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  1. This team has had some horrible, horrible periods of darkness and this year literally feels like the deepest hole in their history. ZT is definitely going to be gone and you could say fire him today instead of after another 20 games but the Bengals HC waiting room is full of fucking cobwebs and dust. Draft picks or no draft picks. It will be last offseason's futile "nobody wants the job" scenario times 10. This is fucking Leper Island. God bless you if you are a Bengals fan.
  2. I'll be honest. It's easier to face this team at 0 and X than yet another lukewarm 4 or 6 and whatever "i kinda cared" season. Be the best. They are the best at sucking. Where's my Bengals jersey? Let's do this shit.
  3. Dang, and I was fully expecting Green to be part of a Super Bowl winning Bengals team in the near future.
  4. Why would any team want Dalton as their starter? He's decent injury insurance. Feels like he'll end up traveling a lot after he leaves here.
  5. Palmer is a cockstalker and I hated him lots when that shit went down, but he's right. This team puts economics way above winning. If there was a Super Bowl for being frugal and flying the finger to the fans then this team would have some rings. I used to fucking love this sport. The grind of the 90's Bengals wore me down but I stuck it out. Now it's 2019. 0-8. It's never going to happen. Never. Not even close. Brown would be doing all of us a favor by relocating.
  6. The good lord could send this team the reincarnation of Anthony Munoz and the Brown fam would let him walk over a can of bacon grease. 40 years following this team and we're right here in 0-whatever-land yet again, head hanging over front office fanfuckery. I want my years back. It's ok to leave right?
  7. The good news is - expect this from here on out. BTW, who is a good other team to pull for?
  8. A serviceable backup at best. Feels like this team hasn't been right at QB since Kimo von Kneebreak did Carson in...
  9. This team has been a mess since OL exodus a few years back. Feels like the good start last year was more out of character than any losing has been thus far. Build a line. Nothing works without it.
  10. Tanking is an absurd idea. Lest ye forget when Cincy had a long run not long ago of picking very early in the draft. It never made one iota of difference in regard to post season wins. Draft smart wherever you pick and cross your fingers....
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