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  1. Just like draft grades, ask me again in about 2-3 years.
  2. The average shelf life of a RB in the NFL is what ... 5 or 6 productive years? If he's really that good, draft him. If he's a bad egg, he'll be gone in a few years anyway. If he leaves his baggage behind, the Bengals strike gold. I'm sure every single NFL team has at least one player that isn't a saint. Except for the Saints.
  3. Denver could lose out to those teams, and Miami could lose out because Tannehill is likely done for the season. Both Denver and Miami could finish 8-8, so if the Bengals finish 8-7-1. The problem is Buffalo. They are 6-7 right now, but have three very winnable games left: Cleveland, Miami, NY Jets. We need them to beat Miami. So can they lose to the Browns or Jets? Maybe the Jets in New York... Hopefully Tennessee will win the AFC South and both Indy and Houston will finish the season at 8-8 or 7-9. A lot needs to happen, including the Bengals winning out which would be a 5-game win streak to close out the season. Fat lady isn't singing yet, but she's doing her warmups.
  4. The two most meaningful games left on the schedule are Pittsburgh at Buffalo today and then the Eagles in Baltimore next week. Mathematically, the Bengals only shot at the post-season is for both Baltimore and Pittsburgh to finish 1-3 (or worse.) I can't see the Stealers losing to Cleveland, so that means they need to lose all the rest of their games, including to Baltimore. And that means the Ravens have to lose all the rest of their games except for the Stealers ... and that includes next week vs. Philadelphia. That's a long shot. A very long shot. But it's a shot. Both teams will obviously have to lose to the Bengals, too. If the Stealers win in Buffalo today, that pretty much seals the deal for the Bengals, short of the Browns pulling off a New Year's Day miracle in Pittsburgh week 17. Of course, the Bengals must win out or all of this is moot. Go Bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Todays picks

    I don't trust Atlanta -5 1/2 in L.A. Especially is Julio is out. I think the Rams could win that one outright. In addition to the Giants and Packers, I also like San Diego (even) and Miami +115. 4-team ML parlay would carry a nice pay day
  6. Flex the Stooges Game?

    What about the Texans game on NFL Network at 8:25 PM on Christmas Eve? Is that a game that is a candidate to get flexed, or is that locked in? I'd really rather that game is played during the day with the other games so the Bengals don't spoil Christmas Eve. It's supposed to be a silent night of peace, not an agonizing night born of frustration.
  7. I love Mike Nugent...lol SNF

    Pretty sure that guy was Josh Brown. I think he's available right now and conveniently already wearing stripes.
  8. Rating the WR prospects

    Remy Abell, Xavier (6'5", 4.65)
  9. I'm going to stick up for Coley here. I work directly with journalists, editors, content managers, SIDs, etc. so of course I empathize with a profession that's become as much of a lightning rod for criticism as umpires and referees. And rightly so -- nothing exposes yourself as much as what you write and how you write it. Personally, I see such lazy and poor quality work across the board that I appreciate someone who puts in the time and effort that Coley does to improve his craft. He's a young kid who has a vision, and has worked hard since high school to get to where he is now. He sought out a mentor in the Atlanta area and continues to lean on him as he gains experience and builds his network. ESPN has rigid requirements and expectations that Coley has consistently exceeded. You may not appreciate his style of writing and you may not care for what he has to say, but that doesn't mean he's not good at his job. The kid works his ass off and continues to put in the time and effort to get better, so at the very least I hope you appreciate his work ethic. I haven't met him personally yet but I know his mentor and others in his network who have nothing but high praise for Coley. This is a good gig for him - very good - but I doubt he'll be on this beat much longer.
  10. 2016 Schedule

    Ugh ... keep forgetting about London. Still hate that we have to give up a home game for that.
  11. Tread carefully when looking for sites that are friendly to multiple members. Probably not safe for work.
  12. I believe I said there was a 100% chance Philly would beat New England? Why, did you interpret my statement differently? WHO DEY!
  13. Any given Sunday, right? I hope today is that given Sunday.

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