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  1. These are perfect!! Favorite combo is the white jersey, orange pants, and black socks
  2. I definitely will be attending the Texans game. Buying the closest available tickets on the Bengals side Friday morning
  3. We need new jerseys in the worst way. Keep the helmets though A new era has begun in Cincy. Why not let the new uniforms characterize that?
  4. Wishing him and his family the best. I'll probably run into him in Katy or Houston. I've had some business dealings not to far from where he used to live.
  5. My favorite picks after Burrow are Higgins and Hakeem Adeniji. Higgins will be a baller from day 1. Hakeem will bring much needed depth to the O Line. I even heard him say he has also practiced at C. He probably needs to add about 20 -30 lbs to play guard, but I honestly love him as the backup LT
  6. I predicted weeks ago that they would take a WR in the 2nd as AJ's replacement. However, when Josh Jones made it to the 2nd round, I surely thought he would be the pick. Either way I'm happy with the pick. Don't let his 40 time and vertical fool y'all. This dude is a baller. I bet he picks #85 to wear
  7. Count me in as wanting Jones as the pick. I really wanted a WR in the 2nd, but with Jones still being there, I think it's pretty much a no brainer. Williams will probably move to one of the guard spots. Definitely can't move him to RT because he lacks RT size
  8. If you go back at look at Mixon's rushing yards for the last 4 games, you can see that the O-line definitely improved Cleveland 146 yards New England 136 yards (BB said they had no answer for him all game) Miami 50 yards (he was sick) Cleveland 162 yards The line is not as far off as you may think. A changed in blocking schemes late in the season really showed what they are capable of
  9. The Bengals are going to do everything in the power to make this guy happy. From the stadium staff, chefs, training room guys, secretaries, there will be a completely new attitude when he walks into the room. There will be a new swagger about this team starting tonight
  10. Don't see him holding out. Matter of fact, I see his deal getting done before AJ's. 3 years at 30 million with 16-17 guaranteed sounds fair. I don't think he is looking for McCaffery money. The franchise tag number for RB is just over 10 million. So something between that number and McCaffery's deal should get it done
  11. Picking a WR at 33 is almost a must. He will be AJ's replacement. You won't find his replacement in the 3rd round or later, even though this is one of the deepest WR classes ever. We can't go into the season thinking AJ will make it to the end of the season unscathed. That's just facts. Boyd is a solid No. 2, but we need someone opposite of him who can get down field and make plays
  12. He had Lasik surgery during the off season which I truly believe contributed to his high number of INTs. I remember when he was in college and couldn't see the sidelines from the field. How he ever made it this far without at least contacts is an amazing feat in itself.
  13. I still say they release right before training camps begin. Side bar: Jamesis Winston going to the Stealers would be a great fit for him and bad for us.
  14. I know. I was including his last year's salary which was 11.2 million. Not the 15 million that Old Schooler posted. So actually he will receive 30 million for one year's work (2020). Don't think the Bengals didn't take this into consideration when they put the tag on him. Now the real question is, will the Bengals still sign him to a 3 year deal at market value, next year, if he is healthy? My answer is, probably not
  15. A lot of people seem to forget this part. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the main reason he didn't go on IR. To receive his full salary. So, technically he will receive 33 million for one year's worth of play. And that's a big IF, pending on whether or not he plays the full 2020 season. If someone can find the language about being on the IR and salaries being paid, I'd be very grateful
  16. To me, this is the most logical thing to do. They have to see if he is healthy enough to play the whole season. Only thing is that he will valuable OTA time with his new QB
  17. He beat 7 top ten ten teams this year against players who he will probably be playing against again on Sundays. I'll take my chances on him.
  18. I can almost guarantee they ain't signing him for 5 more years. If that what he wants, they have to let him go.
  19. The problem with back loading the deal is that it would hurt them for the next 2-3 years, if he gets hurt early in the deal That's why I say tagging him this year is pretty much the only solution
  20. I want the WR from Colorado Laviska Shenault Jr. We have had damn good luck drafting WRs in the second round
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