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    So how about that Clinton crime bill? amirite?
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    I wonder what your predictions were last year.. Or the year before that, or the year before... Something tells me it was much of the same, maybe when I get some time I will look it up.. I guess eventually you will be right, to the deficit of us all.,
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    Confucius says: A McCarron in hand is worth two in his wife's bush.
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    And here's GreatlyExaggeratedDish with another thoughtful contribution. And if not, those cops will execute you in the street, or if you're lucky, just kick the living shit out of you in front of their oops-it's-broken dashcams. Don't want to be murdered by out-of-control bullies drunk on power? Get down and lick their boots like they told you & you won't have any problems! -signed, mostly law-abiding white dude who doesn't see what all the fuss is about
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    So just to be clear, posting video evidence of an unjust shooting of an innocent black man is righteous, but posting video evidence of unjust shootings and beatings of innocent whites is racist. AMIRITE? LOL. Carry on.
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    The preseason game I saw showed me improvement. I guess we'll see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Packers shockingly release LG Josh Sitto... (Rotoworld) Packers released LG Josh Sitton. Analysis: This one is a head-scratcher. Although he's now on the wrong side of 30, Sitton has been a second-team All Pro each of the past three seasons, and hasn't missed a game since 2011. He was Pro Football Focus' No. 5 overall guard last year. The move saves $6.85 million, but if the Pack were interested in saving cash, it's unclear why the move wasn't made in the spring. Sitton won't take long to find a new home. 1 ho Might be worth looking at with our injuries on the line. Could allow Boling to swing to RT for depth.
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    Well Eifert could have been PUP'd cuz he never practiced in TC and they didn't PUP him so I'd say there is no way he's out 6 weeks or else they would have PUP'd for the roster spot.
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    bring Boom Back and IR Ced. We know Herron has some unique ST skills and is a better back than Ced.
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    I'm really glad to not be living in your world. ??
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    I was thinking a 1 and 3 but would settle for a 1 and 4. I know trading him is not the majority thought on this board and having a different opinion is considered "trolling" by some but he's gone for nothing soon and more than likely (hopefully) would spend the majority of his time here on the bench. I was also goofing on thoughts of McCarron getting to the Super Bowl before the Marvengals.
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    1. Boomer discussing this issue is like the pot calling the kettle black. 2. Colin's message good, method of delivery not the best, Colin's attempt to get people in a dialogue about the issue is successful, etc... 3. 49ers are still my nemesis. 4. The military and police are microcosms of today's society. The problems that exist within society will be represented and amplified when they happen within the military or police. 5. The power trip I hear mentioned is represented in one form or another in all facets of society without regards to race, culture, religion, or political affiliation. 6. Fixing anything with this issue will have to start with society as a whole not a part. 7. Been on 3 sides of the equation. Here in the States and overseas in, on, or over just about every continent. 8. DNA studies show that we were all Africans about 30,000 years ago. 9. Economic classes within society are more varied than our DNA. 10. Not very hopeful for a solution while hate exists between the various groups. Want a solution ? Tired of the hate ? Discuss, Organize, Vote, and Educate. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.
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    IMO the bigger problem is that the other 99% are more than happy to lie for the bad 1%.
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    As much as I want to win the divison again so that we have a chance to exorcise SD and the Squeels, part of me actually would want to be a wild card team so that we could also exorcise yet another demon (if I remember correctly)--The Bengals getting a road playoff victory... Both Bengals Superbowl runs happened when we were the #1 seed, meaning home-field advantage. I can't imagine the Bengals and their performances on the road in the postseason...but I'm pretty sure that they are really bad. As much as having one playoff win at home in the playoffs would be a godsend, having a road playoff win would be a watershed moment to me. That would be the "Bengals have turned the corner" moment, and yes, that is quite peculiar consindering since Dalton was our QB, we haven't missed the playoffs at all, and with exception to the dumpster fire of 2010 that ironically led to Andy and A.J, we made it to the playoffs the last 6 out of 7 seasons.
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    http://ktla.com/2016/07/20/unarmed-therapist-shot-by-police-while-trying-to-calm-autistic-man/ Video released Wednesday shows the moment before North Miami police shot an unarmed, behavioral therapist as he tried to calm a man with autism, according to WSVN. Still recovering in a hospital bed, Charles Kinsey is now talking about what happened in that cellphone video recorded Monday. "When I went to the ground, I went to the ground with my hands up," he said. "And I am laying there just like this, telling them again there is no need for firearms." Police were responding to a 911 call about a disturbed man walking around with a gun, threatening suicide. Kinsey said that man was one of his patients, Rinaldo, who has autism. The reported gun, he said, was actually a toy truck. The video shows Kinsey, with both hands held up in the air, telling officers "All he has is a toy truck. A toy truck. I am a behavior therapist at a group home." Kinsey was simultaneously trying to calm Rinaldo and explain what was happening to the police, he says, when an officer shot him. "I thought it was a mosquito bite, and when it hit me I had my hands in the air, and I'm thinking, 'I just got shot!' Kinsey recalled. "I'm saying, 'Sir, why did you shoot me?' and his words to me were, 'I don't know.'" Kinsey said the officers then handcuffed him and flipped him over as he bled onto the concrete. Kinsey told WSVN that being cuffed after being shot upsets him the most. He says he still experiences flashbacks when he closes his eyes. Both Kinsey and his wife told reporters they are just happy he survived and is able to tell his story. The North Miami Police Department issued a statement asking for witnesses, photos and videos of the officer-involved shooting, and called the investigation open and ongoing. The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office is also investigating. The officer who shot Kinsey has been placed on administrative leave.
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    Don't do stuff you're not supposed to do. Don't be places your not supposed to be. When a cop says stop, stop. Those 3 simple rules will keep you from having trouble with cops 99% of the time. Yeah, every once in a while you get a bad cop. But far more often than not the cop is right.
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    No, unicorns and rainbows everywhere you look..
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    Um, wtf. No one here fucking worships criminals. My uncle is a cop, and many of my family including myself served in the Armed Forces. I am a vet. What the fuck have you sacrificed? If you disagree with the content of a post, or someone's opinion, fine, bring logic. But don't disparage the characters of others because you disagree with them politically. Talk about false narratives. It's also a personal attack.
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    1. fuck boomers hoe ass. he certaily used his celebrity to promote his sons charity for research. sort of the same thing, trying to prevent people from dying unnecessarily. 2. tom brady literally had a trump make america great again hat in his locker during interviews. that literally happened. 3. the entire purpose of this country is so colin can do what he did. he also is required to deal with the consequences of those actions. you dont have to back him, or support him. but to deny those rights goes against the military and what this country stands for and what people have died for for this country.
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    I WON THE APPEAL! back pay for the last 5 weeks headed my way!
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    He was also going up against future gym teachers and insurance salesmen. Hunt, for all his athletic talent, just isn't a football player and I don't think he ever will be. Whenever he goes up against legit competition he is completely neutralized. He stands too tall, has no idea how to use leverage, his hand game is terrible and he just seems to lack that killer instinct that is a key trait of a good defender. I cringed when we took him in the second round and voiced my displeasure here. I gave Zim the benefit of the doubt then, but I think it's time to move on from this failed experiment.

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