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  1. Doesn't look like the Clowns players are taking the season very well.... lol https://breaking911.com/wild-video-shows-cleveland-browns-star-being-arrested-naked-near-childrens-learning-center-in-florida/
  2. Well, I have been seeing polls online of which game they were looking forward to see playing this weekend and Tampa vs either Arizona/LA were last. I guess the Brady GOAT thing is wearing real thin.
  3. I believe he said before the season he was in the greatest shape of his life.
  4. Delay of game not called. Of course, give the Stealers as much of a chance as they can get.
  5. The referees who did our game are out for the rest of the playoffs. The NFL only did it because of the whistle call and NFL fans whining. I know they sucked, but just saying….. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10023987-schefter-jerome-boger-refs-from-raiders-bengals-not-expected-to-work-in-playoffs
  6. I thought he was going to do it on that play, but didn’t. Good for them to talk about that.
  7. Over at Bleacher Report for the most part they did blame Carr for choking.
  8. what happened with the fast review on that play? like they did on the last one where they called it incomplete?
  9. Carson Palmer had a golden arm! Fk the dirty Scumbag Stoolers! Thanks for the memories. I pray Joe Burrow is protected this weekend and beats the curse!
  10. An auto 2 pts is in that spread for home field I do believe.
  11. If you are talking about the one where Carr threw the ball a mile away, then hell yeah. What happened to the uncatchable rule? Did that disappear like the runner leading with their helmet? No way you can call a PI on a ball that is thrown away, but they did. Did the NFL want the Raiders in? Like UncleEarl said, and we already knew is that the NFL is all about money.
  12. They could’ve put them on prime time on Saturday is the point. No matter what day it is, I agree, more fans will watch them, but to give them an extra day is BS! NFL Parity? Yea, right.
  13. Nah, the dumb arse coach going for it on 4th down in their territory cost them the game instead of punting.
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