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  1. I wouldn't be surprised one bit. The weird thing about this whole thing is that it's (apparently) only a one-year deal. We'll see if Hobknob gets anything out of him in the inevitable video introduction.
  2. Thanks. Yeah, I can't remember anyone winning either. To be honest, if anyone does "win" we probably never hear about a suspension in the first place. I still think JJ Watt took "a year off" to get the HGH/roids out of his system, likely with league approval or even direction (dude just shrank way too much in that period).
  3. According to the reports, the failed drug test happened on December 27th. Burfict has two main points to his appeal: 1. He was prescribed the medication to recover from his concussion as well as his shoulder injury against the Lions on the 24th. 2. Since he was already ruled out for the season, there couldn't possibly be any way the drugs could give him an "advantage" or performance enhancement. Now, I don't know how these things usually go, or how often players use these arguments in appeals. It of course *sounds* plausible, but it could all be BS. What we'd really need to know are the actual guidelines the league has for this - if a player is out for the season, are doctors free to prescribe certain drugs to that player for recovery, including potentially "banned" substances? I know it sounds unlikely, but considering it's in the league's best interest that players recover quickly, maybe it's fine if they follow a schedule? I guess it matters which type of PED he had in his system as well... HGH, eh, nah, but one of those quick-acting oxygen-enhancement ones, ok, that's different. At the end of the day we're likely never going to know the actual guidelines, and we can be pretty much certain this suspension is going to happen.
  4. As per the article I posted, he's from Cincy and wanted to come home (the Bills wanted to keep him). The writer of the article was pretty excited, at least. I believe he plays Mike so it fits our biggest need at LB.
  5. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/3/16/17130016/bengals-bills-linebacker-preston-brown
  6. Bengals Trade for Cordy Glenn!!!!

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but this is a nice, positive article about the Glenn trade (with some impressive video): https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/3/15/17113594/film-review-cordy-glenn-bengals-trade-left-tackle-upgrade-cedric-ogbuehi
  7. 2018 Free Agency thread

    It's obscene isn't it? But teams set their "window" to win, and pay whatever they think it takes to win in that period. Take Garrapolo. That dude is being paid similar money for... a handful of games? Excellent games, yes, but jeezus McCarron has a very positive handful of games as well, and he's still curbside. I wouldn't be shocked if he's actually back with us after all this settles, maybe teams were scared off because he shafted his team?... GM's don't take too kindly to that stuff. Anyone talking about Chris Smith to the Browns? They paid him over $4M per, they can have him at that price. Situational rusher and really tailed off as the year wore on IMO.
  8. Kipers first mock draft

    Agreed, but Mikey's recent interview has me feeling even less hope than usual that we'll do anything materially useful in FA. For those that didn't read it, he said the following in response to a question about getting key players in FA: 1. Only teams at the very top of the "cap space" list do that [false]. 2. The Bengals are always "middle of the pack" in cap room [false]. 3. The Bengals' philosophy is "sign our own", and if there is "anything left after that", go for some FA's [philosophically true, mixed results in practice (Whitworth)]. Don't get me wrong, I am not a proponent of "big splash" FA's unless they are absolute studs who don't have too many miles on them, which rarely happens. I wouldn't have paid Zeitler what he got, for example, but I damn sure would have extended him earlier at a nicer price point (granted they may have tried, but I expect Mike "Nickel and Dime" Brown would have made it a hardball exercise, which for some is an insult). I do appreciate that the Bengals are never in "cap hell" but I'd be more than happy for them to at least once try "going for it" for a couple of seasons and having some cuts and cap dancing to do after that.
  9. Coaching Staff Changes

    Pollack and Austin, two good hires IMO. I hope they have their carry-on bags ready for some heavy-duty scouting in the next few months!
  10. ^This I couldn't be more happy for the guy. I too hope the Rams win it all.
  11. Coaching Staff Changes

    I like this potential hire (for our intra-state rival): https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Bolt/Cleveland-Browns-Hue-Jackson-interested-in-adding-Cincinnati-Bengals-Ken-Zampese-to-staff-113108603
  12. Well, we should be down a lot more than we are, but Burfict and a few other defenders are keeping them in it. AJ dropping perfect balls? Boling outplaying any LT we've had all year? Dalton playing like a rookie when the pressure is on? This team is a mess.
  13. Showcase McCarron?

    I agree with everything you've said... but don't sleep on the Bengals getting shafted in this whole affair. The trade was already screwed up, and the league has never been lenient with them as far as I've seen. Hell, I still have this little screen cap because I just had to keep a memento of when good 'ol Hobson almost made me quit on the team over this debacle of a headline. Don't forget, it was "language issues" that made the league nix the Rogers deal with the Bengals. How hard would it be for them to find "language issues" in McCarron's contract?:
  14. I can't find the quote. It doesn't sound like the kind of thing Marvin would want to get out there, so who knows really. Multiple sources said Marvin wanted assurances they'd keep Whitworth, and that's the reason the Bengals even offered him a contract.

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