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  1. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/4/25/21236696/bengals-undrafted-free-agent-tracker-2020-nfl-draft-uda-agents generic one: https://nfltraderumors.co/2020-undrafted-free-agent-tracker/
  2. Watching video on Kareem he seems to be too slow to be an Edge in the NFL... they'll have to use him as a contain/setter in the run game because he does at least seem pretty strong and technically sound. There is one video of just his plays against Georgia last season and that's facing two first round tackles... he is mostly erased in passing downs but he does ok holding up against the run and forcing the play into tight gaps. Against weaker tackles in other videos he can throw some of them aside and he is relentless so he has a chance to at least be part of the rotation.
  3. Taylor actually talked about this in his press conference this morning. They asked him about OL and he said "we like who we have in the building but we obviously have to improve a lot there, we're not running away from that"
  4. Looks like they're showing Gruden's board on the whiteboard behind him... genius!
  5. From everything I've read he's gotten badly injured more than once, and that's the knock.
  6. Jones or Baun will now be there.... Wilson... Simpson... Elliot... any one would be awesome IMO
  7. Yeah that's what I meant... I checked his Twitter and he was acting all excited about Reagor in the first.... now not so much? I assume?
  8. I have to say I actually enjoyed this: Usually I cringe at the stupid shit top picks do for endorsements, but Joe plays it off pretty well. At least he isn't taking pictures of himself shoving a huge sausage down his gullet (yet?)
  9. Gotta love Rosenhaus acting is a one-man covid source... dude was at Derrick Brown's house yesterday (and of course he has to put himself in in every video)
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