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  1. I watched Van Pelt of PITT win an epic seesaw comeback vs A&M in the Sun Bowl, El Pase 89. The dude was slinging it.
  2. RIP Sam, you gave us some great moments.
  3. Two comments: DC fired Allen, that's more significant than the HC. He's an absolute dipshit. Marvin will get a gig as a DC. Wouldn't surprise me if it was in D.C. I agree with the opinion that no owner would have ML as a top 3 choice. But stranger shit has happened, hello Zach.
  4. correct me if I'm wrong but during the run of 5 playoffs with AD and AJ, didn't the media rave about the Marvin and Tobin drafts? The only front office player guy that seems to consistently find good players in all the rounds is Ozzie. But even That Rats have some awful picks. I think the best model is New England, they just pick more players every year and their coaching staff is elite at getting the max out of them. But even they have whiffs. Statistically, it's unfathomable that the Bengals haven't won a playoff in 30 years.
  5. Tua's recovery update is pivotal in the draft. And aren't there rumors he might stay in college, which I think is a really bad financial choice?
  6. Firstly, good write ups and discussion. This is definitely not an easy decision on the draft pick. Mayfield, Darnold, and Rosen all taken before Jackson. Is Burroughs a can't miss? I personally don't feel as positive about him as I did Carson. Chase feels like the can't miss. Trading down seems like it usually is the best choice. But what if Burroughs turns into the franchise QB that the Bengals passed on. It'd be a dream if NYG moved into 1 to get Young. That's the cheery on top of all the other issues you all identified. Seems to be some decent LB FAs for 2020, but not OL. IMO Resign: AJ, there are so many throws the current WR whiffed on that he would've caught. And his attitude is consistent with the supposed new culture. Eifert, he's earned it Pay Mixon! He's earned it and again he fits the personality of the new culture. No trades Upgrade the coaching staff. After this season, no one's job should be guaranteed. Exception would be the special teams staff.
  7. IIRC, Mike B preferred Colin over Red Rifle when he was in the draft. The opportunity to have both on the roster. Well, golly, that would sell tickets, wouldn't it?
  8. Given the Bengals track record with first round picks, IMO it is irrelevant whom they choose. The pick won't contribute next year and almost certainly the year after that.
  9. just stopped in to see what was up. This crap is unwatchable.
  10. only thing worse than this game is the ESPN crew. Why am I still watching this?
  11. it's really hard to have any optimism with this shit show the offense is giving
  12. watching Mason be an average QB with the burg is watching a copy of the cats with AD. With an average or worse line, can't quite get it done. I saw a number of times he took a sack that the big lumix would've fought through and then hit AB for 25 yards. The current rules of the NLF make the import of QB play so disproportionate to the rest of the team. And much as I had to hate on the big dufus, he was really annoyingly good. When's the last time MNF had two 0-3 teams?
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