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    They need to play better. They need to coach better. WE need to post better. It's partly OUR fault. I personally plan on posting harder & better that way going forward and so forth.
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    Pleasure to meet you Mr. Rooney Rule. Excuse me? I'm very sorry. Mr. Austin. Please, have a seat. I'll have the chef bring up some fried chicken and waffles. Can I offer you a grape Nehi?
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    Fine by me. This is in very large part Marvin's mess. Let him be the one to try and clean it up.
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    Marvin shouldn't even be allowed to coach pee wee football.
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    Follow suit with Marvin.
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    When you find something that works like we did on that first drive, you don't want to keep doing it, you want to save it for the AFC Championship game & Super Bowl.
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    Funny no one has mentioned the pic is of Jonathan Hayes
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    Found a guy out of work that can fill Marvin's spot of standing on sideline and clapping while Marvin is coaching and shit.
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    True story. Having said that Green seems to need Dalton too. His four career games without him have seen AJ average 3.75 receptions and 49.75 yards per game.
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    While the authorities are investigating this, they should lay sodomy charges against the entire Saints team.
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    I agree with this. For the past couple of seasons it's been the officiating that is beginning to ruin it for me. It doesn't just happen to us. I remember the ticky-tack holding penalty on Dre in the Shitsburgh game. Of course that call was made on a 3rd and 10 giving them an automatic 1st down instead of it being 4th down. We all know what happened next. That call changed everything. In a game of inches, calls matter. IMO, the refs have too big of a role in the NFL.
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    It was pretty much over then unfortunately. I'm so sick of being a 2nd tier team after 15 years with this clown. Semi good was Mixon when they let him play. Bad is the rest of the game. Ugly is ML still trying to compete in the 2018 NFL.
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    19 year old USMC L/Cpl Pepsi Generation Killer Chu Lai, Viet Nam 1966
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    Good: I bet their fists really hurt with us hitting them with our faces all day! Bad: Ugly: Fucking abysmal: Everything else
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    When it comes to missed calls,stop.Just STOP.Sure the refs missed a couple but that had ZERO to do with the loss.Speaking only for myself,but I'm done with this team other than watching them on TV.No more merchandise,and no more attending games.I'm done until this joke of a coaching staff is removed.
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    GOOD Joe Mixon The First Drive Jessie Bates New Nickname "Dre Flagpatrick" BAD Playcalling Andy Dalton 0 Sacks, 0 Punts, 0 Turnovers By The Defense UGLY Scores On The Saints First 9 Possessions Marvin Lewis Teryl Austin Bengals Defense Giving Up An Average Of 545 Yards and 43 Points Per Game The Past Three Weeks
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    ^ He's over there clapping while his team gets BTFO. I swear this starts at the top with the "circus" comments but they all think they're better than the game or league, fans, pretty much everyone outside of the building. It's why the rest of the NFL hates Ol' Musty, it's why they try to outsmart the defense on 3rd & 1, why most of the roster are either cashing checks or are on their own agenda, why there's no discipline or accountability. The Bengals are a charitable trust that also perform 16+1 football games a year. The goal is to show up at the agreed upon time and place & try not to get embarrassed like they did today. And when they can't even manage that it's not like there are consequences for it.
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    Good: First offensive series was awesome. Mixon. Bad and ugly: I don’t have a good enough cell plan to go there.
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    To call Gio garbage is simply ridiculous. Having said that, it was a terrible call (the third and three to Bernard). Mixon only getting 9 carries in true game time (2 were in super garbage time) is absolutely insane. He should have had 25 carries today. Gio should have had more touches too. Lazor should be shot with a ball of his own shit. The first drive was beautiful. Then, as usual, the Bengals get off track and start pressing too hard.
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    Navy 83-03. Electronic Warfare, Cryptographic Technician, Law Enforcement / Physical Security, Processor (bringing them in and kicking them out), Range Master, etc...
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    Air Force E-4 Sgt. 84 to 91. No pics. Probably have to dig. Was at Clark AB, Phillipines, Wright-Patt, RAF Greenham Common, Warner Robins, GA.
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    Army 1st Lt. - 6 years. (92-98) Another 10 working for the government. I was a linguist for Army intel which mostly consisted of 2 years of school, followed by 4 years of being in a bunker with 45 aerials listening to foreign radio. (With even more school) You're automatically an officer, and if you do well in the schools, it's pretty much a guaranteed promotion if you extend to 6. After that I did a bit more advanced but similar work for agencies in DC. Finally decided to go private sector in 2008. Wife was Navy, and was among the first women to actually be deployed on ships. She was a radar operator and 50mm gunner. Did her 4 years, but also had a rough time dealing with being in that situation. CO tanked her career with a bad eval and then gets drunk one night and tells her he only did it because he really wanted to have sex with her and didn't want to seem like he was showing favoritism. That type of bullshit. She doesn't like to talk military. Was deployed in the Gulf during Desert Storm so is a war vet. Something I'm not.
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    no worthy pics that I can find readily Retired US Army active duty in 1997 after 21 years, plus another 2 in the Ohio Army National Guard while in college there.
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    A. That would suck B. I agree Dalton plays out his contract but signing him to what would be a huge extension would Flacco the team. Gonna need that QB soon. Your strategy is sound. Even if the new guy is about as good as Andy, club has rookie contract to pay. And yes, Marvin stepping down is how this plays out. Mike Brown don’t care about Rhino horns or baby sea turtles, they taste like chicken.
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