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  1. I for one can't wait to attend a game in Cincy one of these years. I do wonder if people's opinions may have been influenced by this guy in the past.... :
  2. Happens after Reasons got obliterated on the previous play:
  3. An interesting thing about Larry I only found out about recently - a friend and high school teammate of mine (yes, from up here in Canada) was one of those coaches of his in NC - I believe his actual position coach. This friend went down to the states to became a teacher and coach (I believe to try and see if he could "make it" in coaching... he's back up here now though) and we asked him at a recent Zoom-based "reunion" if any of his former players ever went very far - and he talked about Larry. I realize this probably isn't all that rare a thing for you guys down there but for
  4. The stats are an embellishment (Chad actually had 6 REC, 72 YD, 0 TD) but the drop/INT is certainly true. Here's the highlights. Other moments to remember: Peter "LensCrafters" Warrick dropping a punt at the 2 yard line (then catching a 30-yard TD in traffic later - classic tease), Dillon dominating to no avail, and the Bengals actually recovering the onside kick only to kick the fanbase in the nuts with the play Kitna described:
  5. Everything they've done for at least two, maybe three seasons is really strange... basically gutting the team on a constant basis. The only comparisons I can draw are teams that purposely tank/trade talent for financial reasons (Timberwolves, Marlins) or teams that desperately want to move to another city and if they show enough "bleed" they get their wish (VANCOUVER Grizzlies)...
  6. You think you felt that pain? That happened on my BIRTHDAY!
  7. Is it just me, or are Joe's teeth suddenly BLINDLY WHITE??? Also, potentially "new". Did he get veneers or something?
  8. To be fair to Ghiaciuc, he wasn't skating so much as rolling backwards like a balled-up armadillo.
  9. Exactly. If it were me he'd be gone with those comments, whether from his agent or not. You gonna go to battle with a guy who's already told you he's thinking about switching sides? (It could well be his agent is trying to get him released as well, who the hell knows?)
  10. I'd say just watch some of those no-pads one-on-one drills of the guy. His be-hind is like two Andre Smiths wide! That's the kind of bottom-heavy monster you want in the middle of your OL.
  11. Shouldn't we start nicknaming these guys now, before Tibs coins them all? Here's some ideas: Ja'Marr "Uno" Chase (already applied by him, fits with Chad's "Ocho Cinco") Jackson "Cartman" Carman (writes itself) Joseph "Meep" Ossai (he sorta picked this himself in his presser) Cameron "Blood" Sample (pretty sure Tibs already called Drew "Urine" so... I figure he prefers "Sperm" in this case...) Tyler "Kitchen" Shelvin D'Ante "Big Blind" Smith Evan "Cap" McPherson Trey "Mole" Hill Chris "Cap" Evans (he and McPherson can fight over
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