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  1. last thought on this game. It was a DAMNED good game to watch. It was refreshing to see two good teams duke it out, some really good defense and head coaches using their strengths and as best they could limiting their liabilities. They could've and should've won that game. The 3-5 plays others have referenced are on the mark. It was refreshing to watch good football. I don't expect perfect.
  2. I can see Belicheck in the next owners meeting with Kraft (edited). I want rain on demand.
  3. agreed, but doubt it would've mattered. AD fumble in the perfectly timed rain is the difference.
  4. might be the best thing for Price. I buy into the playing through injury and perhaps not developing as quickly as some would like. I'm on board with the idea he becomes a starting staple for this line for years to come. And with some angst. Lite that fire.
  5. RIP, I enjoyed watching you in a Bengals uni. That offense was a scary good.
  6. would not surprise if Driskel dressed in Washington gear to make try and make a sack on him.
  7. no way a kicker is making a field goal or extra point in this town! so much spin there's no chance.
  8. so, I prefer Justin Herbert from Oregon in the draft. too soon?
  9. undisciplined all over the place, Marvin where are you hiding
  10. WTF is the CB jacked up about, dude dropped it you dumbass
  11. would you risk that high flying scary good offense to injury?
  12. Pissing rain here at the moment but will pass over before game time.
  13. there's already a rule for that, it's just not called on Shitzburg
  14. yup, tack on and average of 5 minutes per every 2 minutes left. And to your other point, wouldn't you challange an obvious jersey grab ?
  15. I have those joke cards from the 70's, wacky cards, I think. In there's a reference to the worst thing possible is being drafted by the 49rs. I was Pats fan when they were mediocre and then really sucked for years. As stated earlier, winning solves all that perception.
  16. I was at NASIC last month. And I was with the Patriot BN that rotated out just before Khobar Towers. I used to jog along that route every morning.
  17. HofbrÀuhaus Newport was a good spot ages ago. I'd defer to someone with more recent experience. The Bar at Palm court in the downtown Hilton Netherland Plaza is worth a walk through. Classic design ala Art Deco. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is another historic site in the Queen city. my nickel.
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