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  1. Now they got a guy in scoring position
  2. Fuck you Steer that was an easy catch
  3. Free baseball coming up
  4. It was a Mike Ford HR that tied it
  5. Missed how but we tied it up 5-5
  6. Fraley pitch hit sends a guy home 4-5 bad guys
  7. Every batter to the plate this inning. Pathetic
  8. Bad throw by elly gives them a little league tripple 5-3 bad guys
  9. 5th hit sends a guy home 3-4 bad guys Montas pulled
  10. They scored 3-1 good guys.
  11. Loaded bases and we got out of it. 3-0 good guys
  12. For reference Ted Kaaras is 6'4, 310lbs. If Lee can add 15lbs of good weight he will have the same physical make up as Ted.
  13. Jamie_B


    It isnt what I believe it's what they are proving time and again.
  14. Jamie_B


    Except they are killing more than just hamas..... and intentionally Maybe that isn't their goal? Maybe their goal is getting rid of the Palestinians all together?
  15. Jamie_B


    Yes you keep pretending that Isreal isn't behaving the same way and pretending they are only going after Hamas
  16. Jamie_B


    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2024/feb/22/claims-of-israeli-sexual-assault-of-palestinian-women-are-credible-un-panel-says But please go on....
  17. In Our Name: A Message from Jewish Students at Columbia University
  18. Jamie_B


    I'm not sure you get the point. She wasn't just a young girl caught in the middle of war, she was murdered by the IDF. They we're literally sending an Ambulance to get her and her family and they were given a route to take by the IDF and they followed that path without deviation and they still killed her and her family. Nobody here disputes that Hamas is a terrorist organization doing horrible things. The point you are missing is Israel, and specifically the IDF, is not innocent. They are not merely killing Hamas, they are killing innocents, and knowingly. They are behaving like a terrorist organization themselves.
  19. Hopefully it affects the Chiefs ability to win
  20. Jamie_B


    Hind Rajab was Hamas?
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