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  1. Get ready for the "fantasic" Hobson article to come that will essentially just be a copy-paste of his articles from Margus' first couple years... how he threw discus and learned piano and blocks kicks and... well... is tall? I guess? Loves his mama? Is from Estonia and eats borscht? Oh, yeah, and how he was second-rounder so that means he's good.
  2. I'm starting to think it's all of the coaches "picking favourites", much like Marvin did. We know Turner is infamous for his adventure in Miami picking favourites, and we sure as hell know his favourite here (starts with a B, ends with a skid mark) is laughable as an on-field talent, so what gives? I get it with Carlos as I've already said, he isn't performing to his contract and they probably want to give Hubbard and Kareem more of the snaps because they don't intend to keep Carlos around. But Geno... c'mon, we have no pass rush at all, the dude has always been a monster in the middle on p
  3. I like Phillips, only because he ran his mouth and then got beaten early and often play after play, demonstrating why he wasn't a starter going into the season.
  4. He already cursed the season by giving that same BS statement after losing game one as he did last season "at least we know we'll win a lot of games this year, just gotta keep playing like that". When he said that, AGAIN, I cringed hard. This coaching staff just doesn't have what it takes.
  5. This one's on the defense, offense gave them a good score to defend and they couldn't do fuck all against Rivers
  6. This is a good, healthy way to think about it. The problem, as we all know, is that the OL is just too shite to feel comfortable in this mindset. What if Burrow gets "David Carr'ed"?
  7. FFS can't keep leaving receiver with nobody within 20 yards, what the fuck
  8. Lol Xavier Williams hasn't been doing wind sprints in his off time, that's for sure. Dude looks gasssssssed
  9. It's true, but he got yanked hard on that one, no chance. The commentators are right, they just aren't calling PI's today
  10. It kind of feels like the Bengals only have enough "capacity" to make one real game plan per week, either offense or defense.
  11. Covington hurt now... jeezus by the end of the season they'll be hiring fat guys randomly walking by the stadium just to field a d-line.
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