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  1. Ex-Washington QB Dwayne Haskins signs reserve/futures contract with Stealers https://www.nfl.com/news/dwayne-haskins-set-to-visit-with-Stealers-today
  2. I was pulling shift in a PATRIOT battalion ICC van. Getting updates over the comms line from OPS center which had the game on AFN radio.
  3. OPED on would a OC/DC want to come here with Zach and the presumed he could be gone next year if things don't get better. This is a generalization, of course exceptions are out there. Yes, because most coaches are type-A personalities, that are strong willed and confident to the point of arrogance. They will convince themselves there are several ways coming to Cincy makes sense. Where as a hand full of guys like Del Rio have the luxury of turning us down, most do not. Very limited number of jobs in the NFL and lots of wanna reach that level coaches out there. Even a one year stint
  4. like every season, many coaching positions become available this Monday after the season end. Some good and some not so good options for wanna be HC and OC/DCs. I get the Bengals front office not wanting to get into the situation they were in before trying to lure, cajole, fight for a HC. The Bengals are often the wall flower without a dance partner at the end. Then finding OC/DC candidates is even tougher as the marquee names have already signed elsewhere. The rationale is sound, especially as mentioned earlier, Zach seems to have JBs endorsement. Let's get on with finding upgrades to the O
  5. that's a tough one. How often has 'looking over his shoulder' motivation worked with coaches?
  6. that's the weirdest injury I've seen, did he dislocate his shoulder getting hooked into Hubbard's facemask?
  7. Take the Penni issue off the table. Go get one of the best available OL FAs. There will be suitors for the draft pick, or take Chase.
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