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  1. it gets better, in the comments section. Clearly a Stooler fan's comment yo Harrison needs to shut up, he's always saying stuff that he shouldn't. He used to be my favorite player but he's just a loser now sounds like an acknowledgement of their tactics, but this scumbag is taking issue with Harrison discussing it, not that it happened. And this if from a literate fan.
  2. this line is fabulous. I interpret it as lathered in cynicism, but I'm sure the Stooler fans being read to don't get it. "But for a coach like Mike Tomlin, who always enjoys favored status among coaches, being regarded as a virtuous coach and a moral compass within the NFL, the amount of incidents with him continue to increase."
  3. I'd spend a 7th on Warren, but that's being a bearcat homer. but I love how he wears down defenders and gets stronger with more carries.
  4. if they want Jones, they'll have to trade up for him. I don't see KC passing on him. But Madubuike should be at 65.
  5. will ESPN cut to a commercial once it's announced the Bengals are on the clock
  6. I so wanted Dennis to recover. Yet another Bengals 'are youz kidding me' tragedy.
  7. so is the draft clock really enforced? Would they force a team to forfeit their pick if they can't get through to the league? Can you imagine the repercussions?
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