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  1. HavePityPlease

    Burfict released

    Anyone else notice that several pundits/talking heads around the NFL are suddenly "softening" on Burfict? Comments like "he is a perfect fit for the Raiders", "this shores up their LB issue with a former Pro Bowler", etc etc I expect even further softening as the off season continues, and into the season. I mean these are some of the same thought police that said he should be kicked out of the league for *not* hitting a guy in the head last year! Now he's a great former Pro Bowler, jeezus. Honestly, leaving the Bengals is the greatest thing that ever happened to his career, even if he does continue to suck in Oakland.
  2. It's good for Browns fans that their team is showing at least the will to try and win through all avenues, but it is still the Browns and it is a very green and unproven coaching staff. The QB is a diva, a me-first type who after his coach was fired seemed to get coddled and allowed to be as immature as he felt like. They're apparently signing one of the most diva (albeit historically excellent) defensive players in Thomas, and traded for one of the most diva (albeit also historically excellent) WR's in the league who doesn't seem too enthusiastic about joining. They signed a PR headache in Hunt, although I believe, as do others on this site, that the league is prepping the Browns to be another "sweetheart" team that can do no wrong. I expect some patty-cakes coverage of Hunt and how he's "bettering himself" to arrive in due course. The question is of course whether the coaching staff can unite this oddball group to be a winner. The Rams did it (remember that they had two of the most diva, potential head-case corners starting last year as well as a historical head case on the DL), but they were lucky that McVay is such a well prepared and focused dude who united his staff to work so cohesively. I frankly see no indication of that from the Kitchens group, but they certainly have the potential to prove me wrong. My prediction? If they're winning early it'll keep going for a while, until the NFL's knob slobbering starts to cultivate the diva in their (vast) collection of top-shelf divas. At that point there will be some internal strife and things will tail off or crash and burn altogether. On the other hand, if they're losing early the diva attitudes and crash and burn will happen even sooner. Let's wait and see.
  3. HavePityPlease

    2019 Draft Talk

    His style of play has been ruled illegal. No ninja.
  4. Nah, this is pro sports, they can float to gauge value within the confines of the "GM bubble" without making anything public at all (and GMs do, all the time). Is it possible they did that and someone leaked it? Sure, but I highly doubt it, people in this thread have already detailed how it simply makes no sense for the Bengals to trade him. To see who originated this, you have to figure out who it benefits. It doesn't benefit Ross (unless he actually wants to leave), it doesn't benefit the org, it doesn't benefit the coaches and it doesn't benefit the team. It *does* benefit "journalists" who have nothing exciting to write about. Thus, I agree with the Bengals that this is random bullshit click-bait.
  5. Couple that with the bonehead announcers saying stuff like "ahhh they're lettin' 'em play!", or "eehhh there was nothing there, it's fine". Meanwhile, "letting them play" in this context is: defenders can hold a receiver by the shirt as he runs up the field, tugging as necessary to slow him down so he can't even get to the ball let alone try to catch it. Constantly. And "nothing there" is grabbing the receivers back shoulder so he.. can't catch a back-shoulder pass. It was being laid on so thick I have to think "someone" told them they had to try and calm the "oh man these calls are shit" sentiment that had been flying around all day.
  6. I only saw the last 5 minutes, but that's probably the worst "refs decide the game" moment I've seen since the rigged Stealers - Seahawks Superbowl. I mean, in any era of football that is a penalty. He committed at least 3 separate fouls on it. It was the only thing any ref should have been looking at. The league is going to have to answer to this (but you can pretty much bet they'll say "can't get 'em all, refs are human!" or something equally dismissive).
  7. My only criteria ever is - the team is fun to watch and you get a feeling as a fan that they at least have a good chance in every game. In 2005 and 2015 that's obviously how the Bengals were, as well as a couple of the other winning seasons (even if they did squeak into the playoffs, or even miss the playoffs, in some of those others). I'm hoping Taylor can at least bring that sense to the team. How can he do it, based on how the Bengals have operated of late? How about: no "bend but don't break", "skin of your teeth" wins and you're just praying player X and Y can last the entire season or you know it's over. No more thin depth under the guise of "building through the draft" (sorry, building through the draft should not include drafting based on "expected need because we're going to low-ball that guy". BPA and keep your damned good players around until they're truly "done"! Do not overpay for "merely adequate"!). And of course as others have said, I am optimistic that we'll finally see real NFL-caliber clock management and adjustments.
  8. HavePityPlease

    Who's the next HC?

    Word is McCarthy would only take the Jets job, and that obviously ended badly for him. I say fuck 'im if he's that smug.
  9. HavePityPlease

    Who's the next HC?

    Of ffs at this rate and our luck as a fan base, MB will assemble a whole crew of former Bengal retreads: HC: Hue OC: Bobby Brat QB: Kenny "Ok, *This* Time" Zampese DC: Chuck Bendsabutadoesntabreak ST: Darrin Simmons' Pale Shadow OL: Ketchup Boy Redux TE,DT: Super Hayes Bros 2 LB: Sad Bluto DB: Kevin Coyle RB: A Sealed Can of Jim Anderson's Farts WR: Marvin Lewis Jr. Or Whatever TF His Name Is
  10. Well, as far as Zimmer worship I think I speak for a few of us in that Zimmer did a couple of things that few if any other Bengals coach has done in recent memory: he brought a hard-line, total accountability approach, promised improvement when it was needed - and executed it successfully. Add to that his players loved him despite his crusty exterior, and I think you have what a football coach "should" be in a lot of fans's eyes. I agree that the Hue hate is probably overboard in general, but taking him on as head coach is just illogical. He's had zero success despite a lot of big talk and big moves. He is definitely one of the most successful OC's this team has had and the players do love him, but he has simply shown nothing as a head coach. Did he get a raw deal in Oakland and Cleveland? Yeah, probably. But making bets that he just needs "the right situation" is not something most fans are willing to stomach. If the Bengals are going to take a risk it might as well be with someone new who is coming from a winning environment. And yes I agree it is a very high possibility that MB goes with the cheapest option yet again. Even if he doesn't, if the incoming coach doesn't win the fans will apply at least the requisite amount of hate incumbent on an NFL fan base.
  11. Considering the state of NFL fandom I think "meh" is a HUGE compliment. From a prospective coach's perspective they have to decide how much "fan management" is going to factor into their duties. For a guy like Belichick, it's zero-to-negative (because he wins). For Marvin it was required but he would sometimes shirk it with extreme prejudice. For a Jets or Green Bay coach it is probably pretty miserable. From this point of view I consider "meh" to mean the coach might roll their eyes once in a while, but overall it's not a negative experience and you can pretty much ignore it. Compare this to my earlier example of hockey and Mike Babcock up here in Toronto, and it's REALLY extreme. You have every type of fan - you have extremely knowledgeable fans, complete idiot fans, shameless homers and "constantly bitter" types - and LOADS of all of them. People WILL approach him on the street, and probably quite often. To his credit he has embraced all that and has been one of the most honest, accessible and open coaches I've ever seen interviewed. He gives real answers that don't insult the intelligence and knowledge of the fans and he should be an example to any coach in any sport on how to manage a demanding fan base.
  12. HavePityPlease

    Who's the next HC?

    Only if it was a minority candidate - I have to think the Rooney Rule applies here?
  13. Well, regardless of the basic quality of life questions, here are some pros/cons for these locations IMO: Denver: Pros - good roster, nice city Cons - no QB, completely unpredictable boss (Elway) who likely has full personnel and game day control. Miami: Pros - ok roster, nice city for some things (not necessarily an NFL coach with a family), attractive to FA's. Cons - inconsistent QB (to put it mildly), muddled roster of underachievers... flood risk New York: Pros - some good pieces, can live in a good spot (a number of choices), young QB with potential Cons - as stated previously, red-headed step child situation, yet a must-win-or-GTFO city/history. Consistent playoffs is a must - and right away. Arizona: Pros - some good pieces, young QB with potential. Cons - Commitment of management seems iffy, brain-melting heat. Cleveland: Pros - excellent young defense, solid pieces on offense. Cons - New management seems to control game-day decisions, QB is a full-time ego management situation, owner is fuckin crazy, city is horrible, fans are horrible - potential Jacksonville-like "decent one year, fall off a cliff next year" situation because of management and player apathy/dysfunction. Cincy: Pros - good roster with a mix of vets with leadership qualities and young guys with potential that should be able to compete right away. QB who is a proven winner (except playoffs... heh). Owner is not going to fire you unless you ask him to <--- big one!, make a winner out of this team and you're pretty much a guaranteed coach of the year candidate. Cons: City is meh, fans are meh (but loyal), limited control that forces you to fight with the owner/GM/angry grampa. Scouting department is a work in progress at best. Little chance of attracting (or even pursuing) good free agents.
  14. Getting back to that, what I've noticed for coaches with an actual winning history and pedigree, what attracts them more than anything else is a sense that they can win with their new team. This often hinges on who the GM and other execs are (very bad start for us) but it of course also depends on the roster (actually quite good for us, as I stated previously). Another, perhaps unnoticed thing is for a coach who is arguably a legened/hall of fame candidate what often attracts them is - challenge. The only potential candidate that maybe fits that mold that I can think of is McCarthy. This sort of thinking is what made me predict my Leafs would land Mike Babcock because he turned down more money, a better roster and a more predictable ownership group for the challenge of finally creating a winner in a "win or I hate you" city. To summarize, my hopes rest on a coach liking the roster and the challenge. They can't possibly "like" the management situation and as you stated the quality of life questions aren't winners either.
  15. In case anyone wasn't watching, Marvin was asked during his presser whether he was offered another role in the org - he laughed (hard) and said no.

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