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  1. Good: Defense in general and dline/wilson in particular Mixon ran well Oline allowing no sack and getting some push in the run game Bad 3rd and longs Zac's coaching sometimes, who calls a pass play when its late in the 4th, you have a big lead, and Pitt needs all the timeouts the have. I swear Zac is just trying to show how smart he is instead of winning the damn game.
  2. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick your nick, channel name is #gobengals, click "Connect"
  3. The line has to give him enough time for the deep routes to develop, and I'm not sure he's getting that on a consistent basis. I'd almost say it's time to put Carman out there, but I'm not sure his first start should be against the Stealers.
  4. Burrow can too when he is not picking turf out of his facemask.
  5. Taylor vs Tomlin? Anyone wanna take bets on who would win that? I have a feeling Tomlin is going to have the Stealers playing angry, Joe better have his head on a swivel.
  6. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick your nick, channel name is #gobengals, click "Connect"
  7. Went poking around some Bears forums: KHALIL MACK vs. RILEY RIEFF Sean McVay just came off his third consecutive win off a Mack led Bear defense and gave every OC in the NFL a blueprint how to take Khalil Mack out of the game. With quick passes and designed rollouts, McVay made Mack invisible. Now it's time to see if the Bengals were paying attention. The Bears defense came out flatter than Nebraska in Los Angeles and need that to change immediately. Welcoming fans back into their home stadium should be a better advantage for the struggling unit and that starts with Mack going against newly signed tackle Riley Rieff. Rieff is no stranger to Mack, coming from Minnesota, but is now lined up at right tackle where Mack traditionally does most of his snaps. It seems like forever since the Bengals had even an average offensive line and still let the Vikes get Joe Burrow in the dirt too often, but this unit is on the upswing while the Chicago defense looks to be the opposite. Can Mack swing the momentum back to the Bears and give the fans in Solider Field something to cheer about for the first time in literally years. MARQUI CHRISTIAN vs. TEE HIGGINS The spotlight is going to be cast onto the matchup on the outside of this year's highest drafted receiver against last year's most accomplished drafted cornerback, but Cooper Kupp already exposed the nickle position as the softest spot of a suspect secondary. The Bears went with the more experienced Christian over draft pick Duke Shelly in the season opener and Christian payed them back with plenty of blown coverages, most infamously, Cooper Kupp's 56 yard touchdown that left Kupp wide open and Christian on the ground. While he may not be quite the talent Kupp is, Tee Higgins made quite the name for himself last season working out of the slot as well. Grabbing 67 passes with six TDs, Higgins is already building on that excellent season with another TD in last week's win for the Bengals. Can Higgins exploit Christian just as well as Kupp or will Sunday be the beginning of Marqui Christian's redemption tour? JASON PETERS vs. TREY HENDRICKSON Looking to bolster a forgettable 2020 defense, the Bengals spent big in Free Agency, landing former Saints pass rusher, Trey Hendrickson. Last year Hendrickson put up 13.5 sacks and 12 tackles for loss opposite Cameron Jordan and while he did not show up on the stat sheet this past Sunday, he was getting holding calls all day and helped his interior linemen bring down Kirk Cousins three times. This week Hendrickson draws (health willing), aging veteran Jason Peters. Signed by the Bears over the summer as their second round pick at the position would need surgery, Peters did not even make it 30 minutes into his career in Chicago without an injury pulling him from the game. Back at practice this week while his understudy is not, the Bears are counting on Peters to start in their home opener. Wanting to prove to his new team that he is worth every dollar they spent of him, look for Hendrickson to exploit this matchup in attempt to spoil the party in Chicago. While it is only one week into the 2021 season, this matchup will feature the NFL's two leading rushers in Joe Mixon (127) and David Montgomery (108). With the new 17 game season, Mixon is already on pace to break the all time NFL single season rushing record...while Montgomery is on pace to close in on Walter Payton's all time franchise single season rushing record. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ he last game was a total breakdown of defensive discipline. No back side contain on simple play action, no safety help on deepest man, no personal discipline when the defender simply had to tough the guy down. That breakdown lead Nagy to take 4th down gambles that didn’t work (once because our 18-20 million dollar WR can’t catch when it hits him in the hands!) I think our D bounces back and we hold the orange kitties to 10 points while Dalton works through some hiccups to get us 24 Bears 24 Bengals 10 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I know the Bears lost Sunday, but I was at least encouraged by some of the things I saw on offense. They were able to move the ball against the Rams, and that's not something to gloss over. If they can actually execute against a Bengals defense (that isn't close to the level of the Rams) then they should win. Assuming the Bears safeties remember how to play football this week. Bears 27 Bengals 17 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bears working out 3 DBs: DJ Hayden Lafayette Pitts Kevon Seymour ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (I like this guy---gupps): My gut says its more likely to be a "wheels come off" game than it is " Bears put it all together" game. Bengals just beat the Vikings by 3 who are more stout on Defense than us, with a stronger offense than us. Bears 13 Bengals 34 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kyle Fuller's absence as the best player in and leader of that secondary was apparent on Sunday and will be all season. If Mack and Quinn don't get home this game and Burrow has time, that secondary is gonna get devoured. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. I can't explain the crap calling in the first quarter, but he fourth i seem to remember the announcers saying that Tee and another WR (Chase?) were getting bags because of cramps. Also, I think Burrow was hurt more then he showed on that one sack where he limped off. Hope I'm wrong about that.
  9. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Pick your nick, channel name is #gobengals, click "Connect"
  10. Chat will be there barring me getting hit by a bus.
  11. Losing RBs right and left, but with a good oline not sure how much that will hurt. https://fansided.com/2021/09/09/ravens-injury-update-marcus-peters-gus-edwards/
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