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Rank outsiders Leicester City win EPL - The Greatest Sporting Fairytale In History

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For all you soccer fans on this board.  A team nearly relegated from the English Premier League last year just secured the Premier League title yesterday for the first time in their 132 year history.  In non-salary capped league, where parity between rich and poor clubs is massive, a team costing $30 million in players in stark contrast to Manchester City which cost $490 million in players, won the the whole gig.  Leicester City odds on winning the title at the start of the season were (£)5000 - 1 (Kim Kardashian for US president was only 2000-1). It just goes to show that with the right team spirit and will, anything is possible, even with supposedly average players.





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The Leicester story begs to be made into movie. Coming soon to your theater : "5000:1". Claudio Rainieri played by Anthony Hopkins, Jamie Vardy by Taron Edgerton, Riyad Mahrez by some unknown ethnic actor nobody's heard before but comes cheap (~400k pounds) and ends up winning an Oscar, and Kante by John Boyega. And Matthew Vaughn to direct...

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End Around: Leicester City's NFL equivalent would be ...

  • _Hanzus_2-65x90.jpg
  • By Dan Hanzus
  • Around the NFL Writer
  • Published: May 6, 2016 at 04:40 p.m.
  • Updated: May 6, 2016 at 05:25 p.m.




Leicester City clinched their first ever Premier League title this week, completing one of the greatest upsets in the history of the other football.

This was a crazy-big deal in Europe. The EPL isn't like the NFL: There's no salary cap, which typically has the effect of keeping championship glory in the possession of a handful of dominant teams. But Leicester City became an outlier -- the proverbial little team that could. Congrats, Foxes. (I assume most of the roster reads the End Around.) I'd offer you beer, but you and your fans probably drank it all by now.


The Foxes' historic conquest got us thinking: What would be the NFL equivalent of Leicester City winning it all?

Cleveland Browns triumph in Super Bowl 51 immediately comes to mind, and perhaps with good reason. Picture this: Robert Griffin III -- glowing in officially licensed championship merch -- hoists the Lombardi Trophy above his head as his home-state fans roar for their prodigal son. Jimmy Haslam offers his greatest guffaw yet. Sashi Brown embraces Paul DePodesta as FOX mics catch Sashi dropping a, "We f------ did it, Paulie!" Joe Buck apologizes to listeners in a way that is more serious than it needs to be. Josh Gordon does confetti angels at the 50-yard line with Corey ColemanJoe Thomas wanders on the fringes of the celebration, daughters in each arm, a dazed grin on his face. An overzealous team official grabs the mic from Terry Bradshaw and hollers, "Today we are allBrowns!"

That sounds impossible right? Well, so was the idea of Leicester City winning it all. A dream is a dream only until it becomes real.

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