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  1. Lou already kind of gave us a reason why these kind of DBs are needed now - we're going to be facing elite running QBs no less than FOUR TIMES per season for the foreseeable future (Watson and Jackson), so letting those guys get easy yards just because they can outrun everybody isn't going to work. At the same time I'd imagine having burners all over the field simply allows Lou to do a little less heavy scheming just to take that one aspect out of the game and allow a little more react/recover and plain disguising going into these kinds of matchups.
  2. For anyone watching the coaches' presser, the camera is still going and you've got Rypien letting the expletives fly with the other reporters as they discuss Dax and other picks... hiliarious
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see a WR pick either, in no small part because we both a) could use an heir apparent to Boyd, who probably doesn't get another contract from us b) Simmons said a key want for him this offseason is a game-changing returner. That of course can come from WR, RB, DB so it will partially at least come down to roster layout, but if we got a proven returner who also happens to be a good receiver then great.
  4. This is the only draft I'm willing to accept, make it happen Duke.
  5. Yeah Keiwan Ratliff, I remember Marvin telling us in a presser that he was "the smartest" and "would be a coach some day"... I was like... but can he play football now?
  6. I've felt all season that the writing was on the wall with them keeping Chrisman around.
  7. I mean, I assumed Mixon was hurt - is that not true? I mean, if not that's just insane.
  8. That is all true, the refs get off scot free this way. As others have said, if we have a better OL today we win.
  9. Yeah that was confusing, they must have expected a run or at least not a fade. I'd have had someone in the slot to try and coax it away from Kupp.
  10. Eh, for me makeup "calls" have to come soon after the original miss and typically aren't equally egregious *calls* - they're usually a big purposeful "miss" the other direction. LOTS of shit was let go, especially on that last drive. If the refs actually "saved" the make-up until the last two minutes, well that's just rigging it.
  11. That's the thing though, they didn't. They let shit go all *second* half as well, many times on that drive included.
  12. Agreed here as well, but the perhaps poignant but fitting situation was, they had Perine open but Hopkins failed to slide and help just one last time, which ended it.
  13. No doubt about it, no excuses now. We know they'll do *something*, it's just a matter of how much (and whether they do their old fashioned "we like the guys in the building" act).
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