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  1. LOL, He drove up with his family after being in the Green Room in Nashville. https://www.bengals.com/news/no-1-pick-williams-arrives-with-a-plan
  2. Love that he is a Bengal's fan, just cool to get drafted by the team you followed growing up
  3. 9 on the bench press??? an OLineman? Anyone else concerned about that? I guess we can certainly strengthen him up
  4. OMG! We are trading fools this year and trading up instead of down!!!!! Yippeee!!!
  5. Analysis By Lance Zierlein NFL Analyst Draft Projection Rounds 3-4 NFL Comparison Kedric Golston Overview Enticing prospect offering size, strength and athleticism to entice NFL general managers who covet elite traits over college production. Wren's play was uneven while aligned on the nose in 2018, but he should benefit from a move to defensive tackle in an odd or even front as a pro. The cheat code in unlocking his ability and production might rest in a team's ability to correct his hands and feet while improving recognition. With all things considered, "boom or bust" might be an appropriate tag for him.
  6. Liked the fact that he is accurate! They called him "Goff light" lol
  7. As I heard Lap say, if we had switched the LB and TE picks, the fans probably be happier.... First pick today.. I like the DE, Nelson
  8. lslmustang


  9. I was watching NFL Network... they had heard the Bengal's were in love with Adams.... They liked him and I've seen several posts now that think its a great move and it helps with Red Zone production, which we certainly need improvement on. We were missing Marvin Jones speed... His injury is a shoulder so he played last year and had a great season after his knee injury... so he recovered. Hope he stays healthy and if he does, this WILL help our offense and our return game
  10. Geoff Hobson‏ @GeoffHobsonCin 36m36 minutes ago Ross says he'll be cleared to practice in July
  11. From ESPN Insiders (This pick is growing on me): Overall Football Traits Production 2 Height-Weight-Speed 2 Durability 4 Intangibles 1 1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal Wide Receiver Specific Traits Separation Skills 2 Elite acceleration off the line and top-end speed to strike fear in CBs. Drops his weight quickly. Excellent acceleration out of cuts. Shows ability to generate separation in a small area. Really improved his stem savvy. Drives cornerbacks off the line and is able to quickly drop his weight on comebacks, hitches, etc. Lacks ideal size and play strength. Will have some struggles against quality press-man cornerbacks, as seen versus Alabama in the CFP semi-final game. Runs out of his own cleats at times and will lose balance (throwing of timing of route). Ball Skills 2 Above average focus and hand-eye coordination. Good body control when working the sidelines; knows how to make his feet die in bounds. Good job of tracking deep ball over his shoulder but needs to do a better job of high pointing. Waits for it to come down to him, which allows DB extra time to recover/contend. Inconsistent on contested-catch opportunities. Big play ability 1 Scored 24 TDs on 134 career offensive touches (TD to every 5.6 touches). Elite acceleration upfield after catch. If he catches a crease it's likely over. Good suddenness after the catch and will frequently make first defender miss with sharp cut after catch. Instincts are just adequate after the catch. Not as elusive as expected.Lacks ideal size to win jump ball but has elite vertical speed to take the top off. Also has homerun hitting ability as a return man. Four career KOR TDs. Competitiveness 2 Edgy player. Highly competitive. Will occasionally get frustrated when the QB is off-target but he holds himself to same level of accountability. Plays a lot of snaps on offense and handles KORs. Shows great stamina and competes for four quarters. Lacks size and strength to sustain as a blocker sometimes, but gives adequate effort. 1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal Status Report Ross had 33 catches his first two seasons (2013-14) -- and he was temporarily moved to starting CB for four games in 2014 because of injuries at that position. He then missed the entire 2015 season with a knee injury before returning in 2016, which was his breakout year (Rec: 81-1,150-14.2-17. KOR: averaged 24.1 yards with 4 career TDs). Ross has become well known for breaking Chris Johnson's Combine 40 record with his 4.22 time, but he's much more than a track speedster. Ross is a first-round talent at WR and brings additional value in the return game. -March 6, 2017
  12. I thought we'd go to the defensive side of the ball... but I'm OK with this pick. Love the speed and will be a killer returner!
  13. [img]http://www.lslmustang.com/BengalsPatriots2006/images/DSCF0001_JPG.jpg[/img] [b]Is is game time yet????[/b]
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