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  1. I'm building a shelf to hold all the replica Super Bowl trophies mirroring the ones the team will get over Throwin' Joe's career as a Bengals HoF QB. Should I leave room for 9 or 12 trophies? Possibly 14?
  2. I got to kinda meet Sam several years ago in Franklin, TN. He was at the Whole Foods with Tim Tebow of all people. Tebow was getting some attention but Sam was practically anonymous at that point. I was in the checkout line right behind him. He saw I recognized him and gave a quick smile.. So like an asshole I said something to the effect of "I was gonna fake an injury to cut in line". He responded with some comment but his voice was so gravelly it sounded like he was gargling with rocks - I couldn't make it out.. Either way, my all time favorite Bengals coach.. They were a fun team under much of his watch.. RIP Sam
  3. Titans cuz nashville is home - and The Tannehill story is compelling. If they can somehow oust the Ratbirds things will start to get pretty interesting. They've already beaten both KC and Houston this year..
  4. The is team isn't firing ZT even if they repeat this season next year. Same club that gave Dave Shula 5 years and Marvin 16 years.. Nobody has had less than three even dating back to PB days..
  5. LOL, @ one year wonder argument. In that one year the guy QBs a team that probably goes undefeated in the SEC, probably wins national championship, wins the Heisman, sets a fuckload of single season passing records. WTF does any of that have to do with this being the reason Cincy is a joke? Dude hasn't even been drafted yet. The one thing you can take to the bank - someone is taking him early.... Good grief. What exactly then is the plan at QB? Keep Dalton?
  6. I was pretty obsessive with The Bengals for many years. I was initially a baseball fan living in Cincy. The Reds of the mid-1970's where the very pinnacle of excellent team sports, so when I started becoming interested in football The Bengals were the guys playing in the same stadium. Kenny Anderson, Isaac Curtis etc. They were not great in those years but it was not as dire as it became. They had a pretty good run and some just misses in the 80's and my mind-set was always that they were going to eventually clear that hurdle. I did all the same stuff you describe... Obsessively trying to find Bengals action on TV and radio. Old school satellite etc. Enter Mike Brown and eons of futility. There has been a turd brown cloud over this team since he took over. Even those one or two years when they had a good enough team to compete in the mid 2000's they were clearly cursed when it mattered most. It has worn me down. This, and the entire NFL sell out culture. The 2015 Stealers playoff game just tore it. There was no question that Cincy was a broken tricycle at that point. I fully do not expect this team to win anything in my lifetime. This makes it harder to commit to an afternoon of grief watching this team embarrass itself. I dumped the NFL channels and for the first time since being a fan I haven't watched more than just game highlights of The Bengals this season. This was a decision prior to the season, and I have not proven myself wrong thus far. Maybe the next generation of fans will get something different. Probably not...
  7. If they grab Burrow you gotta imagine AJ is gonna wanna be part of that excitement if he's still here. But what the fuck do I know. They don't do much if they don't fix the damn line, pronto.. and good luck with that. They've never appeared very committed to making slam dunk needed changes. Why would they now?
  8. Are we talking about Mike Brown's Bengals still? The Cincinnati one? There's no history stating this team is going to do any one thing but sit pat. Rest assured they see little difference between a 0-2 win season and a 4-5 win season. I'm sure they never went into this season expecting to compete. Taylor gets two years no matter what. Three if he wins more next year than this.
  9. There's no way they fire Taylor this season. The tire fire will burn two seasons min.
  10. They won't fire Taylor. He'll get his chance to match Hue's Cleveland futility at least. I was about to say no NFL head coach owned a winless season and a Super Bowl win - and I would have been wrong (Landry did it apparently). That said, in today's NFL it doesn't feel like that could ever happen again - so why would you wait? But, Bengals....
  11. This offseason was so Bengals... Many recent seasons prior where "we might surprise a few people" then marred by some injuries or Marvining. Shitty but not entirely devastating. This offseason though, it just felt like the hole was dug extra deep. Like we'll need three seasons just to think about .500 football. This season is worse than Dave Shula Bengals. That's bad..
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