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  1. Well at least one of the Padres or Cards are gonna lose
  2. I'm not quite there yet, but with the number of games left they aren't helping themselves.
  3. Sure, but taking pleasure in the misery of others literally makes that person a sadist. Like it's a textbook definition.
  4. There is seeing something differently, and there is taking joy in the misery of others. There is a word for people like that.
  5. They keep losing to teams they have no business losing to and it wont matter.
  6. As I recall their line is somewhat new, I suspect that had something to do with how well the team played. I still need more data to know what we have as a team, usually I wait till 4 to 6 weeks in, to really know, this year I think week 3 against the Stealers will be a telling game, but so far I'm encouraged.
  7. How do you lose to the Pirates?
  8. Jamie_B


    Look at his twitter, he's a right wing "religious" (i say that because these people take the word completely wrong) nut.
  9. Plus you know, Hopkins is going to have to get the snaps sooner or later.
  10. Once Hopkins gets his feet under him, I expect the sacks given up by the Oline to go down.
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