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  1. Wasn't he the one that was leaped over with an OLA on the sidelines by their RB? lol
  2. Gio was also blown off a block where Brady was sacked. He was injured on that garbage time TD too.
  3. How dare you question the great Zachariah! Per someone said, let it go.
  4. You better watch out questioning Zac, someone might tell you to let it go.
  5. It did, i was watching it, like 3 or 4 seconds had passed. Once again, Refs don't care for losing teams.
  6. NFL record with the luck of the bounce and indoors of course. Detroit played stupid prevent like we were doing.
  7. Our Oline broke the Stealers Sack streak. Unreal! Great Win by these guys! Except Zac is an idiot again.
  8. I think I heard him calling Mixon, Pixon a few times too. They don’t care about Bengals players. Winning is what will cure all of that, then again, maybe he is just an idiot instead.
  9. Never said bury the guy, but he could say in general, many things were not going well in the game, blocking, myself trying to force passes, etc…. Everyone saw the issue and they see it on video too so it is not like it is a secret. In the locker room, I don’t think he would say anything there either, the coaches need to speak up or what are they being paid for?
  10. Forgot about that, well, do you consider him a rookie if he never played in his first season, well, he threw only four passes and played in one game with Atlanta, barely. I had to look that up and I forgot that he was drafted by Atlanta in 2nd Round and Glanville did not agree with it because he said, it would take a plane crash for him to put Favre into the game. Their QB at the time, Chris Miller. Atlanta traded him to Green Bay in 1992 thus then we created him to what he became. I am sure the Falcon fans are POd to this day about that trade just like I am sure we all were when MFB would not take New Orleans entire draft picks where he wanted the great Akili Bust Smith as an example.
  11. That would either tie or break the all time NFL Record in a season, I think that David Carr may hold. Not a record you want. Burrow said in post game as they asked him about getting sacked a lot, he said, part of the game, um, no, not that many times. Sounded like he didn’t want to throw anyone that wasn’t blocking well under the bus. Is this considered Leadership?
  12. He even admitted during post game that he was forcing it because they were behind. He said, I should’ve let the game come to me or play out. Without his turnovers, we may or may not have won, but he should not be forcing anything. He is not there to attempt to do that. Meaning, he isn’t Tom Brady.
  13. And he went on to lose 4 of his next 6 games after that win, but did bounce back for 6 straight wins before losing final game. I believe he played way more than Fields in that game compared to this one and Fields will not be a Favre. What did Fields do that was so great? They won because of our turnovers. So you are calling Zac a Shula? Might be.
  14. That is called game adjustment, something Zac doesn’t seem to know what to do or how. I agree.
  15. I don’t recall Brett throwing an INT and getting a lucky run for a first down from a missed tackle in that game.
  16. Burrow said in post game, he was told he had 3 INTs, he said, two and there was another one? they started laughing and said, yes, he said, that last one was an INT, and they said, yes, he said, ok, Thanks for that. I guess he thought it was a fumble instead.
  17. Against the Stealers who are losing right now and it will be at Pitt, um, that would be a no. If they do, I will be shocked.
  18. Did anyone pick up on what McAfee said at the end? Need a Fn indoor practice facility, Hello!
  19. Oh they made up for the bad plays for sure. I always record the game, but deleted this one as I was going to go back and double check, but maybe you are right and I may be mistaken. Oh well, all is good either way.
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