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  1. The organization walked themselves into that situation. They stated it was an open competition and they stayed true to their word. But I believe they wanted and expected Elliott to win the competition. That backfired on them. Hind sight will tell. Still too early to say, but does look like a botched personnel move.
  2. ironically, if that's the right phrase, Jay would have more control with MB than he does with Dan Snyder. Not my 1st choice but it wouldn't suck. It wouldn't necessitate a complete new playbook.
  3. Vigil to IR

    must be a big charity golf outing
  4. the conspiracy theorist in me is hoping and I know hope is not a method, but that Marvin did leak the story. But the intention was not what we all assume. It's a warning to MB. I think there are still things that Marvin wants more control over and if MB wants him back he has to conceded more decision making or Marivn walks. I have to like this theory better as it portray Marvin as the saavy one playing the best hand he can. Otherwise, the narrative is that he really is checked out and clueless. I doubt it makes a difference to MB. He will, IMHO, always think as a business owner first and not as a fan.
  5. how the ownership proceeds ought to tell us all a fan needs to know about current speculation. But I fear it's as all suspect and MB is the cheap bastard that is controlling this. Scary thing is now MB can rationalize, I tried it Marvin's way and that failed. Might as well stick to my way.
  6. LoL with all the squeelers whining about the non catch for a non TD call. Sorry beotches but the PATS are still the NFL darlings.
  7. so, Bengals inside the 10 and not being shown on NFL redzone, but rather Packers at the 50
  8. Watching this shiite is why I'm becoming an English Premier league fan

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