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  1. I agree he shouldn't be trying these, but last week was an audible to an out route and the CB simply read/jumped it. Yesterday was different, it was a broken play and he tried to direct Erickson to go a bit deeper and he didn't, so Finley (inadvisably) tried to throw something Alex would have to "interpret". Should he have thrown it at all? No. Did he throw a pass that his receiver could catch? Definitely. Unfortunately Erickson just isn't that guy, he doesn't play the box out game (yes, another reason Finley shouldn't have tried). The point is it's a pass that would be completed with the right receiver (Tate, for one) but Finley needs to read every aspect of the situation. I think the other one you're talking about was an example of the other point I was making - Finley simply doesn't have the arm to throw the tight sideline throw past the sticks, and he never will. CBs who are covering well will always have a chance on the ball if Finley tries those, and at least one, maybe two, should have been pick-6's yesterday. As for improvements, we all expect a 4th round rookie to need to improve a ton of things, he's no different. Unfortunately some weaknesses he has are permanent, and if he doesn't play for a coach that tailors the scheme to his strengths he won't succeed. Playing for the Bengals and our OL and WR situation? No chance.
  2. I didn't say he gets a pass or that I think he will redeem himself. I said I think he will get a chance, because it's Mike Brown (hence the quotes around the word). If I'm stating what I would do, I'd probably fire him. Partially because of the poor choices of assistants, but more so because he hasn't shown the ability to call a good game.
  3. And yet you still haven't given any kind of counter argument to the multiple examples I gave of quality throws, I even had to give an example of a missed five-yarder for you. Did you see the all drops? Did you see him throwing with people in his back pocket? Did you see guys like Erickson not fighting for any ball? Doesn't sound like it, sounds like you're sticking with histrionics and straw men as usual. "Look at this stat line - case closed!" The argument of a LCD pool-swimmer if I've ever seen one. The funniest thing is my first statement is that Finley isn't the answer, but for some reason you're accusing me of looking at him through rose-coloured glasses. I'll just keep stating facts and let you dance a jig with your straw men, have at it.
  4. I guess you weren't watching the actual game. I saw a number of people ranting when he threw behind Uzomah, but I'm not convinced that wasn't a case of Uzomah moving when the play called for him to be in one spot (because you know, it was a screen and not a roll out). He had a couple bad throws after he got hurt and when the pocket was up his ass, yes. His arm strength is his biggest issue, he can't do the long sideline throws adequately and I believe that's what will keep him from becoming a legit starter.
  5. Here's what I observed: - Finley is starting to show that maybe he isn't the answer, but it is still terribly unfair to judge him with this line and what's left of our receiver corps. The way Max Crosby trashed both of our tackles made it very hard to do anything, and you could tell Finley was doing everything he could to stay in the pocket despite there often being space to run. I think he should run all day if that's what's available. Positives from him were his ability to run when he actually tried, and he was seemingly audible-ing into the right fits. - Another note about Finley, he still puts up throws that are "catchable", i.e. he tries to throw receivers open which was his M.O. coming out. The one he put up for grabs for Willis is 100% caught by AJ or Tate, guaranteed. That was the kind of ball a "high point guy" wants, every time. Also the ball to Erickson that was intercepted - that was all on Alex, he has to come back for it and fight, and I'm sure it's what Finley was expecting. The rear camera showed it so perfectly - he put it on the inside shoulder so Alex could shield the defender, Alex just didn't do it. Also the fastball to Eifert on the back shoulder up the middle, that's a perfect ball for a tight end and the kind that Eifert used to catch in his prime, but he missed it. Even the catch that Tate got injured on, that was a perfect throw at the perfect spot for a first down (20 yard throw remember), and in a spot that Tate *usually* would be able to protect himself, nice and low. - The D actually came out with a purpose in this game, especially up front. The run stopping was the best I've seen all year - alas, the pass coverage was mostly horrendous yet again (and the Bengals' frustrating tendency to not challenge receivers who go up for the ball continues). - Nick Vigil still sucks, especially in pass coverage. - I think we're starting to see why it took so long for the team to rely on Pratt... he's not reliable. Makes mental mistakes often. - The killer play that should have been made was Gio's drop. Can't happen if you hope to win a game (just one). - BW Webb shouldn't be anywhere near an NFL field. - Seen on replay - Billy Price battling a guy, the guy puts his hands on Billy's helmet and pushes down, Billy's arms start windmilling comically like some kind of comedy bit, Billy goes down in a heap and rolls over forlornly to watch his opponent chase the play.
  6. I can't see Taylor going anywhere, he'll get a chance to "redeem" himself. If this were any normal kind of organization certain coaches would be immediately fired at season's end, or would have been already: Turner and Aronomomo. Both have historically terrible units and there is no redeeming them. Turner should never have been hired for his tendency to alienate the hell out of his players alone (which ended up happening, surprise surprise). It seems Zac was given nearly full discretion in hiring his staff, but this is one time the "GM" will have to step in and put their foot down; the DC has to be someone who knows how to assemble an NFL defense and scheme, period.
  7. Fourth round pick!? I'd love for the Bengals to have a fourth-round-quality LG right now, but Price ain't it.
  8. Lamar Jackson (he just won't realize it until the actual presentation and his conscious mind comes back online)
  9. You are of course correct, but I at least was implying that they (for once) didn't have to necessarily rely on LB's to cover TE's. Maybe? Maybe do something dynamic? Yeah ok, criticism accepted.
  10. Billy Price seems to be involved in every bad QB hurry/sack situation...
  11. "Nick Vigil leads the team in tackles and has no clue how to get Lamar Jackson on the ground" That's because he sucks, Rich.
  12. LOL Billy Price REALLY REALLY didn't want to block that guy... wow...
  13. lol they just show the stat, Ravens are #1 in TE targets in every category, last in receiver targets. Bengals: let's not cover the TE
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