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  1. Man oh man, this is sooo refreshing after Marvin's infamous "the fans just need to be loud on Sundays" (dismissing any concern they might have about the roster, the lineup, game management, etc). Sorry Marv, this guy gets it. The fans aren't going to be loud if you don't give them a reason to be. (With all of that said it seems Bengal fans at the stadium have a hard time being loud at appropriate times... but ehhh they can work on it, details details.... )
  2. Looked to me like he thought the bench called a time out. Don't see how he thought so considering you can't hear shit, and of course he should have made sure and called it himself as well. Really bush league.
  3. We now know that Ross "is what we thought he was"... a total pussy. I mean my god, this is football not patty cakes.
  4. The best part of this is how normal their defense looks so far. That's the one area I thought they might look good, but man this isn't winning them anything.
  5. Did you see the face of that tormented Browns fan? Soooo funny. I should probably feel empathy for them considering our history, but sorry guys if you bought into the hype you deserve to have your hopes come crashing back to earch.
  6. Just tuning in now, love how the talking heads are making excuses already: "OBJ didn't have a lot of reps with the offense and blah blah yada yada"
  7. I wouldn't think much of it if the whole LeGarrette Blount shit hadn't happened.
  8. Pfft as if assholes like Eisen and the rest of the football media didn't help cover for Brown's (long, long established) assholery - at least when he was on the "precious" Stealers. Seriously, I kind of feel sympathy for Brown because when he was with the Stealers everyone kept telling him he was still awesome and still babied him no matter how many cry-baby narcissist fuck-face episodes he had. Now I *guess* because he's not on the Stealers it's suddenly a big shock, and a problem? Some talking head in Brown's video (of his supposedly private phone call with Gruden) said "before he got the money he was never like this" (meaning his original big deal in Pittsburgh). Ok, so why didn't you call him out like this when he did it with the Stealers? Maybe because the Stealers are one of the biggest money makers for the league? Maybe? Worthless idiots.
  9. Who is this guy they're interviewing? Seems to be in charge of Bengal "spirit" or "fandom" or something? For a literal "rah-rah" guy, he's the most sleepy, monotone dude ever.
  10. Alright, which of you homers is part of the "Whodey Team"?
  11. lol replay showed it wasn't a block in the back, but whatever
  12. A big run through an open hole?!? Will wonders never cease?!?
  13. DAMN put it in the only spot his guy could get it (tough spot), and nice catch!
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