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  1. Yes and after he showboated not long before that.
  2. Did you like Wentz doing his best Frerotten impression by desperately flipping the ball to... nobody but the 49ers LB?
  3. Yep same, I still remember Ghuiciuc rolling the ball on the ground on a shotgun snap. Good times!
  4. Nobody is taking it the wrong way, we know what he meant there. There are two problems here: 1. He did NOT say it like that. "Wow, can you imagine if Joe was in a bigger market?" He just said "elsewhere" which implies ANYWHERE - a really shitty way to say it and he should know better. 2. It's JAMES FUCKING BROWN, he has the primary seat at one if the biggest football broadcasts around, and not just football but ALL SPORTS. HE could have sought to change that RIGHT THERE by being positive of Joe's performance AND his potential to bring more media coverage to a small market. Instead, he shat on the market. Again, HE'S THE GUY. HE HAS THE POWER. It's not like he's a random fan or even a lesser reporter, or even a shit disturber like Stephen A.
  5. Ah, yes, definitely I actually think LJ fucked up on that one, just called TO out of some mindless habit. Harbaugh looked dejected to say the least.
  6. Blah, that wasn't the issue tough, it's that he insulted the entire Bengals org, their fans and Joe himself by suggesting his impressive play isn't getting enough press because of where he is. It's because YOU James Brown SAY stuff like that and continue not to cover them positively or in volume.
  7. Agree, forever he's been the guy screaming at refs about every little thing... well, at least since Cowher quit.
  8. Yeah I'm not all that worried about that, but as Jamie said Zach Wilson might be out next week, he got twisted up pretty good and went out with a knee.
  9. I'd be happy enough picking nobody but the dumbest play was probably Joe tossing that gimme ball into the endzone. We needed those points at the time and it was plain selfish. He's just lucky this defense is the real deal.
  10. Hopkins and Carman OBLITERATED their guys on that, fucking awesome!
  11. James Brown at the halftime show: "Joe Burrow would be getting a LOT more attention if he was ELSEWHERE" Ok, we all know this is true but why the fuck do these guys need to say it, and like that? Makes it sound like he *wishes* he was elsewhere. Leave that kind of bullshit to guys like Stephen A and Cowherd.
  12. Welp, we've established there isn't a run in the playbook that we have that can beat the Ravens DL for one yard. Time to throw them all out for this game.
  13. Yep they're inside his body right about now, courtesy of Justin Houston
  14. If they dont' get a run established this will be a very long day for the offense.
  15. Good: - Hendrickson just keeps rolling - Chido just keeps rolling - Wilson just keeps rolling - Chris Evans was fantastic in several ways - McPherson came out and hit everything. - Joe^2 Bad: - First half offensive game plan... again... - OL is stupidly thin right now, we might not survive next week unless something is done to shore this shit up. Ugly: - That pass play after the two-minute warning... I mean, my god...
  16. If we knew who f'ed up the route after the 2 minute warning at half that had Higgins and Boyd running into each other, that guy should get it. Otherwise Hill holding (a hold I was ok with because he'd already been beat, might as well not get Joe killed) but then to false start immediately after isn't good.
  17. Another ugly series but one big play by Burrow-Chase and we get some points. Let's see if they can have another "improved" second half.
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