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  1. Not aware of any leak re pants.. Just that the fan jerseys that appeared a few weeks back showed what they were switching to.. sorry bout that if I assumed wrong
  2. One could argue the mismatch is the orange flash with black stripes. The jerseys now are one color stripe on one-color background (as the black-only on white pants are). I way prefer the black on white pants to the three color version .Either way, the pants are improved - except for that silly new inverted orange/white mess. Hope that shit is only worn once a season..
  3. All in all they didn't fuck it up. All three jerseys are an improvement over their older counterparts. Orange not necessary, but they sell so - we have them. The pants are improved slightly (white notch on the stripes is gone and that Broncos-style swoosh shit is no longer swinging around the front). Disappointed slightly they didn't bring the jersey stripes to the pants and opted to pretty much stay with the old look.. Thank God they didnt add orange pants. No f'n way.. Most baffling is the third set of pants, white with inverted orange and white stripes.. B A R F Anyw
  4. So Monday we'll get to see the jerseys we already saw - again. Actually we'll get to find out what the white one looks like, what changes were made to the britches (and good lord they better not have made that ridiculous orange jersey the main homes)...
  5. Solely because Cincy has had just a couple of good stretches over the decades and those never happened without a dominant line. Is Sewell the second coming of Munoz or just another Cedric Ogbuehi? The odds are.... gulp
  6. Inching closer to complete turnover from Marv's roster.
  7. Every week during the pandemic I've been participating in a podcast that we've hosted on Facebook. Recently we set up a website for the podcast so the rest of the world could be offended by it. All the episodes are copied over to YouTube. It's completely ridiculous.. Check it out: http://livincruddy.com/
  8. I recall going to a few games at RF in the day and 2/3 of the tailgate looked like this..
  9. Take it that these are DEFINITELY the new jerseys and given that (IMO) they did a surprisingly good job here - that it is inevitable that they will fuck up the process via one or more of the following wretched mistakes: - make the orange jersey the primes - give them orange pants - do anything other than an inverted version of the black jersey for the white aways (black stripes on white sim to the the old color rush is all they need - keep the absurd current pants stripes with that little splotch of white at the top and a swooshy stripey thing that for some reason swings ar
  10. Orange is only ever good as a highlight color. Every example of a sports team (IMO) going full-pumpkin yields hideous or at least eye-blinding shocking results. I'm thinking of Bengals, Browns, Orioles, Vols, old Bucs, SF Giants, Gators etc. The only team that can start to pull it off is the Broncos, so let it be their thing..
  11. That orange over orange is the worst thing I've ever seen, and I live in the Vol state..
  12. Funny that every mockup assumes they are staying with the old pants style, which would the only part of the uniform then that was "stripes within a stripe". I suspect they will have changed them to something more simplified like the jersey stripes.
  13. Every time The Bengals are in black, the other team is in white. Total contrast. The field is green. I'm gonna go with 0.0000000000% chance of that stupid white panel giving Burrow or any Bengals QB a visual performance advantage on the field. If anything it's a distraction for Burrow, pondering 'that's the dumbest fuckin theory I've ever heard of - oops I should have passed the ball!' Remind me again how many Super Bowl championship teams wore darks with a white inner side panel?
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