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  1. I saw some, but the bad one was the third down just before Buffalo scored their TD... Lawson got mauled as he chased Taylor, from behind, right in front of the ref... and nothing. I was spending the rest of the game convinced that blatant non-call was going to cost us the game. Needless to say I was shocked that they called the one on McCoy's negated long run.
  2. Yeah, that's what I meant about it being too smart/clever. Put TPB characters in the overall situations and you're getting closer to the real thing.
  3. As someone who grew up on a farm in small town Canada, I believe I have some authority to speak on these shows, or at least what they're trying to represent: TPB: - of course exaggerated, but overall a quite accurate depiction. I knew a couple guys that were pretty much these characters (lived in a trailer park, not very bright, constantly drunk/high, always trying to come up with a new "scheme" to make money - typically on the edge of "legal"). - I am from Ontario, and can at least confirm that the same types of people live everywhere across Canada. Do note that the "good" type of people depicted in the show are in reality the most truly down-to-earth and authentic people you'll ever meet. Letterkenny: - "Art house" depiction of small town life, and of course exaggerated as well. - Characters are immediately recognizable and relateable, probably for any small town person across North America. - The accents/terminology are obviously Canadian, and the hockey players are a nice touch. - Far too smart/clever to really be mistaken for actual small-town life, but the themes are accurate. Generally, both shows are genius in their own way. I love TPB because it actually reminds me of home and Letterkenny has wicked dialogue and as previously stated, recognizable characters. I recommend both but they're not for everyone.
  4. Bengals should just keep holding them. Let it be first downs until the clock runs out.
  5. Dennard is one lucky bastard.
  6. Wow, I guess we know what this o-line is worth when it counts.
  7. Uh... Fisher... we're still playing a game here...
  8. "Drives him into the turf" the announcer says?!?!? Are you fucking stupid? That was a TEXTBOOK, PERFECT FORM TACKLE YOU ASSHOLE
  9. Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck off, that was the most normal bang-bang play on a pass ever.
  10. Definitely. Anyone notice Bodine blatantly facemask/clothesline a guy (totally unnecessarily) on Gio's long TD? That was a Bungle play, but against the Browns I guess we get a reprieve of sorts.
  11. I hear you, but Kroft has done nothing but perform since he got here. You can't expect this kind of game every week, but he is a good TE.
  12. Wow, we did *not* get that first down... good job running the play quickly
  13. Willis just keeps breaking shit up
  14. That's the only call they could make. Unless we were playing the Stealers, and then it would have been overturned easy.
  15. Replay doesn't seem to show anything conclusive, it's razor thin.

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