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  1. I don't see them treating every star player like they've *never* *seen* that player before. It's as if at halftime of the Packers they talk about Rodgers like... "wow, did you see Aaron Rodgers actually run the ball? And that pass he threw! He throws accurate passes! He can do it all! Keep your eyes on this guy, he might be something special..." as if we haven't been watching him lo these many many years. My theory is that they have to "rehabilitate" Cam because there isn't a much better example of a me-first, horrible teammate, quit-at-the-most-important-time player than him.
  2. I find it weird how much time the league spends trying to "pretty up" the image of Cam Newton. Just in this past halftime the CBS crew were saying stuff like... "you look at things he does... he's the real deal. It's like, 'wow!'". It's like the guy's a rookie again or something.
  3. More like elbow him in the spine... I think that's what hurt him.
  4. On replay that looked like a forward pass, despite the defender getting his arm in early...
  5. I don't know who sanctioned this piece, or why someone out there has it in their head that Carson should be in the HoF (IMO, the purpose of creating it), but for anyone who doesn't want to watch it it is exactly what you would imagine: a fluff piece for Palmer and a complete character assassination against Brown and the Bengals. I mean, we as long-time fans know all about Brown and his issues, but none of us can say we weren't entertained and given real hope since 2011. Some proof of the "fluffiness": - They play the sad music about the Bengals being mostly mediocre-to-poor from '06-'10 because of Brown's complete unwillingness to try to win, but give all the credit for the '09 season to Carson. - Carson says Brown is "a very stubborn man - but I might be more stubborn". And look what that got you - a much worse experience in Oakland. But they let Carson accuse Brown of purposely trading him to Oakland because he... knew it would be worse there? Seriously? Carson's words: "He knew what he was doing trading me there, you go from one form of dysfunction to another". Ok, thanks Sherlock (fucking baby). Note that the only real positive thing they said about the Bengals in the entire piece is that the trade netted an "impressive haul" - yet IMO still made it sound sarcastic, like "the Bengals got what they wanted, but what about poor Carson?". - After spending the entire piece letting Brown and the Bengals get torn to shreds, no mention of the success they had after Carson left. None. If you're at least trying to be fair you say the trade turned out well for both parties, maybe? - The piece is edited to make it seem like Carson's return to PBS with the Cards where they won in the last minute was some proof that he was right, or they shouldn't have given up on him or he was the returning hero or... but they didn't show us blasting him and the Raiders before that, on the way to our first back-to-back playoff seasons in 30 years. Another thing to keep in mind about all this: the piece was created by NFL Films. Meaning, the NFL wrote, filmed, produced, edited and released a piece that completely shames one of its current owners and teams. I've always felt the other owners and the league itself are highly disapproving of Brown, and this to me only proves it. Now, would any of us care, generally speaking? Or maybe even approve of that attitude? Yeah, probably. But it's the outcome that I don't approve of. We're the fans. We pay for this shit. They only exist because we pay attention. So rather than allow one of your teams (and by extension, the fans) be shamed by your own employees and companies, how about being neutral and let the fucking FANS take care of shaming the team with the only thing that matters - our wallets and our attention. You'll know when Brown has hit rock bottom because the team has no fans left - until then, STFO.
  6. For those that aren't sure, Pittsburgh shouldn't have been anywhere close in this game. Their defense looked like utter trash, their running game relies on big runs opened up with illegal blocks (which they couldn't use today being down 21-0 in the first quarter), and without the standard 4-5 seconds Ben gets through the worst holding you can imagine, they wouldn't have been able to do anything. The much more interesting story line is Mahomes. This dude looks like an absolute stud. I was already impressed watching him in the preseason, we all know he has the big gun, but good lord is he accurate too (and not to mention he can run if he has to). In case anyone didn't hear/read, he now has the league record for most TD passes in the first two games to start a season with 10. How long before the "we need a first round QB stud" crowd notices that he was picked right after John Ross?... 😁
  7. Best part is Shitstainburgh lost by roughing the kicker. Cocklessfucker could only watch and cry.
  8. What was it this time?
  9. Exactly. Just make it like the WWE - results are pre-determined, just wrap it in a phony veneer of drama and patriotism and everyone's happy, right? Fucking pathetic.
  10. Fucking HILARIOUS. Roethliscunt was past the LOS, I mean, EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE knows it, saw, you can't hide it - TD confirmed. What in the actual fuck is going on with this league?
  11. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa holding FOREVER for Steeler o-line, then classic Steeler blind-side block - no calls. Funny stuff! (Note that the Stealers have already been called for two "block in the back" penalties on regular offense. Also note that apparently the Stealers are allowed to do the HIGHLY illegal high-low two-man block on the line as well).
  12. Easy, a good handful of ticky-tack calls against the Chiefs, never-ending "missed" holding/push-off/etc calls in the Stealers' favour.
  13. Exactly, I'm like, "where is that new rule now? Oh, wait, it's a Steeler, nevermind".
  14. "Good push there on Fuller, got away with it.." you can have a lifetime highlight reel of Stealers receivers pushing off people, arms extended doesn't matter, especially in the last 5 or 6 years or so. Hell, Brown grabs DBs by the jersey and throws them and gets away with it. The announcers need not be surprised.
  15. Ahahaha and the refs to the rescue. Took them a few to come up with that call.

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