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Are The Bengals the least respected team in The NFL?

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9 hours ago, SF2 said:

Your post would be true if the Green Bay Packers did not exist.  


Eh..  I think you'd agree that Green Bay is an outlier in more ways than one.   Without making a list, suffice to say that if the NFL was founded yesterday there wouldn't be a team in Wisconsin.  Or, for that matter, in Cincinnati either. 


Oh and while Chad was drafted in 01 before Marvin got here, his personality did far more for this team's popularity than Marvin, Carson, or anyone else then or now for that matter.  Unfortunately none of those other people had the backbone & leadership to reign him in, other than Whit but he plays OL and that's boring, definitely not a marketable personality there what with his not being arrested or even bothering to change his name to some kind of clown bullshit.


Our top players now all pull that "lead by example" card, quiet type etc etc..  Which is great if everyone follows that example. You need a few of those guys to actually open their mouths once in a while. The only guy who actually displayed any leadership ability here, player or coach, is in Los Angeles now & we're back to hearing draft picks talk about being leaders before they're even fitted for a helmet.  When a guy like Pacman that gets in fights with parking meters is our example of a locker room leader you know there's a problem.


So, y'know.. again, just like real life, nobody is going to respect this team until they respect themselves.  If Taylor can give them some sense of pride & an identity he will be successful here.


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14 minutes ago, oldschooler said:




Those aren't odds that a team will win the SB.  Those are odds that some sucker will bet their money on that team winning the SB.  These two things are only distantly related.  I'd like to think someone at the Enquirer knows the difference, but I wouldn't bet on it.  :ninja:


Enquirer Bengals coverage basically amounts to "Those shitty Bengals amirite guys har har harf"  anyway


Again I will say that nobody hates the Bengals more than Bengals fans.  They're just pandering to a jaded fanbase.

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