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  1. HavePityPlease

    Teryl Austin Fired

    Two years in a row, a major unit coordinator is fired mid-season. Dysfunction much? (as if we don't all expect it). Austin should really be proud though, he really turfed this unit deep, deep into the ground. Any of the Cincinnati-based folks around here have any juicy rumours about players not liking the guy, or similar? There had to have been something more than just "he sucked and he was lazy and..", right? Maybe not, maybe he is just that bad.
  2. Regarding the Marvin talk, the thing I've hated about him forever is that he never seems to get all that angry at any particular situation. Yes we've seen him go off on Hard Knocks at the team's overall effort. But how often does he really take the refs to task on a missed call? Or really get in a guy's face who just did something stupid? He comes across as more of a whiner and excuse maker than a guy who's sticking up for the team and what it stands for. I'm not saying we need Cowher-level blowhardedness, but maybe a little bit of that? Maybe? Maybe take a fine once in a while rather than just spout platitudes and grade school comments like "we need to be better" that a fucking kindergartner wouldn't stand for? Anyway, I'm convinced like many that until he's gone we won't see much difference here, and until MB is gone Marvin is unlikely to leave.
  3. Yes. I can actually stand watching the Bengals getting destroyed by a better team (which they were), at least I can make sarcastic comments about how bad we are, but I draw the line on when the referees are so horrendously poor that it helps the opponent make it even more embarrassing. Do you enjoy listening to the announcers praising guys for committing penalties but having the "skill" to not get caught? Or making shit up to explain why an obvious penalty wasn't called? Do you enjoy watching the fouls that are supposedly so egregious that everyone will get called for them (roughing the QB, roughing the kicker), but for some inexplicable reason they aren't? I'm a fan of the Bengals, but I'm even moreso a fan of football. I don't know what game this is they're creating, but it's not football. I'm really not sure what to say if you can't understand that. And just to qualify all this, I've stopped watching two other games this season for the same reason, games the Bengals were winning and actually won. See? He gets it.
  4. Yeah, I'm done with this game as well. It's one thing to get beat by a better team but it's another to watch the refs help them do it. I hope everyone can find some entertainment in it.
  5. Can the Saints make it to 70? I hope so, if for no other reason than to see Austin hit the road.
  6. Refs have somewhere to be, apparently.
  7. LMAO now they're PRAISING the fucking Saints blocker for performing an illegal block just sneakily enough to not get caught? Really? What a fucking pile of garbage.
  8. "Screens him off"... nope, that's a block in the back, but who gives a fuck right? The prescribed script/narrative is intact.
  9. Lol Payton calling "Fuck you" plays now, nice.
  10. lol this really does sound like a Saints home game on TV.
  11. lol not one, but TWO guys splat on top of Dalton... no, I don't think it should be a penalty in football, but it is "supposed" to be now, and has been called as such. Not for the Bengals.
  12. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but aside from guys getting open or making space, the Bengals don't even give effort on tackles or run after guys with much effort... let up and let them have first downs... it's like old-school, "season is over so fuck it" style Bengals defense. Maybe the players hate Austin?
  13. LMAO they show the LT getting injured, and to show that they had to show him committing a MONSTER HOLD... commentary? "Here is 'working on' Jordan Evans... watch him drive him to the ground..."... HE FUCKING TACKLED HIM
  14. "Blocked into"... yeah, dude pushes his way between them and goes out of his way to slam him to the ground two-handed - I guess the Bengals blockers whispered to him to do it? I guess?
  15. They really must have told the refs to hold off penalizing the Saints until they've got at least a two touchdown lead. Now wide-open-field blatant penalties are just ignored?

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