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Bengals Flexables?

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*** Sorry for a new thread for this but not sure where else to put it... HSH




Bengals-Chargers isn't flexed to Sunday night, but games against Ravens, Chiefs could be


The Cincinnati Bengals entered the 2021 season with just one prime-time game scheduled - the Thursday night game they won against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sept. 30.

But with a 6-4 start that has the Bengals in second place in the AFC North and currently in position for an AFC playoff spot, Cincinnati is likely to have a game currently scheduled to start at 1 p.m. on a Sunday flexed to a 4:05, 4:25 or Sunday night start.

Of the Bengals' seven remaining regular-season games, six are scheduled to start at 1 p.m. Their Week 15 game against Denver is scheduled to start at 4:05 p.m. because it's being played in the Mountain Time Zone.

The Bengals-Chargers showdown Dec. 5 appeared to be a candidate for Sunday night, but Chiefs-Broncos was flexed instead.


Week 16: Ravens at Bengals Dec. 26

Current Sunday Night Football game: Washington at Cowboys

Yes, the Bengals cruised past Baltimore in the second half of the first meeting between the two AFC North rivals. But the Ravens are in first place at 7-3, and they've got the Browns twice, the Stealers and the Packers before the flex opportunity would arise. If these two teams are tied for first in the AFC North in mid-December, it'd be tough to see them playing at 1 p.m.


Week 17: Chiefs at Bengals Jan. 2, 2022

Current Sunday Night Football game: Vikings at Packers

The Chiefs started 3-4. Now they're 7-4. And their schedule the rest of the way after a bye week includes home games against the Broncos, Raiders and Stealers in addition to a road game against the Chargers. A lot can happen over the next month, but this game easily could be flexed if both teams are in playoff contention.


Either game will be a cold mammy jammer at PBS.

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The league designated five Week 15 games for possible moves to two Saturday slots in Week 15. NE-Indy is one The other four possibilities are: Panthers-Bills Raiders-Browns Jets-Dolphins WFT-Eagles #Bengals at Broncos will remain on Sunday, Dec. 19
******Wonder what the chances of the last game at Cleveland being flexed? 4:30 games:
Kansas City
Denver4:25 PMCBS
Los Angeles
Las Vegas4:25 PMCBS
San Francisco
Los Angeles4:25 PM

Arizona4:25 PM


Apparently no Sunday night game.

Maybe Saturday?



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