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  1. I'd give the Cardinals a call too & see if they have any interest for pick 45
  2. I will flat out lose it if Hooker in particular is available & they don't grab him. He was the best center field safety that I have seen that can play within the new rules of football as they are today. The dude covered so much ground at times it was truly hard to believe. He took perfect angles and played the ball perfectly. The best thing is he has barely played football in the grand scheme of things... I don't think he has scratched the surface of what he could become.
  3. I am coming around on Ross. I've listened to every Lap interview I could find and his enthusiasm about him is starting to pump me up. I look at it this way, if the guy were to catch a half a dozen long balls in the season next year, then he is adding enough value for me. Injury is the obviously the big worry for me, but it only takes 1 play for everyone on the roster when it comes to injury.
  4. Me too. Sometimes it honestly seems like that MF'er Mike Brown won't do things that everybody wants, just b/c everybody wants it.
  5. I might agree if not for the 10 different times this has hit the news rounds. The day after it happened, the team response release, the cruiser video, the station video, the report of rehab (or whatever), the coach comment, the owner comment, and now him showing his ass again to a reporter. It is simply enough already. It would be enough already if you DID NOT factor in his history of being a lawbreaker, a hot head on the field, and an overall jackass... but if you do add that all together, it sure adds up to a dumb fuck being out of the league entirely. ****unless of course he is under contract with the Bengals.
  6. It is truly difficult to believe a few things for me... 1. How can he be so fucking stupid? 2. How can decision makers in this organization put up with him making them look ridiculous? 3. How can you expect anybody to instill any discipline with young players when you see what you let this asshole get away with time and time and time again?
  7. I would stay a fan if they moved to Columbus (I live in Lancaster). However, if they moved farther away, it would be the final blow to me being a NFL observer instead of Bengals fan. Keeping Lewis, the years of wanting to be good instead of great, and this entire GD pacman sitch, has really pushed me away as it sits today. Moving farther away would be the straw that broke the camel's back.
  8. Oh and now Mikey boy comes out and sounds like an even bigger idiot for his "take" on Pacman. He had a struggle with a pre-mature child, so he should get a 17th chance. I can't even believe how stupidly they have handled this situation from the very beginning.
  9. 100% with you on this one. I'd take him at 41, but at 9 you are just asking for disappointment. If no Thomas, Allen, or Barnett available, then my board is Hooker, then Adams, then Corey Davis.
  10. I was angry yesterday. Today, a feeling of apathy is slowly rolling over me. What can you seriously do as a fan other than laugh to yourself?
  11. I hope you are correct about Westerman, but the infuriating thing about that is the fact that they didn't get him any snaps last year. Why? Was he not ready to play in those all important last couple of games for a team that was going nowhere?
  12. It is just incredible how this organization can be so blind to the very idea of being fan friendly. After that shit storm yesterday, you let Hob put one of his bullshit cap analysis articles out for the world to read!!! It is absolutely infuriating. It is so hard not to say fuck these old fashioned, tight ass, lying assholes.
  13. This has seriously become the thing that we can be excited about. If only the goal was to put a better team on the field instead of trying to get comp picks.
  14. That is the amazing thing... This line was terrible last year, was the biggest reason (outside perhaps of kicker) that the team was unsuccessful. This forward thinking organization allows the 2 best, out of 5 players, to walk away. I mean what the fuck? What other organization in the world allows that happen? Answer: 1 organization... Your beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Who-fucking-Dey!