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    How do you really know it's an issue yet though? I've seen teams filled with veteran coaches suck.
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    And Taylor could do very well for all you or any of us know. You're acting like because he's not making the moves you want or what other coaches have done, that he's going to be bad. He very well could be Dave Shula 2.0. Or he could be the next great thing. I don't KNOW either way. But I do have hope and am very excited, for a change. Anyway, thanks for the effort and research to show what other new coaches, the majority of which will probably be bad, have done.
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    Bengals hired former raiders RB coach Jemal Singleton to same position
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    Yeah, my HS coach used to have some oddball utterances too.
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    Some of you are straight hilarious! You bitched for YEARS about wanting change, and NOW that it's here, you want to BITCH about how it is occurring.
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