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  1. And if the colts kicker was injured they lose to them hands down
  2. Mistakes happen we just need to keep Burrow healthy and C keep building around him
  3. Yup GB should have won in regulation but Bengals are getting better
  4. As long as they can keep him healthy and continue to build around him they’ll be fine
  5. He tore his Achilles last year vs the Browns and that injury is no joke as I tore mine 2 years ago and have still not recovered I have a lot of years on him but he looks good to me which proves he’s a hard worker
  6. Agree 1000% our defense was also playing well it was a foolish call that let them back in the game
  7. I just think they could have hired someone better than zak Taylor and u sure hope he doesn’t stay around if they don’t play well this season but you know how Mike Brown works
  8. I never liked the Taylor hire but what do I know not too much I guess I have been a bengals fan for a long time but am certainly no expert
  9. Thanks sir I would take bienemy over ask Taylor any day of the week
  10. I would definitely gotten rid of him after last season and hired Eric Bienemy who is a good offensive mind
  11. good stuff I hope Carman turns out to be a good O Lineman wherever he plays
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