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  1. Gotta love that little commercial with the Seahawks talking about teaching a "new way" to tackle that is safer - and they proceed to show them doing proper form tackling that they teach you from childhood. What a joke.
  2. Total false start, probably why the sack happened.
  3. Jackson is like... by miles and miles our best cover guy. Not even close.
  4. Classic Marv, zero situational awareness.
  5. Iloka is sheer garbage in coverage today.
  6. C'mon Nuge, for old time's sake... another donk!
  7. Easy call, stupid play. I think if he'd held off they still would have scored.
  8. Bears are beating the D the old-school way that often works against us. Just work the ball underneath and test the LB's in pass coverage. Sigh. Oh and look more obvious holding.

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