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  1. I am surprised he didn’t blame Elon Musk for changing the Twatter algorithm like Monica Lewinsky did. They are receiving bad comments now and are actually seeing them and can’t take it. Good.
  2. Another stupid rule, only fumbling into the EZ under two minutes and not the whole game. Thanks to She in reminding us in Chat.
  3. any other time they blow the whistle. but on Hurst they let it go too but, i think they wanted to see a strip on that one.
  4. stupid announcer said, it was a 52 yard punt, it was a 62 yard punt. Nice!
  5. I didn’t even know he was still playing. I wonder why they never went after Dicker the Kicker when he was on Chargers practice squad. Too late now though.
  6. This is Spot on. Go to YT and follow ZPierre509 as he is from Nashville and is a live streamer to show anyone just that.
  7. It is engrained deep into that organization in making their players to be dirty scumbags. From the CHIN to Mr. Hampton Vaginia.
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