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  1. The main 2 things that drive me nuts during games are delayed joy as you wait for a flag or the fact that you know the play is about to be reviewed, and reviewed, and reviewed... It is painful in the stadium b/c it feels like an eternity, and it is blow your head off maddening on TV as you listen to 2 or 3 dipshits talk about the rules & how they think it is going to be called.
  2. NFL football creeps closer and closer to unwatchable live. I can't stand the GD replays... and if it has to be there, why can't there be somebody in the booth that watches the play immediately and just radios down to the field? There is no need to announce that it is being reviewed, then run over to watch it 55x on the sideline.
  3. rcarpenter62

    Burfict released

    The one that broke my heart more than anything since the 2nd Super Bowl was that son of a bitch Kimo taking aim at Carson's knee. I honestly think that team had a chance to win the big one.
  4. I simply did not see this one happening. I am pleasantly surprised and I feel like the CB room is pretty solid. I liked what the rookie Phillips showed last year in limited time too. I honestly hope they draft like 4 LBs over the course of the picks this year and hope that a couple hit.
  5. I was just thinking about the size of the contract(s) this dude would have signed if he had not experienced half the injuries. Hell if he had just kept the pace up last year and not been hurt, he'd have signed a big ass deal. Of course it likely would not have been as a Bengal.
  6. Look I thought the Hart money was 100% jackass. But the Uzomah, Webb, Brown, & now Miller signings... I am on board with all of them. I am totally convinced that even real Bengal fans dislike the Bengals so much, they cannot look at anything without a great deal of disdain (I am on guilty of it way more often than not).
  7. rcarpenter62

    2019 Free Agency

    I wanna just slap my head too... 1 of the 57 6th round picks would likely have got him and/or Darren Lee. I hate my favorite team.
  8. I still don't have a problem with signing this guy. I think it was a great idea to have him on the roster... I just don't know who they were seriously bidding against to get to the number (even the new number less than $21 million). I find it hard to believe he was getting offers that would be near this on day 1 of the FA game. This front office has always seemed to be willing to roll the dice and have let MUCH better players see what is out there on the market. But they seemed to be in the "do whatever it takes to get him back here" position on a guy that is unquestionably a below average starter. I just don't understand the urgency, especially from the organization that is without a doubt the least aggressive among the 32 in existence.
  9. Resigning him for depth... I get. $7 million per... ARE YOU SHITTING ME?
  10. rcarpenter62

    2019 Free Agency

    I really can't help but think that they when they look at Dennard they see 4th round comp pick.
  11. Very nice. I would love to hear the reason(s) why this is only a 1 year deal... be it the player or the employer's decision.
  12. I'll take Carr, Mack, '18 1st, '19 1st, in exchange for Burfict and '19 7th.
  13. I'm not sure I buy this "source"... but it better be a helluva deal to lose the heart and soul of your D. You would be looking at needing 2 new starters at LB.
  14. rcarpenter62

    2018 Free Agency thread

    The biggest problem with this happening, is that the dickheads will now see the almighty 6th or 7th round comp pick that Smith's signing could bring and refuse to sign anyone that hasn't been cut.
  15. That is a nice freaking "throw in" to swap 5 & 6 rounders too... I actually thought it was going in the other direction until just a moment ago.

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