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  1. only thing worse than this game is the ESPN crew. Why am I still watching this?
  2. it's just sad, they can't even execute check downs
  3. it's really hard to have any optimism with this shit show the offense is giving
  4. watching Mason be an average QB with the burg is watching a copy of the cats with AD. With an average or worse line, can't quite get it done. I saw a number of times he took a sack that the big lumix would've fought through and then hit AB for 25 yards. The current rules of the NLF make the import of QB play so disproportionate to the rest of the team. And much as I had to hate on the big dufus, he was really annoyingly good. When's the last time MNF had two 0-3 teams?
  5. heard all the rants about how Miami is 'tanking' for the 1s pick. That's what I heard but what I see is it's these schmucks tanking it.
  6. WTF - how can they go from competitive vs Seahawks and now two weeks of this crap
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