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  1. Zampese Out

    Luckily he *will* be taking over as QB coach: "Ok Andy, we're going to run up the gut as I've instructed. Gio is ready to go. I'll get Huber warmed up. Just tell the line to keep chopping wood and smash them in the mouth, we are a power-running team after all. Oh, and not under any circumstances are you to audible out of it. That's a good thing. Football plays. We need to make more plays than the other team. Eh heh heh heh. *grin*"
  2. Zampese Out

    The sad part is... there is a very, very high percentage chance Hobson will use this "pun", and soon.
  3. Boyd Hurt?

    It seemed to us watching that he never did again. He certainly wasn't targeted in any way. They ran the same play later and it was Erickson who got it.
  4. Steelers cheap shots today

    Just a nice little side note, apparently Shazier is going to be/was on the NFL Network morning show today. Because headhunters are role models!
  5. Boyd Hurt?

    Marvin said no. He implied that it was because of "numbers", i.e. they wanted to dress Ross, and they probably wanted a body in another position. That turned out great!
  6. Texans Tonight

    Another thing I noticed - Andy doesn't audible anymore. I can't recall a single time in either game that he did (he may have, but he sure as hell didn't do it much, if so). What is that about? Did they take it out of his hands again? My guess - our greener-than-green OL can't handle audibles yet. That. is. PATHETIC.
  7. Good: - Geno, defensive MVP of the league on any other team. - Pacman played very well, I was a bit surprised, but pleasantly so. - Vinny Rey just keeps on being that ultra-reliable backup LB who ends up having to start. - When given the chance AJ was dominant. - Willis is starting to look like a steal, as is Lawson. - Shawn Williams played much better than I expected. The Bad: - Bonehead Eifert - Bonehead Andy "Ehhh I'll Just Throw This Out-of-bounds" Dalton - Bonehead Andy "Ehhh I'll Just Throw It At The Receiver's Feet" Dalton - Bonehead Andy "Ehhh I'll Just Hand The Read Option To the RB With Three Defenders In His Face" Dalton The Ugly: - Ken Zampese and his highschool-level playcalling. - Marvin and his faces, which only manage to accomplish a nice heaping pile of jack squat. - More records for rookie QBs against the Bengals, regardless of how well the defense plays in total. - Mike Brown finding a way to ruin yet another tiny Bengal window of hope.
  8. Texans Tonight

    Anyone notice Dalton almost got sacked on the last play? 3 man front, everyone else in deep prevent, and they *still* almost let Andy get sacked. WOW Any team with any kind of integrity or desire to win would fire Zampese tomorrow and start fresh with someone else. I don't care if it's James Urban, just get Zampese out of here, this is *historically* bad. Not even the 90's Bengals were this bad. Don't believe me? You hear the stat they quoted? The Bengals are the first team in *78 YEARS* to not score a touchdown in their first two home games. Oh, and Watson has the longest TD run for a QB in his first start, in history. Once again the Bengals do what they do, make a nice, soft, downy, fluffy pillow for the rookie QB to play against. Fuck this team, fuck Marvin, fuck Zampese, fuck Mike Brown. Brown reaalllly needs to feel this one in his pocketbook, I implore all Bengal fans to boycott all things Bengal until somebody is fired. Of course it won't happen, but has MB ever deserved it more? We actually have fucking talent on the team, but he *still* nickel-and-dimes us into being a joke.
  9. Texans Tonight

    Good lord Zamp needs to be fired immediately. How many times in this game have the Houston defenders been simply standing at the *end* of the route of the Bengals players, just waiting? They absolutely know *exactly* what we're going to do almost every time. And run it up the gut three times... with *GIO*?!??!?! Jeezus H I thought that now that we have two big backs we were done with that shit, but nope. It's also nice to see that we get rid of one LB that is decent against the run but can't cover (Maualuga) only to have another step right in (Vigil). The dude's man is open *always*. It's just painful. I say when Burfict comes back, keep Rey in there and bench Vigil. Rey is one of the three best players on the field for the Bengals tonight!
  10. I play soccer on field turf, can confirm.
  11. We're on to Houston.

    Don't worry about it, this random drunken street bum is apparently coaching the o-line now, he looks like he knows a good kick-slide when he sees it:
  12. FWIW I totally I agree with your statement. We know MB has "trusted" Alexander for waaay too long, and I'm in the camp that believes Alexander has simply fallen ass-backwards into quality lineman over the years. The only "reach" guy or "left field" guy that I can recall panning out was Levi Jones, but for every Levi we have a Stacy Andrews, or a Ghuiciac, or a Bodine, or an Ogbuehi. He was damned lucky to get a generational talent like Willie, or a guy that "clicked" like Braham, or a guy nobody thought more of than a solid guard who turned out to be a stud LT in Whit. Meanwhile they jettison a Steinbach, a Mathis, a Whit, a Zeitler; they nickel-and-dimed Levi before he got hurt, and just like Whit they let Willie go in his waning years when he might actually help the transition to younger players. All of that stinks of MB thinking OL is where you "save", and Alexander enabling it by continuing to polish turds.
  13. Don't look now, but the click-bait "Andy Dalton is total garbage and *I* always knew it" articles have already started: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2732507-andy-dalton-bengals-continue-regression-with-embarrassing-week-1-dud?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Yeah, it's Bleacher Report, so ignoring it is always the best advice. With that said this article simply lays out all the facts everyone already knew and uses them to make the final judgement on Andy and the entire Bengals season. I'm sure we'll see more of this, so whatever. Even though most of us agree with what was said, it still annoys me that the Bengals are used as a pinata every time the chance arrives. Now for the Marvin question. I'm no Marvin supporter but let's get a couple of things straight: yes, he will definitely stick with Andy no matter what, and that sucks. Yes, this abortion-in-the-making of a season lies heavily on his shoulders. But remember this: the best Andy and this offense ever did was under Hue Jackson (and it was amazing), and Marvin did everything in his power to keep the guy around. It was MB that fucked that up, and we can never lose sight of it. I heavily suspect that the "hiring" of Zamp also has MB's grubby fingerprints all over it, because to me Marvin didn't sound overly enthused about the transition when it happened (not withstanding the evidence that he *didn't* "hire" the guy - twice - in the past). For all of Marvin's faults I think he knows he needs the coordinators to own their groups or he's fucked. I actually don't blame him for that. I do blame him for being stupidly stubborn, even when it doesn't matter anymore. We already know he wanted to be done after this season, it just didn't go down the way he wanted it to and now his legacy will be one of utter failure. Too bad, but I blame MB.
  14. Quicks weren't his problem, engaging/sustaining his block and brute strength were. On his penalty (wherein he let Suggs go past him anyway) he was in position and set up waaaay before Suggs got there, but he simply couldn't handle the simple swat move Suggs gave him. Other times he couldn't handle a bull rush from even smaller LBs than Suggs. If a guy is bent back by a guy who weighs at least sixty pounds less than him, he doesn't belong on an NFL line, sorry. As it stands I wouldn't mind them trying Fisher at LT, but I seriously doubt it happens. Why? Because we saw it last year, they'll try this line for at least 10 or 11 weeks then wave the white flag and try something different once the player(s) become national punch lines.

    Wowww did the OL half-ass that last run play. Fire all of them.

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