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  1. ArmyBengal

    Hue is Back

    He had to be hired here, he still had all his Bengals coaching togs to wear. Can't let that go to waste.
  2. ArmyBengal

    Fire Austin Now!

    Find a good coordinator and loose them to Head coaching job, which is how it should work. I guess like drafting players, some coaches just don't work out. I'm thankful they pulled the trigger and fired him.
  3. can someone explain why they went Bernard vice Mixon in the last series. I don't understand this annoying tendency the bengals have to taking out the hot back. Or is it deliberate b/c the game is fixed ....
  4. OFF to DEF, you guys suck, get back out there, ha ha ha
  5. the DEF doesn't even look like they care
  6. WTF did Austin do the DEF? His scheme and NFL don't hurt me rules?
  7. no worthy pics that I can find readily Retired US Army active duty in 1997 after 21 years, plus another 2 in the Ohio Army National Guard while in college there.
  8. Sent a bit. Keep up the good work. V/r Armybengal
  9. what ever happened to the QB sneak?
  10. Fitzpatrick going to engineer an epic comeback?
  11. Winston, best defender Bengals have
  12. I don't agree. This live and die by the turnover and Winston has bailed them out more than anything else.

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