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  1. some Cards board comments are interesting but inconclusive as to why he was released. Some were surprised, some thought perhaps just an aging 6th rnd casualty, some wonder about conditioning but the BLUF is they don't know why nor why now.
  2. I'm thankful the Bengals pass on Sewell and saved him from a season ending injury that would take 3 years to not recover from.
  3. https://stripehype.com/2021/03/28/cincinnati-bengals-could-be-trading-back-with-new-england-patriots/ - Tidbit in the last paragraph - The Patriots could reduce the lot by adding a player that they been adding to the trade block N’Keal Harry was the New England first-round pick at WR in 2019. Harry has not reached his true potential. Harry would be a WR on a rookie deal that Cincinnati can use.
  4. they could fill with "Mahommes at home" or "Brady takes a boat ride" or any other ludicrous special. They'd find something.
  5. I've been living in the DMV for 20 years and have witnessed the Snyder circus as it dominates the local sports coverage. They used to have some of the best fans, but Snyder has lost that fanbase. That said; the name change, the hiring of Rivera, the accusations of harassment, minority owners wanting him out, a weak division and league pressure and this team has a new hope. Not unlike when Marvin was first hired. I wouldn't sleep on the WFT.
  6. Nashville is already an awesome city to visit so it wasn't the draft that had me there in '19, but we were there and anyway and decided to head downtown to watch for a bit. It was good fun. We hung around for the Mr. Irrelevant pick. The NFL knows how to put on a show and hype things up. Tennessee folks are already known for their hospitality and it rubbed off on the visiting fans. You could have civil and intelligent conversations with folks in other teams regalia, to include a couple of Jets fans that we downed some beers with. BTW; Jets fans need therapy, and I mean that in a positive wa
  7. if ever there was an off season to spend near top and mid tier monies, this is it. Elite players will be the outliers.
  8. lots of teams will use COVID as an excuse to get their books straightened out. Especially if they feel the league will follow suit. Then they will upgrade or steady-state a bunch of positions at lower cost. They keep essentially the same talent level but at a big savings. A whole bunch of vets are going to be very unhappy about their new perceived value. Meritocracy at it's finest.
  9. Dupree is going to get paid big. What's his expected value vs JJ? and then what's the value or return on that? Given that the Bengals SHOULD spend on OL, it means a value aka aging Dl is on top of their business model.
  10. I really think that in time, the Rams will be the winners in this trade. Detroit had a decent offensive line, but the Rams is better but how many more years can Whit play? Seems pretty obvious it's a win now decision, but Stafford could easily play 7-9 more years. If they blow it like the Bengals and fail to replenish the O-line then it's a wash. What'll be interesting is what Detroit does in the draft, sitting at 7 I believe. Good spot to take a QB, they don't need more picks.
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