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  1. Your list isn't very good 4. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site Tour from Munich by Train: is no joke, you won't be the same after experiencing it. Hierenchiemsee Scholss is on the way to Salzburg. Sorry but if you haven't been to a European Castle, then you just don't get it. 15-18th century mad money. Innsbruck is about as far away and wholly worth the trip BMW Welt aka museum Garmisch-Partenkirchen https://olympics.com/en/olympic-games/garmisch-partenkirchen-1936 And only the holy grail of Oktoberfests: https://www.oktoberfest.de/en So whereas I usually find your posts very informative and knowledge based, that seemed absent here. Either you or TripAdvisor are just bad. Yes, I'm being a douchebag, and I've been drinking but ...
  2. I'm waiting for the Akili, Klingler, Dalton, Kitna round table. Then we'll have some must see TV.
  3. glad to hear Whit is cleared and likely to play. Concur, Rome is a drip
  4. I remember being stoked about the pick, although the trade should've happened. But I don't know about being dumb, had a 26 wonderlic score. Not great, but should've been good enough. And yes, not the best indicator see the SI article (https://www.si.com/nfl/2011/03/24/wonderlic-test) I thought the issue was not putting in the work, especially the study side. He thought he could just show up and play. I think Klingler had like a 30. Kitten hand (Kitna for those that don't remember) whom many considered cerebral but lacking the talent only had a 28. FYI, Joe 34.
  5. we prematurely have a draft thread, why not a Potential OC/DC if the need should arise.
  6. my wife called me in to get an update on that game. Not happy when I explained it to her.
  7. Not sure where this fits, but any else see Cowhead gushing about Hilton. He said all the right things and kept it short of a Squeler knob job.
  8. ouch?! Takes a $3.1M pay cut if I understand the earlier money review. I would think many players would do the big FU and leave town. He must want to stick around for a new contract.
  9. Thnx for the shout out. I had to leave the chat, it was killing me. Now I'm celebrating with something I picked up over in Eire.
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