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  1. To be fair to Ghiaciuc, he wasn't skating so much as rolling backwards like a balled-up armadillo.
  2. Exactly. If it were me he'd be gone with those comments, whether from his agent or not. You gonna go to battle with a guy who's already told you he's thinking about switching sides? (It could well be his agent is trying to get him released as well, who the hell knows?)
  3. I'd say just watch some of those no-pads one-on-one drills of the guy. His be-hind is like two Andre Smiths wide! That's the kind of bottom-heavy monster you want in the middle of your OL.
  4. Shouldn't we start nicknaming these guys now, before Tibs coins them all? Here's some ideas: Ja'Marr "Uno" Chase (already applied by him, fits with Chad's "Ocho Cinco") Jackson "Cartman" Carman (writes itself) Joseph "Meep" Ossai (he sorta picked this himself in his presser) Cameron "Blood" Sample (pretty sure Tibs already called Drew "Urine" so... I figure he prefers "Sperm" in this case...) Tyler "Kitchen" Shelvin D'Ante "Big Blind" Smith Evan "Cap" McPherson Trey "Mole" Hill Chris "Cap" Evans (he and McPherson can fight over
  5. Like many here the big thing that scares me is the injury. Good lord why do we have to start from behind with young players when you can literally choose not to? As for his talent/potential/profile outside of the injury? I think it's promising and that's all good and well. These articles paint a more damning picture of the "reasons why" though, I mean, if MB's first go-to was this kid, guess what that screams to me and likely most people here? It means the "local boy comes home" narrative and what it means to ticket sales had a significant - if not *outsiized* - influence on th
  6. True, but then this morning the exchange was something like: MB: Pumpkin!! I know I fell asleep after the 4th round, but who picked up all these "long-hairs" near the end!? Dad's rolling in his grave!!
  7. Oh, btw for the people hoping: Hilliard apparently signed by the 49ers and Marvin Wilson signed by... the Stains.
  8. Regarding Pookah, the reports I'm reading had him listed as a 3rd or 4th round prospect. Sounds like a Gio type, but taller/thinner, who can return kicks.
  9. Another player was added to the list on that site: TCU TE Pro Wells
  10. Well, we're not talking about reports we're speculating what the Bengals coaches might be thinking. And if you notice I said "4 guys" and excluded Patrick, which implies Williams is part of the four so... ?
  11. He's getting up there but I'd say he had a really good season last year. What I did notice is the team took " a while" to sign him back, so if anything I'd guess Huber's "price" is getting a little high for MB's liking.
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