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  1. RIP, I enjoyed watching you in a Bengals uni. That offense was a scary good.
  2. someone from the Lewis coaching tree, who else?
  3. would not surprise if Driskel dressed in Washington gear to make try and make a sack on him.
  4. no way a kicker is making a field goal or extra point in this town! so much spin there's no chance.
  5. amen, one of the few that looks like he's got a clue
  6. so, I prefer Justin Herbert from Oregon in the draft. too soon?
  7. it does have an element of misdirection and surprise
  8. undisciplined all over the place, Marvin where are you hiding
  9. WTF is the CB jacked up about, dude dropped it you dumbass
  10. do they know it's 'tackle' football?
  11. would you risk that high flying scary good offense to injury?
  12. locked onto the intended receiver, FFS Andy
  13. Pissing rain here at the moment but will pass over before game time.
  14. there's already a rule for that, it's just not called on Shitzburg

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