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Rest In Peace Frank Robinson


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29 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Im not on here much...just saw the post..


Fair enough.


Embarrassing story time?  I'm pretty sure he was signing autographs at a Reds game I went to years ago & I only vaguely knew who he was then.  I've never been much for autographs but there wasn't even a line since the game had started & they were packing up the booth.  Exchanged a hello & wave walking by but of course now I wish I would've stopped to at least shake his hand.  Not just because I've since learned he was one of the greatest; automatic 1st round HoF'er with more accolades than you can count.  NL Rookie of the Year in 1956 says everything if you consider our history but he won everything else too.  MVP in both leagues! 3 different teams retired his number..  I've posted the list down below, it's crazy.


So yeah my ignorant ass just walked by like "oh yeah I've heard of this guy!" :EWBTE-min:   Derp.   Honestly he seemed like such a nonchalant chill older gentleman you'd have no idea the guy was who he was. Had the laugh-line wrinkles though like I bet his grandkids had many a quarter pulled out of their ears.


Anyway.. RIP to one BAMF.





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