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  1. You are right! It gets even worse!
  2. I guess the front office will finally realize its dream of getting a 3rd round comp pick in a draft...well done, guys!
  3. Ced to LT. Dalton to ER. McCarron will be needed by week 2. Until he is in ER two weeks later. We should draft five QBs to get through the season. This front office is a joke.
  4. The frustrating part is Rex could complement Gio. You don't HAVE to have a thunder and lightning style approach at running back, it would help to have the best talent there. Burkhead and Gio were far more effective backs in this offense than Hill has been. Problem is, we have the wrong head coach to understand that. If Burkhead ends up in New England, they will know how to use him...
  5. Marvin will probably make him the super-captain now.
  6. Lolz. Belichick was shit in his first NFL head coaching gig. I am sure he was never given a second chance... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Turning Point is the rarely seen message board "reverse troll". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Indeed. Fuck him, and fuck the whole organization for another off-season of doing that same shit that has never worked when it mattered.
  9. Ced is making me think more fondly on Dan Wilkinson's Bengals tenure at this point. For fuckksake.
  10. I have no idea who Numbers is sourcing, but as for Cooley (I live in Baltimore): 1. He's on the radio call team for Washington 2. He has a show on Dan Snyder's station (980 ESPN) 3. He is, therefore, awfully connected to, say, Jay Gruden 4. We know Guenther and Gruden remain tight buds, and that Gruden wanted Guenther for his d-coordinator when he took the job. So, perhaps the connection that might make Cooley an interesting source is the connection between Gruden and Guenther, making it possible that Cooley has indeed heard something...
  11. Until Marvin is gone, nothing that matters that has to change will change.
  12. If we truly wanted to fuck with Cleveland, we would mail it on defense, let him go off and look awesome, and help convince Hue et al to stick with him next year and pass up taking a QB #1 overall.