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Carlos Dunlap is back in Cincinnati and was at Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday

The Bengals defensive end has been absent for OTAs thus far, but he’s back in town for the final few days before mandatory minicamp gets underway next week.

By Rebecca Toback@Rebecca_Toback  Jun 7, 2018, 7:00am EDT

usa_today_10466089.0.jpgAaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Guess who’s back in town?


Carlos Dunlap showed up in Cincinnati on Wednesday, making his first appearance at the stadium since offseason team activities began this spring.

It’s unclear if he took part in practice on Wednesday, but he’s definitely back and it seems he’ll be participating in mandatory minicamp next week.


Dunlap is set to become a free agent in 2019 if the Bengals don’t extend his contract prior to then. He will earn $7 million this season if he doesn’t reach an extension with the team before the year gets underway. He should have earned a $300,000 workout bonus, but will forfeit that money due to missing OTAs thus far.

All that aside, it’s great to see Dunlap back in Cincinnati!





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This is great! I thought for sure he might be a holdout. Maybe contract extension announcement is coming.

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So glad to see him back.  Hope he gets signed to a nice extension soon too.  Wow, $300K is a ton of loot to turn your back on for a working schmuck like me, but I'm sure he had his reasons...prolly just "walking around money" to a highly paid football player.

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