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    Things I like about the Taylor regime so far: Moving fellas around on the depth chart, creating even more, fair competition within position groups Seemingly, honestly, trying to figure out who to scheme based on existing and developing skill sets (the old way was counter to this: get talented guys, make them fit a specific mold)
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    Just win with no injuries!!! FUCK THE REDSKINS!!! WHO-DEY!!!
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    Streaming links: reddit.com/r/nflstreams/comments/cqwczk/game_thread_cincinnati_bengals_washington/ Be sure to put the https://www in front Worked for me last week tho you can make the game full screen. It's on locally here (I'm just south of Richmond Va) but will have to suffer listening the the Redskin announcers gargling Grudens sack.
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    Potential butt problems?!
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    I want you to lose because you and a major portion of your fan base are douchebags
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