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  1. HavePityPlease

    Peter King = King of Peter

    Bahaha Peter King. One of the worst human beings in sports journalism. The guy who doubled down on lying to/scamming a little kid out of a preseason foul ball, the guy who thinks that everyone gives a shit about his daughter's softball team, what coffee he drinks, and what hotel he stays at. And despite this, despite all the things that make him terrible, the worst might be his complete and utter lack of football knowledge or insight. This is the guy who said Antowain Smith would lead the AFC in rushing one day. Even if Jackson becomes a star, the worst thing for the Bengals to do right now is try to "push" Dalton with a big "maybe" QB, and with no o-line to boot. He's thinking like a couch-surfing fantasy football know-it-all who only knows online stats and blind opinion... which is actually an upgrade for him. Nothing he says should ever be taken seriously, about football or otherwise.
  2. I can't find the article anymore (arrived randomly on my phone), but some other guy predicts the Bengals will pick #1, and of course a QB... he said something about "the end of the Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton era" blah blah. And get this... he had the Browns picking at #13. That is a laugh and a half. It seems these guys start from having a QB going first, then to teams they *think* need a QB, and who, in their mind, suck balls already. That is a pretty consistent go-to when it comes to the Bengals (regardless of reality).
  3. I honestly think people are underestimating the addition-by-subtraction of losing Bodine and Ogbuehi as starters, and gaining a proven LT and center that I for one would mark down as several orders of magnitude better than Bodine without ever seeing him step on an NFL field. Center alone is something we've been sorely lacking for many years, and is integral to a successful line. I agree that RT is sketchy at best right now, but the point is well taken that Pollock is bringing in a new system and for all we know the guys in the building are better suited to that scheme. From my perspective Alexander was more of a "power" system (where big brutes are required) and from what I've *heard* Pollock is more a zone guy with some power mixed in. I think it's safe to say Fisher isn't suited to a power scheme, but maybe, just maybe, he *is* suited to a zone scheme. We'll have to wait and see, and I for one am willing to trust Pollock and give him a chance to fail before I say a day 3 tackle would put us over the top, regardless of what Pollock and Lazor are going to do.
  4. The video that nfl.com has for him bears that out. His game highlights look just like Gio to me. I can't complain with this pick.
  5. I hear you and I agree, but like I said it's just pretty high for such a massive question mark.
  6. I'm sure some talking head somewhere will still try to tie him to the Bengals somehow, such as claim we wanted him, and in some way imply it reflects poorly on us. Seriously though, this guy sounds like a a true criminal/idiot and I'm shocked he went even this high. Suspended the whole year for credit card fraud, after multiple dope violations and a (dropped) sexual assault charge? The defense being he was too stoned to have sex with anyone? Yikes.
  7. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    Right on there goes the Canadian
  8. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    Actually you're right about that too, he was made a safety later. Ignore me.
  9. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    Kiewan Ratliff was picked in the same draft and round, and earlier. Edit: So to answer your question, yes you're right.
  10. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    Ahhhh haha, they already had a commercial scheduled for our pick, couldn't cancel... lollll
  11. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    There will be some good defenders available at 46, safety? DT? Obviously more o-line is welcome, but I doubt it.
  12. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 2nd and 3rd rounds

    Burleson needs to shut up
  13. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    Aight, let's go boys let's go!
  14. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    I think it could be Wynn here (as per my prediction).
  15. HavePityPlease

    2018 Draft 1st round thread

    Hahaaa I think that's the first shot of a team's draft party where almost everyone looked disappointed.

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