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  1. I lived very near Pac when he was here in Nashville. He actually lived right next door to George Jones and those guys were unlikely friends.. Adam would be up at Best Buy etc pretty frequently shouting across the room and I couldn't understand anything he was saying. Seemed like a nice enough guy though..
  2. There are elements of the color rash whites that I like. Especially that it it's just black and white without orange stroke outlines etc. The stripes on the shoulder look pathetic though. White on white has always been one of their better combos though not worn much since the classic stripes era. The orange jersey is hideous in 20 ways and I dread when they break those out. Simply a really bad costume. All the "tradition" associated with this team is negative.. Argh..
  3. SI BENGALS UNIFORM REDESIGN CONTEST Expect to see more designs that look like horrible sneakers or 80's KISS. Keep the helmet, go back to 70's jerseys. Done...
  4. There is no reason why this team shouldn't take Shitbird twice this coming year. They could make no bigger statement than owning the div in coach's first season..
  5. If one thing happens The Bengals will make the playoffs.. And that one thing is..... win 11 games And if they win the first two playoff games they will make a deep playoff run.
  6. And yet The Browns are the unproven toast of the league - though they haven't won the div since the 80's, average about 4 wins a year for the last TWENTY years, have the most ridiculous outfit in the AFC and are named after the Col Sanders of The Bengals.. If Cincy doesn't do anything the next two years I hope they steal Cleveland's lunch twice a year..
  7. 🙄 As if you couldn't apply that to every single fan topic related to the nfl or sports in general...
  8. 10 teams equal to our more losses than Cincy in 2018 yet by default it seems every prognosticator outside of southwest Ohio sees The Bengals as bottom three in the coming year. Christ The Browns haven't done shit in eons but somehow are the darlings of the league. That has never happened here. Last night I listened to some Titans fans argue they are the least respected in the league - and no doubt they are an ignored team but nothing near the stigma of this team. If someone is less respected, who is it?
  9. Here's to a long, healthy, straight-fingered, no-floppy-man-tits, Pro Bowl career as a Bengal.
  10. This team is pigeonholed into keeping the stripes. I would love them to go retro, but they won't. As boring as the original duds were, they looked good on the field. Helmet won't change in another 100 years, when they are the Kelloggs Tokyo Tigers with pictures of cereal on the helmet.. Expect more absurd patterns and swooshes etc. Why did I pick this team to follow?
  11. BENGALS666

    2019 Free Agency

    That Bills OL pipeline is pretty active
  12. Anderson thru Boomer 1971- 1997 (not mentioning a couple years Boomer played elsewhere) is a pretty decent run. I'm still hostile over Boomer not being brought back the following year after reigniting the position post return.

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