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  1. Dave Lopes is the 1st base coach for the Washington Nationals. His eye and timing of pitchers is as good as ever.
  2. Day 2 draft talk

    it's good for beer sales
  3. about 11 mil difference from round 1 slot 9 vs round 2
  4. purely an opinion and no facts checked, but when was the last year the Bengals didn't put a CB on IR before the regular season opener? Definitely a position that depth matters.

    Army is onboard
  6. ArmyBengal

  7. That's "Benga-nomics" at it's shiniest example. Unfortunately, for those economic wins, there have been too many disasters. .. yes, I just made that term up.
  8. Peko Coming Back???

    if the role is to be the 3d/4th rotational guy I can see it.
  9. Man those Dolphins are dirty fish. Poor shitzburg player had to protect himself. ?
  10. all the calls are going the Bengals way, this is what it must be like for the Stoolers fans every week
  11. yeah, this announcing crew sure is liking the Bengals and Marvin
  12. who would have thunk, going to church with the wife was better time spent than watching this game?
  13. FWIW, Matt Lengel scored at TD for the Pats. His first in the NFL I think.
  14. NFL games have become unwatchable with all the commercial breaks. come out of commercial break to watch that garbage.