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  1. I've always thought it would be something more like "That was a fantastic simulated tackle by our simulated linebacker against our simulated receiver! Bet now on the next play before it's too late! Brought you by DKFL (Draft Kings Football League™, formerly known as NFL)"
  2. Nah, Mini-Me Miscavage is just that short. Hence the world-class Napoleon complex.
  3. They did, but the refereeing was terrible. There were at least two calls in the core scoring "section" of the game (late first/early second quarter) that were complete horseshit that would have meant a punt. The game was still close at the time and it sent the game into a tailspin for the Chiefs. Would they still have lost anyway? Almost certainly yes. My only point was that it was a shitty game to watch because it wasn't really a "battle" in that scoring period when up to then it had been (in other words, KC's defense was doing fine up until then). I thought the same thing as
  4. This was one of the shittiest SB's in recent memory. The Chiefs' OL missing its two starting tackles is the main story, but worse is that every truly consequential play in this game was a penalty against the Chiefs (most of which were sketchy at best). I dislike both these teams but when the refs are deciding it it's always boring and stupid - simply stated, it's not sport.
  5. It also seems this year there were a few really impressive (and surprising) performances on the OL. No excuses, make it happen boys.
  6. Mikey considered hiring him but then he saw all those colours and figured he's a "hippie dippie" on the "wacky tobaccy". Can't have that.
  7. After the Ogbueheehee disaster they should have lost Alexander's contact info forever... but it's MB, this is no surprise. But Whitworth? Really? Isn't that entirely against league rules to both ask for help and for Whitworth to give it? Who is Whitworth associating with in college, and how do the Bengals know about it? Do they just text him and say MB: "Hey Andrew, how goes? Got any hot prospects you've been following?" AW: "New number who dis?" MB: "It is your old friend and boss, Michael Brown. Dartmouth College QB, Harvard Law. Owner and General Manager of the
  8. Since the prospective trade-up would be for a QB, anything that does not include future first-rounders is a MASSIVE failure by the Bengals front office.
  9. And yet the Falcons let him walk. Sure, they have cap issues. What was the result, then? One-year deal with Titans... put on the "Did not Report List" to start the season... cut in November after totaling all of 3 TACKLES after 7 games... Raiders signed him, had 1 tackle for them in 3 games... yeah, I don't want any "redeemer" scenarios here, let's get football players who love football.
  10. Definitely, but the two simulators I've been using don't have specialists as an option. Especially if we end up with a pile of picks it's almost stupid NOT to take a kicker. I didn't like the quotes from Simmons after the season making it sound (at least to me) as though we're going to go with "we have the kicker in the building" again.
  11. Don't want any part of Beasley, seems to me he's a lazy-ass turd.
  12. How about three? (Note that 1,2,3,4 + R1,R2 2022 + R1,R2 2023 for the first trade, 1,2,3 + R1 2022 + R1 2023 for the second) Edit: I realize this is unrealistic but I do think it's the kind of thinking the Bengals need to have in trade-downs. Fleece other teams (and with future picks), and think "revamp" with this year's picks. This haul and three first-rounders and second-rounders for the upcoming two drafts is a nice fantasy.
  13. I'm hoping Hobson's consistency on this has been disrupted from last year's FA experience. He tried the usual schtick only to see the Bengals sign a whole pile of FA's afterward, exposing the fallacy - we have to hope people other than us noticed and Hobson was embarrassed by it. I'm not holding my breath of course.
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