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  1. ArmyBengal

    Draft picks you'd hate

    Will Grier before the 4th round, especially if Jackson or Rypien are on the board
  2. what he said. You think I read all the way through rule 5, meh
  3. ArmyBengal

    Burfict released

    I praise your rise from UDFA to pro-bowler. You made a difference on the DEF and set the tone. Too bad that ended the way it has. Peace to you and your family.
  4. ArmyBengal

    2019 Free Agency

    nickname to park for later, DS2 (Dave Shula 2.0)
  5. I'll concede that. But prior to them firing Hue didn't anyone believe they could make such a dramatic turn around? Then why not the Bengals. I'm personally not that optimistic, but who really knows?
  6. really depends on their plans for drafting a QB. If they are set with the Red Rifle, signing AJ makes good sense.
  7. good on Cleveland, they're winning the off season. Saw this for years with the Redskins and Jets and sometimes Raiders.
  8. crazy as that sounds, should be cheap and versatile.
  9. mail and news take longer to reach Cincy
  10. perhaps he aint the smartest reciever and the orgization put him out there as available to see what they could get, but to also warn Ross and others, that draft position means nothing. Great you made it to the NFL. Now you have to fight for a job. Scare the crap out of Ross, get everyone elses attention. Interesting to see how Ross responds.
  11. ArmyBengal

    It's "Palm" Beach for Bobby Kraft

    what Whines Ward not available?
  12. ArmyBengal

    Bengals DC

    double face palm
  13. sign him. when he plays the offense just hums

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