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  1. If we draft George Jefferson that means we'll have to hear Weezy all the damn time. HARD PASS.
  2. 1. That one year was the best in the history of college football 2. Nobody wins without talent around them 3. See #1 4. See #1 HARD PASS! lol
  3. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/25/joe-burrow-says-he-will-play-for-the-bengals-if-they-draft-him/
  4. Brady: 9.38" So we'll deflate some balls..
  5. You know those Bengals home games when its the end of the season, they have 5 wins and The Stealers in town and their asshole fans have taken over the stadium? That's Miami all season long.
  6. I lived in Miami for 25 years. Talk about a place where the fans simply don't care. That stadium is typically filled up half or more with fans of the opposing team. That history is of the ancient variety. None of those people remember the undefeated season. Yeah the town is a vacation spot but that team is hardly a national concern. Probably just a few more fans than Cincy and much more of the fairweather variety..
  7. Just sucks that come April Burrow will either the next jersey I buy - or the guy who's face I tack to my dartboard..
  8. Bengals are perpetually midlevel spenders anymore.. I'm sure Bobby Hart's agent must be over the moon w Cincy. Carson got a monster contract in what 05 or 06?. They even brought in his brother. Dalton gets to pick his next team. Remind me again about the commitment to not spending. Fuck Palmer.
  9. No way to know where this kid's head is. Who's pressuring him to go Cincy vs who's pressuring him to opt out. The NFL has huge stakes in the draft circus. Players taking control of their cash cow can't be to their liking.. Right now it's free attention but if it actually happens its gotta be a bit of black eye to the league. The kid has to have a "favorite team" - anyone know who that is?
  10. Burrow using "leverage" to go elsewhere would be muy es bad for the league. I assume the reason there hasn't been a rash of players pulling the Eli/Elway thing over the past 12 years is because there is no leverage. No f'n way he sits a year. Fuck the Palmers. Fuck Bartkowski and Fuck Hoosh if he's trying to put himself into this mess.. And if he somehow does end up balking - I hope its Miami.. That org is totally dysfunctional, fans are terrible and the stadium is a shithole.
  11. If DP/Carson etc think MB doesn't care then he should acknowledge that they're really only hurting existing Bengals players, staff and fans.. I know Carson thinks negative of Bengals fans but only an idiot would think that behavior is exclusive to this team and not every other damn team in the NFL - except the towns that don't really support their home team..
  12. BARF - how there is a new article daily saying "like it or not Burrow is going to The Bengals".. Does anyone but the press really care where he goes as long as he's not going to 'their' team? As if going to Miami or Washington guarantees some great NFL career. Why not just make some calls and have him shipped off to New England?
  13. Jake Fromm Statefarm.. How many times a day does he hear that?
  14. Mariota to The Stealers would be great. Always injured, inconsistent and unsure...
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