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Anyone an experienced weight trainer?


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On 6/8/2023 at 2:25 PM, Jason said:

I have some questions. After losing 90+ pounds of fat I’m trying to add muscle now. 

Treadmill incline walking..

Forwards and backwards burns more calories..


Very light weight to start with.

Tendons and ligaments need strengthened as well as muscles do..



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I’ll just go ahead and ask my question, with a little background info. I’ve recently lost 92 pounds. Now I am trying to add muscle mass. I have been lifting fairly consistently for a few months now. But relatively speaking I’m still weak. I am also 2 weeks shy of 55 years old. 

In my desire to add muscle mass am I better off focusing on a couple areas at a time, for example, shoulders, chest, and biceps, and change every 8 to 12 weeks, or can I add full body at the same time?

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I'd stick to a full body and not focusing on any specific set of muscles, so that you aren't getting any imbalances. 


This is who I run my diet coaching through but they also have some templates and or coaching for weight liftinng, whether that is for Olympic Weightlifting or just Bodybuilding type (if your goal is simply to be stronger and not as concerned about aesthetic you can get stronger doing either)



Renaissance Periodization (rpstrength.com)

You can choose to get an online coach (I have one for my diet) or just go with their training templates (I have done their Olympic lifting templates)

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