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  1. So, you expected better? You Really thought a 4th rd QB starting his first Game EVER in front of the arguably Worst fans of Any Franchise in every professional league against one of the better Defenses in any sport, was going to result in an Epic Battle won in the last seconds by the best Warriors? That's what you were thinking? OK! I took Baltimore as my team in the King of the Hill tournament I play in.
  2. He said what great coaches had bad first years. I gave two. Now, you can go make excuses for why, but hell, they may make the same excuses for Zac in twenty years. Personally, I'm a believer that a coach should get three years at least if his team doesn't quit on him. Currently, this team hasn't quit. They've played like shit, but they haven't quit.
  3. Jimmy Johnson, 1-15 first year, Bill Walsh 2-14 first year. Just Saying!!
  4. You know I was going to light your ass up, but i thought about it and just said to myself, Bless his little heart!!
  5. Tampa Bay, Chicago, The Squealers, Hell, Probably Cleveland!! I know some of you don't like Andy, but this BS that he's the worst QB in the league is just that, BULLSHIT!! and you say it AD NAUSEUM!!
  6. That's true. Zac's going to be the head coach next year, regardless of what anyone on here thinks, and he needs to determine if Finley has any ability under Live Fire. He's going to have to get a QB next year with the first pick, and he needs to know if Finley can be a place keeper for the beginning of the season, or whether he's going to need to get the guy most ready to start. As far as Andy, I think there are three or four teams that will look at him as a better option than their current starter, and probably another 7 or 8 that would love to have him backup their current QB.
  7. They are going to take 10 guys from the senior list this year. I think Kenny Anderson and Kenny Riley should both make it.
  8. Agreed! They NEVER Looked that passionate in the past couple of years!
  9. I think the OLine has to be at least in Good category. Did they have a false start? I don't remember one. In the second loudest stadium in the league, that's impressive. I
  10. 3 catches, 108 Yards, and 2 touchdowns. Should have cut him, Amirite?
  11. Do you think he cares? He just needs something to bitch about.
  12. They could also be worse. And they don't know the system.
  13. Naw, I’ll be here to fuck with you regardless. Something about watching a bitcher bitch incessantly is a good diversion from my real work.
  14. You used to bitch that the Bengals played the players by draft position and not best player, now that they are doing the opposite, you’re still bitching. SMDH!
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