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  1. bring in a 40+ year old QB, that'll skew the numbers.
  2. over under on Browning getting cut after the Vikes game? This is a what other teams do, anything to gain an edge.
  3. like who? Cam? Waiting on Flacco getting cut? Barkly or McGown who's 42 FFS. The list of FA QBs is not inspiring.
  4. curious that no QB on the PS yet heard some rumint that they had interest in Sinnett
  5. under the new league rules, Daniels could be on the PS
  6. 7 WRs and only 3 RBs surprised me, but as many have stated, I doubt this is final.
  7. yup, I don't know what to make of this either. Are they going with Wilcox, who I thought took a massive hit to the noggin? Are they banking on picking him up after the 53 man is set and they IR some folks? Bit of a gamble, but TE's aren't FA in high demand like lineman.
  8. well they could now go with 9 OL and 11 DL and have Ossai on the roster and then IR him. Then sign a FA OL or one of the likely PS guys Isaiah Prince or Trey Hill. It's almost like they thought this out. Am I the only one caught napping on the front office?
  9. what a difference, having that in the tool kit. Any team that leaves the Bengals time at the half. I recall so many times Tucker would put points on us with seconds left in the half
  10. Chase to the PS, start Trenton I should probly slow down the drinking
  11. so we're past anything worthwhile to see from the Bengals. I'm rooting for Dokes
  12. Well, was kinda waiting for the rookie serious injury. Based on Bengals snakebitten past years trends. This isn't the worst that could've happened.
  13. and then moaned like he was held, um you weren't
  14. Chase with another drop. I'd rather have John Ross.
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