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  1. If applicable, the independent arbitrator weighs the evidence presented by the NFL and determines a violation of the personal conduct policy did occur. The arbitrator can then determine the punishment rendered for the infraction. If the NFL disagrees with the punishment rendered, the league can appeal it to commissioner Roger Goodell, who then makes a final determination on any punishment, which could range from a suspension to a monetary fine.
  2. Ahh, The Proverbial Caucasian attempt to use Dr. King as a reason for not extending the American franchise to African Americans. That AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN is More qualified than EVERY OTHER SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Republican or Democratic on the Supreme Court!! and she makes the LAST three look like Jr. Law Clerks.
  3. So, you are a HNIC? Really? Do you even know what that means?
  4. I knew someone would take one thing I said and try to run with it. Should have expected it to be you.
  5. Got the right team, just the wrong QB. He's Dalton 2.0 with smaller hands. Go look at the numbers!!😂
  6. I understand the trepidation from Folks on here, but I do want to Interject a few things. 1st, he was a college student, but had he not gone down early, he would have still been in High School at the time it occurred. 2nd, the young lady said she was 15 and had told him that before they hung out, But....... I know I've talked to women and have age not be what they first said. And 3rd, had she just listened to her mom, she would have not been in that predicament to start with. Her Statement said her mom told her not to go to his apartment, but she did it anyway. Not in anyway saying she deserved it, but I do know a lot of guys that dated a girl a few years Younger when I was in HS, and it wasn't frowned upon. In fact, one of my friends who dated a sophomore as a Senior, just celebrated his 35th wedding Anniversary. He doesn't appear to be a Brock Turner.
  7. Nice article on Hill. https://mgoblog.com/content/so-you-wanna-draft-wolverine-daxton-hill?fbclid=IwAR34YYj4-7far2tmJZOVRz10dkoiS6N29PAoh5ZWHV2CJGVI_1Z36SjLGNk
  8. A little Throwback!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/Joe.Burrow.Cincinnati.Bengals.Fan.Club/permalink/686875722549053/?fs=1&focus_composer=0&m_entstream_source=feed_mobile#!/photo.php?fbid=678306493445669&id=100037989721606&set=gm.686875722549053&source=57&refid=18&__tn__=EH-R
  9. I think you always Think the Bengals have more needs than they do. Not sure if you're aware, But they had one of the Better teams in the league last year, and the area that was a problem, the Oline, they kinda got aggressive in FA about. But, the list is good.
  10. Question for you draft gurus. 31 is an interesting spot to draft in. A lot of teams could want to trade for that, especially possibly a team looking for a QB. If Seattle came calling, Would you take 40 and and 72 to move up, or do you think we could hit them for 40 and 41? or should we stay pat at 31? Just wondering what you guys think.
  11. First week of May could be as well. They no longer have to wait for June 1, they just have to designate it as a June 1 cut. Each team is allowed two that they can release earlier but designate as a June 1 cut.
  12. At this point, you need to be focused on the Draft. The majority of the players that haven't been signed yet are still looking for Larger numbers or years than what the teams want to pony up on. Additionally, I'd rather see us get rookies with whom you'll get instant buy in on the team culture, instead of some body that has been in the league that may not be concerned with what they're building. After the draft, some of those Veterans will start to look at opportunities to play for a 'Ship as opposed to maxing out their bank account.
  13. Yeah definitely, but we need at least one more Speed guy off the edge. When Hendrickson went out last year, we had a really hard time putting any pressure on the QB.
  14. Although, one option they have is to go after another edge and move Hubbard Inside on Passing downs.
  15. Well, you did a poor job of construeing your answer to start with. Not surprising. You have a tendency to say something and then claim you didn't really mean what you said. It's Ok. I'm sure most of us just accept it as your modus operandi.
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