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  1. Very nice. I would love to hear the reason(s) why this is only a 1 year deal... be it the player or the employer's decision.
  2. I'll take Carr, Mack, '18 1st, '19 1st, in exchange for Burfict and '19 7th.
  3. I'm not sure I buy this "source"... but it better be a helluva deal to lose the heart and soul of your D. You would be looking at needing 2 new starters at LB.
  4. rcarpenter62

    2018 Free Agency thread

    The biggest problem with this happening, is that the dickheads will now see the almighty 6th or 7th round comp pick that Smith's signing could bring and refuse to sign anyone that hasn't been cut.
  5. That is a nice freaking "throw in" to swap 5 & 6 rounders too... I actually thought it was going in the other direction until just a moment ago.
  6. I am pleasantly surprised. If nothing else, it shows at least a little bit of aggression in trying to fix the o-line. Please, please, please, do NOT pay that turd Bodine, unless he works for peanuts to be the 2nd team C.
  7. That is one thing that blows my freaking mind is how they can even allow Hob put this on the team site. They are so tone deaf to the fans of this team that it is amazing that there are any left. I feel like I am dumber every single day that I stick with this organization.
  8. That is not funny - I have never been so offended. I laughed at the irony in me saying the part about bench reps... I certainly wasn't saying to draft him based on that, it was a comment I threw in.
  9. I am so on board with Price. If it would be possible to slip down just a handful of spots & grab him, I will be over the moon. I honestly don't care if they have to stay put & take him. He is going to drop jaws at the combine when he reps out on 225.
  10. rcarpenter62

    Coaching Staff Changes

    I am almost 42 years old and I have been a fan of this team for literally as long as I can remember... and I know how Mike Brown operates (like it is still the 70s). That said, I honestly cannot believe the situation right now. That press conference, the level of stupidity and lack of any aggressive thinking... I honestly wish I could change what team I support. I wish I could just gently punch Mike Brown in the nuts.
  11. I sure hope not. This requires a complete and total overhaul. Marvin is the man in charge, but you simply have to factor in the OC for the complete and total ineptitude that we see in every single second half.
  12. The 2 quickest things I can think of about him being stubborn... WJ III not playing every down on D. Starting J. Hill all season to begin every game and every 2nd half.
  13. Man all I'm saying is this... If you cannot prepare him enough for a set of plays, then you are incompetent as a coaching staff. He certainly isn't the dumbest WR they have ever coached, I'm not buying it. It all boils down to the same stubborn bullshit that we see from Marvin all the time. I repeat... Fuck Marvin and his entire staff.
  14. I honestly believe there is only 1 coaching staff in the NFL that doesn't at least put a package of plays in place for a guy like Ross, even if it means he is on the field for less than 10 plays. If they haven't got him up to speed enough to do that, then they should be fired for being unable to develop talent alone. Fuck Marvin and his entire staff.
  15. rcarpenter62

    2018 Coaching prospects

    I could not agree more. But I think we all know it isn't going to happen unless Mike Brown dies between now and the end of the season. I've never been closer to checking out on this organization and the NFL in general. I'm going to give them a chance to make a good hire, have a great draft, and make smart personnel decisions this off-season. If it is the same old status quo bullshit, I am just going to put forth the actual effort to sever my ties with pro football.

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