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  1. I was hoping to bring back Lorenzen.....he ended up throwing a no-no with Philly, would have been nice to have that happen here.
  2. Losing him hurt even more with Lodolo not coming back, and Abbot hitting the rookie wall. Really wish we would have added a starter at the break.
  3. Will be my 2nd time at GABP, the last time was the Sunday before we had that Monday Night game against the Ravens, 2nd time at PBS/Paycor too. I'll be by myself for that one since he has to work, think Ill meet up with @GoBengals but not sure if he got his ticket or not yet for the Reds game. I bet your nephew will love that.
  4. Nice! Going to the Reds game on Sunday, as I fly in on Saturday. I'm taking my oldest nephew to the Bengals game (he's 21) we're in the upper deck though.
  5. I wanted the kid from Notre Dame but I get why taking a pass rusher was more important. We play 3 Wide with 1 TE, it's about how many balls go around, where as we were towards the bottom in pass rush last year. Though imo it had more to do with the loss of Ogunjob vs needing another DE.
  6. The thinking on this is always about getting the "double dip" where we score before the half and get the ball back in the 2nd half to score again. This works if the defense could get a stop. Or if Joe doesn't throw an Int in the redszone.
  7. The comp for him on nfl.com was Antwan Odum (hopefully more Odum with Tenn vs the Bengals) but yes I think he reminds me of Hubbard as well.
  8. What I am curious about is I have heard that it lingers, but what I have not heard is how long typically does it linger while you are playing on it. Is this going to be an all season thing or will it eventually heal?
  9. Which is why I dont think he gets shut down. I think they wrap up his calve and he plays.
  10. Murphy has logged 13 snaps in week 1 10 snaps in week 2 Has he recorded even a tackle yet? Can we log this as a concern yet?
  11. Depends on how bad the calf is. We arent winning games without him. Are we willing to shut down the season this early?
  12. Karras is mediocre to be honest, I know alot of people get beat by Myles Garret but I also seen him get pushed back numerous times. Our best linemen is Kappa, and Kappa is only good at pass blocking, he leaves some things to be desired for run blocking. I really think this is a scouting problem more than anything else. Whoever is in charge of finding our draft picks and free agents needs to be fired. That said there is alot on coaching here too, Karras, Cappa, and OBJ all have superbowl rings.
  13. Reds lose Miami takes the last spot now
  14. Miami destroying Atl we are losing 4-8
  15. THIS We can't even find starting Olinemen and teams in our own division lose starters and their backups still get the job done. It's the most damned frustrating thing ever.
  16. Bad first half O and a D that could not get the critical stop
  17. Defense had gotten in the backfield more than once and more than once could not make the play
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