal the following year. At least that is what I would do.
  8. I was at the game as well. It was the last game for the Oilers at the Astrodome, before they moved to Tennessee. I even got a few autographs after the game. One of them was Jeff Blake. If I'm not mistaken, James Francis had a TD that game on either a fumble recovery or interception.
  9. Pretty much Also, notice how in every game this year, he wants to score before halftime. Side note: The Bengals have won 11 straight coin tosses and always defer.
  10. He is setting up defenses for plays he will call later in the game Case in point, the 4th and 1 to Mixon. Teams have seen us go to Uzomah on the play action multiple times in that situation. No one figured we would pass to Mixon in that situation. Everyone in the stadium thought Mixon would just run for the first. Later in the game, we call the same play for Uzomah, except to the other side of the field for a TD. Defenses are going to have a very hard time figuring us out and defending us.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing Hue Jackson run this offense. But not as the head coach. This offense has the potential to be similar to the 2005 Bengals. That 2005 team scored at will, and it always kept defenses on their toes. We have 3 great receivers, a power running back, a very underrated TE, nice special teams (minus last weekend) This team should be scoring at least 26-28 points per game
  12. Shoulder surgery today after this devastating hit by the Broncos Kareem Jackson Word on the street is that it might be a career ending https://www.nfl.com/news/Stealers-wr-juju-smith-schuster-out-for-season-after-undergoing-shoulder-surgery
  13. Good: Chase-Dude is playing lights out Hendrickson Bad: Davante Adams consistently beating every DB the Bengals threw at him Run defense in OT Ugly: Not enough targets to Boyd or Uzomah Drew Sample tripping on air The hit on Burrow
  14. Defense gave up one TD, and held Montgomery to 60 rushing yards, and we still lose
  15. Good: We won McPherson's leg Defense holding Cook to 60 yards Bad: Eli Apple- Damn son. And you were a 1st round pick if I'm not mistaken. Trey Hopkins giving up 2 sacks Ugly: Darius Phillips fair catch inside the 10. Reminiscent of Brandon Tate
  16. I really hope Jacques Patrick makes the 53. He should have made the squad last year
  17. I can't be the only one worried about J. Chase's hands. Something just seems off. Darius Phillips got beat on the same play he gave up the winning TD to the Browns last year.
  18. Damn https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32050843/top-new-york-jets-free-agent-signing-carl-lawson-carted-practice
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