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  1. BENGALS666

    A Thread For The Angry

    Angry. Not for years. Disappointed in myself for maybe letting hope creep in every new season? A little bit. This team will wear you out. Luke warm football.
  2. McCarron is near and dear to my heart ever since that hilarious Hue Jackson video started making the rounds. Even if it's just the smallest poke in The Browns eyes I love it..
  3. Did someone say there is hope? I'm just hoping at this point is that somebody else tanks enough for Cincy not to own last place in the AFCN.
  4. I never get the vibe - at very least since the Mike Brown took the reigns hat this team's goal is to win a Super Bowl. It feels more like the goal is to compete be as successfully as a team could within the confines of a super conservative business plan. "Free agency doesn't win Super Bowls, the draft does" LOL ok where's all the damn rings? Where's one single playoff win? Whatever it is the Bengals do. It doesn't work. My advice to young Bengal fans.. Find another team while you're still young. Not in response to this article or the Hart signing - but a lifetime of wishing this team would do something, and being disappointed every single time.
  5. Expected Cincy to do nothing the first days of FA. This is less than that.
  6. BENGALS666

    Josh Rosen

    I'll gladly pay two of your dollars for a tasty burger.
  7. BENGALS666

    QB offseason

    But they may be better than Driskel
  8. Indeed. The league is still full of Ray Hortons and Keith Butlers if they just want some tired old recycled defensive names to phone up. I kinda like that the people they are looking at are outside of the box..
  9. Is Rodney Holman still on the practice squad?
  10. Tis still better to hire the right guy late than the wrong guy on time.
  11. Jeff Fisher waits patiently on the edge of the bed, phone in hand with his bags packed repeating softy "I can make this right, I can make this right......."
  12. Ineffective blitz game planning. That will go over well against Shittsturd. Seems we've tried that a few times over the years with wondrous result. 😩
  13. Wow - and the first name out the gate is Turner. What a way to douse the fire.. Even if he's a better coach than his absurd behavior rep indicates, not a wise first hire. Jeebs.. He was a douche in Miami and appears to have made some really dumb choices at A&M. That line better crush. This choice will follow Zac.

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