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  1. If Green Bay offered a 2nd rounder for Tyler Boyd, should the Bengals accept it?
  2. Always felt like he never really cared for playing football. Only did so because he was gifted with a great arm.
  3. For those that didn't know, it alternates between conferences every year. Which uniform combo do you think they are going to choose?
  4. Anyone know why Fred Johnson isn't getting any snaps? Same for Trae Waynes. Aren't both both healthy?
  5. When he was hired, I thought he wasn't head coaching material. Even started a thread on it a while back. Glad he proved me wrong. The team has a lot of respect and trust in him. I'll gladly eat my crow with a little Frank's hot sauce
  6. I am so glad they kept throwing until the very end. Zac wanted to put a 50 burger on them
  7. Yep. And I'd think real hard about not bringing Trae Waynes back
  8. Eli Apple's pass breakup of a sure TD was the true game changer. Wasn't a fan of him earlier in the season, but he has turned it around. He is playing with much more confidence now.
  9. With Logan Wilson being sidelined for a few weeks, he would be a nice fit. Sure tackler who I believe led the league in tackles in 2020. Great size at 6'3" 238 lbs. From nfl.com Cunningham inked a four-year contract extension with Houston in 2020 worth $58 million. The Texans restructured his deal this season, dropping his base salary in 2021 to $990,000, so he could be a claim target on the waiver wire. The Texans will be left with a $12.83 million cap hit in 2022.
  10. On a side note, every college football fan needs to attend at least one Texas A&M game. The experience is simply unbelievable
  11. The only ugly was that field. It was a hot mess. We are very fortunate to get out of there without a serious injury
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I have to stream the games on my computer here in Houston, so I rarely get the chance to see any instant replays.
  13. Bad and Ugly Eli Apple has been bad since he has been in the league. I have no idea why Lou A keeps putting him in man coverage. He simply isn't fast enough and he doesn't have great technique.
  14. Three straight road games and coming home to play a division rival before your bye week, is a recipe for disaster. Honestly last week's Jets game, the team looked like it had no legs. Chase may be hitting the rookie wall or defenses are blanketing him with coverage, which means both Higgins and Boyd should be receiving more targets.
  15. Pos. Franchise tag Transition tag QB $24,112,000 $21,749,000 DE $17,752,000 $14,811,000 WR $16,430,000 $14,269,000 CB $15,266,000 $13,202,000 LB $15,657,000 $13,406,000 OL $14,507,000 $13,156,000 DT $14,178,000 $11,405,000 S $11,196,000 $9,550,000 RB $11,112,000 $8,942,000 TE $10,167,000 $9,267,000 ST $4,792,000 $4,382,000 Here are the numbers from the 2021 season. They will probably go up next year.
  16. Bates will probably get the franchise tag next year and a new deal the following year. At least that is what I would do.
  17. I was at the game as well. It was the last game for the Oilers at the Astrodome, before they moved to Tennessee. I even got a few autographs after the game. One of them was Jeff Blake. If I'm not mistaken, James Francis had a TD that game on either a fumble recovery or interception.
  18. Pretty much Also, notice how in every game this year, he wants to score before halftime. Side note: The Bengals have won 11 straight coin tosses and always defer.
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