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  1. I have those joke cards from the 70's, wacky cards, I think. In there's a reference to the worst thing possible is being drafted by the 49rs. I was Pats fan when they were mediocre and then really sucked for years. As stated earlier, winning solves all that perception.
  2. I was at NASIC last month. And I was with the Patriot BN that rotated out just before Khobar Towers. I used to jog along that route every morning.
  3. how long are his arms?
  4. HofbrÀuhaus Newport was a good spot ages ago. I'd defer to someone with more recent experience. The Bar at Palm court in the downtown Hilton Netherland Plaza is worth a walk through. Classic design ala Art Deco. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is another historic site in the Queen city. my nickel.
  5. the realization finally hit me, that these options are least that, real options.
  6. I remember watching his dad on channel 38 out of Boston.
  7. yes if there's the guy they want and a willing trade partner. Who's worth going up to get?
  8. and they held the commercial break until after the 11th pick commentary
  9. delayed and stuck in the airport, ironically on the way to Nashville. But not for the draft for the Jimmy Buffet concert. WhoDey
  10. ArmyBengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    well played
  11. ArmyBengal

    Draft picks you'd hate

    Will Grier before the 4th round, especially if Jackson or Rypien are on the board
  12. what he said. You think I read all the way through rule 5, meh
  13. ArmyBengal

    Burfict released

    I praise your rise from UDFA to pro-bowler. You made a difference on the DEF and set the tone. Too bad that ended the way it has. Peace to you and your family.
  14. ArmyBengal

    2019 Free Agency

    nickname to park for later, DS2 (Dave Shula 2.0)

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