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  1. I'll be honest, I am feeling very, very optimistic. Can't wait to see what they manage to get in the draft (please don't let it be that turd Gary from michigan). My number one complaint about the previous regime was the 100% inability to maximize what certain players were able to do or not do. I choose to believe that there will be room for Mixon to run, focusing on getting the ball out quickly & lots of play action is going to make up for O-line weaknesses. I think they are going to be creative in finding space for Green, Boyd, Ross, Eifert (this is the year he stays healthy), & Gio, and I can't wait for it.
  2. Have I just missed the fines & suspensions for the Stealers? I'm sure I just missed it, right? No chance they are all ignored. That would be inconceivable.
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