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  1. The Good: - We all learned that we're not crazy (the LBs and OL really are that bad, Andy is still Andy). - We have a decent center to build around (because we're *definitely* building) - The coaches learned what *not* to do? I guess? The Bad: - The DL, other than Geno. Sometimes I feel bad for him that he has no support in games like this. - Andy making the "wrong" choice so many times it took us out of the game (that we were never really in anyway). The Ugly: - Dre Kirkpatrick should be benched immediately. I honestly think he doesn't fit whatever scheme Anorexyomama is running. In the past regimes/schemes he could at least be made to cover, but now it seems he's too lost to do that and his true level of pussification is showing when asked to join in on tackles. Just bench him. - Our kicker has "the hooks", it seems. Please bring in competition, thank you. - Seeing "tackling machine" Preston Brown slapping the opponent on the shoulder as he waltzes in for a TD. It doesn't get much more disappointing than that. - The continued degradation of the Bengals defense from the several years of decency we were able to witness back to early-Marv-or-worse levels. Miles of green green grass for every ball carrier, all the time. - Seeing the very unique/elite level of jukes/moves that Mixon can put on a guy, but wasted in the backfield so he can grind for a yard or two. - Having a 4th string "vet off the street" playing LT. And that's for *our* line, a line that was garbage to begin with. I could go on, but no point. Time to start considering what the draft will look like.................
  2. The most damning statement from Taylor in his presser? "They didn't do anything that surprised us". Translation: "We are a straight up shit team".
  3. LOL Replay: Obvious facemask. Refs? ehhh let the 49ers call this one
  4. Jeezus, Vigil got blocked a fullback rolling on the ground starting about 3 yards away from him. He needs to be gone.
  5. The Bengals simply got out-coached today. Yeah the defense can't tackle in the open field but half these plays never should have made it there. A very Marvin-esque performance from the coaching staff.
  6. You know we're in "suck mode" when Geno has to say "fuck this" and single-handedly take over plays... like, literally nobody else on the play did well.
  7. "Bad Andy" What could he have even been looking at, other than a guy covered by three defenders? Including one in front of him? Makes no sense
  8. lol nope, no hold there, guys can grab the defender by the neck from behind, no biggie
  9. Mixon has to stop bouncing everything. Just smash into the pile sometimes.
  10. Ehhh Bobby Hart needs to trade in those Pop Warner pants for a bigger pair...
  11. Man oh man, this is sooo refreshing after Marvin's infamous "the fans just need to be loud on Sundays" (dismissing any concern they might have about the roster, the lineup, game management, etc). Sorry Marv, this guy gets it. The fans aren't going to be loud if you don't give them a reason to be. (With all of that said it seems Bengal fans at the stadium have a hard time being loud at appropriate times... but ehhh they can work on it, details details.... )
  12. Looked to me like he thought the bench called a time out. Don't see how he thought so considering you can't hear shit, and of course he should have made sure and called it himself as well. Really bush league.
  13. We now know that Ross "is what we thought he was"... a total pussy. I mean my god, this is football not patty cakes.
  14. The best part of this is how normal their defense looks so far. That's the one area I thought they might look good, but man this isn't winning them anything.
  15. Did you see the face of that tormented Browns fan? Soooo funny. I should probably feel empathy for them considering our history, but sorry guys if you bought into the hype you deserve to have your hopes come crashing back to earch.
  16. Just tuning in now, love how the talking heads are making excuses already: "OBJ didn't have a lot of reps with the offense and blah blah yada yada"
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