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  1. Just a great, well-played, well-officiated game between two good teams. I love wins like this because the only "drama" was the one fumble and it both went our way and wasn't some dumb-dumb play, it was just one guy had more fight. The only two groaner moments for me were the play call on 4th and inches and the drop by TB.
  2. One of the nicest surprises of this past game was Chrisman. His punts were great, his holds were flawless from what I could tell (I looked real hard expecting potential mess-ups), and something subtle that I liked about him - his "ready" motion is closer to the ground and less obvious than Huber's. It seems to me it's wise to be as "quiet" as possible with that, so good on him.
  3. You know it's an egregiously bad call when these homer announcers are telling you it was a phantom whistle.
  4. I'm surprised he didn't start asking whether any given killer block was a hold or not.
  5. OMG was that a well called, well executed, dominant and scoring screen run by the Bengals? Well I'll be, anything is possible. 😛
  6. Obvious facemask, announcers: "It looks like it slipped across it!" Go fuck yourselves
  7. This is why I hate the fucking NFL and the way it's televised: Fitzpatrick with a clear and obvious PI, holding Hurst's arm all the way, actually locking it in his own. Announcer: "Fitzpatrick with the perfect position, can't beat that! 🤩🤩
  8. I watched it and my understanding was that he wasn't supposed be out there as a receiver on that play, something about they called to an empty set so he to go out there but didn't know the route. I believe he said Burrow told "just run a fade".
  9. Maybe somebody pinned this thread in Mixon's locker this week lol. Say what you want, for anyone who has been watching the games this year that was NOT the same Joe Mixon today as in previous weeks, and it's not because of the OL.
  10. Anyone else notice that in the Joe Burrow era we've typically at least been "in it" in nearly every game, but against the Browns we seemed to get trounced every time?
  11. I think this is the first time this season the Bengals offense simply hasn't done anything different in the second half. Odd.
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