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  1. ArmyBengal

    Peter King = King of Peter

    deep down I believe he's a Bengals fan, but hides it with all the negativity in order not have too much of an emotional attachment. It's that psychology stuff. But man, it's been long past time for him to move on. The SI site is among the worst. It's not even remotely a sports journalism site anymore.
  2. how are they going to prove it? If he wasn't with baggage already, this is a the whole luggage set.
  3. curious, must be BPA
  4. they must have thought we were taking Mason
  5. ok, even though I'm a retired Army, that was a baaad segue
  6. SDSU TE to go with NDSU QB
  7. damn, that kicker is talking out his arse
  8. New England model. Bring in a bunch of rooks, see who impresses in camp
  9. won't get past the Ratbirds
  10. invested a lot in a guy with some concerns about accuracy
  11. maybe we can get AJ Mc back next year after they borrow him for the year.
  12. wonder what the player fraternization rules are? Young study baller and that .... hum.
  13. might have gotten him at 12, pipe dream he makes it to 21

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