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  1. Steer 3 run HR 5 -0 good guys
  2. India HR 2-0 good guys
  3. Dirty Martini with the HR
  4. Made the trip up from dc
  5. It's the all out abandonment of being honest actors for the craven desire for power for me.
  6. That's a message I sent to a female friend of mine who is a capitol police officer that day. That anyone would try to downplay exactly what went down that day is disgusting
  7. No idea, not a conspiracy theorist
  8. Hey the reward from the FBI for the pipe bomb that was totally innocent and just a misunderstanding guys is up to 500k https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/washingtondc/news/500000-reward-remains-in-effect-for-information-about-capitol-hill-pipe-bomber
  9. Oh right silly me a Capital "tour"
  10. That or WR depending on how the guys behind Jamar and Tee play out. Also not ruling out another DE, Sam and Trey are not getting younger, Ossai is in a contract year and has shown potential on the field....when he is on the field is the problem, best ability is availability and all that, that leaves Murphy as the air apparent right now. DE is a need.
  11. Not likely, OBJ still has 3 years on his current contract. It would be a very un-Bengal like thing to do. I think when his time is up here you move Mimms to the left side as he is athletic enough to do it, then draft a RT
  12. True I mean it's not like the guy caused an insurrection or anything. That would be truly 3rd world.
  13. It would explain a number of his posts
  14. Years ago I talked about how we needed to fix a lot of our systemic issues for fear of becoming a banana republic. I'm afraid we have reached that day.
  15. I half-jokingly said Biden should issue an EU saying the Conservative Judges on the SCOTUS are to be removed from the bench. Watch how fast they roll this back.
  16. I don't care if you are an R, D, or even an I. This should bother every American.
  17. Just wait till you have to get every single streaming service to watch all the games. Can wait till I watch the Bengals on Fubo TV
  18. I've lived in Germany and never seen anything like what you are talking about. Also the whole "alpha" nonsense is stupid.
  19. In addition to that Project 2025 must be defeated it would completely undermine our system of governing and make government officials who work and have worked in government when both parties have been in power, beholden to the President and fireable by the President. This would turn their offices from non-partisan to political, which would make having experts who might disagree with the President not able to tell the pubic the truth. Imagine if during the Pandemic Trump was able to fire Fauchi because Fauchi told the truth about the efficacy of certain drugs or treatments. Because that is their goal, to be able to fire anyone who disagrees with them. And that is straight-up authoritarian.
  20. VA is pretty purple, my vote will matter. I'll be voting for Biden, not only because Trump should never hold public office again, not even a school board, but because to my surprise there has been some things I've liked (and yes some things I don't). I posted this in a different thread. What are the things I like that Biden has done? Chips Act Established the first ever gun violence prevention office..... allowing us to even study it The Federal Reserve will have new rules on preventing "redlining" in home ownership Crackdown on Junk Fees and Overdraft charges Forcing China to open their books for audit Bipartisan bill to make it harder for Trump or any other President to strong arm states or election officials to overturn the results of an election Made forming a Union much easier And my biggest thing I like is him putting Lina Kahan in charge of the FTC who is going after these businesses on anti-trust cases. That is Teddy Rosevelt type stuff and I love it. What do I hate? His handling of the Isreal/Palestine conflict.
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    Not really but that has nothing to do with even understanding what you posted
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